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  1. You have to be the last one alive -> do a generator (ive heard it can be any gen as long as u are only one alive) -> then escape the match
  2. I have a platinum on this game and I remember changing the date and time on the system settings to speed up the trophies, could make the trophies really glitchy at times but I dont recall them unlocking out of order. Should be some posts on this topic on this very site. It took me a little fidgeting to get all themes to pop if im remembering correctly. But I dont think I earned anything out of order. It certainly wouldnt surprise me if it glitched using that date and time skip but has anyone else confirmed doing that and earning things out of order?
  3. I wonder how in the world ican convince the killer or straight up boost to get this.
  4. We were right about that guy btw he did the ole i know someone who works there gimmick lol
  5. Well i hope they fixed it!
  6. Yeah but the trophy called Medic, is still completely bugged almost no one has gotten it in months.
  7. My mistake I know its 3, I dont know why I typed 4, fixed it.
  8. You must use only the 3 unique teachables that the killer or survivor has. Then escape as the survivor. If you are the killer you will want to double pip (meaning you get Merciless killer)
  9. Yeah I finally got handyman but i still dont have Medic yet.
  10. IF what he is saying is even legit, not trying to be mean but people make false claims of them knowing someone who works somewhere all the time. He might be trolling us. Just using healthy skepticism not trying to be rude to anyone. If its true tho its thats cool
  11. Taking One for the Team is taking me absolutely foreverrrr.
  12. Hey which protection event is the one that counts for this? The +100 one or the +200 one? Im curious. For taking one for the team. Or does it count when u see both of those pop up?
  13. Theres dev streams weekly isnt there? Or am i wrong?
  14. Hmm i tried mettle of man and i couldnt even get it to activate once but i guess i just had a bad day idk So im thinking for my 4th perk urban evasion Or dead hard screw it ill copy one of your perks im thinking urban would be best for the sneaking near the hook before he gets hooked
  15. Self care so i can get away, heal up then come back when someone else is downed and hooked for another hit. Hmm think mettle of man might be a good idea but the only thing im willing to give up for it would be the fourth slot. Ill look into that bc i might just do that IF i have MoM unlocked that is.