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  1. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Big Knocker Kill an enemy by knocking another enemy into them
  2. Well obviously it's EA. I just hope that one day that EA figures out that what people actually want. Never said not to update it to be more modern And fix the problems i was more referring to a RPG like game. All in all i just want a star wars game that's good and not full of micro transactions.
  3. Ding I was looking forward to a good single player star wars game looks like that won't be happening for a bit. I hope by " we needed to pivot the design " means we need to make it more like KotOR. Only can dream right?
  4. Shadow of war and south park the fractured but whoul
  5. I would love to see ICEY come to the vita it's such a good game.
  6. 1. Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Lilith - Borderlands 3. Tali - Mass Effect 4. GLaDOS - Portal 5. Triss - The Witcher
  7. Ive been slowly working on cuphead. As for ps games I just finished heavenly sword wanted to play it years ago but never got around to it.