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  1. I've gathered quite a bit of spare VC from my current player and would use that to level up in the beginning. The bet should be present for everyone at that specific time of the season and shouldn't be if the game decides to give it to you. Worst kind of trophy.
  2. Damn. Well, thanks for your feedback. I'm not going to spend however many hours grinding my Rookie season again but I wonder if I skip until toward the end of the season with a new character if that might work.
  3. I read online that this is only achievable in your Rookie year. Is that correct? I'm in my second season grinding badges now but I must have visited Doc countless times as a Rookie but never got any bet. Even exhausted all of his dialogue, too. :-\
  4. Since a number of people have unlocked that trophy since your post, I highly doubt it. Sorry to potentially state the obvious but you need to be the one that knocks the mask off. Just hitting him and someone else knocking it off doesn't count (the stat in the menu tracks if you hit him, regardless of if you knocked it off or not).
  5. Agreed. Everything is obtainable in private matches. Just came across a group of people boosting it in a public match. Confirmed by behaviour in-game and the fact they have PSNP profiles. The devs have given people the easy way out for the trophies yet they still decide to try and ruin the experience for those playing the game legit.
  6. If you're only going to play it for the trophies, then no. If you want to have a bit of fun, then yes. It is a lot better as a group, though. I've met quite a few people whilst playing and had more fun that way. If you are looking to get the plat for this game then I'd recommend doing it over a reasonable time span. For myself, I'm aiming for it over the next 6 months or so. Oh, and if you do boost then remember to do it in private matches. I've come across a few boosters in public matches and it's no wonder trophy hunters have a bad rep within the gaming community.
  7. Makes me glad to only hunt that bling for fun.
  8. Thanks for your input guys.
  9. Hi all So my team just won our first game as a Pro-Level team in Pro-Am but the "On the Rise" trophy didn't pop. It was our first win as a Pro team and not the win where we ranked up to a Pro level one (incase someone may ask that question). I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or if it's just a case of me interpreting the trophy requirements incorrectly. There are no guides for this game and this particular trophy is quite rare and a pain in the arse (co-op multiplayer), so I wasn't able to find anything on Google or YouTube. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the update. It's like they literally just put the bare minimum effort into porting the thing and that was it. Trophies are one thing but when core aspects of the game are still broken after around 4 years then it gives (potential) players the impression that they really don't care about the game.
  11. @jayboo1991 I can't connect either. I'm guessing since it's the first weekend period since the game was released on PS Plus, a lot of people have decided to download it and give it a try. Unfortunately, this is one of the extreme negatives associated with online only games.
  12. Wondering what the game is like now since it's been a few months since someone gave an update on it. Is it still pretty laggy? I really enjoyed the PS3 version but the fact it was just broken ruined it for me.
  13. I'm going on an educated assumption here but I think the issue is that the DLC trophy information never downloaded to the player's PS3 system. If you go to view the Defiance trophy list in offline mode then they don't appear. Only the base game trophy list appears. That would explain why none of them pop. If you complete a pursuit in-game then the game acknowledges you've done it (as shown by the videos Papidadi posted above), but there is no trophy information to unlock on the system as offline and online don't match. I'm guessing the work involved was just too much in fixing it as Trion have been aware of it for years. Trophy list aside, it's an enjoyable game but completely ruined by regular disconnects and constant in-game lagging. The fact it has been this way for a couple of years now is near unforgivable on Trion's part. From what I've read, the PS4 port isn't much better.
  14. Thanks for your response. I've only just seen this. After about 20 hours of farming and being unsuccessful, I decided to delete my save file, uninstall the game and then reinstall. A while after I posted this, I realised that I actually hadn't had a drop from the first 6 or 7 lore in the list (from the menu screen). After I started again after reinstalling, I got all of the lore within about 2 hours. Was a strange one. I literally farmed for at least 20 hours and nothing. Then after starting again, they all came pretty quickly.
  15. Hi all I know this game has only been played by a handful of people and I know the trophy in question has been achieved by a select few but I'm hoping someone will be able to answer my question. I only need the Mermaidon and Ghost Gem lores left for the Bookworm trophy. I have been grinding for over 10 hours in Librarius rooms just looking for these two pieces of lore but have been unsuccessful. My question is are these two pieces of lore so incredibly rare or is there another way to come across them outside of the Librarius chests? The reason I ask is that I have found every other bit of lore multiple times over. I've even found The Dueling Deaths lore 4 times and from what I've read on the internet, that is one of the rarest lores in the game. It could be that RNGsus just isn't smiling down on me or that I'm just missing something completely here.