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  1. Taking One for the Team is taking me absolutely foreverrrr.
  2. Hey which protection event is the one that counts for this? The +100 one or the +200 one? Im curious. For taking one for the team. Or does it count when u see both of those pop up?
  3. Theres dev streams weekly isnt there? Or am i wrong?
  4. Hmm i tried mettle of man and i couldnt even get it to activate once but i guess i just had a bad day idk So im thinking for my 4th perk urban evasion Or dead hard screw it ill copy one of your perks im thinking urban would be best for the sneaking near the hook before he gets hooked
  5. Self care so i can get away, heal up then come back when someone else is downed and hooked for another hit. Hmm think mettle of man might be a good idea but the only thing im willing to give up for it would be the fourth slot. Ill look into that bc i might just do that IF i have MoM unlocked that is.
  6. After careful consideration im thinking i will use spine chill, because it has so much utility in keeping me alive and if killer is looking at me while im unhooking it also makes me unhook faster! Even if its only a small amount.
  7. Hey what perks are you guys running for "Taking One For the team" Im currently using "Burrowed time" so that the team mate doesn't die from the unsafe unhook. "Empathy" so i can be ready to be in position for the unhook "Self care" so i can do more unhooks and keep myself alive But im unsure on what i should have as the 4th perk Any ideas?
  8. I tried it both in lobby and in game Maybe ill close app or restart ps4 and try again Edit: that didnt work Maybe i need to show myself as being online. Edit 2: Yup that worked
  9. I tried it just now and it says you have not joined a session
  10. How can u pm them? Where do u see their name before the game ends
  11. I finally have handyman but i guess since bill releases for us today ill be working on his trophies for awhile. Then on medic lol
  12. I feel your pain! Just keep at it Im giving medic a small break bc doing the same thing over and over is taking the fun out of it.
  13. Yeah lets hope lol because this would help literally everyone going for some of these grindy trophies haha
  14. If you look at the other trophy tracking website theres actually 2 that have earned it after may. In July 11th - Andre_Oliveira1 earned it and June 30th - I-Old-HeRo-I earned it as well. So i honestly have no idea, i tried messaging andre but he didnt respond. When i messaged BHVR about me having problems with handyman and medic they gave me this kind of stock response. "Hello,Thank you for reaching out. Please know that every heal that you do to another survivor will grant you a percentage towards the completion of the Medic trophy. For example, if you heal someone to 50% from the dying state, it means that you get .5 of a tick towards the trophy. This trophy is actually a bit harder to get than what our players originally thought. Also, I don't believe self-care will count towards the progress of the achievement. However, we'll take note of the issues that you have with these achievements for further review by the team.Kindly let us know if you have other concerns that we can assist you with.Thanks!Stay safe out there,The Dead by Daylight Team" @Frostbiites well thats some good news that they are at least looking in to a healing trophy haha hopefully fixing that leads to a medic fix for me too
  15. You are gonna be heartbroken when you reach the 50th one again and no trophy hahah ;p And yeah i didnt count heals where i didnt get the full heal or games where the killer dcd. I hope you guys get it soon personally im still trying to get medic and handy man (aint that some shit? I have Wounded Healer but still dont have Medic).