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  1. june 2021 still unplayable on ps5.
  2. Ok, just finished it. Started yesterday and finished just now. It took me 5-6 hours and it's not that hard. I felt pain in my hands after every session of playing but it's really not that difficult as some people describe. Just try it guys. You can make so much mistakes, in comparision with cod modern warfare speedruns it's a piece of cake.
  3. ''Twister'' and yeah that's a difficult one
  4. Uhm yes only with one
  5. Just read this post
  6. Buying skins does not make survival easier, so just stop playing survival after you beat 10 bosses
  7. I see u got problem with every trophy and every trophy suck for you
  8. yeah, there is no need to grind scrap in specific place. You will get this trophy during looking for armors and bosses. Just max scavenger trait like XXIIIII said. You can also sell iron in Ward 13 and buy it again. Keep doing this and you can boost like that
  9. I found effective method too
  10. Is there any way to do both: beat her AND get armor from her?
  11. Yeah, finally found her in 6th attempt
  12. Actually re-rolled a Corsus in adventure mode 3 times and still no Iskal Queen. Any methods?
  13. How could some of you guys not have any friends to play with I can't imagine playing solo games only. It's all about balance. Just try it
  14. What's wrong with that one unearned trophy?
  15. 4/5 hours of trying and finally got it. Just dash 3 cars during ult, it's not that hard but you need to be very lucky and got some skill