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  1. Earn Them All! Earn every trophy.
  2. You can get into this without playing dead rising 3. It goes back to the first charecter and is treated more as a reboot than the 4th in a series.
  3. \ Hastur Earn all trophies
  4. They did Nazi that Coming Stealth kill 10 enemies in a row Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  5. Just paid off my pre order so excited! The "Mein Leben" one has me worried. Other than that the list doesn't seem too bad.
  6. The only ones that have me concerned is the zombies ones. Other than that it's a basic cod list.
  7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Big Knocker Kill an enemy by knocking another enemy into them
  8. Well obviously it's EA. I just hope that one day that EA figures out that what people actually want. Never said not to update it to be more modern And fix the problems i was more referring to a RPG like game. All in all i just want a star wars game that's good and not full of micro transactions.
  9. Ding I was looking forward to a good single player star wars game looks like that won't be happening for a bit. I hope by " we needed to pivot the design " means we need to make it more like KotOR. Only can dream right?
  10. Shadow of war and south park the fractured but whoul
  11. I would love to see ICEY come to the vita it's such a good game.
  12. 1. Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Lilith - Borderlands 3. Tali - Mass Effect 4. GLaDOS - Portal 5. Triss - The Witcher
  13. Ive been slowly working on cuphead. As for ps games I just finished heavenly sword wanted to play it years ago but never got around to it.