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  1. Hey i didn't even realize we had a camera for ages, since i did the districts photo stuff before i did the main story where we are told about it lol. Felt like a right prat afterwards 😂
  2. I got the trophy yesterday after getting annoyed with it. Uploaded my save data, deleted, started fresh, finished opening up to having the two objectives, ran to the tower of Westminster (restricted area in front of safehouse), called the cargo drone, then followed PowerPyx's guide to get them all. Done trophy popped. Annoying and long way to do it, but worked first time regardless.
  3. Press up on the d-pad and then Square button It won't prompt you to take a photo, you need to use the camera
  4. I have all the art works unlocked, but no trophy from doing all the paste ups Guess it's time to go round doing them all again
  5. Had no real problems with the Bullseye trophy. The drinking one was a bit annoying though, had to go get pissed at every pub twice
  6. Had wondered if that would work myself, since it just says with traps not with your traps, but i already had the trophy by then. Still, nice to know it would of worked for it
  7. Certainly felt like it popped earlier, was thinking i should put more points into Alchemy in prep for it and then the next couple of regents i harvested gave me the trophy. Remember it being more annoying to unlock. But hey, i'm certainly not gonna complain 😂
  8. Well, i'm apparently missing one. Been round everywhere again using your vid, still can't find it 🤔 EDIT: Just as i wrote that, i found it lol. Very top of Hakobe Mountain.
  9. Nice, hopefully this will help me finally 3* the Area 42 Abduction. EDIT: Yep, that did the trick, thank you so much for this.
  10. Wow all probes already, nice. This will come in very useful thanks
  11. Most of mine's come from crafting then selling. But i'm not that far so no idea if there is a better way
  12. Try dictating a tactic that involves attacking then with L1+L3. Like the try to chain one (forgot it's actual name) since that gets them attacking. Never had a problem with them not attacking, especially actual attackers like Tiese, Alice, Sinon etc. They always seem to attack where as the rest just buff and defend like they're supposed to.
  13. Ok, looks like they may have fixed that now
  14. Ok, so i'm having some problems with this one. Mostly because when i enter the water, i don't die. I'm just running around at the bottom, no idea how or why. Only time it did work i got the "Journey to the Center" trophy
  15. Same thing happened for me, but after i fast travelled to a new area, the mission marker popped up on the map.