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  1. Wow, same list as the original super grindy PS3 one. I’ll pass unless there is a trophy shop.
  2. Platinum #331~ Zombie Army 4: Dead War This was a super fun zombie shooter to play in coop with friends. It’s made by the same people who made Sniper Elite, so if you liked those games and Zombie Army trilogy, you’re sure to love this. This game improves on basically everything from Zombie Army Trilogy, and mostly gives you more ways to murder more zombies It’s free on PS Plus right now, so if you got 3 other friends who like third person shooters, there’s no harm in trying this. About the plat: It’s easy, but slightly grindy. First off, I recommend finishing the campaign with 3 others on Hard while grabbing all collectibles. This takes cares of a lot of the trophies in this game. Getting mastery on 3 weapons is a bit grindy, but I recommend using the M1911 pistol, Thompson SMG, and M44 to make this essentially a piece of cake to complete. Then there’s horde mode, which was boring as hell. You need to survive till wave 12 on each map, and there is also a trophy for surviving 144 waves in total. Easy, but really boring. The big grindy trophy in this game is for reaching Rank 100, but this isn’t as bad as it sounds. Here’s an easy way to get this trophy: Select mission 1 chapter 2, easy difficulty, 4 player settings. There is a challenge in this mission for getting 75 explosive kills, so try to get close to that while you advance the level. Once you reach the objective which tells you to clear platform 2 of zombies, you’ll be in front of a massive horde of zombies, and will get a checkpoint. Now all you have to do is chuck a grenade in the horde, which simultaneously should complete the challenge I mentioned earlier and net you 1000 XP. Now all you have to do is reload the checkpoint, and keep completing the challenge over and over again. By the time you’re done with everything else, you’ll probably be around level 50, so from that point it will probably take 6-7 hours to reach Rank 100. Good luck! Put a video on in the background and you’ll get through it no problem. Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 30-40 hours
  3. There always has to be that one person who says “told ya so”..
  4. If that was their goal, then it worked. But honestly I think it was just a long-term PR move to make. Listening to the community and then everyone loves them again, etc.
  5. This whole thing was a PR nightmare, so I’m glad they decided to listen to their fans who’ve been supporting them for years for once. Here’s to many more years of Vita and PS3 store operating! 🍺
  6. It seems that only Demon’s Souls is exempt from all Sony plats being really easy nowadays Still though, it’s a PS5 exclusive that looks like it’s worth a damn, so I’m fine with it
  7. Completely unrelated, but what’s the source for the GIF in your signature? Asking for a friend who likes anime of course.
  8. Obviously it is a rough estimation, because I don’t have access to actual sales numbers. But most people buying this are trophy hunters anyway so it’s roughly accurate. (not accounting for game sharing either)
  9. This has to be the best get rich quick scheme in the gaming world. Step 1: Make a “retro” game that probably takes less than a day to develop Step 2: Make it connected to the Church for absolutely no reason Step 3: Give it an easy platinum and sell it for $1. Step 4: Profit. According to PSNProfiles, they’ve already made over $4500 from these effortless games. Many people criticize Ratalaika Games too, but you have to admit, most of those games are competent and actually took time to develop. These games are lazy, greedy and forces religion down your throat for no reason.
  10. So never?
  11. My only question is, why is there New Game+ in a platformer? Also, the no death runs are now going to be luck based..
  12. The no death trophies are back.. gotta beat each world without dying Looks like another 10/10 difficulty plat Well they wanted to try something new, but yea I would have preferred a straight platformer instead of this auto runner, mobile game looking thing. still gonna give it a shot anyway.
  13. Damn man, that’s crazy, but I don’t remember asking Hey look everyone, I’m good at this game therefore its difficulty was overhyped!
  14. Platinum #329~ Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Here’s one platinum I wasn’t sure I would ever get, so I’m over the moon (get it?) to finally have this ultra rare plat in my collection. This is overall a pretty decent Borderlands game. I really liked the new abilities, like low gravity, gliding and lasers, but the story and characters just didn’t grab me the same way as Borderlands 2 did. Still, gameplay wise, this is the same game so if you enjoyed BL2, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. About the plat: Tedious. Very tedious. Your first playthrough, if playing in coop, will be super fun all around. I did this playthrough over 2 years ago now. Once you finish that first playthrough though, it starts becoming very boring. Your first task in the post game will be completing all 60 (!!) sidequests. My Co-op partner dropped out by this point, so this was just a menial grind of fetch quests, going from point A to point B, etc. Overall though, it was still pretty manageable. I was very overpowered so this wasn’t much of a challenge. Then comes the big one: “Challenger” which requires you to complete level 1 of all challenges. You complete challenges by doing things like killing enemies a specific way, with a specific weapon, etc. You get the idea. So what makes this so bad? The sheer AMOUNT of challenges there are and how much grinding you’ll have to do to complete them. Most of the time you’ll be running he same area of enemies over and over, killing them in different ways. Is this what Vaas meant when he asked us about the definition of insanity? There’s some really bad challenges that actually get HARDER once you’re more powerful and have better guns. So for some challenges, I intentionally had to seek out low level weapons so I could even complete them. The worst challenges by far, however, are the Grinder challenges. The grinder is basically a machine, which you can feed 3 weapons into to get a random weapon in return. The worst challenge related to this is getting 20 Luneshine weapons. Whether you get one is 100% RNG when you do a moonstone grind. There’s two tricks you can use to mitigate this. 1, keep spawning in new characters with a second controller and give their default weapons to your main character to have something to grind. 2, if you do not get a luneshine weapon, hard quit the game to the dashboard, load back in, and you will have kept all your weapons and moonstones so you can try again. While the idea of this challenge is completely asinine, I was actually very lucky and managed to complete it in 2 hours. Thank god it’s done. Sorry for another super long post guys, but this game has been the bane of my existance for a long time now, and I had to get it out. With this, I’ve platted all 4 main Borderlands games to date. Hooray! Fun: 8/10 (first playthrough) 5/10 (post game) Difficulty: 4/10 Time: Probably 60+ hours
  15. Damn, what a generic sale.. Probably won’t get anything from this one.