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  1. I did it on my PS3. Any unobtainable trophies will forever be just that, regardless of how the game is played.
  2. Eventually managed to do it. It's not a hard trophy in terms of difficulty. What makes it hard is the game-breaking freezes and overall bugs you encounter. Chapter 13 froze a total of 6 out of 8 times. The first time I got through I died in Chapter 14. The second time was easy and finished with 8 pain killers. Don't think there's anything specific you can do to avoid the glitch. I tried different things every time. The last time it worked, I mixed up the order of the massacre and made sure I didn't use bullet time to kill the final guy (played offline, with golden guns enabled). I also made a note to not kill the guy in the right office cubicle last. More often than not, he was the one that brought on the glitch. Big thanks to @SlowQuorex and @Sisik2205 for listening to me rant and putting up with my foul language over our Discord and for giving me words of encouragement and motivation to keep at it. You the best trophy homies a guy could ask for.
  3. Rockstar should be ashamed. The mode is just broken. Not what you expect from a AAA developer. Had three instances of Chapter 13 freezing and tried a variety of things to stop it. Played offline with no golden guns, not gone left at all in that room and have even taken the pre-LMG guy down with a melee. All I can think of is to try and keep one other guy alive first and take him out, but that's risky as everyone else comes into the main room and you'll be exposed if you try to ignore someone looking to splatter your brains against the wall. Not a hard trophy at all, with practice, but the toughest part is trying to make it through without the game glitching on you.
  4. Could be. However, cards earned through challenges, locker codes, etc. aren't sellable in any way, thus they're all Original Owner cards. Might be wrong but just going on the description that they'll be similar to the numbered cards they had in 2K18, albeit possibly easier to obtain. Am also guessing Draft will be similar to the mode they had in 2K18 for Pack and Playoffs, which was solely a PvP mode. If it is 10 games in a row (or similar) in offline games then that'll be incredibly easy, regardless of what players you draft.
  5. "This Is Sparta" seems relatively easy at face value, especially if you get it done early in the game's lifecycle. "My Precious" is trying to push people to open packs since it has Original Owner in the trophy description, thus not something you'll get through challenges. "Lottery" seems to be the deal breaker this year as looks like you have to win 10 games in a row in that mode (hope I'm wrong but 2K trophy history suggests otherwise). Will be very hard as am guessing you won't have any say in your drafted team and will have to rely on a whole lot of skill... and a little luck.
  6. If you're talking about this weekend specifically, I would go with DM Middleton, GO CP3 and Diamond Giannis. They're all pretty cheap (at the time of writing this), providing you have some MT to spend from playing Domination and other modes. If you want to grind a bit this weekend then TT Offline has DM Ayton, DM Booker and PD Bridges as rewards. As the above post said, most people quit out if you have a pretty good team and go up a little bit. Had a few quits just by going up between 4-8 points in the first quarter.
  7. My first (real) attempt at the 100 points challenge, I just came up short. Scored 88 points with Bol but because it was toward the end of the fourth and a very tight game, the CPU fouled him out. Was aiming to push it into overtime. I guess it's my own fault for not taking control of him, but I will get that at some point if I have the energy to. Just did the 9/9 challenge after a few attempts. I don't think that one is too difficult. I just used Tom Van Arsdale. Right now, he is my favourite SG in the game because his release is just ridiculously fast and hard to guard against. As you say, the Invincibles game will be a make or break. Not sure I have the stamina for it personally. When (arguably) the best MyTEAM player in the world can only beat it on next gen then you know it's too hard.
  8. I've now done 15 out of 30 so far and am up to the Invincibles challenge. 2K never seem to learn the difference between what makes a hard challenge fun and what makes a hard challenge frustrating. Am going to struggle with getting 100 points with a player without shooting any 3s as well. Could easily do it, even on HOF, but the fact you're going against a near all Invincible line up just makes it a lot harder (and that you only have 5-minute quarters). Somehow, I did the 11 steals challenge first time. I used DM LaVine and managed to get 4 steals in like 30 seconds and the final one I literally had 5 seconds left and just run at the CPU and luckily managed to get it. I did the 20 second chance points challenge on my second go but it glitched for me. I got well over 20 second chance points as a team but not with an individual player and still got the reward. Would advise others to try that and see if you works for you. These challenges are just horrendous. Why they would make this single player content achievable to only the very best players in the world is absurd. Well, we know why... to frustrate players enough so they think they need better players, thus open packs.
  9. I'm just doing them in order and am up to 11 steals with a player. I think I could do all of the challenges except the Golds vs. Invincibles one. 2K were just trolling when they thought of that challenge. I'd say the hardest for me personally so far was not letting any points in the paint in a Cs vs. PGs game. Even if I stood back and let them have a wide open shot, they would either get it every single time (and I lost) or I swear they would troll me and drive into the paint anyway. Nearly had to order a new controller before I finished that challenge.
  10. Good advice. Just to add my 2-cents to this... Would recommend doing the LaMarcus Aldridge challenge as it's pretty easy (get 7 3-pointers with Cs) and also getting GO Drexler from the AH (he's very cheap at around 5k and also a very good budget card). They form a Dynamic Duo, so Aldridge gets better stats and Drexler turns into a Dark Matter. Then throw some Diamond shoes on them both to make them even better. You've just got yourself two Dark Matters for around 10k (including the approximate cost of shoes).
  11. Not disagreeing with this estimate. In fact, I'd say it's about right for intermediate or advanced players. However, if this is your first NBA 2K game, I'd say around 250-300 hours is more accurate. MyTEAM is no joke and those trophies alone I would rate at least a 7/10. I'm a pretty good player and the final Domination board is certainly going to test my skills and I have an all DM team. I could be wrong but I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.
  12. Don't worry. He'll be removed.
  13. I'm on the same challenge and, whilst I could technically do it from an MT perspective, I'm not going to right now (if at all). I already have a DM Blake as my PF. 2K knows what they're doing and they're wanting people to buy Season Rewind packs when they come out again on Tuesday to try and get Blake. I'm on the 8 rebounds challenge... my best was getting 6, but it loses its fun when you have to deliberately miss shots to try and get offensive rebounds. Clearly was not play-tested at all.
  14. The last Domination set is going to be Hell on current gen. The final games will undoubtedly be against an all Invincible team on HOF difficulty. I've gotten Luka and would definitely recommend him. He has pretty much all 99 stats and has a quick release, which helps. Would also recommend using Tom Van Arsdale (if you have him from TT). He has the quickest release in the game (I believe) and even on HOF difficulty, I green with him about 75% of the time. You have Bill Russell? My hats off to you. I've gotten Butler, Lillard and Worthy but gave up on the second Bill Russell challenge as my controller was about to get thrown through the window.
  15. I believe @grimydawg___ mentioned to me that he had a similar issue. Just had a quick stalk of his profile and it's still not popped. Could be a cross-version bug. Unfortunately, if 2K haven't addressed it by now then you might be stuck. Who knows, though. They fixed Geologist on PS5 version so miracles do happen.