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  1. Hey there everyone! The trophies are not glitched. I edited most of the following text after having earned 100% in both versions: The game saves your progress online and carries it over between the two versions. So if you won the 30 races without mods and got the trophy in version 1, just switch to version 2, win one race there (for car related trophies you have to repaint any car) and get the trophy again. Unfortunately though, the game is very difficult. I haven't met a single person in around 30 hours of playtime. The AI will then race against you. You see that there's AI because of the names, PSN doesn't allow nicks with spaces between words. The problem is the system of the game which basically leads to the result that the driver having a crash shortly before the finish line will most likely lose, how good the race was doesn't really matter that much. Sometimes, the AI is perfect and seemingly unbeatable, sometimes you will only have a bit of trouble winning. You can always try to draft much, but unlike Burnout (RGX Showdown was created by some of Burnout-devs) there is no real takedown function. This would have been particularly useful. If you try to take down the AI, you will most likely end in the rear of another car / transporter. The AI will hunt you down constantly, push you into traffic and it never crossed the finish line more than 1,5 seconds after I did (usually like 0,1 or 0,2 seconds), it really is this close all the time. "Rubberband-AI" would be a trivializing expression here. You will need to win a total of 3 tournaments in order to get the 25 cars, the rest of the cars can be obtained by reaching the top 30% during the tournaments. Scoring high streaks (like 5 or 6) is a must if you have some bad races in between streaks. You will have to know the game inside out in order to get a winning streak of 7. I got super lucky doing this while trying for hours and hours on end. Having reached a streak of 7 with class A or S, I actually found those faster classes easier to play with. Once I got to a winning streak of 7, I fired up the other version, lost a race (), won another and was given the trophy again. The servers remember that you reached the streak once. Boosting seems to be incredibly difficult to pull off / not helpful at all. The first race of a championship can easily be boosted (I tried it myself), but from the second race onward you would need multiple people working together. You only race against players / AI who / which match the rank you have in the current tournament (this resets every hour, negating your streak progress). Due to the fact that your boosting-account will fall behind rank-wise once you beat it the first time, you can't race against it anymore during this tournament. You would need your boosting - acc to win once against AI as well. And as you get a points multiplier if you win in succession, your boosting acc would have to lose against you, then get the points again and let you win a total of 7 times. This would be absolutely inefficient and probably impossible within 1 hour. Last but not least I want to thank the amazing people over at ShortRound Games! I contacted them in terms of the really high difficulty level and they actually decided to change the maximum points the AI can score during a tournament. This was incredibly helpful and I promise you that you will still be struggling for many, many hours. Synoptically spoken, this game is fun, addicting, frustrating and rewarding. If you have good reflexes, enjoyed Burnout and want to challenge yourself, feel free to check this title out! My time to 100%: around 30 hours My difficulty rating: 8,5-9 out of 10 Greetings from Germany
  2. You could for example play all versions of Steins;Gate 1, Root Letter and Chaos;Child (1 per day) to beat the challenge
  3. Feel free to check out Youtube and other forums in order to find an answer (the method I described it outdated by now). It would be great if you would post here in case you discover a new method.
  4. Thank you for your offer, I've been able to get to level 100 with the tedious penitentiary - glitch. But possibly others who have trouble initiating the glitch could be happy if you'd lend them a hand when they ask here
  5. This looks great! I actually never had to perform the lockpicking action despite connecting to different servers. There haven't been any armed grenade bouquets either :/ I'll edit my first post
  6. The penitentiary - method was rather annoying due to the (sometimes strong) supermutants being there. Therefore it's a good idea to upload the High School - video in order to have a better way of glitching to level 100 before this process gets fixed
  7. I tried exactly what you described, but I have not been able to disarm the boquet despite joining multiple servers. Nevertheless, it's likely to be a mistake on my end . Therefore it's of course great if your method works without much of a hassle!
  8. Hey there everyone I'm sure many of you have already seen some videos depicting an easy way to get to level 100. Actually, I was struggling for quite a while until I was able to finally get it working. I started the game yesterday, so I had no prior experience or progress. First off, you should get some bottle caps (around 130 or so) in order to be able to utilize quick travel a few times / buy some items. I was collecting Mothman eggs at Point Pleasant. Once you collected the available ones near the river to the west, quit to main menu, then continue. The eggs will have spawned again. Rinse and repeat. Cook Mothman egg omelettes at your cooking station (or the one from the Overseer's Camp), then sell them to a vendor (for example near Sutton Station). Eat one omelette before doing this as this will temporarily raise your charisma, giving you better selling prices. Due to me being a low-level char, I was only earning like 3 or 4 caps per omelette. The vendor has got a limited amount of bottlecaps as well (shared across all vendors in the world), keep this in mind. Once you have got enough caps, make sure to have some weapons like boards or machetes in your inventory and make your way to the Whitespring Golf Club. Use the method shown in the video (all credit goes to @PS_4Trophies, thank you very much for this!) until you reach level 23: I actually had to get to level 23 as I unlocked the required agilty perk "Home defense" by making it to level 22, but this perk has to be upgraded to level 2 (therefore I leveled up once more to spend the perk point). You can damage the cars until they have like 60% of their "health" left before going into the house, this makes it easier for you to get them to explode quickly. If you inflict more than 50% of damage, the car starts to burn and explodes by itself. Now that you reached level 23 and have equipped "Home Defense 2", go to Eastern Regional Penitentiary and disarm the flamethrower trap over and over again, just like it is shown in this video (all credit goes to Krethys): Make sure to bring some guns and melee weapons with you (I found some by exploring the world but I don't really remember exact locations, I guess you can google this) to kill some of the supermutants roaming the Penitentiary near the flamethrower. I used a Hori-controller and auto-fired the square button to disarm the flamethrower over and over again. Additional note: Make sure to check out post #7 in this thread for the High School - location. It didn't work for me, but it would give you a much more relaxed way to perform the glitch! Thank you very much for providing your video @jninja79! For some weird reason, the framerate drops significantly after using this glitch for around 20 to 30 minutes. I've read reports from players claimingming that the game could crash, resetting your leveling progress back to when you reached the Penitentiary. Therefore I decided to repeat the process of glitching, dropping all collected fuel, aluminium and rubber, getting myself killed, then respawning, leaving the game, rejoining and disarming the flamethrower after every 5 levels. I suggest you don't perform the glitch on a server which features the Jail Escape event at the Penitentiary. Furthermore, I realized that not every server gives you the chance to use the glitch. If this is the case, just go to another server. As a side note, the other locations (Pleasant Valley Ski Resort & Morgantown High School) didn't work for me at all. Best of success to everyone who is going to apply this method Greetings from Germany!
  9. Thanks a lot, I just tested it and it still works
  10. Hey Yes you are able to join a JP session with the EU-version and vice versa (just tested it with 1 disc of each version).
  11. Hey there everyone I have just earned 100% of the trophies in "The Surfer". First off, I honestly want to the thank the amazing people at Bungarra Software for quickly responding to my mails. They helped me out big time as I was troubled with meeting the unlocking requirements for “Super Champ“. If you have a few units of your currency to spare, feel free to check out “The Sufer“ as the game is really enjoyable. Don’t expect over-the-top graphics, but the gameplay is easily worth investing a couple of hours. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to play a relatively new game on PS3. To be honest, I had quite a hard time figuring out how to unlock the trophies, but it’s totally doable after you understand the system of the game. Here are some tips for you (from my point of view, the game doesn't need an in-depth trophy guide): - Go for parts of the waves on which you can just "grind" by pressing square. Ideally, try to go for the outer part of the wave, then grind all the way to the outside. The game will reset you to a more centered part of the wave but you will keep your combo. Rinse and repeat to build a massive combo (500-600k are possible without much of a hassle). Pay attention on avoiding tubes as you will most likely fall into the water, thus rendering your combo as failed. This isn't possible on every level as some waves in some levels are set up the way that they have a tube on each end. You will then have to stay in the middle of the wave going left and right. You’ll figure it out easily. Watch out for enemy surfers as they tend to crash into you as well. I did NEVER utilize a move other than pressing square, I didn't even jump once. You will be penalized by 25% for repeating the same move, but you'll still obtain winning scores easily. Speed up with R1 when riding up/along the wave and try to grind when the speed meter (bottom right) is at least purple or red. The faster you are, the more points you get. Sometimes you receive power ups which let you surf with the highest speed (or at least for the highest points) for a short amount of time. You know that you’ve got this upgrade when the upper part of your speed meter is blinking red. - Use the "select" option to be set back into the wave-action if you should move too far away from it. 1500 points isn't much of a penalty at all. - Don't press square for too long as you can fall off the wave. - Try not to break your boards (bottom right board image) as you only have three boards. After you lose the third, the game over screen will pop up. In order to avoid a loss of boards, make sure to buy „full repair“ kits from the shop for each character. You can utilize these repair kits even during a surfing session by pressing start and choosing the corresponding menu point. - You can save after every race. You can load your progress by going into "Options" then load the savegame, choose "Qualifying Tour" again with your active character and go to the desired location. You will continue where you left off. Play the game in this order: 1.) Play "Qualifying Tour" with Shane all the way through to Fernando's finale, placed 1st in every event (Fernando's is the pro tour event, you'll unlock the "Pro Tour unlocked" trophy when starting this series of events). You don’t need to play Fernando’s finale at all. Play step 1 like this: Heat and semi-final in Rock Ledge, then choose „ go to next level“ to skip the finale, the same at Forsaken Gully. Afterwards, you must play (and preferably win) all three events including the finale in L’Ossuaire. You know that you’ve done everything correctly if your character is placed 1st (to 5th, depending on your performace, but I always tried to win) on the large leaderboard and the first 5 places are depicted in yellow. The yellow color is actually crucial in terms of the “Super Champ“ trophy. You will also qualify for the Pro Tour if you break all your boards at L’Ossuaire and you’ll even be placed 1st if you win everything else, but there won’t be yellow color and you won’t unlock “Super Champ“ (tried it myself wasting a couple of hours). You will most likely earn only "High Score" and "Pro Tour unlocked" until this point because you earn most of the other trophies in "Single Session" mode. 2.) Play the 3 levels of each area in "Single Session" mode. You don't need to play the challenge levels of each country (bottom left level). You'll unlock a trophy for placing 1st while playing each level. 3.) Now comes the lengthy part: Repeat step 1 with each of the other 6 characters so that you win the finale at the L’Ossuaire event while making it at least to place #5 on the large leaderboard on which the first 5 places including you are written in yellow. After you see the leaderboard, save the game, quit to menu, start qualifying with the next character. You’ll unlock “Super Champ“ after seeing yourself in the yellow part of the large leaderboard with the 7th character and saving the game afterwards. As you will often have like 2-3 minutes left each round you can do something else next to this (like playing a different game and / or composing a mini trophy guide ). Difficulty of the game: 3/10 Approx. time to 100% : around 10-12 hours if you follow my tips, 20+ hours if you fail figuring out the how-to (like I did before contacting the developers). Greetings from Germany
  12. Considering that the Sixaxis function is still present with the Dualshock 4 (even though it's not used that often), I guess that the touchpad will be transferred to the next controller version as well. Nevertheless I don't see much of a bright future for this gimmick. Reading magazines or playing piano with it in Detroit Become Human didn't prove as THE next-gen-experience I was utterly longing to be a witness of, especially now that the PS4-era comes to a slow but certain closure. My suggestion is to sacrifice the Sixaxis-, touchpad- & color- features for an extended battery duration of the controller and a reasonable price. I'm posting this on my behalf only but I don't need any speakers or vibration features either (the latter one could still be interesting for core gamers, though personally I feel distracted by it). Aspects like a good and lasting coating for the analog sticks and good grip appeal to me much more than some cursorily added features.
  13. I don't know whether it's an old feature but you are able to sync your trophies manually by entering your trophy list, then press Options - > sync to psn.
  14. I'm still praying for the Korean and Chinese DLC trophy-lists for The Evil Within (PS3). But I don't think that they'll ever see the light of day. I hope that some dedicated players were able to obtain all trophies in NBA2K18 PS3 in the past so that they can now finally show off with this