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  1. Hey there everyone I have now finished the game and I can confirm that the car handling becomes rather unstable when you're upgrading the stats too much. What I did was to to upgrade gearbox and acceleration so that I had three upgrades less than the maximum amount for each. Going higher than this actually caused controls to go wonky. You can of course fully upgrade armor and the other stat, I think it was capacity. Greetings from Germany!
  2. Hey You can find information regarding the Voxel DLC including trophy tips here : The US - DLC - list is not yet synchronized to PSN servers, but you can see the DLC if you take a look at the trophies on the console.
  3. Hey there everyone I just started the DLC (9,99€ on PSN store). I wasn't able to figure everything out but wanted to share my finds with you. You can start Voxel mode by pressing square once you've started the game, the upper right option states "Voxel". When in this mode, instantly paint a block, press triangle, the upper left option, chose the next Voxel mode, paint one block and repeat with the third mode for Cubeaholic. Then press triangle again, choose stroke mode, block, then paint for Boxzilla. Afterwards, switch back to the standard paint mode with square and the upper left option, then press triangle, choose solids and you'll find capsules and hemispheres for Headache treatment and Igloo Builder. You'll have to spam both, just like in the main game. Best of success to you! Please post here if you find a way to get the other two trophies Greetings from Germany!
  4. Hi there everyone, Though it's not part of this thread, I wanted to inform you that I just experienced a trophy glitch. I won the West Coast championship but did not earn "West Coast champion". I only realized this after having finished the first race of the 450 championship. My guess is that I pressed x too many times too quickly. I've still got an old save and I'll try to finish the last races again to earn the trophy. I'm not sure whether this would be interesting to anyone playing the game in the future as the trophy is, guide-wise, not considered as glitched, but I think it's better to post here just in case someone thinks that anything would have been hacked or whatever. Edit: It seems that I chose the "East" championship twice accidentally, I thought that my last race there (Nevada) was part of the West Coast Championship So it's of course my fault, the trophy is not glitched.
  5. You'll need 2 Vitas.
  6. Thank you for posting your grinding-tip @Beliar4 ! I just started playing the game and decided to utilize your method right away by creating an exhibition Capture match with the AI set to pro. This nets you 5k / 4,5k orbs as well and I'm hoping that the car upgrades (of course without maxing the cars out due to the control glitches) give me an early edge. Fortunately, I've got my hands on a Hori controller so that I'm currently auto-firing X which will start the match over and over again. I hope this helps some players in the future if they opt for a similar approach
  7. Hey there everyone I just realised that you can let the game finish the multiplayer races by itself. Start a race on Moscow and apply a rubberband to R. Your car will then perform the three laps without getting stuck permanently, giving you time to do / play something else. Once the race is finished, just leave the race with your main account, set your secondary account ready again (you are still in a lobby together) and restart the race with your primary account. Rinse and repeat. Best of success to you! Greetings from Germany
  8. Hey there everyone I just finished "Just Deal With It" and want to give you some tips. As I have stated a few times in the past, I don’t think that it’s necessary to compose a „real“ trophy guide (and by that having the guide team spend their time reviewing it) if most of the game is pretty much self-explanatory. Therefore, I hope that my notes help you on your way to the platinum trophy. First off, you will need a total of 5 devices to get all trophies, 5 players are required for “Socialite“ and “Bunch of Fives“ . Hearts (offline) requires 3 devices, the other games can be played with 2 devices. Don’t worry about the online trophies, you don’t need to find another player. Just switch to online mode with triangle in the “main world“, start the game you want, then sit at the table for a second and leave the table afterwards. You will then get the respective online trophy for said game. You can throw bombs by pressing the symbol in the lower left corner of your device, for example during poker. There is a certain cooldown timer, but you can use all your devices to throw the bombs. I got the „Complete Finisher“ trophy without grinding for anything, just play all the games. You will possibly have to start them up two or three times to get to different tables, but I really had no trouble with this trophy. My guess is that that some games even share tables as I have earned both “I Heart Hearts“ and “Keen on Blackjack“ at the same time, although I was not playing Hearts at that moment. As for “We 3 Kings“, just choose the king avatar with 3 players. It’s the “Elvis-like“ guy you see on the far left in the game picture above the trophies here on psnprofiles. Thank you @SUPER_STEFAN_83 for telling me about this. The requirements for “The Royals and The Reaper“ should be clear to you now as well. “Pew Pews“ has to be earned while playing hearts (thanks to Darkwilly for letting me know): Make sure to take advantage of the fact that you can give three other cards (preferably high hearts cards) to your device which is supposed to shoot the moon during this round. This device should be equipped with a few hearts-cards (and possibly the queen of spades) already. I thought this trophy could cause some headache, but I got it on my first try. “Down in one“ : Meld all cards at once, so have multiple cards of a kind and some sequences ready before you play the cards. The other Rummy trophies are no problem either, just check out the trophy pictures to understand what you are supposed to do. “Pick Them All Up!“: I don’t really know how to play Crazy Eights, I just kept picking up cards with both my devices. “Mission Complete“ and “Mission Impossible“ should be easy during poker. Just check the missions which are displayed from time to time. “Double Trouble“ : To be honest, I’m not completely sure about the requirement for this trophy. @Smooth423 told me that you would have to get two Blackjacks from a split hand (thank you for this!) I earned the trophy when 2 of my 3 devices with which I played had a single blackjack, so I didn’t split a hand during this round. Therefore, I suggest that you use like 3 or 4 devices to increase the chances of getting a blackjack with 2 devices during one round. You will probably get “On Fire“ on the way. “4 of a kind“, “Straight Flush, “Royal Flush“ are the real kickers in this trophy set. A Royal Flush appears in 0.000154% of the hands played. I came to realise that there would be a way to automatise the process of playing poker. You would need two devices which are charging their batteries all the time, a PC, the app “Team Viewer Quick Support“ on your mobile devices and the normal “Team Viewer“ on PC. In addition, you would have to download tinytask to your PC. You would then connect the PC to the devices via "Quick Support", align the remote control windows side by side on your PC, start a poker game and start recording with tinytask. You would then press the “check“ and “call“ buttons with your mouse on both screens, save this recording and have it playing back continuously. This would basically lead to the result that both devices would be checking / calling all the time, revealing their hands in the end. You could let the game run while you’re asleep / at work, the money would then be pushed back and forth between the devices. You could also click on the space where the “Buy in again“ button will come up once you go broke while recording just to make sure the game will continue. You should get most of the other trophies along the way. Any possible cleanup is rather short. Best of success to you! Greetings from Germany
  9. Hey Full credit for this guide goes to Infernofeuer1, he worked out the solutions and came up with the idea on how to copy & paste them to the game. He did an amazing job! I'm just trying to describe his guide a bit more detailed being given his permission to do so. The problem with this game is that you aren't able to copy & paste messages you send or receive on PS4, therefore you have to perform a workaround to get the Japanese letters without having to type them in manually: 1.) Create an account here: (or the English alternative to this). This process and the website you'll be using is completely free. 2.) Choose the "Baukasten" (construction kit) and a template. You will then see your website. 3.) You will now want to insert the solution to the first mail into your website. What you have to do is to choose "Seiten & Menüpunkte" (sites and menu points) in the top left part of your website. Then you press the + - button and insert the Japanese letters into the point "Seitentitel". You can create a total of 4 sites (so you have 1 main site and 4 sub-sites), as creating more than this requires a payment. The main sites' name won't be useful as the PS4 doesn't recognize it. Only use "Seitentitel" from pages 2 to 5 for the solutions. 4.) Publish the site by pressing "Veröffentlichen" (publish) in the upper right corner, confirm and open the website on your PS4 web browser. 5.) You will be on your main site with the red box which leads you to your sub-sites if you klick them. 6.) Open the sub-site with the answer you need, press "Options", "Add Bookmark", then you will see the Japanese letters. Copy them, then go to the game, choose the left option in the mail to open the screen keyboard, press "Options", "Paste" (with circle), then R2, d-pad right and circle again. 7.) Once you have used the 4 solutions change the "Seitentitel" to the new solutions, republish etc. 8.) Rinse and repeat until you are done. Side note: You will have to enter the equal sign ( = ) for mail #103 manually, I wasn't able to give this name to the website. In the following you will find Infernofeuer1’s guide. Best of success to you. Greetings from Germany! Guide: start the game with circle you’ll see mail like no. 001 to no. 200 you need to answer all 200 mail’s for 100% example: click no. 001 with circle you see “Enter text…” click circle again and type or copy “遠足” press d-pad right and circle. Make sure by the way you DON’T use HINTS AND TIPS in the game otherwise the gold trophy will be disabled. first mail is done. repeat the 199 others answers. after every 10th mail (where you see the mail no… press triangle to open the message. type or copy mail message(example after the no. 010 message “ぷろもーしょんびでお”. it’s a very easy game with this guide, for me i copy every japanese letter and paste it in the “enter text” folder and repeat it with the right answers. i created a homepage and edited via pc or mobile phone the header for the address or url and from there i could just paste the japanese letters in the ps4 what i copied from the pc. hope you understand who i actually mean it, whatever it’s easy with this guide and estimate time should be around by 1-2 hours. 200¥ isn’t that much greetz Infernofeuer1 from germany 1. 遠足 2. 雑巾 3. イヤホン 4. ブルーレイ 5. 黒 6. 貯金 7. O 8. はんぺん 9. 長芋 10. 台湾 mail message: ぷろもーしょんびでお 11. 将棋 12. 千葉 13. 103 14. りゅうぐう 15. 性格 16. コーヒー 17. たわし 18. 卵焼き 19. 姉妹 20. ボトル mail message: ロミオとジュリエット 21. クラッカー 22. ルーレット 23. 納豆 24. 悪者 25. 魂 26. お猪口 27. 将棋 28. 小児科 29. 栗きんとん 30. ゴミ箱 mail message: ロイヤルミルクティー 31. ウスターソース 32. スリッパ 33. 水筒 34. morning 35. cm 36. 輪投げ 37. タニシ 38. にわとり 39. ミドルネーム 40. うつぼ mail message: いんすたんとらーめん 41. サングラス 42. ミサンガ 43. ミートボール 44. 学 45. フォーク 46. カラオケ 47. Ap 48. フライパン 49. 田舎者 50. 大工 mail message: レーシングドライバー 51. 横綱 52. プラスチック 53. クリップ 54. K 55. 一時停止 56. 白衣 57. 酸素マスク 58. 50 59. パンツ 60. ブラウン管 mail message: ヨーロピアンブレンド 61. 野菜 62. 海水浴 63. さしみ 64. おもてなし 65. ミカン 66. 横浜 67. オルガン 68. 肋骨 69. 風鈴 70. 交差点 mail message: ベイクドチーズケーキ 71. ホットカーペット 72. 七面鳥 73. ポニーテール 74. 小説家 75. タコライス 76. 口 77. お赤飯 78. シャチハタ 79. カンガルー 80. カチューシャ mail message: イメージキャラクター 81. カーテン 82. Breakfast 83. マイナスドライバー 84. R 85. 筋肉 86. 葛飾区 87. 福岡 88. 2 89. 呆れる 90. 右脳 mail message: らいだーすじゃけっと 91. e 92. はちみつレモン 93. 2 94. 特産品 95. チャーハン 96. ホルモン 97. トンネル 98. 親 99. モアイ像 100. チューリップ mail message: リニューアルオープン 101. な 102. 一石二鳥 103. = 104. 24 105. LIP 106. 2 107. レモンティー 108. 白菜 109. 品格 110. J mail message: バニラアイスクリーム 111. 八百屋 112. 土星 113. しりとり 114. ゆか 115. イヤリング 116. シチュー 117. 11 118. ダーツ 119. 圏外 120. ワイン mail message: 合唱コンクール 121. TITLE 122. egg 123. いちご狩り 124. E 125. サファイア 126. イワシ 127. 43 128. 嘘 129. たまねぎ 130. 16000 mail message: インテリアデザイナー 131. 香水 132. ひき肉 133. ハンバーガー 134. 関東地方 135. 5 136. 8 137. I 138. たすき 139. ポテト 140. 30個 mail message: 労働基準法 141. 馬 142. きつつき 143. W 144. 松 145. バット 146. 琴 147. o 148. シロクマ 149. さお 150. 砂 mail message: インターネットカフェ 151. 黒 152. 9 153. 首 154. 500 155. 20 156. 茶碗 157. work 158. 口 159. トカゲ 160. S mail message: だるまさんがころんだ 161. 4 162. 時 163. ピアノ 164. パーティー 165. TOUR 166. ニラ 167. ふがし 168. 凶 169. 2 170. 休憩 mail message: ウェイトトレーニング 171. 8 172. S 173. ウインク 174. 5 175. サンキュー 176. 25 177. メガネ 178. ニンニク 179. 絵はがき 180. あんドーナツ mail message: 連立方程式 181. 10 182. hospital 183. HB 184. 量 185. ヒマワリ 186. カイロ 187. 映像 188. 春分の日 189. 904 190. かまぼこ mail message: ウォータースライダー 191. ファイト 192. さかな 193. きんきゅうきゅうじょ 194. 7 195. おやつ 196. orange 197. 木 198. ランキング 199. 6 200. 80 mail message: マルゲリータピッツァ
  10. I just earned the trophy. Thank you very much for helping me, @Fill_Fill!
  11. Hi there everyone Currently, I'm utilizing a hassle-free method to test my luck with the "Dominion" trophy (didn't earn it yet). I haven't read about this approach on the internet before, but I don't claim to have "discovered" it. You'll need a turbo controller (for example one from Hori) and 2 hairties. First off, join a Team Deathmatch lobby. Fix your left stick so that it's being pulled upwards, do the same with the right stick to any other direction (mine is being pulled to the right). Furthermore, auto fire the X and the R2 buttons. This will basically keep you ingame all the time. I've tried it with other button combinations but got kicked due to inactivity. From my point of view, it stands to reason to do this on TDM because your team will still win rather often despite being weakened by you. The described idea worked for me thoughout tonight's rest, which is why I think that it'll continue to do so. I'm fully aware of the fact that this way of grinding might possibly deteriorate other people's experience, I guess that all kinds of boosting do this. This method is being prefered by me over having to setup a VPN (which didn't help some people) or adding people who'd have to make time just for me. I'll edit this post once I've got news to share Best of success to you. Greetings from Germany! EDIT: One player just messaged me that he's going to report me. I'm afraid that's the downside. EDIT 2: This method didn't work for me to get the trophy.
  12. Hey there everyone I have just earned the "Who you gonna call?" trophy. Unfortunately, this trophy seems to become harder in the future as you are unable to set an easy time with a secondary account which you could then beat with your main acc. I've tried it myself today with multiple accounts, but none of my secondaries were even listed in the friend-leaderboard, therefore I wasn't able to download them. This led me to playing for the trophy the "hard way". I rode an MX2 bike on the short Compound circuit and downloaded ghost #35 (#36-#50 are broken). It took me around 2 hours to finally get a time fast enough to beat the ghost. There actually is minimal room for error and I'm by no means a racing game professional, so you will probably meet the requirements faster than I did. Thank you very much for your tips @Djeheuty, @Evil_Raziel, @Yamahaboy46 and @Cloud_SOLDAT Greetings from Germany
  13. PowerPyx stated that this trophy is missable if you buy all maps from Cartography before finding 10 scouts.
  14. Hey there everyone! The trophies are not glitched. I edited most of the following text after having earned 100% in both versions: The game saves your progress online and carries it over between the two versions. So if you won the 30 races without mods and got the trophy in version 1, just switch to version 2, win one race there (for car related trophies you have to repaint any car) and get the trophy again. Unfortunately though, the game is very difficult. I haven't met a single person in around 30 hours of playtime. The AI will then race against you. You see that there's AI because of the names, PSN doesn't allow nicks with spaces between words. The problem is the system of the game which basically leads to the result that the driver having a crash shortly before the finish line will most likely lose, how good the race was doesn't really matter that much. Sometimes, the AI is perfect and seemingly unbeatable, sometimes you will only have a bit of trouble winning. You can always try to draft much, but unlike Burnout (RGX Showdown was created by some of Burnout-devs) there is no real takedown function. This would have been particularly useful. If you try to take down the AI, you will most likely end in the rear of another car / transporter. The AI will hunt you down constantly, push you into traffic and it never crossed the finish line more than 1,5 seconds after I did (usually like 0,1 or 0,2 seconds), it really is this close all the time. "Rubberband-AI" would be a trivializing expression here. You will need to win a total of 3 tournaments in order to get the 25 cars, the rest of the cars can be obtained by reaching the top 30% during the tournaments. Scoring high streaks (like 5 or 6) is a must if you have some bad races in between streaks. You will have to know the game inside out in order to get a winning streak of 7. I got super lucky doing this while trying for hours and hours on end. Having reached a streak of 7 with class A or S, I actually found those faster classes easier to play with. Once I got to a winning streak of 7, I fired up the other version, lost a race (), won another and was given the trophy again. The servers remember that you reached the streak once. Boosting seems to be incredibly difficult to pull off / not helpful at all. The first race of a championship can easily be boosted (I tried it myself), but from the second race onward you would need multiple people working together. You only race against players / AI who / which match the rank you have in the current tournament (this resets every hour, negating your streak progress). Due to the fact that your boosting-account will fall behind rank-wise once you beat it the first time, you can't race against it anymore during this tournament. You would need your boosting - acc to win once against AI as well. And as you get a points multiplier if you win in succession, your boosting acc would have to lose against you, then get the points again and let you win a total of 7 times. This would be absolutely inefficient and probably impossible within 1 hour. Last but not least I want to thank the amazing people over at ShortRound Games! I contacted them in terms of the really high difficulty level and they actually decided to change the maximum points the AI can score during a tournament. This was incredibly helpful and I promise you that you will still be struggling for many, many hours. Synoptically spoken, this game is fun, addicting, frustrating and rewarding. If you have good reflexes, enjoyed Burnout and want to challenge yourself, feel free to check this title out! My time to 100%: around 30 hours My difficulty rating: 8,5-9 out of 10 Greetings from Germany
  15. You could for example play all versions of Steins;Gate 1, Root Letter and Chaos;Child (1 per day) to beat the challenge