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  1. I got it helped to sit down for it
  2. I’ve started to stay away from games that will make mad (mostly multiplayer). If I start getting mad I will just walk away and do something else or play another game. When I was younger I used to throw things usually things that where not breakable knowing if I broke anything like a controller I would have to buy a new one myself.
  3. Picked up 3 to play again before the new one And Rick and Morty
  4. My problem is thier is times where I would flip a switch or move the fuse and it doesn’t register the movement.
  5. Really stretching the definition of unfinished game aren't you? A new game is going to have a few bugs but this game is no where near unfinished.
  6. NCAA: Syracuse MLB: New York Yankees NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
  7. Bayonetta 2
  8. French because I think its a beautiful language and is what i wanted to take in school (got forced into asl) or Japanese
  9. Ya this seams kinda counter productive sense they made the co-op a big deal me and my friend was planning on playing the game together this might stop us from doing that.
  10. first one watched: Dragon ball z First one watched all the episodes: Sword art online As for manga I just started and I'm reading one punch man.
  11. Earn Them All! Earn every trophy.
  12. You can get into this without playing dead rising 3. It goes back to the first charecter and is treated more as a reboot than the 4th in a series.