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  1. OH I see the name now gosh got my hopes up ahahah congrats to the winners heheh
  2. Wait I'm really confused did I win 20$ psn? Because in the video it says "a man chooses a slave obeys" and I said that but it there's no name attached to it. Unless someone else said that haha 😳
  3. I finally watched the Last Jedi, probably around a week or 2 ago, forgot to do a status update on it. 


    My my god that movie pissed me off, I understand now why everyone has such strong feelings against it and why there are so many YouTube videos shitting on it, they shit on all the new and the old characters, I've never watched a movie before that made me feel this angry before it's bizarre to me lol, to those who enjoyed it, more power to you, but holy hell I've never felt so emotionally butthurt after a movie lol

    Felt like some of you here would get a laugh at that😂

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    2. Phil


      Wait...what happened with Mark? Was he talking shit on Last Jedi and the studio silenced him?

    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      @Phil hmm pretty much, there's even some interview out there (don't recall the interview) where Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill are talking and Mark is expressing his feelings and Rian totally disrespects him, and he was talking pretty vocally before the movie came out then out of nowhere he stopped talking about it. I'm sure you heard the quote where he says "I fundamententally disagree with what they did to Luke skywalker" something along those lines. 

    4. Phil


      No. I haven't been keeping up. That sucks ass balls. 

  4. I thought there weren't auto pop hackers on w@w? Or is that on mw2 that I'm thinking of
  5. Nah definitely a troll dude they make too much money with the cards, a lot of people can't get their credit cards to work on ps store or they are kids that don't have one, or they just don't trust their credit card to be used online. They wouldnt do that man Yeah way safer too
  6. I want chicken nuggets now, I may actually go cook some now lmao
  7. ^ this guy
  8. This is awesome good luck to everyone (including me)
  9. Well I'm the 21st person to platinum Fallout Shelter 😎Cool 

  10. Hmm I don't know what to say because I kept track of that stat and when I hit 50 I got it maybe be trying to get a few more and see if it pops and just to be safe equip them to people too If you do the date and time skip, don't change it back if you changed it back to normal it might have messed up your save
  11. You don't need to equip them they can be the same weapon or outfit Going to the survives guide on the right bar of your hud heaf over to stats there under "Current" you will see all legendary weapons and armor you have obtained in total
  12. Hey Mister bad profile and notification Stalker Jedi... Maybe Koro should give you any ouchies with the stick?*chuggles'

    Wish you a warm and nice Friday and Weekend with a many fun at gaming or a Wonderful time with your Miss Jedi ^-^

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Alone this Jedi is 😊Ahahah 

      wow ouchies I don't want ouchies :P 


      i wish you a wonderful weekend too miss Koro :) hope you are having fun in your games 

  13. Wow dude that's cool anyways "When I die, I only hope I go to Hell so I can kill you all over again, you piece of shit!" - Male Sole Survivor (Fallout 4) Entry #8
  14. Yeah all in one session worked for me.
  15. "Not Enough Cash!" - Creeper Guy (Resident Evil 4) Entry #8