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  1. Guess that's a good option too, again thanks.
  2. Kind of had a similar thought that maybe if I took maybe even a month or 2 break maybe it will kill the addiction off a bit. It worked once or twice in the past for me but always comes back although it kills it for at least a bit, thanks for the thought
  3. Sadly not a whole lot without going through the entire thing I acquired a severe brain injury back in September 2013. Pretty much fully recovered from that (besides short term memory and being in better shape than before) I was in College last year until I had a relapse which I've also recovered from awhile ago. Only things I have that I really do at the moment is pretty isolated I won't lie, playing games, watching anime, reading and outings is pretty much my whole life for awhile now (and going to a Con that last 3 years at the end of May) I however do have plans to go back to College soon and do a course I'm pretty interested in and possibly some volunteering soon. Sorry that I put so much down again and thank you for your reply and I really do strongly agree once I can finally get going again.
  4. Hopefully this spot's alright to post this, this is mostly just to ask if maybe anyone else have been in the same place as I am currently am at (again). I know we're on a site that keeps track of our in game accomplishments but I have once again fallen into a spot that anytime I play a game it's always in the back of my mind screaming to grab trophies. It's at a point now that I'm not really having fun gaming now, I have turned off notifications on both my PS3 and Vita and taken some time off to maybe burn the fagituge out. I was wondering if maybe anyone else who has been in the same place that I have maybe have some other idea's or suggestions to get myself back to where I can enjoy a game without it knawing in my mind. Any help would be appreciated, hopefully I haven't made this to confusing either my mind gets quite a bit jumbled when typing stuff out especially. Thank you.
  5. Started chapter 1 of volume 5 of Goblin Slayer (Light Novel) which I got to continue soon.
  6. For myself been rewatching Shakugan No Shana haven't watched it in about 3 years (watched it 7 times before) forgot how good it is so went back onto my favourites. Also sorry for not doing the hide content thing no idea how to do that.
  7. Honestly I decided to come on here after a few months or so just to see if their was a thread related to this. I was thinking the same thing and wanted to ask as well. I used to really enjoy starting up a game grinding to get me some trophies but now alot of the time it feels like a hassle. I'm more or less tempted these times mostly since I went from a 75%+ completion rating but now under 55% most times I dont even enjoy the games as much since it's in the back of my mind it's my main focus of playing. So I decided to disable notifications on them but the itch is still there alot of the time. I even now have alot of games I have that I want to play but am hesitant mostly because I dont want my percentage to go any lower than it already is. Sorry that this is so long winded and hopefully is still relatable response for the thread.
  8. Okay so I've been recently hard grinding in torb to pay off the debt (80 or so hrs later) oweing 100 gald but cant pay it back. Is there another time I get to or did I just waste almost a 100hrs of life for nothing.
  9. New grabs from the event's (only one that I can recall not taking a pic for is Kaga which I got). Yesterday Today
  10. New ones Yesterday Today
  11. Got this either yesterday or day before, can't remember.
  12. My last updates Dec 27th Dec 28th (did this one just cause the number of Tokens) And today (Dec 31st)
  13. Got two more new units yesterday Got Agato finally first build yesterday. and one more from the event while earning points (didn't know I was missing her lol).
  14. Got two more in the last 2 days. Yesterday Today
  15. Tuesday: Today: Just need to get Deutschland so I can use the new skin.