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  1. "This game is bad because I wreck too much" Sounds like you're just a bad driver lol
  2. Idk, I played it for the first time in 2018 and absolutely loved it, ended up going out and buying Brotherhood and Revelations not long after. I never had any problems with the controls or anything, save for 2 occasions that Ezio climbed something I meant to run by. I genuinely remember having more trouble controlling AC3 when it first came out lol. That being said, idk if it really deserves all the praise it's gotten. It's great, but one of the all time greatest? Nah.
  3. Saint's Row 3. Fun campaign, but God are those challenges tedious as hell to grind out. Saint's Row 4 and Gat Out Of Hell are close seconds, but at least those don't seem to take as long to grind out.
  4. >make new PSN partially for name-change purposes >Sony announces name change feature once I already have the new account at level 9 Why do you this to me Sony?
  5. If only that were the case for me, man. If it were actually uploading the trophies, I'd have Medal Of Honor Frontline at 42%, Call Of Juarez Gunslinger at 85%, and Mirror's Edge at 14% (played it for a couple hours while a friend was over). My trophies just aren't being uploaded at all. I've been trying again and again for months. I may just not be able to earn PS3 trophies on this account anymore.
  6. Just updated everything on my list, didn't fix anything. There goes a considerable chunk of my data for nothing :'^)
  7. I use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. Due to living in the extra-rural south, it's my only option. It can't be due to that though, I've been getting internet this way for 3 years now with no issues.
  8. So I tried the rebuild/restore thing, and all it did was delete all my game/video albums. Do you really think updating all the games on my list might work? I don't have much monthly data to work with before I get throttled to 4 KB/s download speed, so wasting data isn't ideal.
  9. Metallica - Dyer's Eve
  10. I've been trying repeatedly for the last two weeks or so, and nothing's happened yet. Haven't tried that yet, will report back afterwards
  11. When I try to sync my trophies from my PS3, I just get error code 80030C50. No problem with PS4 sync, though. Any ideas what I should do to fix this?
  12. Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the answers, he should be good to go now.
  13. I have a Polish friend who I met on here whose English isn't the best, so I decided to ask on his behalf. He really wants to buy Wolfenstein 3D, but it's no longer on the EU store. I'm pretty sure he already knows how to access the foreign stores, but how would he pay for the game? I don't like to trophy stack unless I really love a game, and I'm not enough of a hardcore weeb to buy any Jap-only games, so I have no clue how the transaction works. Does the store automatically convert the currencies? Would he have to get a US prepaid card or something? Any info would be helpful, and thanks in advance.
  14. Nice, Vita is a criminally underrated system. I hate that Sony didn't do more early on to support it.
  15. Five to six months from scratch, huh? Well, I'm already fucked, then.