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  1. Hey there everyone To give Infernofeuer1's post a bit more context, I'd like to point out that I gave my bike to him. He told me that there have been weird account problems basically from the start. The bike / game remembered my VirZoom-account without me ever telling Infernofeuer1 any account data whatsoever. I have then talked to the VirZoom support and they explained that the bike would place some sort of "token" on the PS4 and that my token would still be active. They'd have to change the bike ownership from me to Infernofeuer1, which is something you can't do yourself on the online platform (there you can only link / unlink your PSN - account to the VirZoom - account). With that being said, VirZoom engineers changed bike ownership to Infernofeuer1 and he then told me that the game would now correctly use his own VirZoom - account. Therefore, I was of the opinion that the issue was solved. I have no idea why these distance trophies have now been awarded all at once. My guess is that it's some sort of glitch in VirZoom's system. I don't think the game remembers me again because the engineers wiped my "traces" on the bike and as you can see on Infernofeuer1's profile, other trophies which I've also earned were not unlocked by him. If you want to read the e-mails with VirZoom just let me know, I can post everything here. If I'm allowed to give you advice, I suggest you don't get a used bike. These technical problems are really difficult / barely possible to understand and I think the bikes were just not created to be sold to a second user. Unfortunately though, you cannot play the game with VZFit (the successor device to the bike, it's not compatible with PSVR) and I couldn't find any new bikes online. I'm sorry for those news, I think I really was just lucky back in the days to get a new bike and not suffer from glitches. Greetings from Germany!
  2. This sounds great and would be a nice contribution to the community. If you would describe the resistance glitching a bit more in detail I'm sure people would be thankful. It's basically been entering and backing out the menu while fiddling around with the resistance wheel. And please mention the following aspect : From what I've found out, VirZoom Arcade CANNOT be played with the new edition, VZFit. You'd need a real VirZoom Bike from the old generation.
  3. Hey there everyone I really don't intend to clutter the forum on purpose, but frankly spoken I sometimes feel compelled to explain myself right away if sort of irregularity occured. I've just completed the four versions of Root Letter: Last Answer. As you can see on my profile, I played all versions simultaneously with 3 PS4's and one Vita (as I usually do with VN's). Having used the guide over at ps3imports (Thanks again very much for this @Roughdawg4!), I didn't realize that there's no " Found Shimanekko!" trophy this time like there was in the original game. That being said, I followed the described path instead of reading the comments first which means that I found Shimanekko 10 times in playthrough 4 in all 4 versions. When I found Shimanekko for the 10th time, I unlocked the trophy " 政府の陰謀解明 政府の陰謀ルート解明編をクリアした" in the Asian version. I did not unlock trophies in the other versions. My guess is that this would be some sort of glitch, because it basically means that I unlocked trophy #27 from the guide early (this should theoretically not be possible because I wasn't doing the "Extra" Max Modes. The rest of the trophies including the ones from the Extra menu unlocked just fine. I hope this explains my point well enough. Again, I'm sorry for opening a thread on this, but I hope this somewhat stands to reason because I'll likely not remember this exact situation far in the future if someone asks me about this. Greetings from Germany!
  4. I have utilized the feature on PS4 to see whether my Singstar XMB EU PS3 list was hidden. Turned out this was actually the case despite never knowingly have done so which is why I was able to unhide it. Now everything's fine again
  5. I've got the problem that my Singstar XMB EU PS3 trophies are hidden despite me never having hidden any trophies and not having changed any settings. I didn't encounter this issue before and the trophies display fine on my own console. I tried the method midgetstrawdog suggested for ikemenzi (Thank you for this!), until now without success. I'll just see whether any changes happen during the upcoming days with automatic updates and post again here.
  6. Thank you very much for the information about this. I haven't started the game yet, but this is definitely an aspect I'll pay attention to when uploading the savegames. I hope this isn't regarded as off-topic, but from my point of view there's a "problem" connected to those games taking liberties with the number (not size) of savegames and I didn't see people talking about this on psnprofiles: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/08/ps_plus_cloud_saves_are_restricted_to_1000_files I've encountered this restriction myself. While still having lots of GB's of free space in the cloud, the number of saves uploaded by me amounted to 1000, rendering further uploads impossible which lead to the process of deleting old saves. It's not too much of a big deal given the fact that 1k is still a lot of saves, but the 100 GB of storage data would only be used up if for example every save was 100 MB in size instead of those (I think rather common) sizes like 3.15 MB.
  7. Thank you for this great thread! 🏆 It stands to reason that most of the members here must have had some crazy situations during their trophy aspirations One night I fondly remember was when I was boosting with @blackangel887462. We were going for "I've stopped counting" in Grid Autosport and raced some oval circuit over and over again. After hours upon hours of soulless grinding, both of us became incredibly tired. I was blasting loud music through my headphones but I just couldn't help it and felt asleep for like a minute or so, so I stood up from my chair and almost lost balance a couple of times. Ultimately, I had to raise the white flag as I started to see weird colors, hear stange noises and so on A "tradition" I once had during vacations from work was to go to bed at around midnight and get up at 4am, followed by playing like 90% of the day or so. I was actually getting used to that and didn't feel too tired anymore, but when my vacation came to an end I often realized intense fatigue, followed by the need to rest for like half a day or more. 😴 Another "special" situation occured when @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y and me were playing Syndicate for ~14 hours straight, that was supremely debilitating as well 😵. Rank #1 of my "hardcore" conditions was, without a doubt, my time with "VirZoom Arcade" (you need to ride a real stationary bicycle to get all the trophies 🚴). I'm moderately in shape and I wanted to become the first person to 100% this game. Having seen that other players were close to achieving 100% completion, I decided to go all in and play this title for almost a week straight with short sleep periods in between. My legs started to hurt after 1 and a half days, but this didn't change my mindset. I actually went to the pharmarcy (in order to go for a short walk, variety is the spice of life, right? ) to get some dietary supplements because I was sweating all the time and feared something like losing vitamin depots. Furthermore, I bought some "Voltaren" (a medical gel which eases pain) which I applied to my upper thighs. After around 2 days, I couldn't even sit on my butt anymore so I've spent the rest of the time standing next to the bike, pedalling with only one leg, switching between my legs every hour or so. Having earned all the trophies, I was finally able to calm down and I assure you, I've never felt such muscle soreness before in my life 😰. Greetings from Germany!
  8. As I've stated in the post linked by Smashero, I was able to set the system clock forward after each session. It could be possible that you need to be offline for this (the game always communicates with the VirZoom servers [I created a profile there when I first booted up the game] and this could probably prevent you from unlocking the trophy), but I don't remember this clearly anymore. I guess you could test this on a secondary account or try again with your main account. And I'm not exactly sure whether I closed the application in between, but you'll find out. If you check my timestamps you see that I unlocked most of the "x number of sessions done within timeframe x" - trophies within my first 24 hours of playing because I started with forwarding the system clock after each session basically right off the bat. I think I didn't have to play any particular minigame for the sessions to count, so I simply started working on the other trophies at the same time. You should be able to check your progress in the ingame menu (the rotating one which shows how close you are to earning the trophies). Never set your system clock back a day before earning the trophy you want, I think this causes the tracking issues you described. And about the climbing distance: As you know, there's the resistance wheel on your bike. I went to the menu option ingame (it shows the resistance information the game received from your bike setup) and I was actually able to fiddle around with that by entering and leaving said menu and rotating the wheel on the bike just before I left / entered the menu. Due to some sort of glitch the game menu ultimately displayed that I was at max resistance when the wheel on my bike was actually at level 3 or so. From there on, every meter I rode the bike was counted as done at highest level resistance despite being done at normal resistance. This was a tremendous help for getting the kilometers done as well because the game thought I was cycling extremely quickly due to rotating the pedals a lot at "highest resistance". I hope this helps more than it confuses
  9. Hey If I recall correctly, I was clocking in at around 50 hours of playtime. It's not difficult at all, 2/10 tops. I recommend being in a healthy body condition, though, as your legs will start to hurt after playing for a long time.
  10. Now that's awesome, thank you for this guide! The devs should partner up with Hori in order to promote turbo - controllers
  11. Ah yes, this could actually be the relevant point here! I play the game offline and it tells me something like "leaderboards unavailable" whenever I die. Playing online might cause the glitch Smashero described to occur.
  12. Oh that's interesting and would of course make my suggestion useless. I hope that others won't have problems with this game but as you said, it's not too long / difficult to be done actively
  13. Hey there everyone You can let the game run by itself in case you own a turbo-controller. To do this, boot the game, then put the auto-fire function on X and L2 (or R2, doesn't matter). You'll restart the run over and over again, using one sword all the time. It might take a while to get to 300k points (I'm at 219k right now after around 11 hours of "gameplay"), but you can do / play something else in the meantime. I had no savegame-problems or crahes yet, but you could make a cloud-backup from time to time. Best of success to you and enjoy your effortless platinum trophy Greetings from Germany!
  14. @glurak400 I didn't want to irritate you, my post wasn't connected to yours. I have got a tip for the 3 minute - trophy, though, in case you are still troubled: just use the guide (start with horizontal words, then vertical ones, then the diagonal ones) and pause after choosing each word in order to check which word to choose next.
  15. Don't mind the following, Powerpyx mentioned this in the guide, I didn't realize this at first. You can earn "There's a Word List!" and "There's a Word List?" during the same puzzle (this just happened to me unintentionally). Solve the puzzle until only one word is left (preferably while going for "Sdorw Ytfif" like I did), then check the word list, then leave the puzzle, enter again, mark the word backwards and by this point you should have earned all three trophies I mentioned. No big deal (I know), rather some sort of post which preemptively explains the timestamps on my profile in case questions come up. Wasn't worth a new thread.