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  1. Platinum #354: Maneater (PS5 Stack) It was a lot of fun revisiting this game nearly a year later, after I finished the PS4 stack in July of 2020. Truly one of the most fun games i've played in my life so far i think, it's so much fun to swim around murdering marine creatures and humans of course. The game doesn't overstay its welcome, it remains mostly fun till the very end. One of my favorite aspects had to be the narrator, who keeps you company with witty remarks and some info about the game world. I loved the game, but there are some negatives I found. First, the missions get kinda repetitive after a while, all of em are basically kill the same animals over and over and kill humans over and over. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay remains fun but a little variety would have gone a long way. Second, the final area of the game is a massive waste of time. It's a big stretch of water with almost no points of interest. And you have to travel a lot between objectives. I feel like this area is just filler. Plat wise, just beat the game and get all collectibles. This is easy to do without a guide because your sonar ability (circle button) reveals collectibles on your map. So just use it constantly and you wont have an issue . Totally recommended to ps5 owners especially, because it was free on Plus. Looking forward to the DLC! Fun: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 10 hours
  2. Platinum #353: Astro’s Playroom I finally managed to get a PS5, and I'm really happy about it 😄 Astro is the perfect introduction for any PS5 owner to the console, as this platformer explores almost every new feature of the DualSense controller. The game is infinitely charming, with many references that had me smiling. It's full of nostalgic callbacks to PlayStation history and PS games as well. Plat-wise, it essentially boils down to beating the game and getting all collectibles. Super fun, and super stress-free. There is also a free speedrun expansion where you need to get a total time of under 7 minutes through 8 different courses. This is way easier than it sounds, I got the necessary time for most of these on my first try. Cannot wait to experience more amazing games on PS5 in the future! fun: 1000/10 Time: 5 hours Difficulty: 2/10
  3. When did the vote happen?
  4. What a selection: An online only game which ceased to be supported, a sports game very little actually give a shit about or will play, and an online only game which no one’s heard of. Great job on another month Sony 👏
  5. This is the physical version stack and should be marked as such.
  6. Wow, no American release?
  7. Ah I see. Well, I guess it is pretty much confirmed that this is the physical stack. Will wait for someone to confirm before buying it though.
  8. Hmm, according to Amazon it actually did release today
  9. “Launches June 29” It is nearly a month later, would the list go up a whole month later?
  10. I really hope not, I have no hope of ever getting that. Probably a limited run games release too.
  11. Does anyone know what region this stack is? Loved this game, would love to replay it.
  12. Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss I was surprised at how high of a price Persona fetches nowadays, but I thankfully got a good deal on it. Super excited to play it! Uncharted is nice too, but it will take a long time till I get to it.
  13. You can start a session once you’ve earned a trophy from the game.
  14. My guesses would be a Persona 5 Arena and Persona 4 Golden PS4/5 port.
  15. People love blaming EA for everything but this is not their fault at all, it’s the developer’s responsibility to fix the issue