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  1. Yeah, makes things a little more interesting, but all i'm finding is that it's just given me a way to keep leveling since now the enemies are around my level again 😂
  2. Played my first playthrough on Hard, currently running Calamity and Infinity for my 2nd. So much easier then starting out on calamity NG+ will always be the best way to deal with it, since then you can come in higher leveled with all your equipment, and boom. You go from doing almost nothing and being one shot to taking most out in two hits I'll say again in case though, Infinity is NOT an actual difficultly, you CAN play Infinity and Calamity at the same time, so only 2 playthroughs needed for platinum
  3. Had maxed Ivadli's Deadly Mist set Axe lvl 5 with Hel's Touch (maxed) and Frost Giant's Frenzy (maxed) Chaos lvl 4 with Rampage of Furies (maxed) and Fire of Aries (maxed) Enchantments for the sole purpose of raising my cooldown as high as possible And the talisman of the realms for good measure Wasn't to much of a problem that way Though probably better to get and max "Sindri's Royal Dwarven Armour instead, since you can get protection when using a runic attack
  4. I've run into a few, but nothing to bad. Jumping off a tower, opening the parachute to late and just parachuting through the floor was weird but rather funny tbh. Rammed an enemy jeep, only for it to flip, fly over me, land on it's wheels and vanish. Then fall on my car as a burned wreck :lol Still, not that buggy, certainly not enough to ruin it
  5. You can use the pistol weapon art to try and speed it up a little as well, since the pistol art lowers the cooldown for skills, allowing you to use them more and level them up. And naturally avoid any that doesn't have a number on the end, like Hyper Awareness for example, since they don't have other tiers and are pretty useless to use for the trophy.
  6. Pretty sure the others cap out anyway, where as ours keep going. Not seen them go over 9,999,999. But that may simply be because i've finished the story and everything by then lol
  7. If you think it's boring after 45min, stop. Once you reach Act 4, the endgame, you really will get bored. Story isn't great, and endgame is just crap. Shame considering SoM was awesome. But hell, i'm now 1 trophy from the platinum, so gonna finish.