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  1. Never seen so much hype surrounding a trophy stack lol
  2. The free 100% might seem tempting, but all this “game” is is two minigames, one is a dodgy just dance type of thing which doesn’t register the moves half the time. The other is a garbage car game where you must get a perfect score too. I was lucky enough to not pop any trophy on my main account but definitely can’t recommend this to anyone
  3. They got rid of the online trophy, list looks identical apart from that. Can’t wait to play this
  4. Good, doing it legit would be torture lol.
  5. N i c e
  6. Can anybody confirm this? This is the exploit I’m referring to.
  7. It bothers me quite a lot too, the dlc is about 7$ and for this price you get a single bronze trophy. They could easily make it gold if they wanted to
  8. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  9. Designing it might have been a quick and simple process. Completing it will surely be not.
  10. Most Powgi games have about 30 silver trophies.
  11. I used to adore this game a few years ago, and I recently found out it had a ps4 release. When I checked the trophy list however,I was horrified. This looks like a horrible, grindy mess. Barely any story related trophies, and the rest is just “do repetetive task x dozens of times.” It’s really a shame, this game deserved a better list.
  12. Looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to get this.