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  1. #36 - Warriors Orochi 3 Just your standard Hack and Slash game with lots and lots and lots of characters. I honestly love these games, they are just simple fun games with lots of extra stuff. The story is actually not that bad, but I feel with the immense roster of this game some characters just go unnoticed. For the developers, I don't understand why, if you have about 150 characters in the game you would use generic generals in battle, like just include real known playable characters, its way more cooler to be playing on chaos and be like "Holy crap, that's Lu Bu, or Honda", or any of the other characters that you know would kill you with a special attack. Chaos is just a piece of cake, its doable with any character and if they are level 99 you don't even have to try, that being said, using Lu Bu and Honda plus any other character and decimating the enemy around you is amazing, it really feels like Chaos. It does take a while to platinum this game, and it did got repetitive after a while, specially getting the Veteran Warrior (entered battle 100 times with one character), but I just played some youtube videos on the background and that eased the pain.
  2. #35 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition This game is absolutely brilliant, I loved every minute of the campaign. I also played it on PS3, and it blew my mind, the gameplay was so much fun and the cinematic style was amazing, the pacing its incredible, its just really good. On PS4 its just more of the same but enhanced. The multiplayer on this game is unnecessary though, the campaign by itself was worth the $60 imho. Even still the MP wasn't so bad, however, it takes a while to get used to it, even more so when there are prestige players running around blasting your face at every corner, might put away some new players, but its just about getting used to the mechanics and whatnot. Overall a great enjoyable game. ps. I've never done the enjoyment/difficulty rating, but I like seeing what other people rate their experiences with games so I'll do it too . Enjoyment - 8 Difficulty - 3
  3. What were the others Call of Juarez games they've given for free? has it been in order?
  4. Highly doubt it...everything seems to be in order. Yeah, I read it too, I had the same problem where my own digital game were locked to, but I just logged out and then logged back in and it fixed it, still can't deactivate or activate the system.
  5. Well, Ive played online games, and I have synchronized my trophies too, so I don't think so.. Yeah, I tried that, but apparently I can't do it because I've "done it recently" supposedly it's like once every six months. But we have not deactivated anything, since well, we simply can't so the site its just tripping. Hopefully it'll go away after 24hrs, but its been like that for a while now...
  6. So I've been game sharing for a while now with my sister, since the ps4 was released actually. Well, the whole things is a mess now, I can't play any of her games, and I was playing some of her games just two days ago. Yes, my account was set as primary on her PS4, and so was her on mine. The weird thing here is, we cannot deactivate, not her account, or mine on either system, its black out, and when we go to activate, on either account, it will say that it's already activated on another system, ok..wait, how, if her account is not activated on her PS4, then which other system if not mine? I'm, pulling my hairs here.. it was working ok. Only thing that comes to mind that could have caused this is that she recently moved, so her PS4 was not connected online. I have not contacted Sony because of all the-game-sharing-situation. I'm just hoping someone here might at least know what caused all this mess. Things I've tried: Restoring licenses from both accounts. Restoring the systems to default settings. Deleting the user.
  7. Get the platinum? do you have it? other than that...why are you still playing Skyrim, I'm mean its been quite a while, not wonder you get bored. Get The Witcher 3, or Dragon Age Inquisition...try different games, when you get bored in a game, its a sing thats time to move on...
  8. Remember the time when everyone was hating Ben Affleck as the choice to play Batman in BvS ...well as it turns out now everybody loves him...aaaaaand the movie is kind of meh!

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    2. soniq


      I'm surprised it turned out to be meh. Expected it to be shit.

    3. AJ_Radio


      I figured it would be a cash in.

    4. HeartUnderBlade


      Honestly the best part of the movie is Batman...which is funny, because is a Superman movie..

  9. #34 - The Order: 1886 Meh....
  10. Beyond Good and Evil is an excellent game, perfect opportunity for the people that never had the chance to play it!! I will surely be playing it, and awake the nostalgia inside of me.
  11. #33 - Batman: Arkham City I will let you know that I retried the last predator campaign only 5930 times. On to a serious note though, one of the best games ever made, no doubt. Although I remember Arkham Asylum platinum being harder than this game, this one surely proved a challenge. The campaign is glorious, and it ties perfectly with the previous game. Playing as Catwoman was exciting and I couldn't get enough of her. This game is full with extra stuff, concept arts, the riddle trophies, the challenges and the campaigns, its just full of extra content that makes you want to play more and more even when you've finished the main story. Another great platinum for my collection, not because it was hard or whatever, but because I had a blast achieving it.
  12. Why can't I post any image on the forums? always geting the image extension error. And it doesn't have any junk after the extension.

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      It's an error with the site all the same, one that he msy not be aware of. Not seeing how it matters

    3. NotAFoxAnymore
    4. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      Well I just mentioned that.. =/ He solved it in the end. I'm sure he's gotten his fair share of messages like that but no biggie.

  13. #32 - Crysis Crysis impressed me, wasn't expecting such a good game. Extremely fun and simple, with an impressing good campaign, never would've guessed it was about aliens all along. Good characters, except the cliche mean but yet bad ass boss, good plot twists I mean this game had it all, the only thing this game is missing is a stealth kill option, you can always use a weapon with the silencer, but sometimes that's not enough, specially with so many enemies, but you always had options, and that was cool. The delta difficulty was brutal, I found myself sometimes crawling from point A to B just so I could avoid gun fights, but towards the end (ACT III) when it becomes a little more linear it was easier. All in all this is an overlooked game, and should definitely receive more praise.
  14. This happened to me, I bought the U.K version of the game and redeemed the code in the U.S PSN store.