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  1. Any news yet? I'l itching to buy this game.
  2. Knowing this I might actually make a new save for when BS3 is released. I did manage to save 600 renown as you said, but my caravan was seriously damaged. Getting Onef/Ekkill might help a bit with food. And Ekkill's special ability doesn't look half bad.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was planning to do! I was wondering if the Onef decision had any impact in BS2. Would importing an "Innocent" Alette matter? Would having Egill alive matter?
  4. Was that on easy? Did you level up any character? What was your party? So many questions.
  5. @ant1th3s1s How did you get 600 renown in Banner Saga 1?
  6. Indeed! 215 The Banner Saga Master The Banner Saga
  7. 214 Platinum Soul Axiom
  8. 212 Platinum Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
  9. 211 Tomorrow Comes Today Dead Synchronicity
  10. 210 Vortech's Bane LEGO Dimensions Thanks Not so bad yourself, with 174
  11. Another advice I can give you is this. Don't sell too much shit. I finished the game with 250000 gold and a satisfactory geared group. I'm saying this not because I think it's a waste of time, but because it could be seriously game breaking. After you sell too much stuff the following starts to happen: If you sell too much to a specific vendor, that vendor's trading interface will lag like crazy Items sold do not disappear from your inventory, while in the trading interface (and can be sold indefinitely for 1 gold) Said items will not be present in your inventory outside of the trading interface, but will reappear in any trading interface you open If you change character while keeping the trading interface open, something really absurd might happen where the items you are seeing in your inventory differ from what they really are. Meaning if you sell something you don't really know what's being sold (I managed to sell and item that was equipped on a different character. Magic.) Near the end I seriously started leaving items on the ground (unless divine) and stopped selling altogether for fear the game would crash on me, or corrupt my save file.
  12. 209 Original Sinner Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition
  13. You can have a high STR character carry around 5-6 explosive barrels and place them down before starting hard fights. For example, I killed the giant spider/crab in the caves with a single arrow by exploding a mix of oil barrels and goo barrels under him.
  14. @Sly Ripper Thank you for the "very-incomplete" ( ) filter! I love it! edit: btw, I dunno why, but while posting that line the "enter" button didn't work and I could not create a new line