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  1. A good theory, but can confirm that the DLC does not affect base game trophies. I got the DLC and did everything on them. From memory, one of the levels actually makes getting Score King!! a little quicker.
  2. We've known each other for a while now. We've seen and helped each other with some pretty tough plats together, including BF3, Fall Guys and this (for you). Just wondering after finishing off BC1 if this comment still stands...? 😜
  3. Realise this probably isn't relevant to you any more but thought I would respond in case it helps you or anyone else in the future. A lot of the trophies are extremely buggy. They seem to unlock for some but not for others. It seems to be a thing with Bloober Team and their games. There is one trophy, however, that looks to be unobtainable because it is literally impossible to complete the challenge. It's on 4.3 (The Mill) and you have to kill an enemy in less than 8 seconds. Someone on the Vita version on PSNP also wrote about it. The earliest time you can get is 8 seconds and it seems you have to complete all side objectives and get a good score in order to unlock S Rank for all levels.
  4. I forgot I still need to finish off BC1. Am so close with only 4 awards left and just need to find a way to get With My Devil Dogs. Haven't played in about 8 months but if I could place a large bet on who exactly will be playing when I load it up, I feel I'd be a very rich guy. Some of the lifers in the game are alright. I can't remember exact names but some of them are incredibly good, but they play in a decent way also. I can't remember his name but the guy who is #2 on the leader boards killed me quite a bit but I got kills on him too. If he killed me I felt it was fair and he deserved the kill. It's the sniper cheesers that really grated me. Unfortunately, from the time I started the game to the time I decided to take a break 8 months ago, the number of these cheesers had increased a lot.
  5. I was fortunate enough to get a pre-order in, but I'm about to move house so I'm not allowing myself to set it up when I get it. It'll be my moving in gift from me to me! 😃 And I also probably wouldn't get much packing done if I did open it. Yeah, first 3 boards are done. The final games on Historic and All-Time were pretty tough with mediocre cards but I managed to do quite a bit of dunk-cheese with PD Brandon Roy with a dunker diamond shoe (he was my standout card).
  6. It'll be interesting to see how MyTEAM plays out on the PS5 to start with. Some people will transfer across from the PS4 and some will be "new". It will be nowhere near as populated as the last-gen version, at least to start with. I imagine some cards will be put on the AH for a fortune since they wouldn't have been available before the release on that system. Won't be picking the PS5 version up so will wait for 2K22 as I'm not really into auto stacking (which I'm sure will have issues - it's 2K!) I'm still bitter about the Season ring trophy. Got it within the first week of release after having to win 23 games. They then nerfed it to make it easier and my friend in real life played a game, the other person quit straight away and he got it the first game.
  7. Did you fully upgrade Ox-Eye? He was the one I was missing as I saw your post and thought it had glitched on me too. Once you've completed the campaign, the default mission that's there is the final one and he isn't a part of it. The UI in the game is bad but if you go to Mission Select, choose Moving On Up and press R1 to go to Crew. That's how I figured out who I was missing. Hope you don't have to restart the game. It's not bad, but it's also not great either.
  8. If there are some cards you still need, maybe start a boosting session and see if someone will help out with what you need. I've helped out people on this site before so they are out there. 2K won't re-release Heat Check cards. Can nearly guarantee that, unfortunately. This is the easiest NBA 2K plat in a number of years. There's nothing overly difficult about it (compared to other iterations), it just takes time. If you stick at it then it will come. If you're getting burned out then come back to it.
  9. Calm down. OP clearly didn't know. Other people in the thread informing them of this and you're just posting to be rude.
  10. Thanks for the workaround. Since you spend a large amount of time driving in the game, I have no idea how they never addressed this.
  11. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered an issue with being able to drive forwards? If you're at any kind of an incline or are slightly off-road then your vehicle will go forward at a snail's pace. It would literally be quicker to get out and walk. When I first started the game I just thought it was because I needed to upgrade the Magnum Opus a little to make it more powerful but it happens in any vehicle I steal as well. Driving in reverse seems to be a lot quicker and is currently the only way I can get a stolen vehicle back to a stronghold. I highly doubt it's my controller messing up as if I'm on foot and hold R2 down then Max sprints every time, and I have also tested my controller out in another game and it's fine there, too. Thanks in advance.
  12. Play Limited when it's available at the weekend and win games. Getting a ring is luck-based so you may spend some time getting it or you may get it pretty quickly. It took me about 23 wins before a ring even showed up and it took @djb5f about 13.
  13. I agree that the trophy itself seems to be fixed, so if you are able to get into a squad then it should pop. I'm saying the solution to be able to get into a squad without having a second PS3 is hit and miss. There are a lot of people on this site that have two PS3s. Of course, some may have used the NAT 1 method but not everyone can get that connection to work for a variety of reasons.
  14. I'm not a massive expert on this, but what you wrote is the NAT 1 "solution". You don't need to search for someone with a NAT 1 connection because you'd be giving yourself one. It can be hit and miss for a variety of reasons (i.e. getting a failed internet connection test), but still doesn't guarantee this method will work for everyone.
  15. So it looks like the two PS3 method works but regular squad invites don't (at least right now). Just tried with a couple of people multiple times and didn't connect once.