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  1. I think you could just set your weight to highest setting and your calories should skyrocket. In theory anyways, realistically large amounts of movement on a big frame = more calories, but I don't know if they've set it to a default rate regardless of weight.
  2. Peace of mind that G+ glitch works directly after beating it on easy: DO NOT SKIP CREDITS
  3. I don't believe they are talking about the remastered version on PS4 rather the PS3 version with Survivor popping on first playthrough, although I see you have both version's platinums kinda just floating by themselves. Olli Olli 2 - The biggest problem is that your pop pattern is pretty much identical to what a save file will do. More info on this bug? Have you found others through searching that have experienced the same thing?
  4. 17th fastest on Last of Us Remastered, I think it gave me carpel tunnel in my right thumb though, from my mid knuckle to the tip of my finger it's all kind of numb, been that way for about a day and a half now.

    1. DamagingRob


      Was it worth it? :P And damn, 100% completion, too? Nice.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Asmund89


      Idk yet, once the numbness goes away sure, if it's a permanent disfigurement I don't think so :D . Yah I keep my profile 100%, when I first started it I was fine doing harder games to an extent but as the number has grown I noticed I've been shying away from them. So, lately I've been aiming to tackle a few that I had pretty much given up on for fear of ruining my 100% profile, originally the mp had turned me off for Last of Us, but everyone kept saying the mp was cake so I dove in.

  5. You'll be fine, I see you put in the prep work on easy first, so when you new game+ you should be okie doke. Watch a speed runner do it on youtube, they will show you strats you would of never thought would work, from rushing an area causing things to de-spawn, to plotting out kill locations so you can control where the reinforcements spawn for a nice molatov in a clustered group. They have figured out how to manipulate not just the AI of the enemies but the game engine itself.
  6. Oh thank god, mine was the firefly bug at university I was so terrified when it didn't pop at the end of the bus place. Now, to just go back and grab Marlene's Journal #2 because someone thought it would be a good idea to put an artifact right before the big climax of the story.
  7. That always felt like padding to me so I just acknowledge the one that's the rarer of the ones available. When I see a high trophy profile with mostly unique games and not a slew of copies I tend to be more impressed anyways. Also guys he said "for trophies" so how do you justify buying a game multiple times JUST for trophies?
  8. You're gonna love it man. The notion that someone sat down and thought up what would happen if a vicious serial killer went head to head against a special ops secret service agent, those crazy Koreans, gotta love em.
  9. Ty very much lol, so it's gonna be a whitelist function then, very cool
  10. Unflagged and allowed to display the trophies? Or unflagged and told to hide the trophies? Wouldn't that allow hackers in the future to modify timestamps or pop in said order to replicate such an incident as a way to feign innocence and bypass being flagged? Just curious about what happened in the past, I tried to search it but there are a lot of flags for GTA 5 lol 272 is just a very discouraging results to dig through
  11. You cannot rejoin the leader boards with those trophies displayed.
  12. DAMN, every time I think of something it's already on the list. I'm a huge martial arts fan so for you to have such a filled list color me impressed. I went through MJW, Scott Adkins, Anything Panna Rittikrai has ever touched, AND YOU STILL HAVE SEEN IT ..... So, I'm going to do something unexpected I'm going to give you a psychological thriller with some elements of martial arts mixed in: I Saw the Devil and another: Oldboy This one wasn't amazing but it had some good moments and it has Marko Zaror from Undisputed 3: Redeemer
  13. That's
  14. I love how in other answers for that gamefaqs link the guy asks if they messed with their save file. That link doesn't really help you out though man, that guy had an issue after clearing Phalanx, you have an issue of not clearing Phalanx as your first boss. You cannot fight anyone BUT Phalanx as your first boss unless you loaded up a save file. Also, that video just shows a guy fighting Phalanx sure that quality and jittering is enough to induce a seizure but all it's showing is him attempting to fight Phalanx, you need to find something showing a Phalanx boss skip on PS3. Hell if you could find one on PC and someone tried to replicate it on PS3 successfully that could work to....But Phalanx isn't exactly something people would try to skip. If you could indeed provide a video of you clicking start new game (you must show that you chose start new game NOT new game plus etc etc), then playing through and somehow skipping phalanx that would add weight to your argument provided there were no cuts in the video. But that's IMO, regardless you still have to satisfy any questions from the CRT (Cheater Removal Team). ~Edit: 2,101 hidden trophies, that's impressive man, a little spring cleaning goes a long way, remember you get 3 strikes and your out when it comes to the leaderbords.
  15. Buying premium is not a get out of jail free card. It's great that you support the site but you can't skip Phalanx. Hide any other cheated games while you can, less we look for more.