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  1. Are you gonna boost XP with me on RdR 2?

  2. #45 Sleeping Dogs..... was a great game!
  3. Married... with Children nuff said....
  4. uh... I don't see Married...with Children on here, so imo one of the best shows of all time!
  5. #41 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow also 100%ed
  6. MGS: GZ, Destiny, and The Evil Within which I think will be a very good game.
  7. I love MGS so I'm not complaining but that is a low amount of trophies though
  8. where are the Fame weekends??? jesus!
  9. duh Coke is best it lasts longer than Mountain Dew or Pepsi.
  10. looks like its going to be an extermely badass game!!
  11. all Crash Bandicoots Spyro 1-3 The Getaway MGS1 Bloody Roar series GTA 3, VC, and SA and if its possible GTA 1&2 Pitfall and i can't believe no one mentioned this but Syphon Filter series. plus many more!!!
  12. #30 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  13. Married... with Children by FAR! Threshold and Last Resort
  14. 100 % on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - 1 week, 4 days. Platinum #28
  15. anybody remember Surge or Urge in the Eastern Hemisphere that $hit was awesome! anyways, favorite is Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, and Coke not all together! and least favorite is any kind of beer imo it tastes all the same, and yes i know i haven't acquired a taste for it..... Pepsi, cause it gets flat quicker than Coke, and Crystal Light+ Diet Sodas which have Aspartame which if you don't drink them in moderation it's poison.
  16. none yet... but i make an oath to myself when i play a game i like to make sure i 100% it so....
  17. such a tough decision.... Ubisoft or Rockstar as a tester or i could clean the toilets there!
  18. i have a problem, i installed the new patch today got the start menu pressed start, it connected to the servers, and it was installing game data and after that it said that the service is not available, try again later. i read that its a bug that hurts only non US accounts, but i think thats false because i have a US account and its not working. help please?
  19. this is ridiculous!!! Ubisoft needs to change a few things for this game, especially give more fame points for victories.
  20. thats easy Grey Fox! or Solid Snake....
  21. Metal Gear Solid 4, for those who have played it and/or platinumed it is very time consuming and requires alot of patience, but my MGS fanboyism pulled through! i am proud to have it as part of my Platinum collection!
  22. The Last Of Us - Platinum #27 and counting......
  23. i regret adding Little Big Planet Karting to my collection; because i got pushed into playing it. it kinda made me think CTR but i didn't like LBPK's story, the racing was ok, it's just too childish of a game for me overall.
  24. it feels like that gaming has gone downhill since i was a kid, maybe its the constant push towards better technology. maybe its this generation idk. why are the reasons you think the state of gaming might be downfalling if you think that?
  25. agreed