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  1. I was stuck for the longest time, and finally got it. My big tip, if you have a scuff use the paddles for jumping, i was unable to aim quickly enough while jumping and wall running, i didn't have a scuff so i ended up remapping my controller via the accessibly functions. so i was able to jump without moving fingers off the joysticks, this was the run i finally got it. i mushed a whole bunch of routes and tips from different videos, and the final bit in the last room ended up being complete luck. there is also like a rocket launcher that is available at the very top of the gun range, you have to do some good jumps to get to it, it was crucial in my run. the arc grenades are also super crucial.
  2. they dont have to, when you go to link accounts it gives you a link to use on your computer/phone and a code. You follow link, then log in with your microsoft account, and use the code to link the accounts. does not have to be same email. you can make a new microsft account then if yuo want too. I accidentally linked my old xbox account that had an extremly embarassing gamertag, luckily i was able to change it.
  3. if anyone has this world and can send an invite it would be much appreciated, thanks
  4. I didnt see any mention of this so i figured i'd start new thread, if you platinum the game on 1 console and download the cloud save this may happen to you as well. After i downloaded my cross save the trophies stopped popping after about 50%, i re-downloaded the save file and the rest popped, saved me having to redo some misc. stuff, so if this happens to you try re-downloading the save.
  5. i mean it makes more sense to do it based on points as thats how the compelteion on the actual system is calculated, missing 1 gold trophy counts as more than missing 1 bronze trophy, on ps3/ps4 this is reflected on the percetage of game compeltion, so it makes sense to match that method. say you only have 1 game on your profile, and have all but 2 trophies they are gold, so the system says you are at 85% or whatever compelteion for that game, psnp would say the same, whereas tru trophies says 95% cause there are more bronze than gold, i think it makes sense, usually its not a big enough difference to even give a shit tho
  6. Far Cry 2 0.56% long time coming, finally finished it
  7. get a game that autopops a different version say you plat mgs2 on ps3, you can autopop it on the vita, respectable plat same with sly cooper thieve in time, better then mayo
  8. Paladins 8 Hours, 26 Minutes, 57 Seconds Currently at 2.66%
  9. The same thing happened to me, shows as private on here, but on ps4 is is public
  10. they don't all autopop, you still have to fulfill requirements, so like for 500 kills you need to get 1 kill. Since there is a specific game mode you need, and game modes are random, and you still need to complete tutorial people get it in different speeds. i got lucky and the game mode i needed game up right away, so was able to get all trophies, except like 1 in one match.
  11. Its not really that bad, i am pretty shitty at video games, if you managed to do MWR without any exploits, you'll probably be fine, i would say the most annoying parts are the fact that there are very little checkpoints, so when you die your basically starting the entire level over most of the time. other then that, some parts ammo can be quite annoying, i dont think i had too much trouble with it, there were some parts where i actually had more trouble in the normal play though. Its just about remembering enemy spawns, and head shots.
  12. i guess i could try that, and yeah i can earn trophies just fine on my main account, i ussually use blank accounts to keep real hard or grindy games off my main until i finsih them, or give up, lol, so im worried that this doesnt work anymore, has anyone tried earning trophies on a blank account, maybe a recent update made this not work anymore?
  13. well it cant be a region thing, because i was able to earn trophies on blank accounts like a week ago.
  14. no error messege no nothing, just when i look at trophy list, it isnt there, and if i look at quick acess it says there are no trophies for that game, very weird
  15. For some reason, i am unable to earn trophies on blank accounts, i used to be able to do this no problem and try out games before adding them to my list, but for some reason no trophies are popping on blank accounts, has anyone else had this problem, and how did you solve it?