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  1. does this glitch also work on the ps3 verison of the game?
  2. i dont think it was as effective as they wanted it to be, but more effective than most games. the part that got me, was after killing a bunch of dogs with ellie, you then go and play fetch with alice as abby, oof, that got me
  3. wanted to confirm here that the trophies will pop, you do have to switch back to survival and then perform the actions. thanks for the tip.
  4. the final boss fights in mgs1, 2 , and 3 are completely different than 4. mgs4 final boss is essentially a cutscene, with very little inputs, and is more QTE than actual strategy, and i loved it. It was emotional, what im saying is that a lot of games nowadays are straying away from battle sequences for the final battle in favour of more cinematic sequences, i.e. tlou2 ending.
  5. ----SPOILERS---- i think the art of the boss fight is really lost on a lot of modern games. and i think that has to do a lot with how gameplay has progressed, boss rush types games are increasingly rare. In games, especially stealth games its hard to have a boss fight that incorporates the games mechanics, i think its a deus ex game that does it really well, cant remeber, so you can have something like the Ellie vs. David fight or the Ellie Vs. Abby fight, which is technically a stealthy boss fight, but really isnt that satisfying or a good way to build a climax, because it goes from slow, and then you would just need a cutscene to actually finish it. or somethings like a boss/mini-boss like the bloaters/ or whatever the fuck that thing in the hospital was. BUt this second type of fight really deviates from the main stealh aspecst, so while they are fun, they dont really meld with the rest of the gameplay. And this doesnt really work against a human villian. I fell like having a fist fight, and a relatively simple fight, like nadine/chloe/idk that dudes name in lost legacy, or even the drake/whatever his name was in uncharted 4, or like in my favorite boss game, mgs4, the final fight between liquid and snake, the actual fight is super simple, with very little inputs, and at times compeltely different control scemes, but it enables to game creators to make a cinematic ending, which is often more satisfying then if you just stuck around and played like you did the rest f the games. like people always bring up dyings lights shitty boss fight, but there really is no way to make a good boss fight in that scenerio, a fps parkour game, a boss fight really makes no sense. personally i found both ellie/abby confrontations amazing! and really well done, the same with the fights in lost legacy and uncharted 4.
  6. The actual game is pretty fun, the trophies are a little weird, and the game is glitchy so you gotta be saving like crazy, as for the multiplayer, it can be boosted with 3 consoles. I did most of it with 1 person, then the rest solo. It honestly isnt that bad, just boring, watch a movie or listen to a podcast or something.
  7. Took me forever to get this mission! Some tips that helped me... 1. Immedeitlt research Building Permit, State Loans, Nuclear Testing, and Audience. 2. Issue Building Permit, State Loans, and Nuclear Testing. You'll be able to issue state loans one more time before time runs out. 3. Audience is great at keeping overall approval up. 4. the main 4 factions you should aim for are religious, conservatives, communists, and militarists. THere are a lot of edicts and constition topics that are geared towards these 4. 5. work on getting the coloseum world wonder immedeitly. then you only have to focus on food and fun. 6. food is super easy to brnig up past 70, just have 2-3 of each food source. you only need 1 of food industries (milk, juice, canned goods). Make sure to have resturants, fast food places. these also bring up fun. 7. make sure to have some of each tier of entertainment building, circus and stadiums work great. And statdiums also help conservatives. 8. the broker is super important. and helps alot. i built 5 embassies right off the bat, and continully sent delgations and finished missions for all superpower, not only does this give you 20,000 bonus from each of them, but they give you alot of swiss money. 9. this swiss moeny can be uused to imporve faction standing, as well as buy "convinvincg talk" option, which lets you finish a task withought actually doing it. 10. you have to fulfill all requirements when the clock is below 365 days. you should have a happiness already at 70, if you have the colossum and the fun buildings. 11. my factions keep dropping to 2/4. so each factions liked the following. relgious: make theocracy in constituion, issue contraception ban. build churches. conservaties: they like radio station: but be careful as military dont like them. Churches are good too. good old times edict. militarists: destroy all embassies!!!! they hate them. issue military police, and make constituion professional soldiers. communists: free wheels, free housing, total survellience. There are more edicts that you can issue these are just the ones i remember, i had a hell of a time with the mission, this was how i finally got it. I had like less tan 100 days left, at -$30,000 when i though to destroy the embassies, will defeinelty take some time, its tough to build up a great economy because the time limit.
  8. i watched all the leaks, i expected one of the major plot points since a sequel was announced, but the others didn't seem too "controversial" to me. the new trailer eased some of my fears as it seems what was hinted in one of the leaks is not the case, wont post spoilers here, i know the game is gonna wreck me, hopefully it'll be worth it.
  9. so to anyone that sees this i found the solution, i didnt find this stated explicity anywhere so i am posting here so if anyone still having this issue can ive this a try. I apparently had the wrong region DISC, which is weird because i bought the disc in the US. the disc i was using was apparentely UK or AUS or something else, this made it incompatible with the DLC i bought on my US account. I ordered a new disc, this one US region, and i could tell the difference, it no longer had the odd rating system on the physical disc, and all the DLC is now accessibe, hopefully this hellps someelse with this problem
  10. The account that has the DLCs is the primary account. I have also restores licenses, reset PS4, deleted and reinstalled game, and nothing.
  11. All the DLCs in the game say coming soon. If i access the games via my library it says all the DLCs are already installed, even on a fresh PS4 with nothing on it. Gives me no option anywhere to download them?
  12. probably not as the only thing that matters is your speed and how good you are at the parkour. it may help cause you can level up all your skills faster, which do help in the parkour, but if you have to stop to fight a zombie in the challenges you already lost.
  13. for guitar hero live, i affixed an electric mixer to strum the guitar a million times
  14. i mean game of the decades arent supposed to be surprises, its supposed to be the games most people can agree were fantastic, doesn't mean shit if the pick some random ass indie game no one has ever heard of. there all great games and they deserve the attention they get, sure there are other smaller games that are great, but that doest make them games of the decade.... these are games that have impacted gaming and a shit ton of people have experienced
  15. my dream, i would also love more customization in the home screen, not just sticking shit in folders