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  1. You will no doubt have to do 10 favours with a single character.
  2. I just did my second of the day. Just seems completely random as this one didn't start when I first entered the Refuge or anything. The one I got earlier today did. Not sure if I was just very lucky or if they appear at certain points or times.
  3. They might be. We'll find out today. Yesterday I had a random encounter with a nurse in The Whitespring Refuge where she said a magazine had been misplaced somewhere in the building and asked me to go and put it back in the magazine rack. All I got was caps as a reward, but have a feeling that may be the favours the game is referring to, if the trophy doesn't pop after doing 10 daily refuge missions. If so, they seem to be random and don't appear every time you visit the area, or indeed appear every day.
  4. I believe knocking out 100 opponents refers to punching and kicking them (with cross or circle). Knocking out 100 players with HyperForce refers to being in HyperForce mode (by pressing L1) and then punching and kicking them. Players refers to bots, as well as real people (which is a real bonus).
  5. Agreed. If you have spare Atoms from previous Seasons then maybe use them (would still be a waste given it takes a couple of hours max to reach level 15). Definitely wouldn't be worth spending real money on overpriced Atoms, given how quick and simplistic it is to reach the necessary level). I interpreted the 10 favours as just over three days, given you can do three daily tasks in the refuge. Only time will tell but, either way, still a very easy trophy to obtain.
  6. Imo, if you're going for the 100 Blitz wins, it's quicker to do it solo. If you have multiple people then you would each need to get 100 wins, thus taking everyone twice as long, as you would be trading wins (and it's highly unlikely someone is just going to spend 8+ hours of their time helping you from the kindness of their heart). Passes and interceptions will come naturally on the way to 100 wins (I got 50 passes within a couple of matches and am close with interceptions, and am only approaching 35 wins so far). Although, playing with multiple people may be more fun if playing naturally, after knocking out passes and interceptions, it would just be one person standing around for about 7 minutes per game every time.
  7. The trophies are up on PSN, if you look the game's trophy list. I guess they just haven't synced across to PSNP yet.
  8. I'd say 17 days is more than enough time, if you have the time to put in before the end of September. On the UK store, the game is around £4, so worth it for a little bit of mindless fun, imo. I put in a little bit of time earlier and already have 8 out of 100 Blitz wins and am at Level 15 already. I'd roughly guesstimate that the online trophies in the game would take about 8-10 hours. As a post above mentioned, the online searches for other players for about 30 seconds then gives you a bots game. Trophies seem to count in a bots game as I've unlocked a few Blitz-related trophies that way. However, it does seem the more you level up, the tougher the bots seem to get. It broke my win streak but that was probably more down to me being new at the game. As a side note, the AI on your team is dog sh*t. Had a couple of instances where the other team literally walked past him and my bot just let them.
  9. Yes, the online is gone now, which makes the multiplayer and myClub trophies unobtainable.
  10. They aren't currently popping on the hour. They were for the first two weeks but then were replaced with The Mothman Equinox seasonal event, which ends tomorrow. They may bring them back into the hourly rotation after that. If they don't, then they may appear at random (along with all the other permanent events) every 20 minutes. If that's the case, then it is simply luck as to whether the one you want will appear.
  11. I did it on my PS3. Any unobtainable trophies will forever be just that, regardless of how the game is played.
  12. Eventually managed to do it. It's not a hard trophy in terms of difficulty. What makes it hard is the game-breaking freezes and overall bugs you encounter. Chapter 13 froze a total of 6 out of 8 times. The first time I got through I died in Chapter 14. The second time was easy and finished with 8 pain killers. Don't think there's anything specific you can do to avoid the glitch. I tried different things every time. The last time it worked, I mixed up the order of the massacre and made sure I didn't use bullet time to kill the final guy (played offline, with golden guns enabled). I also made a note to not kill the guy in the right office cubicle last. More often than not, he was the one that brought on the glitch. Big thanks to @SlowQuorex and @Sisik2205 for listening to me rant and putting up with my foul language over our Discord and for giving me words of encouragement and motivation to keep at it. You the best trophy homies a guy could ask for.
  13. Rockstar should be ashamed. The mode is just broken. Not what you expect from a AAA developer. Had three instances of Chapter 13 freezing and tried a variety of things to stop it. Played offline with no golden guns, not gone left at all in that room and have even taken the pre-LMG guy down with a melee. All I can think of is to try and keep one other guy alive first and take him out, but that's risky as everyone else comes into the main room and you'll be exposed if you try to ignore someone looking to splatter your brains against the wall. Not a hard trophy at all, with practice, but the toughest part is trying to make it through without the game glitching on you.
  14. Could be. However, cards earned through challenges, locker codes, etc. aren't sellable in any way, thus they're all Original Owner cards. Might be wrong but just going on the description that they'll be similar to the numbered cards they had in 2K18, albeit possibly easier to obtain. Am also guessing Draft will be similar to the mode they had in 2K18 for Pack and Playoffs, which was solely a PvP mode. If it is 10 games in a row (or similar) in offline games then that'll be incredibly easy, regardless of what players you draft.