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  1. Just a heads up for anyone who's interested in this version of the game: Valkyrie appears to be glitched because the matchmaking works in a slightly different way compared to the international version (plus there's no leaderboard shown after every match). I have won 115 ranked matches the same way I did in the international version but I didn't earn the trophy.
  2. First off I'd like to thank you very much @Executioner0 for explaining that a win against the AI seems to trigger the online trophies! I can confirm this for the trophy awarded for winning online once. Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to get the online trophy for 10 wins after having won online 10 times plus an additional time against the AI. Even after 20+ online victories I didn't get the trophy so I figured it was glitched for me. During my current grind for the 1k matches I won multiple times by accident (the AI played Killer even worse than I did) and I just earned the trophy after I won a match against the AI in an online lobby. Therefore I suggest that future players could try to win 10 online games and 10 or more games against the AI. Hopefully this triggers the second trophy for everyone. The true MVP of this boost was @Infernofeuer1 who helped me out with a secondary account and a ton of patience
  3. Oh wow thanks a lot for your very kind words And congratulations on this amazing, coveted platinum trophy! I honestly don't think that I'll ever try to get all trophies, but I know for sure that co-op with @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y would be a delight as always! Once again it's not relevant to this exact thread (sorry) and I don't know whether every "serious" player is aware of this already, but I realized that if you play through a level for the very first time you can quit the level, close the game and come back later to continue from the checkpoint. This makes save-scumming possible and trophies like Double Trouble less of a hassle (although it's still hard for me, didn't manage to get that one yet). If that's already written somewhere please don't be mad, I didn't stumble across this piece of information on for example trueachievements. Greetings!
  4. I'm sorry for bumping this thread despite not having anything to add to the discussion. A new thread for my little piece of information wouldn't have made sense. I just wanted to state that it seems like you are able to earn at least one trophy being designed explicitly for Single Player even if you are playing Co-op. This trophy is "Antistop". I earned it during Co-op without even trying but interestingly I wasn't able to get for example "Mine Solver" in Co-op despite having met the requirement. This doesn't open any new and interesting ways to make earning the trophies easier, I'm basically just explaining why I've got Antistop without having completed Day 1 in Single Player beforehand.
  5. Unfortunately, I can confirm that there doesn't seem to be a possibility to get the PS4 - version if you own the PS5 - disc. Neither was I able to select the game version when I inserted the game into the PS5, nor was the PS4 able to read the disc. Furthermore I could not for example buy the PS4 - version "for free" in the store when I had the PS5 - disc inserted in the PS5. Therefore the most effective way to get both versions is buying the PS4 - disc (if you are into disc collecting). Therefore the tweet has been quite misleading.
  6. Hey The trophies for finishing stage 7 and the following ones are glitched. Sorry for making a whole thread out of it, I just want people to know / see and not waste their money. Greetings from Germany!
  7. I hope this isn't considered as necrobumping. If you are like me and prefer automated grinding, you'll need two turbo controllers for the 50 public match wins. Have your secondary account / loosing boosting partner set their turbo speed to maximum (with the Hori FPS+ pad this is done by pressing turbo and moving the right stick upwards) and your main account set the speed to minimum (right stick down). Then auto - fire X and square on both controllers. This leads to both characters sliding towards the middle. Due to the speed difference in turboing the disc will fall to the ground on the loosing character's side most of the time, giving you wins quickly and quite reliably. You'll always get into rematches because of the turbo on the X-button. Best of success to you
  8. Thanks, I'll try my best.
  9. As of now I have not encountered an unobtainable trophy in any of the versions. The Japanese PS3 - version actually is 1.0 but the trophies I've earned did not cause any hassle. Addendum: Interestingly, the ingame note shows that it's version 1.03. Furthermore, the trophy "Here it Comes" seems to become difficult as you don't use the Slinger with L2, but R2 which does at the same time use the normal primary fire. That's a glitch as even the weapon selection screen shows that the Slinger is used with L2.
  10. Unfortunately I encountered the same issues back when I was playing the game. I was for the life of me not able to keep up with the other riders and their endurance seemed to be much higher, it felt like the AI was cheating. Therefore I'm unable to give you really helpful tips, but have you possibly checked out the PSN Store for those additional snacks? IIRC they've got nice effects which could support you during your journey. I hope that you'll succeed!
  11. I remember this error appearing from time to time. On most days the game ran smoothly, on the others I couldn't connect regardless of platform despite no information about server maintenance was given by the devs.
  12. I don't intend to bump this thread but I didn't find a solution to the issue stated by @tranquilu. I've encountered a similar problem in that I surpassed the 1000 miles but did not earn the trophy. The game did not freeze on me. What I had to do was to save the game, close the app and restart it. When I entered a car the trophy popped.
  13. Hi and Happy New Year to everyone I got this trophy as my last in 2020 and the same one in the other version of the game as the first in 2021 (along with others which unlocked automatically): The second version : I saw the opportunity to finish and start the years in a thematically appropriate way Greetings!
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing these pieces of information with the community @Smashero and @Infernofeuer1
  15. I ran into a similar issue with the JP store on PS3 10 minutes ago. It tells me that the store is currently undergoing maintenance (I'm not getting logged out).