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  1. Alright, was wondering since it was odd, but to be honest, i kind of like just travelling on the horse :D. Thanks though and hopefully it'll be back in Chapter 3
  2. Yeah i have, hence why i'm wondering.
  3. I'm still only on Chapter 2, keep getting distracted like with any good open world game
  4. So i've upgraded Arthur's Lodging and should have the fast travel map unlocked, only it's not there. I've looked around at the lodgings and not a single map anywhere for fast traveling. Anyone else had this happen and know how i can fix this? Preferably without having to start again
  5. I was thinking the same thing, although for me 3DS and Vita games 😆
  6. You can, they unlock after your first battle in the full game. Least according to my girlfirend, since she got the trophy for A ranking a mission despite getting a B-rank in the one she did.
  7. Thanks. And well, just found a glitched trophy for me, And Then There Were ThreeKill 3 enemies with a single grenade in Co-op or Versus. Bloody typical
  8. In total. Doesn't have to be in one match. The match i got it i only had 3 revives after all. Though my biggest problem with it at the moment are naturally the bloody servers. Keep disconnecting and at the moment, i get so much lag i have to run the same bit of map 4 times to get anywhere. Though i can go on Battlefield and no lag whatsoever. Also, quick question. Anyone know what the HQ special operation's are?
  9. Depends on how good you are though, i found the prototype ones harder tbh, but the drone one are a bitch
  10. Yeah, a few suits and some extra skills points. Just makes some trophies that little bit easier
  11. Yeah, means in Act 3. When the "proper" fight happens
  12. Save regardless, then if there is your fine, if there isn't, your still fine Not even unlocked all the suits to create yet, but the challenges, god i hate the drone ones
  13. Sonia favorite female, i like her design, her personality and she's easy and awesome to use in battle. Agnum favorite male, tbh, it was always gonna be between him and Yuma for me. I prefer Yuma to play as but i like Agnum's design and personality
  14. If it's not a car you can call in via Vehicle Delivery, then no.
  15. In one of the dlcs ( that's free if i recall correctly) are 3 guns, all these guns are unlocked right at the beginning (when you first see the arms dealer outside Cassandra's) and are free to equip. There is a Silenced Pistol included Otherwise, the dlc is mostly new guest lines. Although short, they can be pretty fun and interesting, though mainly depends on if you want them. The family kickback has 3 cars and guns, which are iffy. Mustang is the only car i've used from it, but the Tommy Gun with the drum and the sniper have come in handy early game