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  1. THIS. About to take the WR then "nahhhh, you keep it, I wanna play Surgeon Simulator". Of course it's possible, but it defies all reasoning of someone who has taken other WR's (for example he has the fastest time for Super Meat Boy I believe) I'm not saying you're guilty, I see the other difficult games you've done and I get it. I'm just saying you broke the damn mold with that one and I understand why it raises questions. Your accolades are impressive, it just hurts my soul that you pumped the brakes at the finish line of TF. But as they say, "I don't pay your sub".
  2. I don't think it would be a problem. But to be honest I never tried it. In theory I don't see anything wrong with that method though.
  3. Well damn, there goes my fastest 100% for this game once it releases. The golf achievements look extremely easy if they carry over the pc ones to console though.
  4. Do you plan on hiding The Last of Us from your profile? If not I wouldn't even worry about the rest of the dispute. You don't come back on to the leaderboards unless you hide all flagged games. So VR Worlds and Last of Us are guaranteed flags at this point, if you don't care about the leaderboards just accept the flags, you'll still be allowed to use this site. GoW explanation in my opinion was fine, you can beat the fire Valkyrie then leave without beating the Trials. If there is no other issues, I don't at the moment see a problem with GoW.
  5. Thank you for your honesty. You wouldn't believe how often people try to give the run around on that. I updated my post from above to reflect the others. Just keep in mind your goal is to replicate the trophy unlock pattern in the video for GT, no edits, no cuts, etc. (You get the picture).
  6. Last of US: How did you do this? You unlocked it all in one playthrough including grounded mode plus. Gran Turismo: (which I'm not familiar with) simply replicating the trophy unlock pattern will not suffice, you'll need to record it. This might be explainable by others who have played. I have not. God of War: This is the Valkyrie in the Trials of Muspelheim (see below). The person who reported you saw that you beat the Nine Valkyries BEFORE finishing Trials of Muspelheim. I think I know what happened there, but your answer was kind of odd. So I'll refrain from answering for you (It tends to have mixed reactions from the community). You should have no problem potentially explaining this one though.
  7. This was always a fun one for me ^, extremely long to 100%
  8. Code 8, it was amazing for a low budget superpowers movie, I love the world they've created and I hope they make a sequel.
  9. Amnesia: the lighting is so dim in the cellar and dungeon areas that not only are you afraid to take steps, but you're also afraid to turn on lights to regain sanity, for fear of what it will attract. The water area with the invisible things that chase you, the only notification that they are there is splashing water getting closer an closer as you try to parkour between boxes. The game just works because it puts you in positions where you aren't ready to take another step, but you MUST because if you don't your sanity meter will just continue to deplete. That and it's one of the few games that punishes you for looking at the monsters on screen, so now you have to know where they are without actually looking at them for to long or yet again your sanity drops. RE7 VR: I use it as a form of entertainment on my family and friends during get togethers, something fun we always do is strap someone new in to this game and just let them go with minimal instruction. Some examples as follow (keep in mind none of them played non vr version, and none of them were warned of upcoming scares or even how to play): My mom was so terrified she never got past the found footage at the beginning, my step-dad beat the bathroom boss fight with a pocket knife ๐Ÿ˜„ (that was one serious fight, but he dug deep and got the W), wife took it off after Mia said HI! in the hallway, my 10 year old nephew took 20 minutes to get past the tutorial because "red letters are scary" ultimately he couldn't summon the courage to enter the house at the start of the game, and my brother probably did the best but decided he had enough after meeting granny in a hallway, he avoided her hall for an hour opting to explore other areas until he realized he had to go that way, but every time he got close to her he could hear her wheezing in his earpiece and he'd back away.
  10. Ascend, then when you're approaching 900 (like 895ish) allow auto-save then exit app. Re-open but do not use any time skip glitches etc, complete 900 normally and it should pop. That's what fixed it for me.
  11. So after having trophies bug two different times, relic hunter, and 50,000 clicks. I think all you have to do is restart app. Each time this happened to me a simple restart seemed to fix it immediately upon reload.
  12. In terms of 100% the only real wild card is co-op. If you play the game enough or are just inherently good at side scroll games, then Single Dragon isn't really all that hard. Just stick with it and upgrade the tapes you find yourself using the most, your counter timing and range finding will get better and better no matter what so as long as you just keep playing (I see you platinumed Furi, so you're definitely someone who understands the previous sentence LOL). Double Dragon will either be even easier than single player or twice as hard depending on what's available to you. Some people say they did it solo using 2 controllers which I can only imagine being a truly frustrating experience. But, if you are lucky to have someone available that can pick up the second controller and help, then it'll be cake because of the extra mp a second player adds to the pot (especially if you've maxed your tapes by that point). I guess Pick a Winner! was also kind of a dick trophy, only because you have to grab it during specific sections then hold onto it until you get to the desired enemy (which includes bosses). If you miss it's pretty heartbreaking because you have to replay the entire section just to try again. With that in mind, Mecha Biker gave me the most trouble, you have to fight through an airlock sequence while keeping control of the pick, because if you drop it, it gets sucked out into space. Then when you fight him his attacks are basically just dashing across the screen and you have to time your throw perfectly or else it doesn't even register the hit on him.
  13. Hmm I'd like to watch other profiles you review for now, maybe in the future though. I like the idea, it could definitely gain traction with the community.
  14. 0_o masochist, absolute self destructing masochist that will not be stopped by a challenge. You scary bro... @eunchanity: Of course ๐Ÿ˜€, just waiting to make sure they don't sneak in any dlc, if they do that ill wait for a goty version or something. I have Type-0 and Monsters of the deep vr ff15 fishing ready to go though.