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  1. diff 3/10 time 3-4 hours It is possible to do in one playthrough but pay attention to collectibles and don't use med kits. Do a lot of manual saves. You can die but not use your d-pad Kill first three nossalises melee, than you can die to not waste your hp. The trophy still will be yours. Finally do the hidden trophy (it is not huge spoiler but it can be for some of you guys) If you mess up with collectibles, there is not chapter select (whole dlc is just another chapter like in base game) so you may need another partial playthrough like me.
  2. There is one trophy that seems to cause some troubles. You cannot use med kit through whole dlc when playing on normal or higher difficulty. I wonder IF you can just die over and over again instead of using med kit whe you are about to die (can someone tell me if my english is good enough to call myself as knowing english xDD)
  3. Uber will be max difficulty in the beggining. They confirmed it No difficulty trophy it's siiick. Sounds like an Easy 4/10 and 20-30hrs to platinum. YES !
  4. they are not needed
  5. Will the trophy pop if I did all missions in coop mode and prologue solo ?
  6. happened to me too. One time in 3hrs