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  1. We live in a world where classics such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas still haven’t been remastered in ANY capacity, and shovelware like this is for some reason.
  2. Wait, these DLCs are paid? Is two bronze trophies really the best they can do?
  3. This is for the completionists out there! Call of Duty season passes very rarely go on sale, so this is the chance to get them all. The following game season passes are 50% off currently till the 7th of July (I believe in all regions) Black Ops 3 Black Ops 4 Ghosts Advanced Warfare Infinite Warfare WW2
  4. This seems like a good, chill plat with trophy tracking as well. Happy about that
  5. Yeah, I figured out why it disappeared. The only way to get the game now is the “Watchpoint Pack” for Overwatch 2. Just OW1 by itself was delisted completely. Thank god for physical copies indeed.
  6. Now this may be a false alarm, and I’ve been wrong before, but this game has completely disappeared from the PS Store..I’ve tried the PS App, PS5, PS4, even asked a lot of my friends to check too and none of us can find this game in any region. A bundle was on sale days ago, but I can no longer find it or purchase it. Base game doesn’t seem to exist. Does anyone know what happened?
  7. Still don’t know how to feel about these.. There’s not that much incentive to actually play through these again when 99% of players autopopped the platinum anyway.
  8. Persona 3 needs a remake or definitive version, for damn real. I hate how Portable and FES both have exclusive features which are not in the other. Like FES has 3D gameplay and anime cutscenes, but no controllable teammates. Portable has female route and controllable teammates, but outside of Tartarus, it is essentially like a visual novel, which could be a turn off for some. Portable also lacks “The Answer” from FES. So no matter which version you play, you’ll be missing out on something crucial. Happy for the ports and I’ll get the platinums, but Persona 3 needs an updated version.
  9. I wasn’t able to connect with anyone on the German version, but it worked on the international version. So you’ll probably need to buy a new copy.
  10. That is very strange, and maybe you’re right. The walkthrough also has a disclaimer about the exploit, so I don’t know. I may be transposing that memory of that disclaimer onto a guide that never existed. It feels like there was one, though!
  11. There was, 100%. It even had a note about the new invincibility exploit. I remember it clearly.
  12. I was looking for the trophy guide, but noticed it was missing, just the walkthrough remains..anyone know what happened?
  13. I completely agree, although I did love all the trophies you got by killing bosses in different ways in “Sinner: Sacrifice and Redemption.” I would like to see more of those types of trophies in Souls-like games.
  14. Damn, this game is finally almost here! Been looking forward to this, I’m a big fan of the first game. What do we think about the trophies? From the looks of it, it seems similar to the first game. Two main endings and a few NPC questlines seem like the missables this time around as well.
  15. Remember back in the day, when you would get a proper content-packed game at release and MAYBE a DLC or season pass which added even more content afterwards? Now we got unfinished games from AAA devs, multiple season passes and microtransactions as well..ZA4 is one of the worst offenders.