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  1. Hey there! Just as others have stated here, I don't watch speedrun streams or full videos of runs either. I wholeheartedly appreciate Summoning Salt's & Karl Jobst's work as well and there are other interesting channels such as Speed Docs, Bird goes Beep and my personal favorite, Rwhitegoose. If you have got 20-ish minutes to spare, I highly recommend checking out his video on Darklight93, the "self - delusional madman". It's awesome Stay true! Greetings from Germany
  2. Hey Would you kindly add me to the "Long Live the Creed" - tier? I'd be thankful for this and of course you can remove me from the "Disciple"-tier. Greetings from Germany!
  3. @Optimus1_99 Thank you very much for sharing this information! I just watched the new video. One aspect remained unclear to me : If I would be able to get one of these quest items before starting the quest and then hand the quest in multiple times utilizing the method described in the video, will I be able to hand in the exact same item the next day? Or do I have to go through the process of picking up one quest item before starting and handing in the quest each day? I'd wholeheartedly appreciate your answer. Sorry if it has been stated somewhere in the video or comments, I wasn't able to find this piece of information. Edit: I have just tried this method out myself. Handing in the quest as described in the video ( ) led to my Watercooled Bone Saw (which I found at the first location shown in said video) remaining in my Junk item list. Make sure to pick this item up when the Daily Quest is not active. What I had to do was to finish the Daily Quest normally once after getting it, then look for an additional item after having handed in the Daily Quest. This additional item will then be put into your Misc / Junk list. When the Daily Quest stopped appearing after server hopping for around 18 minutes, I still had the item in my inventory which should mean that I won't have to collect it again in order to use the glitch tomorrow and the days after. There were no real complications occuring for me utilizing the glitch. Sometimes I didn't gain any reputation when finishing the quest (DemonAsylum talks about this in the video), but I didn't back out of the conversation, simply hopped the server and got reputation when finishing the quest again. Best of success to you!
  4. Hey there everyone Currently I'm racking up the 20 online races and thankfully it's an easy process. You can simply join a lobby (I suggest a nearly full one without qualifying and with only 3 laps) and let the game run. I think keeping R2 triggered with a coin should suffice, however I used a Hori controller and auto - fired X and R2. Doing it this way, you set yourself ready before the race starts so that the lobby timer is reduced to a few seconds once everybody is ready. As for my experience, I'm not getting kicked by other players so I guess that's not possible. You don't have to finish the race. You could check from time to time whether there are still other players in your lobby. Best of success to you! Greetings from Germany
  5. ^ I I never said that, at least not in this language You need to reach the level above the "beer symbol" level, I just got the trophy.
  6. I actually only went back to F76 today because of your great initial post @breakXedge and interestingly was given both daily quests. I don't understand the inner workings of the game, though. I'm only following the method in the first video because I screwed up the second vid (handed in the quest) and I'm too afraid Bethesda's going to fix something
  7. Thank you both, I can confirm that both methods work as of now Edit: Server hopping does of course not work once you've handed in the daily quest (second video).
  8. Hey there I've listed a few series which I have earned all trophies in in my profile banner. It's a bit outdated, for example because of Borderlands and Wolfenstein which aren't done anymore. Further series which I completed (I only count them as that when it's really 100% including all stacks) are for example Bioshock Far Cry Grand Theft Auto Additionally, I've finished everything from Naughty Dog (if the remakes of Crash are excluded as they weren't developed by ND) & Telltale Games (including their role as publisher so that 7 Days to Die & RGX Showdown are covered). My "honorable mention" would be Rockstar Games, I didn't push through the "Gold Rush" in RDR 2 yet but the rest is done. I guess visual novels aren't interesting here so I won't point them out in detail, but for example Stein's Gate & the Root Letters currently have "no trophies left to conquer" Greetings from Germany!
  9. Hey there You can delete "Telltale Games" as publisher from both lists of Stranded Deep. The game isn't published by Telltale anymore (those were the original plans), but instead by Beam Team Publishing itself. See here for reference: I just bought the game, checked the credits and Telltale wasn't mentioned. Thank you for your efforts! Greetings from Germany
  10. (I accidentally replied to an older message at first) I think it's definitely worth getting AC 3 in order to get AC Liberation, ACL is one of my favorite AC's due to a nice change of scale of things to do. Feels better than the long grind in some AC's.
  11. I've played all the indie games you've mentioned and can confirm that buying them in the Hong Kong store will give you the AS versions. As for The Evil Within, I've seen that you were asking about the languages supported in the HK store version here: Having played all versions of TEW / Psycho Break a while ago (all using the respective discs), I can safely confirm that for example the Korean disc does only support the Korean language (and texts). Having taken a look at the store ( it states "Chinese version" whereas if you look at The Evil Within 2 ( it states "English / Chinese / Korean version". Therefore I think that TEW 1 only supports Chinese while TEW 2 supports English and Korean as well. To be on the safe side, I suggest you play the English version first and take a few pictures from the ingame menus. That's what I did, but TEW doesn't really provide a language barrier if I recall correctly.
  12. Hi! Most of the time, the Hong Kong version is the AS version. See here for an example: I bought this game as HK version. Is there any specific game you are looking for which has an AS & HK stack (I think that's unlikely)? Edit: What you have to pay attention to, though, are JP stacks as these are separated from HK versions every now and then (examples are & ).
  13. Thanks for sharing this information ScooloV! And GMV-EHV, yes it's definitely possible to use auto - fire on multiple buttons at the same time. Take my example from above, press L2 and X at the same time and keep them pressed, press the turbo button once and release all 3 buttons. Then repeat this exact process and the hori - pad will press L2 and X simultaneously all the time without you having to press anything yourself. You see that it's working because there's the small green lamp below the turbo - button flashing. I'm quite sure that you're able to auto - fire more than 2 buttons, but I don't know the exact number.
  14. You deserve having scored more points than me
  15. It could possibly work if 1.) the game is compatible to PS Vita TV and 2.) you can connect a turbo controller to PS Vita TV. I don't own PS Vita TV, therefore I'm unaware of compatibility aspects.