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  1. watch this, you will be pleased, it answers all of your questions about plotholes, I promise.
  2. lmao you are everywhere I read now, i love how you changed your name to super sand virginia with that derpy ass face xD

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    2. BG_painter


      Nah. It should have been Super Sand Vagina. 😎

    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Dont tease me with a good time ;) 

    4. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      LOL 😏 👉 👌

  3. no, never.
  4. Nanomachines son
  5. Hmm not really too weird tho, I myself dont connect to the internet when I play on my ps4 all the time because I have stupid internet data caps and want to not use internet if Im not playing online or syncing my trophies
  6. no you sillies, someone is giving them two problems
  7. Assassins Creed, and its funny too, looks like the kinda game id like but ive always just wanted something else more when they release lol
  8. im currently sitting at 1,659,138 Zeni :'( just started farming tho ahaha went up about 500k today
  9. Good job dude I'm still on the 20 million grind lmao im happy for you and everyone who achieved this trophy ahah
  10. Took me until the game I got the game (like a half week after launch or so) did it legit till 450k (off and on with many breaks) then did the rest today and yesterday with boosting
  11. Finally got the trophy omg hehe
  12. @MMDE "and Phil" lol
  13. im at 450K now thanks to @Aexuz his boosting method works for me lol
  14. hey anyone here in the 428kBP range? Im up for boosting, im probably gonna be waiting on others to get here tho lol
  15. Like I said before, recommend Frieza lol Hmm here I'll give ya a team for you to try lmao (not that I know your play style ahah so use it if you want, if u like it, let me know haha) Adult Gohan/SSJ Vegeta/Cell in tht order or Goku Saiyan Rangers Goku SSB (in the blue outfit) Goku SSJ (in the yellow outfit) Goku Black (pink outfit if u have it and there is one lol) lol the Goku one is a joke but I bet it's fun ahaha