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  1. There is not unfortunately without going through each one manually.
  2. Trying to get six phones in one sitting is not the easiest thing to do, especially if friends/family are limited.
  3. Give us the game, percentage and the total time it took to complete it. For me, it's Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011. The total time it took was 3 days, 1 hour and it currently sits at 4.34%.
  4. Ain't leaving much choice there, but I did see Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and that, from what I hear, is a nightmare to Platinum.
  5. Sony definitely had their ups and downs with their 4th generation. At this point however, I don't mind the major restraint of released games on the PS4 as it gives me time to clean up my backlog a bit. I STILL haven't even started The Last of Us among other games simply because life and I prefer a certain couple of genres. The quality of gaming has improved immensely compared to previous generations and will only skyrocket once the PS5 releases, but the creativity and fun factor that games of decades prior seems to be missing. The problem from what I conjure is that Sony isn't backed into a corner like they used to. At this point, they've probably sold over 100 million units and seeing those numbers has taken the pressure off of their shoulders so they're starting to ease up. But I also think that creating new ideas is something the current devs simply cannot do at this point because they're not willing to take risks with their craft. Whether it's Nintendo or Microsoft challenging Sony in these next couple of years, they have to pull a few things that are glorious or we're going to enter a stagnant time in gaming.
  6. Looks like they're bringing in content that was cut from the original game like the Robo Squidward Boss Fight! Sweet!
  7. My goal is to clean out my backlog a little bit and NOT start new games that I might not finish later. Seeing that I have just barely started Nioh and Skyrim in the past really grinds my gears as both are phenomenal games. Although another goal I would not mind reaching before the end of the year is hitting that 5,000 trophy mark... I'm still 900 away.
  8. Injustice 2. Never played it, but it seems like it takes forever and a half.
  9. I'm positive Bruno's Mug Shot is the rarest item in Supply Drops. I don't even need any of the characters (I go for them just for fun), and I've only seen it twice in there since they've released him. Keep in mind, I've probably played about 300 matches or so since his release.
  10. I've unlocked all of the characters relatively easily. The only ones that managed to give me trouble were Reznov, Woods and Shaw. Only reason being is because those items are in high populated areas practically every match and it takes a lot of skill to get them. Stay persistent, have a good squad and you'll save yourself a lot of money.
  11. Has anyone managed to get every camo for 25 weapons? I'm just throwing out an idea, but what if that's the case?
  12. Exactly. They need to increase the spawn rate for the Dog Tags by 10, or have the challenge be something to do with Mesh Mines since those are fairly common as is.
  13. RIP ever achieving Nomad. What I use to unlock characters who's items come from crates is just sticking to a single area and keep landing there until you find them. I did that for the Poker Chips, Burned Doll, and Ching Coins and all eventually spawned there. It's about playing the waiting game, but I cannot get the Tags to save my life. 7 Ching Coins, 2 Poker Chips and 2 Burned Dolls later and no Dog Tags.
  14. All it really does is grant you XP for leveling up the weapon again after prestiging. If you're looking to grind through the prestiges, it's worth doing so, if not, then I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. I managed to find Ching Coins from one of the crates inside a building right near Asylum yesterday. Only reason I didn't cheese a top 7 was because I already had Recon. I also looted Poker Chips off another dude and only managed to hit top 5.