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  2. Trash 21 bronze list, damn. Is it really that hard to include a plat at that point?
  3. Yeah, it’s honestly stupid. They complain about every single thing, like the world revolves around them. They’re sad honestly
  4. That’s so stupid! It’s literally free content, why would you want them to charge for it? Developers don’t care about trophy hunters, except a select few. People still don’t get this?
  5. Resident Evil series is in wrong order currently. First stage should be Resident Evil 0, second RE1, third RE2, and the 4th RE3. Re2 and 3 being at the bottom makes no sense.
  6. I’ve never played Yakuza, but after reading these minigame threads, it might stay that way
  7. “Little Hope” is exactly what I have towards this game.
  8. I’m happy to say that for whatever reason, the DLC I bought on my main account did work on the UK Resident Evil 2. Thanks for everyone’s input. Probably it worked because both are EU. One thing to note, I bought it from the in-game store which even had a banner saying “Resident Evil 2 Remake EU”
  9. Hey guys. So I wanted to buy a piece of DLC for Resident Evil 2, but the game itself is on my friends UK account. My question is, if I buy the DLC on my Hungarian account (a European country) will I be able to play the dlc? I think so, since both are EU accounts. (I have tried playing Fallout 4 DLC from a NA account on my EU copy and it didn’t work) I want to confirm before I actually buy it.
  10. No platinum, and lazy trophy art. Meh
  11. I’m just glad I got it done ages ago.
  12. It’s clear that you’re a Sonic fan
  13. very sad about this😭😭
  14. This definitely makes me way more excited for PS5. I can sell my PS4 and play all my games right there in the new system
  15. I can appreciate 60fps on base PS4, it was really bad with 30