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  1. Hi and Happy New Year to everyone I got this trophy as my last in 2020 and the same one in the other version of the game as the first in 2021 (along with others which unlocked automatically): The second version : I saw the opportunity to finish and start the years in a thematically appropriate way Greetings!
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing these pieces of information with the community @Smashero and @Infernofeuer1
  3. I ran into a similar issue with the JP store on PS3 10 minutes ago. It tells me that the store is currently undergoing maintenance (I'm not getting logged out).
  4. Thank you for this nice thread idea! I'm wholeheartedly enjoying the progress of my "real life" - friend @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y. One day, he's going to pull off one hell of a platinum rain day and I'm 100 % sure that this will be the finest gaming experience I'll ever be allowed to witness. In addition, he loves indie titles and pixel art, games which probably remain rather undercover in the flood of releases these days. Furthermore, I'm truly astonished by profiles like @VirtualNight. Having tried to push my way through some (in comparison) "mildly" difficult games, I can still barely fathom the sheer dedication some players are able to crank out consistently
  5. Hope this helps
  6. Hey This is the HK version. It has been available before the trophies could be synchronized with the servers.
  7. You're a combat veteran and have great skills in terms of sportive and vehicular competition!
  8. Hi! I also encountered multiple glitches during my run through the game on PS 5 today. From what I understood, you are not allowed to make the Apex fight in a region be the last thing you have to do in order to get 100% in said region. I did just that and got neither the Apex trophy nor the trophy for completing the region. Thankfully, I followed the guide's advice and created backup saves. On the other hand, though, I didn't realize that I didn't earn "This is My Movie" due to a glitch so I had to play the game half an additional time. Greetings from Germany
  9. Hey there everyone I'm sorry if my post appears to be a bit off-topic, but the other thread about playing the Vita-version with the patch has been closed. First off, I'd like to add that while I was able to use the debug menu, I decided to give me salt a few times, then level up, give salt a few times, level up and so on. The advantage of this compared to skipping to level 540 is that you also get black pearls which you can invest in the skill tree in order to get more strength, willpower and so on. You'll always get enough salt to level up once from your current level which is why you have to press level up every now and then. Having powered up my character, I installed the patch and played all three versions today. Unfortunately, I encountered a glitch on my Vita. I didn't get the trophy for killing the Unskinned and the Architect. I must admit that I didn't realize this at first due to playing multiple versions at once, focussing on not messing up the endings on the other versions. Having realized that I didn't get the trophy after closing the app (you must close the game in order to see your trophies, they synchronized then as well), I loaded my save file from the cloud (which is advised in the guide anyway) and was actually able to fight against the Unskinned and the Architect again in the same run (not NG+). I double checked and I did not just simply run past the boss during my first encounter, you aren't able to progress to the left if the boss is still alive. From my point of view, even the game thinks that the boss is still alive (I guess you can only fight bosses once per playthrough normally), therefore it hasn't registered my first victory, hence not awarding me a trophy. In order to prove that I did not do anything illegitimate, I uploaded two images to imgur, one showing that the trophy wasn't unlocked (it shows that on one of my PS4s, checking the Vita list) and one photo of the trophy screenshot from my second victory which gave me the trophy with my login on psnprofiles in the background as "evidence". (added a third image which shows the whole Vita) I hope that this clears up my issue. I ask for your apologies if this sounds like a justification / explanation post (it is), but as many people know glitches happen from time to time and I'd like to preemptively explain myself here for the record because I don't think that there is a reason to be flagged. Greetings from Germany
  10. Sounds reasonable, thank you for your explanation @Dreggit. Is it possible that a few minutes ago trophy lists were deleted from the servers (for the first time, at least that I heard about it)? There have been 4 lists of e2e game (looked like a devkit game as well) for PS5, but they are not listed anymore. It was a game with a blue crown in the logo and even a DLC.
  11. Please add this game虚拟现实乐园 as the second list of stage 5 to this series : Thanks. Edit: While I don't really agree with PSVR Worlds being part of this series (you have to pay for the game, therefore I don't see why this would be Playstation system software), we should actually include this game as the "real" stage 3 : It is said to be a devkit application only, but the game exists and (at least from my point of view) should be included for the sake of completeness. I did not link the second version of Tutorial Shooting Game on purpose because nobody owns it.
  12. Hey You can grind the currency needed to upgrade your cars in Hero Express by simply auto-firing X.
  13. Hey! Would you kindly give these gamesöldner-x-2-final-prototype-definitive-edition (JP-version)öldner-x-2-final-prototype-definitive-edition (EU-version)öldner-x-2-final-prototype-definitive-edition (NA-version) their region tags and add them to this series? -> The new stacks basically all belong to stage 2. Thank you
  14. Thank you very much for this video @Optinooby ! I'd like to point out that the trophy "Thanks for Playing" doesn't unlock by just playing all C-Sides. You'll have to beat all the normal story levels (and I guess the B-Sides, but you do that anyway) before or after as well. I completed all B- & C-Sides first in order to get the respective trophies and the golden strawberries which count for the total but didn't earn "Thanks for Playing". Then I completed all story levels and got "Thanks for Playing" together with "Heart of the Mountain" at the end of chapter 8. This "issue" has also been mentioned here -> but if one follows your video closely one shouldn't have any problems Greetings from Germany!
  15. I fully understand that Sony's idea behind this update is to encourage new or casual people (or players who have to deal with other important aspects in life) to earn more trophies because of the constant stream of positive feedback in terms of ranking up. Implementing a system which is, at least for some players who were loyal for years, outdated already, doesn't really sound like a 2020 "next-gen-move", though.