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  1. For me it works only for ultimate useless edition For other ones I got only 10% discount. I'm EA Play member (joined to get 10hrs trial fifa21).
  2. Guys, trust me or not I won today 3 episodes in a row on my second account. Imagine my face getting this trophy there Luckily got eliminated in 4th run ;D
  3. If you set up your console at primary for account with PS+ you can play online in all accounts
  4. Why don't u use other account
  5. Come on, it's online game. Almost non of online games use local saves for stats and progression. Everything is in web
  6. hahaha YES, you were totally right xdd
  7. Game has huge potential but yeah, it is trash. Especially when one team got closer to the point than other team. Some games just have to be finished 2:3 or 3:2...
  8. NOPE, We are playing with pc players. I did some research. First of all, you cannot do nickname with space on PSN. Secondly i tried to find these players on my xbox - 0 results. It is not possible to play so good on Switch so you got an answers. Crossplay option somehow can't be switched off on ps4 and yeah, PC got huge advantage because autoaim does not work well in Rogue Company 42 hours and 86 wins
  9. Played almost every CoD, Battlefield game and of course much more multiplayer stuff. Usually got K/D between 1.50-2.50. Definitely better than the average level of players but here comes ROGUE COMPANY... I'm playing this game for 15 hours and got only 26 wins. It's becoming so frustrated every time I lose a game. I do not know why, but they are so many ridiculously good players in this game. Of course there is a crossplay and a lot people use mouses and keyboards but I'm still impressed at the average skill level at this game. My 100 wins will take hardly 50 hours If I'm lucky. You can share your impressions here and I just want to check If I'm alone with my thoughts.
  10. What do you think about platinum ? It's gonna be my first F1 game so I'm little bit afraid.
  11. Guys, you don't have to go to the spawn of any team. Just check middle of the map There are 2 devices in this round place. Just place emiter between them and luckily you can even get 3 stunes per emition Easily did 500 stunes in 40 minutes
  12. I only play as a attacker in volta. After story I maxed out volleys, headers, positioning and shot power. Now It seems I need to do crosses and curve and a trophy will pop. Anyone got idea how to do it in the fastest way ? I'm playing in Rio and 5 whole tournaments gave me less than half bar. It is soooo slow
  13. diff 3/10 time 3-4 hours It is possible to do in one playthrough but pay attention to collectibles and don't use med kits. Do a lot of manual saves. You can die but not use your d-pad Kill first three nossalises melee, than you can die to not waste your hp. The trophy still will be yours. Finally do the hidden trophy (it is not huge spoiler but it can be for some of you guys) If you mess up with collectibles, there is not chapter select (whole dlc is just another chapter like in base game) so you may need another partial playthrough like me.
  14. There is one trophy that seems to cause some troubles. You cannot use med kit through whole dlc when playing on normal or higher difficulty. I wonder IF you can just die over and over again instead of using med kit whe you are about to die (can someone tell me if my english is good enough to call myself as knowing english xDD)
  15. Uber will be max difficulty in the beggining. They confirmed it No difficulty trophy it's siiick. Sounds like an Easy 4/10 and 20-30hrs to platinum. YES !