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  1. Yeah, Driver San Francisco (2011) was like the last good racing game.
  2. Sony’s marketplace is slowly, but surely catching up to the cesspool that is the Nintendo eShop.
  3. I'm kinda seeing these digital collectibles as a new dimension of trophy hunting. If you think about it, trophies are already digital collectibles, but having small 3D models of game characters/objects that we can earn and actually display on our profiles, is going to be really refreshing and fun.
  4. does anyone else not want to bother with trophy hunting anymore? Visiting the site and seeing this garbage filling up the new games section time after time is depressing. Feels like our hobby is being invaded and exploited. And people keep falling for it. Yeah, that’s you, the person who buys these games and supports this terrible practice. you are the problem.
  5. This leak shit never fails to baffle me. Someone breached Rockstar’s databases, before the game was deemed ready for showing off, and stole footage and code, and for what? Just to see some unfinished gameplay? The game is going to come out anyway, people who leak this stuff are exactly same as those spoiled kids who want to try to open their Christmas present early. Have some damn patience.
  6. These publishers can fuck right off with these deadlines.
  7. Can the save at least be transferred? Edit: yes it can
  8. Utterly “meh” news. The game wasn’t worth a cent to begin with, so this is not surprising.
  9. First Marvel’s Avengers, now this… when will companies learn that games as a service is a bad business model?
  10. Trust me, they will.
  11. Jesus christ dude, it’s a 10 year old game. They have no obligation to still update it. Breaking news: Game studio isn’t supporting a game from 2011- how DARE they!
  12. Another game like Dead By Daylight, Friday, Predator, etc..No thanks. Would have been better as an actual horror game
  13. There is one trophy where online is required: Let the Trials Begin for beating any Trial of the Rakyat score. This requires the online leaderboards, so I advise anyone who wants the plat for this to get this trophy now. You can get it right after the first outpost of the game.
  14. Here before the thread is inevitably shut down by DaivRules..
  15. Good reference!