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  1. Thanks for your response. I've only just seen this. After about 20 hours of farming and being unsuccessful, I decided to delete my save file, uninstall the game and then reinstall. A while after I posted this, I realised that I actually hadn't had a drop from the first 6 or 7 lore in the list (from the menu screen). After I started again after reinstalling, I got all of the lore within about 2 hours. Was a strange one. I literally farmed for at least 20 hours and nothing. Then after starting again, they all came pretty quickly.
  2. Hi all I know this game has only been played by a handful of people and I know the trophy in question has been achieved by a select few but I'm hoping someone will be able to answer my question. I only need the Mermaidon and Ghost Gem lores left for the Bookworm trophy. I have been grinding for over 10 hours in Librarius rooms just looking for these two pieces of lore but have been unsuccessful. My question is are these two pieces of lore so incredibly rare or is there another way to come across them outside of the Librarius chests? The reason I ask is that I have found every other bit of lore multiple times over. I've even found The Dueling Deaths lore 4 times and from what I've read on the internet, that is one of the rarest lores in the game. It could be that RNGsus just isn't smiling down on me or that I'm just missing something completely here.
  3. Definitely Heart of the Reich. Probably spent a day and a half just trying to get to the second set of Flak 88s. It was full of cheap deaths that you couldn't do anything about due to the grenade spamming. The easiest part was probably the stair section at the end. Never again, though.
  4. I don't blame you. I'm just incredibly stubborn. I will not let a game beat me. 😡
  5. OK, I believe the reason I am being overrun with enemies (and grenades) is that after I destroyed the second Flak 88, I didn't get the checkpoint with the tank moving up. Apparently, this blocks off one of the enemy spawn points and makes pushing up a lot easier (going off the description in a YT video). Back to the start of the mission I go... 😒
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. @dragon11gggg Typically I would agree that taking your time and pushing forward is the right approach. It's how I beat some of the harder missions like Burn 'em Out, Relentless and Blowtorch & Corkscrew. The difference here is that the enemies respawn very quickly and throw 3-5 grenades at you every couple of seconds that force you to retreat back and lose any progress you've made with pushing forward. It's annoying that the Veteran trophies in the game are solo only. For something this difficult, you need a good team behind you. It seems your AI teammates are incapable of hitting anything and are there purely for show. They don't have your back and I have had multiple experiences of the enemy running directly past my teammates just to either shoot or melee me. It's incredibly frustrating and unbalanced. I have come this far in veteran and am sure I will get it eventually. For a campaign this difficult, I'm surprised the platinum percentage for this game is as high as it is.
  7. Yeah, I've tried spamming them with grenades and molotovs but the constant grenades and firing doesn't cease. The issue I'm finding is that there is a good 4-5 enemies in front of me and to my left. It wouldn't be so bad but it's the fact they respawn after a couple of seconds. It leaves no room to push forward.
  8. Hi all I'm currently playing through Veteran mode and am on "Heart of the Reich". I am stuck and need your input. I'm on the part where you have to take out the Flak 88s. I have seen videos of people recommending to take out the first Flak located on the right and then the one on the left. However, I decided to take out the one on the left first due to it being more challenging to get to and thought that if I die then I wouldn't have to replay smashing the one on the right over and over again. I managed to get to the one on the right by (luckily) running up to it, planting the C4 and then running away. I then dealt with the other one but this is where my issue comes in. It seems that because I didn't kill a lot of the enemies by the left Flak before I got the checkpoint, they're still there and continuing to respawn every 5 seconds after I kill them (literally). Not only that but there is a new wave of enemies in front of the crashed tank between me and the "safe house" in the middle ready to hand my ass to me. Since you only have a linear path in the level, I have to deal with around 10 constantly respawning enemies either in front of me or to my left, which also means 3-5 grenades every couple of seconds. As a result, it's near impossible to progress to the house in the middle, let alone to either of the remaining Flaks. I've watched YT videos to try and help me with this part but none of them has anywhere near as many enemies to deal with as I seem to have. Any input here would be appreciated. Am I missing something or should I just restart the level? Some of the other missions I have done have been tough yet doable but I have been stuck on this particular part for a number of hours now (probably tried it over 100 times now).
  9. It's very subjective - neither is right or wrong. It's about your preference to hunting. I personally prefer to get 100%. However, what's more important to me is playing the game and earning the trophies as opposed to having a friend help me out by, for example, deliberately losing. Sure, it may take longer to obtain a specific trophy this way but I get a greater sense of accomplishment, which to me, is what it's all about. Sometimes it's not always feasible due to crazy luck-based restrictions or unreliable and/or dead servers but I will certainly do things the "hard way" where possible. Another example is the Jak II debug mode workaround where people are now able to obtain the plat in like 5 minutes. When I do get around to the Jak series I will still play the game and earn the trophies the normal way because, to me, it'll always be about playing the game first and foremost.
  10. Done that. Even with the difficulty set to favour Hunters' I'm struggling. I even went into the final mission with the auto-balance completely even. The last thing I can think of is changing the Monster I am fighting. I have normally been fighting against Behemoth due to his (relatively) slow speed and attacks but he may have a higher health pool than other Monsters...? Have avoided Wraith as he's pretty fast and hard to pin down. Maybe Kraken would be a good bet to try beating.
  11. Has anyone got any pointers here? I seem to really struggle with the final mission (Defend) with the Hunters. I'm normally Assault or the Trapper. I have tried the following: Being really aggressive with the Monster and clinging to him like dung to a beetle but he just ends up running (and getting) away after I do so much damage and then comes back a minute or two later with full armour again. Defending the power generators but just get overwhelmed by the minions. Strategically placing mines on the way up to (and around) the generator. Focussing on the minions when they approach the generator but the AI just seems to do their own thing and find myself taking them on on my own, which isn't enough. And yes, I have tried looking for an Evacuation match online but I waited for at least 20 minutes. No one seems to play that mode anymore. Keeping the Monster and minions out by being the Trapper and utilising the dome around the generator but the minions seem to just walk right through it. Any tips would be appreciated.
  12. You can. I'm assuming you're referring to his "Stellar Cast" lore? If it's any consolation, I found this lore a lot easier than Alani's. In fact, I got this lore done in about two games. I'm going from memory here so I could be wrong and anyone else is welcome to correct me... I think it is glitched (the good kind of glitch). Play Incursion matches and make sure his Stick With Me Helix is activated (level 10). When you have his ultimate at the ready, fly around both ally Battleborn and minions. If there aren't more than five there then fly out of the ultimate's radius and go straight back in. It seemed to count for me.
  13. For what it's worth, here's my tips for getting Alani's "The Lifeguards Have Given Up" lore: Use Riptide after the countdown has finished and all Battleborn have just about made their way out of the spawn area. I got at least 5-10 doing this. Although, it only works if there is one exit from the spawn area. Play Incursion matches and focus on the choke points. I can't remember the map name (I think Echelon) but there are narrow corridors leading toward the second Sentry for both teams. Since your team should be trying to push forward/back (even with the mediocre AI), this should get you a couple of successful hits. Alani's lore is a bit painful but as I was working through it, she became my favourite character so at least it didn't feel like a total grindfest.
  14. After reading some of the comments in this thread, I'm glad I'm not the only one that suffered with the Guido races. The hardest part of obtaining this platinum is persevering through the complete broken controlling of this race mode
  15. Hi all Am wondering if anyone has any spares of the following that they wouldn't mind passing my way: Pure Moonlightstone Pure Darkmoonstone Been reading up online and these ones seem extremely luck based (even with PBWT) so if anyone could help me out it'd be appreciated. I'm on the NA server and am currently SL 94.