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  1. Good lord, not even a year passed and they made a fourth one..
  2. I said it when part 3 came out, and I’ll say it again. Who the hell asked for this!? And how was there enough demand to make THREE sequels? Lol
  3. Man, not even this game was safe from a messy launch.. Is there any way to boost the online? Looks like it already died.
  4. Nice deal, even if everyone has got it from Plus already.
  5. Honestly it doesn’t look that bad. Kind of reminds me of Titan Souls and Diablo a little bit.
  6. It’s super simple. Just trophies I’m proud of.
  7. It looks hard, to be honest, especially those challenge runs and speedruns. Who knows how hard Supreme Master difficulty is.
  8. “Complete all 47 trophies” hahaha nice.
  9. I guess it would be Cuphead. It has everything I’m looking for in a game: fun, addictive gameplay, good platforming, epic boss fights, amazing graphics/art, replayable even after the platinum (a barrier almost no games can pass for me), and a very cute story to keep it all strung along. This is a game I can return to at any time and beat it in a sitting. My n2 candidate is Persona 5 Royal, in which I absolutely adore almost everything. Anime style story, heavy focus on character development, etc. Unfortunately the one thing I don’t like is the turn based combat, so it unfortunately falls just a bit short in winning me over in every aspect.
  10. #304 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood One from quite deep in the backlog. This is actually a great shooter, I had lots of fun with it back in 2016. The plat is mostly really easy, just watch a collectible guide as you go, and grind your perks. So the reason for my backlogging this are the challenges, of course. They are quite annoying, but to be fair, I never really bothered to give them a good try. Recently I finished my first playthrough of The New Colossus, so I was motivated to finish this. Did them all in mostly just a day. Definitely recommend this one. A super polished shooter with an easy-ish platinum. Difficulty: 5/10 Fun: 6-7/10 Time: 15 hours
  11. Obviously the PS5, is this even a question? You get to play all your PS4 games with improved graphics and performance, and brand new next-gen games too.
  12. People who send death threats over a video game are pathetic losers.
  13. K-On, a man of culture I see.
  14. Nice profile pic. I love Kaguya Sama Love is War
  15. hey guys, happy new year. Do the trophies unlock for both players in this game?