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  1. IT WORKEDDDDD Disconnected Internet, went back into game and reconnected and its relocated itself! Just found the Epsilon Pivot and I've got my last online trophy 🏆
  2. Thanks man, I know you've said this before but it's reassuring to know I've done everything right lmao. I'm just worrying I'm going to end up being the one who gets f*cked by it, but like you said hopefully it's early enough!
  3. Having no luck with Bigrake1's method, I must be really unlucky because it clearly works. I've got the Boston Pub pivot glitch. I have put all 11 Pivots around the area (off the ground so the Pivot was white). I have signed out of PSN via the XMB menu. I have then pressed Triangle and signed back into PSN. I get the Ubisoft Server message, but the Pivot wont reset. Its been there for around 12 hours, im just hoping I get lucky and it resets in 24 hours / 1-4 days? I can't think what else I have done wrong tbh.