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  1. Must be a site problem! hopefully, a fix soon!
  2. Hey, In the last hour, upon updating my profile my profile is showing no games/trophies. Up until then, I've been able to update and view my problem like normal and I'm unsure what the cause is, any help would be appreciated, thanks
  3. nvm... wow
  4. i have played 2 seasons with 9x players with red mist, not once have i had a game where 2 players have been sent off, am i missing something?
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tier 1Unlock all Trophies Enjoyment: 7 | 10 Difficulty: 3 | 10 Time to platinum: 10h
  6. Marvel: Spiderman
  7. Insertfirstname
  8. Horizon zero dawn
  9. I just kept scrapping every weapon and armour I could from wasteland/quests and it eventually popped for me!