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  1. What do you mean? You cannot even use someone else safe file Don't be tough
  2. Yeah some trophies wouldn't pop... And some trophies for bf1 wouldn't pop for some reason..
  3. Because I platted the game to fast I got reported for the ps4 version of the evil within " It's not possible to plat this game in a short amount of time " that's what It says
  4. MisticFade The Evil Within Okay why am I being reported ?<br /> You can't cheat ps4 games so why am I being removed..<br /> ..
  5. hey how did you  get the gorod trophy, i thought it was unachievable?

  6. Hey your from Germany I'm from the Netherlands!

    You wanted to boost trophies on the game kongfupanda right

  7. Thank you !!
  8. hide the game?
  9. MisticFade Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hello i was just playing an online match of b02 and there was a modder who gave all trophies;(and now im banned
  10. are you online ? ps4 then search his profile there and scroll to the games he platted ye
  11. he used an auto pop banned
  12. TheRagingK not on the leaderboards smartass because they banned him or go to his ps4 profile on ps
  13. then how can people have the platinum for a ps4 game.THAT isnt even fully released??????
  14. .... if you dont believe me go to the leaderboards or google it there is a way to get ps4 trophies hacked you only need a laptop=/
  15. yes they will get banned =) i also have some friends that achieved the plat for the walking dead s4 but the game isnstill in development /missing episode's