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  1. Nice, hopefully this will help me finally 3* the Area 42 Abduction. EDIT: Yep, that did the trick, thank you so much for this.
  2. Wow all probes already, nice. This will come in very useful thanks
  3. Most of mine's come from crafting then selling. But i'm not that far so no idea if there is a better way
  4. Try dictating a tactic that involves attacking then with L1+L3. Like the try to chain one (forgot it's actual name) since that gets them attacking. Never had a problem with them not attacking, especially actual attackers like Tiese, Alice, Sinon etc. They always seem to attack where as the rest just buff and defend like they're supposed to.
  5. Ok, looks like they may have fixed that now
  6. Ok, so i'm having some problems with this one. Mostly because when i enter the water, i don't die. I'm just running around at the bottom, no idea how or why. Only time it did work i got the "Journey to the Center" trophy
  7. Same thing happened for me, but after i fast travelled to a new area, the mission marker popped up on the map.
  8. Got my drone trophy and it does work over multiple playthroughs, thank god for that. Now to finish the easy stuff
  9. Really starting to hate these drones . Only got these and the crushers (simply because i haven't gone for them). Then i just need to complete the story, but damn if these drones aren't taking ages. May see if starting a new playthrough and doing it that way will help.
  10. Hmm, for me they turn up in English 🤔
  11. Complete Endings 18 and 19 to unlock the 3rd path. The event is tied into that path.
  12. Not finished the game yet (or even anywhere close) but i think it's hard to compare to BB. Never really had any interest to even try BB and when i did play it on a friends account, wasn't impressed. Not really able to go into reasons why i prefer it, mostly think because it's far enough away from the BB and DS formula that i can enjoy it, the others always never interested me or where too slow for my liking. And in all fairness, a bad start to a series, can put you off it. Feels similar to Nioh in what i've played of both, so i think that might be part of it since i'm gonna be picking up Nioh when my backlog has lessened.
  13. Hmm, just noticed that i'm missing the 9th Event. In between "Counterattack" and "To the Millennium Capital". Anyone know how to get that? Assuming it's a loss, but not sure. EDIT: Nevermind, i'm an idiot lol
  14. This site has them in English. Also you can check the trophy list on the PSN (assuming you have the game that is) The trophies when unlocked still seem to come up in Japanese though 🤔, or at least in the what's new part
  15. Oh, was wondering how i got that one as well, so thanks for that info