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  1. Psn: Regeraldo Systems: Ps4, getting a Ps3 Blank friend requests: No just let me know you are from here! ~ Really only looking to add people who want to B.S around and what not while we are gaming!
  2. Same with me mate feel free to drop a friend request my psn is the same, and we can bs around or something it's just better to talk with someone rather than sit in silence.
  3. I'm not much for 100% completion I just like getting platinums but the games I regret the most are... Driveclub ESO No man's sky And MkX Eventually I'll suck it up and try to get more done on them but for now they sit and torture me.
  4. Depends on if you want to get things done fast or not. If you want to just steam through the game get a BKH +5 with grass crest shieldand well that's pretty much gg from there, in DS1 halberds imo are the strongest weapon you can have. But if you're going for some out of the ordinary or just don't want to go down the bkh route you could stay with the claymore or bastard sword, katanas are also I fun weapon as is the great scythe, it ultimately comes down with how you want to experience the game that being easy mode or not. If you want the ultimate cheese get dark sorceries and those also plow through the game. Hope that helps mate!
  5. Hey there, you get them from the bird people in the painted world of Ariamis. Though you should know they are like farming the proofs in DS3 they are a rare drop and will take a while.