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  1. I don’t believe there are any missable trophies no. There is only one trophy that I know of that is tied to you responding a certain way, but I believe you can use the What If Box to change your answer anyway. Without spoiling too much, when you come across a chest that you need the goddess to open, you want to ‘leave’, not destroy what is inside.
  2. You answered your own question, but I will add my confirmation as well for future people. I unlocked Chapter 10 as soon as I got Ravi to 6 Hearts (I already had Harmon at 6), so they both need to be at 6 not at 5 as some guides claim. For Human Locamotive, you definitely need the 50% crops guide done. I did not have everyone at 5 stars, and the Mayor was only 5 stars for me. Also, I did not have the large house upgrade when it unlocked (just in case anyone is wondering about that).
  3. I’d probably get it at that price. It wasn’t a bad game, though I felt that the intro chapter overstayed it’s welcome, and it locked you out of areas you’ve been to for parts of the game. I think Fatal Bullet was a bit of an anomaly given it was a shooter type game, but this could technically get DLC too if they decide to monetize it. However, they did release raids already and haven’t added trophies for those, which is a good sign. Also they put in a costume shop that you can use real currency for, so they’ve already added that as a means of making more money.
  4. If they follow the trend of the other SAO games, then no, there likely won’t be any DLC trophies for this.
  5. I used Izuku, Mirio, and Sir Nighteye to get this. Was having some trouble getting this to activate, but it seems that my triangle & circle weren’t activating at the same exact moment which was causing my issue. I found that instead of doing it all with one hand, just holding R1 with my right hand and using my left to hit triangle and circle simultaneously with two different fingers was much easier. Also make sure that you have both sidekicks available and that you get the PlusUltra bar fully filled to 3 or it won’t work.
  6. Hmm either the Saiyan saga or the first half of the Cell one (mostly cause you got to play as Trunks) were my favorite. The Frieza one was very well paced and enjoyable to play but I’m not a fan of that saga in general. It did make the ending feel more enjoyable/fast paced than in the anime in my opinion. The Cell saga I really liked in the beginning, but the latter part/fights against Cell felt a bit rushed. The Buu one was fun but it felt like a lot more cutscene heavy than the rest, like I was watching the game too much and not playing it. I’ll rate this one, most fun to watch?
  7. Future Trunks is my favorite, with Gohan as my second choice. I do like Gohan’s fighting skills the best in this but then again I spent most of my time with him. Idk if it’s an illusion due to his size, but he seems faster/nimbler than the rest too. Also Masenka was really easy to spam. Good thing I like Gohan cause given how little time you actually spend as Goku, (who is either dead, healing, or flying in a slow spaceship somewhere), the game might as well have been called “Dragon Ball Z: The Adventures of Gohan!”
  8. Yep I got the trophy around 90 something drones myself, since I spent way too long destroying those alert drones which don’t count. Only the ones that can shoot you count. I believe that the giant drones that are on wheels also count for this.
  9. Just got this last night at 61 blueprints. I bought no guns with real money and I have the basic edition (did come with a redeem code though). Not sure if that came with a blueprint. Tip: A quick way to check how many you need to get is to start a new character and just play a few minutes (bandage your character, move forward and inspect the body) and that should unlock the objectives menu, where you can check how many blueprints you start out with. I started with 21.
  10. For me, the game is about a 7/10. I'm having a ton of fun with it, but it is far from a perfect game. I've just finished up the Frieza saga. Some Pros: The retelling of the DBZ story is great, especially if you are a bit fuzzy on the smaller details! Great to revisit the show. The game is fairly easy, especially if you do side quests. While some might see this as a con, I think it's a pro if you're just looking for a relaxing game to enjoy without any stress. The trophies are all really straightforward, and there doesn't seem to be anything really missable. Great if you're a trophy hunter that wants to play something with no collectable/missable guide next to them, or two play throughs. Fun to get some freedom to explore the map. Some Cons: The fact that you can't go two seconds exploring the map without bumping into a random encounter with the same 3 robots/minions. How Gohan says "I think I can handle this" every time he goes near a group of enemies (aka every 10 sec) - makes you want to blow your brains out. The combat gets a bit boring after a while. It's not particularly challenging especially if you level since you have infinite potions, and the enemies have x5 health bars that take a while to drain. The forced robot/minion encounters make it feel more repetitive. Some of the side quests can get a bit dull as well. Either fetch something or fight something/someone. Overall I think it is fun for one play through, and a relaxing platinum to get, but not a game I would ever play a second time.