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  1. MAG: That game represents so much nostalgia of a time that's gone with my cousin. It did so many things right.
  2. Put the bench on your shortcuts slider by holding L1 I think, then when out of the inventory screen use L1 to pull up the shortcut slider and place it.
  3. Yes, you need to buy the DLC lol.
  4. Prep: 1. Create a character for the Isle of Sepitah DLC in single-player mode. 2. Turn on admin mode by going to Settings>Server Settings>General click the "Make Me Admin" button. 3. Go into the admin panel set your level to 60, check the box labeled "God", and spawn the following items: 1 "Weapon Schematic (Great Axe of the Legion)" 1 "Improved Blacksmith's Bench" 1 "Weapon Handle" 5 "Hardened Steel Bar" 100 "Greater ????" (This will cause "The Silver Key" trophy to pop.) 200 "Eldarium" 1 of each sigil (Type "Sigil" into spawn item and go under "Other" tab) Memory and From Beyond: Go to your inventory and consume all the sigils we just spawned. The Shadow Out of Time: (Without admin mode I don't think this trophy is possible at the time of writing as the delving bench seems to be horribly bugged. Spawning the schematic was the only solution I came up with.) 1. Place your "Improved Blacksmith's Bench" and consume the "Weapon Schematic (Great Axe of the Legion)". 2. Place the "Weapon Handle" and about 100 "Eldarium" into the bench, then craft the "Great Axe of the Legion". The Outsider: (Yet another bugged trophy that's unobtainable without the help of admin mode at the time of writing.) 1. Equip that sweet great axe we made earlier. 2. In the admin panel spawn the following monster "SpiderOfLengSummon", then kill it. For the rest of the trophies, I'll be using this map as a point of reference: MAP 1 And this interactive map for those who need to zoom or see the names of locations: MAP 2 In the Vault: Admin teleport to any one of the many runic symbols found on either of the maps provided. (These symbols resemble the markings on the sigils we spawned earlier.) Beyond the Wall of Sleep, The Temple, and The Other Gods: ("Beyond the Wall of Sleep" requires that you're in the area that the leyshrines encircle while a maelstrom is active, much like how the sandstorms worked in the base game. Things will get darker and if you look up into the sky you'll see a large red swirling cloud.) 1. Teleport to any one of the leyshrines in the middle of the map circling the tower. (See MAP 2 for names of locations if needed and depending on which leyshrine you picked you may have enemies to contend with.) 2. Go inside the leyshrine and take the stairs up to a room with a tablet in the corner of a partitioned-off section in the center of the room near a lever. The tablet will teach you recipes. 3. Turn around and interact with the "Focus Altar Base" and place the "Hardened Steel Bars" inside. 4. Construct "Focus Altar of the Center", once it's built interact with "Focus Altar of the Center" and place all your "Greater ????" inside. 5. Wait until the altar has red glowing runes around it then pull the lever. The Haunter of the Dark: Admin teleport to the very center of the map labeled "The Tower" on MAP 2. The Gem in the Tower: Admin teleport to every location featured on MAP 1. (I left some notes on it because one location is undiscoverable at the time of writing but isn't required to find, and another location isn't shown on MAP 2 at all.) Anyways I hope this helps someone. There wasn't much information out there for the PS4 players and it appears we have certain bugs that PC players don't have. (The delving bench issue for example)
  5. OMG lol ive played that game it was amazing I can't believe I didn't think of that.
  6. Hint lol, I think you stumped us.
  7. Gears of War? Man erases his memories to escape guilt, instead loses his shit anytime he sits in the dark.
  8. I realize this is 2 years late for OP, so for future reference to other members this guide did help me get "Lemming Leader".
  9. Combine that with the exploit and it becomes a bad joke.
  10. Don't Bite Me Bro! has 7 ultra rares, I 100%ed in 6 hours. (It's a free game btw ) The game isn't hard it's just extremely glitchy and crashes easily, you will want to follow a guide that specifically does things in a way that avoids the game breaking glitches. Stranded Deep 9 ultra rares, took me a couple days of continuous play to 100%. It's only tough at first while your learning how to survive correctly without getting diarrhea, but after you get the swing of it, expect a snowball of monotony. Now 2 of the trophies are actually pretty difficult (bosses and putting animals on your raft), but the others are pretty much effortless. Just requires some time invested watching the in game timer pass with a small amount of maintenance and some exploring. Extreme Exorcism 10 ultras, personal 100% time 12 hours. It's one of those games that made ps plus, got played by tens of thousands of people that had no interest in completing it and was later forgotten. 2 trophies are actually challenging (complete all challenges and kill final boss with out losing a life), 1 other is an obnoxious why is this here grind (1,000 deaths), the remaining 7 can be grabbed at will with MINOR effort. Dead Cells 6 to grab here, took me a day and some change to 100%, it's a rogue-like, oh but those are tough right? Nah this one lets you use save states, you can save scum your way to victory if need be. Personally didn't have to save more than once per level change or a few times during bosses while using cursed sword. But the option is there for you to really abuse it if you have to. LocoRoco Remastered 11 ultra rares, 5 days of casual I hate this game trudging for my 100%, could probably do it in 1-2 if you're motivated and in good mental health lmao. So it's definitely not hard, but it's long, slow, and grindy in ways that are subliminal. 40 levels, each level must be played twice, once for collectibles, once for speed run. You'll be investing 10-15 minutes or so in each level and that's if you don't miss anything or get screwed on a bad hop near something dangerous (Never look away unless you've paused they start doing little hops on their own after a few seconds). But to be clear, it is NOT a hard game, just a frustratingly long and slow one. I recommend muting the god awful music, I started having nightmares after day 2.
  11. PS4 Pro BLODed on me. :( Not gonna get PS5 till they fix the bugs. I need PS3 recommendations to fill my time.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Mine didn't even do that. It just froze up and croaked. I bought another one since I didn't want to wait for PS5.

    2. Roster60


      Bioshock Trilogy;

      Mass Effect Trilogy;

      Heavy Rain;


      So far only those came into mind.

  12. Go to custom event set up the following: Track: Big Valley Speedway (Outer Oval Loop variant) Car: School Bus (If you haven't unlocked yet, use whatever your heaviest/strongest vehicle is) Event Options: Banger Race, 23 opponents, 60 laps, AI Vehicle = Lawnmower, Damage = Realistic Difficulty: Change the following to off, ABS, Traction, Stability, AI Difficulty = Expert Park your bus in one of the loop exits and let all the lawnmowers wreck themselves on you, count how many laps they do before they all are out. Now go complete that many laps +1 (to be safe) and then wreck yourself by slamming into a wall. You should finish first and get about 45k exp and almost 8k credits. If you just wreck yourself after they are out without making up the laps you only get 20k exp, and 2k credits. Length of track might increase values but I chose this one for ease of blocking and how quickly I can make up the laps after they're gone. If you want to farm faster you can just run the actual race with the bus and cut them off as they try to exit the loops smashing as many as possible, this keeps your make up laps relatively low and shaves a few minutes off of each farm run provided you do a good job picking them off. You'll also be farming wrecks for both the 100 wrecks trophy and the school bus wrecks trophy.
  13. So to add my experience to the pot: I built and used the gyrocopter. I had many boxes with compasses in my inventory. I looked at compasses attached to sunken ships. I never directly held a compass in my inventory, it was always in a box. I got the trophy no problem.
  14. Something I didn't know counted was the escape plane parts. So i just sat there going list from list sure I had crafted everything. Trophy popped after I made the plane parts.
  15. THANK YOU! That fixed it.