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  1. Thanks a lot for this thread and all contributions! It's also possible to turbo the ranked matches in Arcana Heart 3 (not Love Max) in order to raise every character's RP (both level 10 for 1 character and level 3 for all characters work well). Losing account: remap Homing attack to X, play with Aino Heart (top left corner character) all the time or manually go through all characters for the other network mode trophies, the fighter will then jump close to your main account consistently without harming it. Winning account: remap Heavy attack to X, play with the characters you need the RP for. Feel free to use the custom ranked match option with "Area settings" set to "same region" in order to minimise the chance of meeting a random person. Rematching thankfully works without problems as you are turboing X for both accounts.
  2. @Copanele Thanks a lot for elaborating further, I'll put it this way: @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Ywas the person who got me interested in collecting URs in the first place due to him taking part in these events! Therefore I'm not "officially" participating here, but it's a real pleasure to see the progress of everyone and receive inspiration to try out a few games myself
  3. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I really like these threads as they provide amazing ideas regarding which games could be worth a closer look, but once again I don't want to post a list which I'll probably won't be able to complete
  4. I played the PS4- and PS5 - discs
  5. Due to the fact that I didn't want to create a new (unnecessary) thread I'll post here. It looks like your reputation can actually carry over between the EU- and NA- version. Having boosted +200 reputation before doing so with - 200 in the EU-version, I switched to the NA- version, created a new server and wanted to do the same again. Interestingly, I was still at - 200 reputation and needed only one additional kill to get "Villain" again. I grinded 400 positive reputation afterwards to get to +200 and earned "Paragon" once more. I'd recommend this approach because getting positive reputation was easier for me, I couldn't get the method mentioned over at TA to work (I never received more than 1 negative reputation per kill). Furthermore, positive reputation has no cooldown timer which is, from my point of view, an immense advantage. Edit: An automated way to kill 1.000 players (yourself) is to follow the weapon suggestion described over at TA and auto - fire R2, Triangle, Square and X while the right stick is pulled down with a hair tie or something along those lines. The only active part is to replenish ammo every now and then.
  6. Ok but still thanks a lot for dealing with my questions
  7. As opposed to the "more" button for easy games, the one for hard games would also lead to, but maybe an additional filter/category "ascending" could be applied. This would basically lead to display starting from this page -> in opposite order (as of today). The hard games currently displayed seem to have at least 5 owners in order to make sure that those aren't unreleased titles. The "least rewarding" games - button would display the games starting from this page in opposite order -> The "least rewarding" DLC - button would display the DLCs starting from this page in opposite order -> I hope that I was able to articulate my idea correctly and of course I am aware of the fact that implementing such "more" buttons would possibly also mean applying additional filters as I've stated above.
  8. Dear @HusKy, Being highly grateful for your continuous efforts, I wondered whether there is an additional function you could possibly implement. Two aspects I didn't understand about PSNProfiles yet are the missing "more" buttons for "hard games" and "least rewarding games" on this page -> Would you be able to add those buttons via your PSNP+ script? Please don't mind my request if this has already been discussed, I didn't scour through all the pages of the thread before asking Edit: The same question goes for the 'least rewarding" pieces of DLC here ->
  9. Thank you for mentioning me From what I've understood, the option to set up a new account or get in touch with the devs in general has been somewhat reinstated despite the fact that the devs now focus on VZFit (the successor which isn't compatible to PlayStation). Due to the aspect that I don't own the bike anymore I must admit that I'm not the foremost expert on this case, but I think that players can still earn trophies in this game. In case the question ever arises, an autopop for VirZoom should never be flagged due to the nature of the "bike remembering the miles". Please see as a reference, my dear friend @Infernofeuer1and me encountered an unprecedented issue.
  10. Yes exactly, the DLC trophy lists (partly) show up on your console but they don't sync to the servers because neither the AS nor the KR PS3 - version received server - side updates regarding the DLC - trophies.
  11. Thank you for creating this interesting topic! I'm aware of the fact that all hope in terms of PS3 games is lost, but I'd still like to chime in regarding the DLC-lists of The Evil Within 1 PS3 AS & KR. I posted about it a while ago:
  12. No you won't get flagged because it's an ingame cheat (you don't use any external software, altered files or anything).
  13. It works only with Supercar Challenge. But there's another Ferrari game in which you can utilise the same cheat, you'll find the required information here:
  14. Not a platinum, but I earned the trophy "Happy Birthday" in Tearaway ( on my birthday
  15. I don't intend to necrobump this thread but I've read a great tip regarding online rank A5 on trueachievements ( You and your partner can idle - boost the XP by just letting the Vita run and keeping your stick pushed to the right while charging the Vita all the time. This way, a match can take around two hours, but you do get the ~300 xp for each match (the person setting up the match always loses and gets a few less xp). You'll have to start a new match manually so a minimum of effort is required, but I guess that for some people this approach seems a little more adequate than boosting actively. The servers are quite stable, @Himmanoj11107and me had a reasonable number of disconnects until now (we are B-ranked already).