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  1. SteamWorld Dig • Reason: vita "smart" cfw editingTorqueL • Reason: vita "smart" CFW editingSquares • Reason: vita "smart" CFW editing Thats all i have about this 😰 When i use google, can t find any programm called "vita smart CFW editing"
  2. No, not any of this. English is not my native language, so maybe spell this wrong. Pretty sure maybe has other meaning, i mean, i m 100% sure. I never had any CFW vita. Not any of my accs was ever logged in at CFW vita. I only use the vita glitch to play games from other regions, like everyone do, which is legit. I still waiting for a reply of the cheater team, or anyone who know the flagging reason for this games. There need to be any reason why the games are flagged. Right now, i seen nothing wrong. Maybe someone who played this games can confirm this games are legit.
  3. I don t know if this is the flagging reason? There need to be any reason why to think i play on CFW. I m pretty sure my acc was never logged in at any CFW. For me locks like, someone reported me, and the cheater team flagged it, without looking over the games. All timestamps are fine. I seen no reason why to think its hacked, with savegames, cfw, henkaku or whatever.
  4. iHateTrophys SteamWorld Dig This dispute is against 3 games: Steam world dig Torquel Squares I checked the trophies for all 3 games, but can not find any trophy out of order or in impossible trophy order. Even all 3 games are not done to quick or like this. Since there is nothing listed why this games are flagged, just say its cheated with CFW, i don t understand the flagging. I messaged cheater team member to know why this games are flagged, but i not get any reply to my messages.
  5. Impossible to boost. Best strategie: Start monday morning very early. Do insane qualifiying time. Than you always have pole position. Now play all day long monday and tuesday. You should win 90%, because other players will not have experience. Wednesday-Sunday better not play. When you get better rating, use 2cent on your R2 Pedal, but not drive. Simply start race without driving. This races where you only crash into the wall count as finished too. With this strategie i only completed like 110 races myself, to get all 3 online trophies.
  6. Ah thanks, now i understand the point. I think they will add more events year by year until ps5 realese. I start this game soon than.
  7. It seems like they add step by step new events. There is no reason to expect they will stop to add more in 2020. Because of this fact, i m confused about project cars is listed as impossible platin due online trophies. Before i start with this game, can everyone let me know, is it possible to get platinum (if more community events are coming), or is there any other impossible online trophy?
  8. Cross save from vita to ps4 is glitched too. I done this game on my last Acc on ps4 and copied to vita. Get all wins. But in my new Acc after completing on vita, now 1 year later i started it on ps4, get no trophies 😭
  9. Agree with threadopener. Trophies are meaningless. Gaming is waste of time. Life give you so much more as sitting in front of your tv. I mostly got my vita with me, like now who i visit Thailand, but each time when i played on my ps4 i feeling like, i have wasted my time. Each time someone who is proud of getting xy number of plats, it shows he s a looser. If people proud of earning many trophies, you can be sure they have no familiy and no real goals in their job. Before i sold 2017 hundreds of Bitcoins and made millions of euros i was be proud of huge number of trophies. But sometimes in life, you need to get something better, to see how meaningless other things was.
  10. For me it were not working too. Seems like, as far i hear, it works sometimes, but sometimes not. Currious
  11. Can i boost this with 2 ps4s, or is matchmaking random?
  12. I will try to find a way how to complete this. There is mostly a way. First 3 times it crashed for me. Edit: its impossible to get 100%. Give it up 😪
  13. I have same issue. Exaxtky how the thread creater has written. I repair exactly 45 minutes, but get a penalty. If i repair 44 minutes i get no penalty, but no trophy too.
  14. Hardest Trophie by far. Take me 50 troes in 2 Days. This trophy killed me on last Acc too. The first 3 kills i had mostly in the beginning. But wasn t able to hit one of the later enemies.
  15. A rarity named "Legendary" should more given for a 0,1% rarity instead of 1%. Sounds great if you can say i have xy legendary trophys 😉