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  1. I'm gonna be honest with you...if you care about leaderboards delete your account. Otherwise keep doing you man.
  2. Bugs I experienced: 1. Trophies not popping 2. Survivor quest requirements bugging out 3. House Upgrade bugging (preventing you from making upgrades) 4. INSTANT GAME OVER for absolutely no reason at all when loading a saved game (getting a game over deletes your save data for that slot). 5. In dungeons you must kill all monsters on current screen to progress, but if a monster bugs through the barrier or wall you won't be able to kill it, so you might think oh damn guess i have to reload etc. WRONG when you reload save data under these circumstances you risk a game over upon loading back in, (see number 4 for how that can go), instead close app completely and load back in, hopefully it won't result in a game over. 6. This one was funny but ended in a game over, when driving the truck at high speeds, if you hit a wall you can clip through the map and go flying into an abyss. (This only happened once)
  3. Any point of the game, My build as I recall it: Priority weapons: Barbs of Scorn, Chains of Scorn, Mallet of Scorn. Priority enhancements by order of balance: Leviathan into barbs, Juggernaut into mallet, Shade into chains, Azazel into whatever you want we just want the passive bonus, Rage same as Azazel but put it on whatever you wanna build rage with. Stock up on consumables, that's really all I remember doing, nothing even began to challenge me in there. Darksiders 2 crucible was tougher.
  4. I played Crucible on Balanced (Normal) and it was pretty much cake, I was around lvl 75-80. You can use the glitch just don't go crazy with it, if you start approaching 150 range you will indeed get punted or throat punched whichever terminology for owned you prefer LOL. You can use the glitch on consumables just look at an item pickup guide like the one posted above and time the pickup with your glitch load in. You can hold off on going after lvl 100 trophy until after crucible is done if you're worried about it, but at lvl 100 I wasn't having a hard time. No it wasn't until about 140 I was like wow I am getting hit SO HARD, so I pushed further thinking surely there is a cap to scaling and no, I forget how high I went but I walked outside and I'm pretty sure a mosquito gave me malaria or something because I didn't even get a chance to see how I died, just that something had hit me and I was dead.
  5. Trophies are narcissistic by nature to begin with, why do people use steroids in professional sports? Same concept, a person who cheats trophies is typically trying to brag rank or position rather than the actual trophy itself. Yah but who doesn't enjoy a good firm gripped e-peen massage? HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SPREAD YOUR PROPAGANDA HERE, BACK SATAN! BACK I SAY!!!!
  6. It's double-edged, there has also been times where someone did use save files or trophy editing but because enough of the community rallied behind them the CRT was practically strong armed into lifting the flag only to later find several more blatantly cheated games that all but silenced the supporters. You have a point though it is better to let a guilty man go free than condemn an innocent, in my opinion.
  7. I've officially seen it all, 835 games played, and a word search with 50% completion rate is the one to come back dirty. So, the platinum is your 3rd trophy to pop. That is astounding.
  8. FF15 in its entirety.
  9. Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Was probably made by a team of bath salt enthusiasts. Supposedly was made by one guy in his spare time but still, it's just bad! Dark Mystery Textbook studio trash where a developer slaps together something as fast as possible just to make a quick buck. Kitten Squad PETA's answer to animal abuse? A pissed off cat with a gun. The Rabbit Hole This could've been great but yet again suffers from a short sighted profit grab, hastily made, lacks any depth. Nekopara Vol. 1 Maybe I lack the culture to appreciate this, but it was my first interaction into the world of cat cafes. Hated it, mildly creepy with a hint of pedophilia/incest to top it all off. What the hell right....I didn't even bother playing Vol. 2, call me crazy but I'm not really into the cat thing or the pre-teen looking sister romance. Might try again in the future just for competition sake but would of rather not started the series.
  10. Extremely easy to do, follow this guide: Tells you when to grind, where to grind, what to grind. Explains numerous bugs such as item bug duping. If you re-patch back to 1.0 you can grind 5x faster than the 1.2 method. The 1.2 item bug works well enough to farm treasures for gil as well though if you don't want to do that, either way you can then buy light packages. Which made the 999,999kw trophy a cake walk. He also provides you with builds that cheese the game as you go, making difficult fights last 30 seconds to a minute sometimes (not all but some of the "hard" ones). Basically, he helps you break the game, but to be fair this thing was a grindy mess at its core, the guide helps you minimizes the grind to the extreme. In the guide he states he beat Comrades in something like 13 hours while grabbing all the trophies. Took me 2 days of non-stop play with very little sleep but to be fair I didn't have the guide at first and was doing a painful grind for many hours beyond what it would have actually taken me if I had found this sooner.
  11. I don't really like it, pretty repetitive and tedious once you get past the opening thrills. 120 Assignments, meh. I enjoyed Payback for the customization, wraps and vinyls, I spent hours designing stuff. But, I think I liked 70% of the music really, only a few I didn't like. The ones that stood out for me were: Bangs - Brick + Mortar (Generally pleasing when it came on, "Locked in a cage" is good to, but I like this more) and Minerals - Congorock (It was playing during a clutch moment in a hard race that I barely won, I gravitated towards it after that, it's got that mob kinda beat where you feel compelled to do something ballsy at 250mph, BUGATTI !!!!.)
  12. 90% off as of 3/14/20, $1.99
  13. You didn't do anything wrong. It's as Kraven stated, you found his stamps possible through legitimate methods. Good eye on that. Yes, he probably didn't use that method, but to be fair he played that game 10 years ago, I highly doubt we were gonna get any form of an accurate account of what did or didn't go wrong.
  14. So, yah basically the title. If I got SA on a level then replay it to grab guns etc. Will that void out my SA rating towards the 5 SA trophy?
  15. Just played through, wanted to add my own tip instead of starting new thread. Another strategy is to just equip a bulletproof vest consumable, fill your gauge till about the turret rank (but don't use it). Then rush him, throw a healing beacon down and melee the crap outta him, any time he summons kill the ones directly near you then quickly get back on him, throw another beacon down as needed. Pretty much just keep beating him to death with your fist and you'll down him by the time you've used 3-4 beacons no sweat. If he runs away or somehow gets away from your mugging just follow him, the bulletproof vest mitigates a ton of damage. Beat him on my first try. Hot difficulty is cake if you've played Brutal Uncharted games, you can use corner aiming cheese just like in Uncharted (where they can't shoot you because of the obstacle but as long as your aiming reticle is on them you'll still hit them regardless of said obstacle 😆)