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  1. Hours away from GTA V. Shame I'll be asleep when the trophy pops! (stupid online afk RP grinding )
  2. 2 days God of War: Chains of Olympus @ September 15, 2011, 11:14pm God of War: Ghost of Sparta @ September 17, 2011, 11:26pm I'm sure now there will be some people wanting to save just one easy trophy left until platinum for multiple games and then go through and get them in the span of 10 minutes
  3. Go to the liquor store in the middle of the map, across the street from a Los Santos Customs (the one that Franklin can buy in singleplayer). Walk into the store and pull out a gun, but don't point it at the clerk or rob him. Go back outside and drive your car into LSC, evading the police and giving you 100 RP per star. Exit out of LSC, drive across the street to the store, enter it, pull out a gun, run back out, drive to LSC, lose more stars, gain more RP. Each time you walk in there and pull out a gun, you'll get another star and it caps at 4, so don't worry if you're only getting a wanted star or two.
  4. Finally finished all the single player stuff so now I'm ready to move on to GTA Online full-time. Sent an invite request If anyone wants to grind out some RP with me, as well as boost for trophies, send me an invite with a message saying you're from here. I'll be happy to help out! I'll also be setting up boosting sessions.
  5. Seeing as how we're all probably completionists here, I wonder if anyone is planning on getting every gold medal possible, or if anyone has gotten them all already. I love this game and it's something I'd love to attempt, I just hope there aren't any missions out there that will ruin the experience if one had to attempt a tricky gold medal over and over. I'm also currently maxing out every character's stats, and plan on doing every single activity and random event possible (regardless of whether or not it counts for the 100% trophy). Anyone else out there attempting this? Accomplish it? Words of advice or warning?
  6. Just a warning for my fellow trophy hunters. After briefly scouring the net, it appears this game suffers from some serious issues. Personally, I just had my game crash and my only save corrupted a few minutes ago. It was right as I was going to get the platinum too. Wonder if it was just too much for the system to handle, popping multiple trophies while still trying to save my progress. My stats page at the end of the mission was blank and the game was just stuck there. Had to hard shut down. When I tried to load my save, the file was corrupt (generic PS3 save icon instead of the specific Deadlocked icon; got stuck on loading screen where spaceship flies around repeatedly) and now I have to start all over. Hooray!
  7. Well, I found out which one it was, woohoo! It was during the Act 3 briefing, but it was the last one, when Naomi asks Otacon about Emma. It's a short one and this time around I was ready for it.
  8. Completed my second playthrough, using a guide and checking off the flashbacks, and still no trophy. Did a third playthrough and went straight for the non-vibration flashbacks from Mantis, but apparently those don't count (as I suspected). What I'm realizing now is that I'm probably missing a few from those that come with a really short window of mashing the X button. Is there anyone out there who was in a similar position and remembers what flashback(s) they missed because of that? I've been reading forums and doing searches and have only found a few like these, but still no trophy pop, so I guess I already got them.
  9. Luckily for you there's an even easier method for bolts in R&C! You don't even have to be at your PS3 to do it, just leave it on overnight. It is much slower though (10~20 bolts/sec). [media=] [/media]
  10. Oops, forgot to mention that, thought I did Only worth it in challenge mode. Then again, that's the only time you really need loads of bolts for upgraded weapons anyway.
  11. Discovered this while playing the past few days. You should really only use this if you're truly strapped for cash, otherwise you'll be bored to tears (unless of course you can program you controller with macros or something). This requires you to have the Nuke upgrade for your ship. Load up the Thug Rendezvous / Feltzin System and go to challenge 3 (destroy the ace fighters). Now just shoot your nuke. No need to aim anywhere. No need to move. Just shoot. Boom, challenge complete! This takes about 7 seconds each time, and the challenge rewards 7000 bolts on each completion (after you've beaten it the first few times where it's worth more). That boils down to 1000 bolts per second, and 1 million every 16~17 minutes. Is this method fun? No. Is it efficient? Yes! So if you're just a few bolts shy of a new weapon, or don't mind doing a little grinding while watching tv or listening to music or whatever, then have at it
  12. Metal Gear Solid Deus Ex: Human Revolution Portal I'm a big electronic fan
  13. Thanks for making the group. I've been playing a lot of PC games lately. Will be happy to play with any of you if we have any games in common, on Steam or PS3.
  14. Used to care. I've been a completionist gamer ever since I can remember. Getting platinum was just another part of that. And then I came across online trophies for games like Resistance 2, GTA IV, and AC: Brotherhood. Not only that, but there are still some single-player games that are just so boring and tedious that I can't bother getting the required trophies (such as GTA IV, GTA IV, and also GTA IV. Oh and R&C All 4 One). Feels a bit liberating. Makes me feel ok on putting a game down to play something better and more fun. A few years ago I couldn't do that, had to get it all, no matter the cost!
  15. Used to change quite a bit, never could find something I wanted to keep for a while. Ratchet in his Deadlocked suit stayed a while, but still wasn't completely fond of it. Haven't changed since I got my MGS3 Ocelot av. It's goes deeper than simply how it looks. The character is one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite gaming series, the game is one of my favorite games in one of my favorite gaming series, it brings back all kinds of nostalgia and represents a pinnacle of gaming excellence.