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  1. Okay so I've been recently hard grinding in torb to pay off the debt (80 or so hrs later) oweing 100 gald but cant pay it back. Is there another time I get to or did I just waste almost a 100hrs of life for nothing.
  2. New grabs from the event's (only one that I can recall not taking a pic for is Kaga which I got). Yesterday Today
  3. New ones Yesterday Today
  4. Got this either yesterday or day before, can't remember.
  5. My last updates Dec 27th Dec 28th (did this one just cause the number of Tokens) And today (Dec 31st)
  6. Got two more new units yesterday Got Agato finally first build yesterday. and one more from the event while earning points (didn't know I was missing her lol).
  7. Got two more in the last 2 days. Yesterday Today
  8. Tuesday: Today: Just need to get Deutschland so I can use the new skin.
  9. Got these recently Saturday Today which I accidentally did the event builds instead of the singles while finishing the weekly builds and got them all in one. and this one while working on the event. and my progress on the missions so far.
  10. Yeah saving my event currency and buying then out right away. And yeah, thanks for the help.
  11. Here's my update even though I should've did it early than now. Dec 7th Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Yesterday Haven't gotten lucky with builds and low on cubes again, I think I might not bother and keep rebuilding my cube reserves.
  12. Yeah was just talking to someone on the sever I was on and they said the same thing. And yeah just battle stuff won't work. So I think I'm just going to reinstall it I have it linked to both my twitter and facebook.
  13. Got a few new things which I'll update later since I'm on my phone. But have to ask has anyone else been having problems with trying to play the event? I've tried accessing battles all day but anytime I try to it just keeps loading with nothing loading which I will admit I'm kind of mad at since I cant even do any of my daily's.
  14. My newest updates 1 new ship and Enterprise is my first level 100
  15. Got some new stuff sadly though no luck with Black Heart in the end, sadly not to be I guess. Once again all in order of the days and times I got them. Sunday Yesterday (Tuesday) First time Retro fitting any characters and got 3 or them done. And finally today, about an hour ago.