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  1. Since when? 😈 It's exclusive to xbox and PC. So so that means the only console I could get it is Xbox, I'm on PlayStation so it's exclusive to me 😭
  2. I've been caught in the world of Resident Evil 2 speedruns  been watching streams of uhTrance, Xerian, and Orchlon and having so much fun in watching them try to beat the game as fast as possible, idk I'm really really enjoying Resident Evil 2 remake xD even by just watching other's play it 

    1. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      Look up CarcinogenSDA he's the godfather of RE speedruns. Your welcome. :)

    2. The__High_Ground


      @Crafty Poeok I'll look him up! Thank u

  3. I FINALLY beat No Way Out on Resident Evil 2 Remake, damn that was challenging as hell. Took a break from it for a day go back to it and my first attempt I get it! I felt so accomplished and I was smiling like an idiot! That sure was tough for me, anyone else complete it? And no I didn't do the cat ears xD if u can get cat ears have fun I don't wanna do this mode again xD 

  4. Resident Evil 2 Remake: man I'm struggling with No Way Out, farthest I've gotten is 92 kills, those poison guys are annoying as hell. 

  5. Ok also finished Leon hardcore S rank! (Almost no damage lol, took damage on g2, G3, and super tyrant, but I was wanting the infinite SMG so I could cruise through my last playthrough) 


    Now gotta finish as Claire on hardcore

    and start hunks mode ;) then Ima go ghost survivors! 

    I gotta say I absolutely love Remake 2 lol


    Here's my STATS for Leon!

    Hardcore - Time - 01:46:18 - Saves 15 - Rank S 


    Pretty good if I say so myself 😎

    1. The__High_Ground


      Beat it with almost an hour to spare c: 

    2. lordguwa


      it's a very nice run nuff said.

  6. This morning I completed a S RANK no damage run on standard mode for Claire B, that was tough an intense lol holy crapp

  7. I say the left 4 dead series as I have ALWAYS wanted to play it, other then that, personally I don't really think they have many good exclusives or at least ones that Im interested in.
  8. Just started Resident Evil 2 remake today finally! So far loving it, never got to truly play resident evil 2 because when I was a kid I was scared to death of silent hill and resident evil 😂 Always watched my dad play it. Oh and when the silent hill siren starts on silent hill games It always scared me to death while watching him xD 


    And when he played resident evil, I always got scared at lickers and the damn zombie dogs lol oh and the hunters felt like unkillable tanks to me 😮

    Anyways I'm loving being able to go back (like in resident evil 1s case...still need to play 0) and beat games I never finished as a kid (re1) or games I never played (re2) and experience them like I never have before, that being said I always loved resident evil from the lore to the movies (first 2) to the games even tho I hadn't played them all I keep in touch with the story. 

    Oh and in the future can we get another outbreak game? ;) outbreak file #3 perhaps 😈


    Im probably going to pick up nobunagas ambition (can't wait not many games in the vain of civilization on console) sometime this month, and also maybe dynasty warriors 9 even if it's bad lol it's super cheap recently haha and I want to try it myself as I'm a life long fan of koei and the series as a whole. 

    1. Terra


      Which Nobunagas Ambition? sphere of Influence or Taishi? I have yet to play both

    2. The__High_Ground


      @Xerxesgonna get Taishi! 

  9. I'll take your final fantasy 12 platinum
  10. aww this is fantastic, I did my best to improve my guide on any of it's flaws! Thanks for recognition to anyone who thought of me! Been pretty crazy for me IRL so I didnt know none of this stuff here was even going on!
  11. Wow something pretty crazy happened to my dad and his house yesterday near the end/shortly after the super bowl. 


    His trailer caught on fire and he pretty much lost everything. All of its burnt to the foundation. 

    He barely got out he got woke up by his cat and by then he could hardly see bc there was so much smoke, he didn't get burned tho, and he ran to my house and told me and it was just engulfed. 

    I'll post some pictures in one second. 

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Glad he's okay. But yeah, really sorry to hear that happened.

    3. The__High_Ground


      Thanks guys. Thought it was crazy and I wanted to let others know. 

      Can happen to anyone and never really expect it to happen to you or someone u love. 

    4. Terra


      Sorry to hear what happened! Good thing he’s ok

  12. Hello there! 


    @BG_painter and @PooPooBlast how you been? :o 


    I havent been very active on here. What you been playing ? 


    Also the hello there is for anyone so feel free to say hi lmao

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      LMFAO  I can't see it either :P


      But ere u go 




    3. BG_painter


      lol 😂

      Chick flick are romance movies only girls watch because they are in the pink side of the force :giggle:

    4. PooPooBlast


      OoOoooOh. I see. I'm going to watch one, one day :P

  13. Just finished Soul Cailbur 6! Glad it actually happened I really really enjoyed it! Gonna start Resident Evil 2 pretty soon, can't wait! Have had so much fun with games and movies lately that I haven't been on here much!


    saw the Broly movie, absolutely loved it 

  14. I finally got around to finishing Your Lie in April. All I can say is wow. I finished it about an hour ago and all I can do is just kind of sit here and think. It was a sad/happy ending and I'll definitely be thinking about it for awhile. I need a hug I think lol I'm going to miss the time I've spent on the characters as I've grown to like them all and I wish I could have more with them all! Anyways cheers! ^.^ serious about that hug tho
  15. 100% my comment still holds the same meaning, don't be nitpicky lol