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  1. I sent an invite to join the crew.
  2. Today was the first day to get it. The update was on last Tuesday. If people did one a day then today would be day 10.
  3. Looks like there will be 4 new trophies with the update coming out on 9/20. These are the names on steam: Garbage Day! Out Like a Light Best of Both Worlds Postmodern Abstractionism
  4. That's a bummer. I guess it's the misc. quests then. I have only been able to get 1 a day on those
  5. Yes as far as I know they are only in the pitt missions
  6. It's the "battlepass" gimmick for this game. If you go into your pause menu I believe there is the daily/weekly quests you can view. You can see what one's give score points to level up the scoreboard. You have to reach rank 15 to unlock to auto axe. Hope this helps. I think it's available on the ps+ extra tier.
  7. I would guess it would end sometime in December. But even then there no telling how much it will cost and would have to grind out the pitt missions to get enough currency to even buy it. You can pay atoms to level up the scoreboard to get the axe now if you have any extra or be willing to purchase them with money. This would be the quickest way to get the auto axe without grinding but at the expense of potentially using real money to get it.
  8. This is from the patch notes: During Season 10, the Auto Axe and Union Power Armor can only be earned by ranking up on the Scoreboard. Once Season 10 concludes, we plan to add them to Giuseppe’s inventory. That way players who miss them this Season will still be able to unlock them in the future using Stamps. I don't know if they can be found in the world or dropped by other players though.
  9. In addition to those daily quests to get the vertibird flying they just recommended you be at least level 50. From their website "While anyone can participate in an Expedition, we currently recommend reaching level 50+ for the best experience."
  10. Three new trophies added with the update. Look fairly easy. Complete what I assume are the story missions, kill 100 trogs with an auto axe, and complete 10 favors for whitespring residents.
  11. Is this for threepio or the deja vu trophy? But basically you could just lose 150 games and still get it? Does quitting get you any points or do you have to play the full game?
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply.
  13. So nothing difficulty related? You could get all the trophies by just grinding out games?
  14. Nukes said at one time he was done with trophy hunting. I never asked him why he stopped. I still see him online playing destiny 2 quite a bit.