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  1. Absolutely, I was in a downright panic when I went to sync the trophies and that one wasn't unlocked lol. I hope it works out for you and you don't have to start your save data over, if you need to start fresh back your data up, and kill yourself 3 times in a fresh save state and it'll unlock the castlevania options again.
  2. I think it's how I got my Mr. Sparkles trophy as well so I'd give a strong maybe to it. Been a few years so I'm not 100% on it. I think you can also set the difficulty to easy for that trophy, and there's some secret health areas in the stages if you end up getting low.
  3. I didnt know there was going to be a final form so i save scummed the first boss just to panic when trophy didnt pop at end of first phase lol
  4. Killed death, did the no hit save scums, but the trophy Don't fear the Reaper for reaching the defiled necropolis for the first time never popped. Anyone else having this issue? (I did NOT have assist mode on so it's not that) I'll try again and see what happens Edit (solve): So if you immediately exit to main menu after reaching this biome (to make a backup save state for scum, take a break, etc) it will bug the trophy out. When you return the trophy will not pop and moving forward will only cause the death fight to start. I tried again from a much older save state from a year ago as I wasn't sure if it had already counted the whole "first" time on my up to date save state, trophy popped with no issues. SO make sure not to hastily exit after entering a biome for the first time.
  5. Rainbow drops are used to get Balan's costume, which allows you to basically fly to such a degree that you can break most of the game, here's how to get it rather early and effortlessly using a glitch. Check out the vid below. The distance that you can run to spawn more rainbow drops is actually even shorter than what the vid shows, you can relay back and forth from the checkpoint to the wall below the ledge he lands on (shown at 1:14 in the vid). (Make sure to physically tag the wall with your body just to be safe) Aim for about 80 rainbow drops before moving on. (80 is actually a few extra beyond what's needed but I grabbed them so I can get a spare costume if ever something happens) Once you've done that, check out this vid: When you get the two different sized tims with all necessary badges on them, make sure to save your game BEFORE you try to combine them. The rng for getting the king to spawn is not great. This way if it fails to produce a king you can quit to the main menu without saving, from there hit continue and try again until you get it. Good luck
  6. I've played 360 games so far, have another 120+ on my consoles right this second (8 tb external), there's about 300+ more I could download. I've only personally paid for maybe 10-15% of the games in my library. The savings are massive.
  7. The slow version when he begs you to stop fighting is pretty emotional too.
  8. Ohhhhhh that guy gotcha, the elixir ghost inside the whale (I know you can use other items, but the guide I used was really recommending elixirs for some reason), I missed him a few times too, had to soft reset because there was no way I was gonna let an elixir just go to waste . He would even move out of range on me sometimes mid click in the menus. Frustrating
  9. He uses death on a party member, use stop on the clock nearby (this last 30-60 seconds). The boss starts off invulnerable and if you watch him for a bit an orb appears at the bottom of his figure, this orb is the only way to harm him. Red = Use fire, Blue = use blizzard, Yellow = use lightning, and White = use physical attacks. Just do about 2-3 orb cycles at a time then go back and use stop on the clock, easy fight you'll get it if you haven't already, as I'm like a month late answering lol. ~Edit: I see you figured it out, congrats, just leaving this here for other people in the future..
  10. Nah doesn't effect trophies as far as disabling or glitching them out goes that I know of, but if you use them in tandem together you'll get more weapon trophies sooner and eliminate an entire 3rd playthrough. Online it is going to effect a few things, I played mostly offline unless it was for something specific to rank up a coven, as far as I saw I never had issues related to trophies, BUT, it will match you with other people around your soul level AND weapon level. This could drastically limit the number of games you find because typically people at extremely high soul lvls aren't going to have really low weapon lvls unless they too have glitched. (The weapon lvl matching is specific to DS Remastered, not original DS). You can get around this if you have a specific friend you want to play with by putting a password on the game so they can find you directly as password matching ignores ALL lvl restrictions.
  11. First match of Phil cup just spam thunder to kill out the first wave, immediately hit pause and restart after they die, you'll come back with full mp, rinse and repeat for a literal 36 exp (on beginner with exp necklace) every 15 secs, I was massively over leveled after doing this passively for about 4 hours. This spot is pretty awesome, anyone know of any better spots? I love the effortlessness to this, no refilling at save point, no leaving world to refresh spawn, preferably something just as cheesy. Just wondering as I think I may want to start over, I wanted to grab the secret ending trophy on this run as well and didn't realize you can't do that on beginner mode, so instead I think I'll restart and do my no equip change, no continue, speedster (with 100 hour trick) on final mix mode instead, just looking for a way to recap exp and lvls super fast if i decide to start over on final mix difficulty.
  12. you can do a souls glitch
  13. LOL, that trophy is going to gate keep 100% completion for quite awhile, if the deep dungeon is anything like HoH or PotD .....ultra rare for life. If it's cheese then no worries.
  14. Went into this for an easy platinum.....the last trophies unlock 75% through game but I couldn't bare to leave the story at that so I continued on through to the last 25% of the game where the big reveals happen. I gotta say this is probably one of the best Ratalka Games I've ever played, it's got real subject matter in this one. Most of their games have fallen into a meh category for me like 5-6/10 or so this was a solid 8/10 no hesitation at all and that OST, just amazing. It's currently $0.79 as of writing this which is an absolute steal.
  15. If you missed this trophy while going after the 2nd flag, you can just reload checkpoint before shooting Putzki (outside of the robot), reloading checkpoint here will allow you to redo the boss fight allowing you a second chance at grabbing the trophy without redoing the entire level.