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  1. The anti-poppers seem a bit too concerned about this "issue". I personally don't auto-pop, and I don't even buy remasters of games I already played because I don't want duplicate trophy lists on my profile. I even hate the fact that some "reboots" have the same title of the originals (God of War, for example). But that being said, just play your game and enjoy it while you get your platinum/100%. I don't understand why you even care about leaderboards and stuff. If you want to get 5 different "legit" platinums for the same game, I surely hope it's because you enjoy the game so much. Wouldn't the enjoyment be reward enough?
  2. I don't see why Sly couldn't chage the code to let the button be visible and clickable 🤔
  3. As per the title. In my favourites I have a guide that has been unpublished The UI doesn't show the button to remove it from your favourites though, hence I'm stuck with it. Me and other 43 users apparently... EDIT: Fixed the screenshots
  4. I mean, possibly. I haven't really checked out the custom list function yet. It's just that I have 311 platinums, and just from the last 30 I counted 17 possible franchises/series. Can't imagine how many more I might have in there... It would be quite a long process. It's not about wanting to track them, more like having that feature to be there and accessible like the cabinet or the milestones. But no sweat if you aren't interested in it. The script is fabulous as is! I am probably still gonna use custom lists for wishlist and backlog tho. It's not like I just finished building a dynamic google spreadsheet just for that, like, yesterday 😂 EDIT/RANT: Although, custom lists for series would help in weeding out trophy lists that in my opinions have really no business being there. Like, Gwent has really no business being in a Series with Wichter 3. I understand it's in the same "setting", but come on. Or clusterf*ck lists like the Star Wars one, that basically has all Star Wars games in it, even if they have no link with one another. I'm amazed there's no Lego Star Wars in there, but I suppose there's a Lego series somewhere, that looks like a clusterf*ck too.
  5. Well now, this is fantastic! I love it! Can't imagine how much time it took during the years to develop this extension. The unobtainable trophies warning and the thing about hiding trophies in the guides are awesome additions! @HusKy if it isn't an impossible request, can I suggest a way to disable duplicate trophy lists in the series page? A lot of us don't have interest, time, or money to pursue every single trophy list a game might have. What with it being released on multiple platforms at release, or being remastered years later or even having region specific lists. But I still would love to have a "clean" series page. Like, look at this thing. I don't care for all these duplicates. I'd love to be able to hide them and see the stages as "completed".
  6. Hello! Minor thing, but can we have a link in the top-side menu to directly access the Series section? Or is it still experimental and that's why isn't directly linked?
  7. Looks like this game trophy list has lots of issues. Would I be ok if I play it 100% offline? DLCs and main game?
  8. So basically, to be safe I should just buy all 3 games and no DLC passes.
  9. Hello everyone I played all previous Hitman with a platinum trophy and skipped Hitman and Hitman 2. Since Hitman 3 has a platinum I was looking into it, and noticed that both previous games are basically reintroduced as DLC in this sequel (well, the maps at the least, I don't know if the objectives and targets are the same). Something that also happened in Hitman 2 with Hitman 1. It looks like if you already own the previous games, then you can play the DLC version of them in Hitman 3 with no additional cost, but what I really want to know is this: If I buy "Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Gold " and "Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 1 Goty Edition", will this be considered as owning the previous games? I mean, if they ever release an Hitman 4 (with previous games as DLCs), would I then need to buy the passes for Hitman 1 and 2 again? Or will they give me the DLC maps for free? Is there here anyone who bought the Hitman 1 pass in Hitman 2 that can say if they were able to play Hitman 1 maps in Hitman 3 without having to buy the pass again?
  10. I hate these challenges, they are so broken. This might be the first AC game I'm not going to 100%
  11. So, the latest patch dropped. 1) I can't complete the skill tree. I'm missing one node, but the game stopped giving me skill points and is only giving me mastery points 2) Every opal I pick up in the world doesn't get added to the inventory. Only the opal gained via quests gets added. I have no words. How do you f**k up simple stuff like this...
  12. Well, it is called SEASON pass, not ALL THE DLC pass. If they support the game for multiple years, it stand to reason that they might want to issue more than 1 season pass. It also might piss off players because they feel like they are being squeezed money time and time again if they want to have a complete experience. But anyway, they should just have made this DLC a standalone game like they did with Freedom Cry for Black Flag. People would have less problems buying a new game, instead of a new DLC.
  13. Does that mean they expect us to reinstall Odyssey? 😕
  14. No the new DLC is probably priced separately