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  1. Since this game is on sale now, I wanted to grab it. But with no trophy guides available, it’s hard to judge the difficulty of the plat. Can anyone give me a quick rundown?
  2. In the platinum description for this game you can see the website “”. As this website is no longer active, I can’t go on it anymore. What did this siten contain?
  3. As soon as I got the plat, I deleted the game. Not planning to play it again unless they add DLC trophies..
  4. This is your typical cash grab LiVe sErVIcE. This is no better than Anthem in my opinion.
  5. Not a huge fan of both being in one trophy list. Should have been 2
  6. Do the trophies unlock for everyone while playing in coop?
  7. PS Now seems more worth it considering how mediocre Plus has been for a while.
  8. Those developers must be really desperate to bring new life into the bloated, rotting corpse that is PUBG.
  9. What would they get from someone reinstalling the game? Sony already has their 60$, they won't make additional money from a NG+ DLC
  10. I did yes, but the huge difference is that the platinum is still hard while using it, and I still had to play 100 hours of the game to unlock all the trophies, This glitch however, actually reduces playing the game itself to 0.
  11. Incredible. Another amazing game, with a more than achievable platinum absolutely devalued because of a dumb glitch. And that’s not even the worst part- people will use this exploit for the easy trophies instead of actually enjoying this masterpiece. It makes me truly sad. I hate what the trophy hunting community stands for sometimes. Can’t agree more, man.
  12. I’ve never understood why New Game+ appears post-launch on so many big games. It’s such a basic and simple feature nowadays, can’t it be included at launch?
  13. It was interesting what Jim Sterling had to say about the game. Definitely looks like a disaster similar to Anthem, but I hope I’m wrong. That would be a huge shame.
  14. Finally got this garbage. looking forward to never playing, or thinking about this nightmare ever again.