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  1. Not a bug sadly
  2. I don't remember when they stopped patching the game, or if they even ever made changes to how much XP is given via /players command, but I'd trust the first link, which is a lot more recent than the second. Tho they both refer to the original, and not the Resurrection.
  3. Just so you know, Bhaal gives max /players 3 exp, not 8. If I remember correctly.
  4. When I saw it had coop I was afraid for the trophies, but I'm relived to see there's no multiplayer trophies in the list
  5. I think they changed the exp growth with the patch associated to the expansion. That means that classic would have the same growth as LoD
  6. You aware that this game is 20 years old right? Most of us here already played the shit out of it time and time again. This was just an occasion to get a nice platinum for a beloved game.
  7. For me the issue is that I only play a single game at a time until I get the platinum. I'm a bit stupid like that. It would still require to only play this game for an unfathomable amount of time and this trophy list would probably break me and make me stop trophy hunting altogether
  8. When you put it like that... I'm seriously considering not getting it now. 40k Baal runs for an offline hardcore savescum character are not worth the platinum.
  9. My bad, english is not my native language 😭😆
  10. How about no? 😂 One time is already going to take long enough
  11. I don't know if you have ever played diablo 2 or 3, but "ng+" is a built in feature. Every time you reach the end of the game you can start at an higher difficulty level. Reaching 99 is still absolute madness.
  12. On the PS4 list it's different...
  13. Why is the platinum name different?
  14. IF you can play offline in hardcore and the 99 normal and 99 hardcore stack, it becomes doable still impossibly long, but at least doable
  15. Anyone knows if there is an offline mode? Need to savescum the hardcore trophies...