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  1. Would you kindly update the Doodle-Series? Doodle Devil is supposed to be stage 2, Doodle Kingdom stage 3 (I double checked the release dates). Thank you for your efforts!
  2. Thanks for adding this title! It's the real stage 1. The games I listed earlier are then supposed to be stage 2 and 3.
  3. Hey Evangelion Pachinko - series:激アツ-パチゲー魂-vol-2-ヱヴァンゲリヲン真実の翼 = stage 1(yes really, this game was released before the other one despite the name)激アツ-パチゲー魂max-ヱヴァンゲリヲン-7-生命の鼓動 = stage 2 ToHeart2 - series: = stage 1ハートフルシミュレーター-pachislot-toheart2 = stage 2ダンジョントラベラーズ = stage 3
  4. Hey there everyone No necrobumping intended, but opening a new thread wouldn't have made sense either. If you're like me and have to grind out a few more levels in order to get Geared Up (I was level 66 with most things in the game done), you don't actually have to grind yourself if you own a turbo controller. Just choose the very first event in the story and auto - fire X and R2. You'll participate in the race over and over again and earn around 1k XP per race. During a night's worth of shut-eye, I ranked up 10 times. I hope this helps anybody still going for the platinum trophy! Greetings from Germany
  5. Hey there everyone I'm currently playing Resistance 2 only for the trophies "Specter Officer" and "Salute Me". I've earned most of the trophies a few years ago and didn't keep my save file. I'm not sure whether it's a mistake on my end (I guess so because I've tried to play the unpatched and the patched version of R2), but I wasn't able to keep the "Standing on a burning car with P2 and healing constantly with P1" - method running due to the fact that the car stops burning after a few minutes. Therefore I'm taking a slower but steady route. Player 1 plays as Spec Ops, Player 2 as Medic (any class for P2 should be fine). P1 throws ammo at P2 constantly and P2 uses alt fire all the time. This nets P1 30 XP per throw. In order to be able to let this process run by itself, I'm utilizing two turbo controllers (P1 auto-fire on circle, P2 auto-fire on R2). Having reached Level 30 with Spec Ops on the unpatched version, I realized that the overall XP counter stops counting. If you patch the game the overall XP counter keeps counting despite having reached level 30 so you should aim for these trophies on the patched version. Greetings from Germany! Edit: The only downside while playing the patched version is that you're only able to earn 99.999 points during one round of co-op instead of more than this amount on the unpatched version (I had more than 400k during one round). Therefore you'll have to set up a new round every 4.63 hours.
  6. Wer Weiss denn Sowas? - series: -> stage 1 -> stage 2 MUD-versions: -> PS3 -> PS Vita Quiplash-versions: -> PS3 -> PS4 That Trivia Game - versions: -> NA -> EU
  7. - > Japanese version Yes you are right, players stated that getting the NA re-release version would load the old PS4-trophy list. - > correct description would be "European re-release version" - > correct description would be "Japanese re-release version"
  8. Hey! The first person has completed this stack, looks like it's the JP version
  9. Hey Would you please add me as "Vigilante"? I've completed the Bioshock games, Syndicate, Watch Dogs 1&2, and Enslaved. Furthermore I finished Stein's Gate which is why I hope that I'm eligible for both bonus rewards. Thank you! Greetings from Germany
  10. I'm of the opinion that this thread should be closed because it's basically self - advertising. By the way, OP has posted the same video here : Furthermore, the relevant questions have been answered in great detail here : @Stevieboy
  11. = PS3-version = PS4-version (for the "Other platforms and regions" box)
  12. = US = EU
  13. Hey there everyone! Back when I played Games of Glory I was asked about the game a few times. I've sent players the following tips but I've just come to realize that I never shared this information publicly here. Therefore I hope that players who are going for 100% find some useful tips Feel free to correct me if some of the information is outdated as I played the game in 2019. I'll name the latest players (whose forum profiles I can find) in order to make them see this thread: @Danny_Johansen , @Yuichiro-Akuhei , @Darkette , @mg100415, @Devil3zozHD, @smoker_m, @TheHarryGamer99, @quickfoozlle, @Keres_Theos The game will take you around 250-300 hours to complete if you do it the way I did. Play with at least 4 PS4’s or 3 PS4’s and 1 PC (which was my approach). The game features cross-platform play and you don’t need PS+ to play online. As for “Damage Dealer“, just make sure to cause a lot of damage to the other consoles and preferably play on Arkashan (normal, not Novice) in order to inflict thousands of points of damage to the enemy’s core. “There can only be one“ can easily be achieved by playing 1vs1 on Svandia and winning all rounds. Boost your other consoles / PC until you are at Rank 5 with each so that you can apply to your main character’s club. Getting the club match trophy didn‘t really work out for me at the beginning, but eventually it popped. I think I invited one other console to my match and side, then put the other two players into the enemy team and won the match, but I’m not 100% sure about this anymore. The trophy is not glitched, though. Afterwards, just make sure to buy a different character from one faction with all your devices (I chose the upper horizontal line) and play a 4vs4 match for “Roleplaying“. The 2 major grinds are “Svandia Pro“ and “Arkashan Pro“. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fully automatize this process, even when using a turbo controller. “Svandia Pro“ can be earned by playing 1vs1 matches. You can either decide to win all rounds by moving over to your secondary and killing it, or you can just utilize a rubber band on your secondary’s left stick to push it downwards. Due to the game’s system of letting to person who is closer to the central point after 80 seconds win the round, this nets you one round-win. Repeat this 4 times and you have got 1 out of 500 victories. You can press rematch (square) on the summary screen to reinvite your secondary, but please keep in mind that rematching is quite glitchy and leads to having to restart the application every now and then. You will have to set up the lobby after each match (even if you are choosing rematch), your preferred options are not saved. “Arkashan Pro“ is where you will need all your devices running constantly. Set up a 3vs3 (it’s the minimum) match on Arkashan-Novice (enemy core has got only 6k instead of 10k health), invite your other devices and play as the home team with your main account + two bots and with all three of your other devices on the away team. This way, you won’t have any AI enemies. Start the game, buy an upgrade for your fists, walk to the enemy base, staying behind the line of sight of the enemy’s towers, wait for the AI to capture the points and the enemy’s shield to go down. When the shield is down, hurry to the core (passing the towers) and punch it. You can keep R2 pressed by utilizing a toothpick. Repeat this process 499 times. If I recall correctly, I chose Saga as my character because she's able to move quickly and even has an ability to cast a "boost pad". Best of success to anyone going to play the game! Thanks a lot @NewVincent and @yh2552 for answering my questions and providing helpful tips! Greetings from Germany
  14. Hey there everyone If I were to write a full-fledged review on this game, my opinion wouldn't differ much from OP's detailed evaluation. One aspect I'd really like to point out positively, though, is the multiplicity of accessibility features. Naughty Dog clearly went out of their way to make sure that as many players as possible can enjoy this installment of the series. It's refreshing to see that devs take care of people whose lives are even harder than normal, dealing with disabilities and such. Other studios can undoubtedly take a leaf out of ND's book here, but I don't see this happening yet in a world with many devs struggling to implement subtitle size options
  15. Hey there everyone! So I just replayed Bioshock 1 JP standalone as stated in my post yesterday and I was now actually able to get "Research PhD" and then the platinum by synching What I did this time around was to not change any ingame settings, so I just started the game on easy and tried to get the research done as quickly as possible. I saved the game manually from time to time, did not die and got my research on turret, security bot and security camera done early (in between other researches which have trophies tied to them). The last research I completed was the Nitro Splicer. I finished it in Neptune's Bounty. Having played quite a few games in the past, I still don't understand the inner workings of this glitch, but starting off on another console with no other Bioshock (not even a different standalone version or the collection) installed and no savegames or settings data present seemed to have done the trick. On a side note, my first two tries were performed on two PS4 Pro consoles (Boost Mode off), while the successful run took place on the old model. I'm still of the opinion that not touching the game settings shouldn't have any influence on the trophy (it never did in the other versions), but it was just an idea I had. A good friend pointed out that I should ponder over whether there is any action I normally perform which might accidentally trigger a glitch. I hope this information is of use to some people in case they encounter similar problems. Greetings from Germany