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  1. If there are some cards you still need, maybe start a boosting session and see if someone will help out with what you need. I've helped out people on this site before so they are out there. 2K won't re-release Heat Check cards. Can nearly guarantee that, unfortunately. This is the easiest NBA 2K plat in a number of years. There's nothing overly difficult about it (compared to other iterations), it just takes time. If you stick at it then it will come. If you're getting burned out then come back to it.
  2. Calm down. OP clearly didn't know. Other people in the thread informing them of this and you're just posting to be rude.
  3. Thanks for the workaround. Since you spend a large amount of time driving in the game, I have no idea how they never addressed this.
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered an issue with being able to drive forwards? If you're at any kind of an incline or are slightly off-road then your vehicle will go forward at a snail's pace. It would literally be quicker to get out and walk. When I first started the game I just thought it was because I needed to upgrade the Magnum Opus a little to make it more powerful but it happens in any vehicle I steal as well. Driving in reverse seems to be a lot quicker and is currently the only way I can get a stolen vehicle back to a stronghold. I highly doubt it's my controller messing up as if I'm on foot and hold R2 down then Max sprints every time, and I have also tested my controller out in another game and it's fine there, too. Thanks in advance.
  5. Play Limited when it's available at the weekend and win games. Getting a ring is luck-based so you may spend some time getting it or you may get it pretty quickly. It took me about 23 wins before a ring even showed up and it took @djb5f about 13.
  6. I agree that the trophy itself seems to be fixed, so if you are able to get into a squad then it should pop. I'm saying the solution to be able to get into a squad without having a second PS3 is hit and miss. There are a lot of people on this site that have two PS3s. Of course, some may have used the NAT 1 method but not everyone can get that connection to work for a variety of reasons.
  7. I'm not a massive expert on this, but what you wrote is the NAT 1 "solution". You don't need to search for someone with a NAT 1 connection because you'd be giving yourself one. It can be hit and miss for a variety of reasons (i.e. getting a failed internet connection test), but still doesn't guarantee this method will work for everyone.
  8. So it looks like the two PS3 method works but regular squad invites don't (at least right now). Just tried with a couple of people multiple times and didn't connect once.
  9. I've gotten 10,002 kills and have 5 awards left. I'm not sure I'd swap that even to have With My Devil Dogs popped. Getting to this point has been hell. If the squad function actually works then it should make the squad wild card award a little easier.
  10. Ah, sorry, didn't see that. Reading a lot of updates on it and just woke up. Will see if I can find someone to give it a try. Going back into that game gives me a feeling of dread. The worst part about that game itself isn't the servers, it's the player base. 😑
  11. Congrats to all who got it. Sounds more stable now than it has been in a long time, for whatever reason that may be. Just a shame I don't have two PS3s and don't want to spend money getting another one just for a trophy.
  12. I'm currently on the final games of Historic and thought I'd try it out. It works to a degree. Right now there are generally mediocre cards for people to use... some good ones, but not what we'd be using in 6 months. The CPU is on Superstar difficulty and has a stacked line up of Galaxy Opals. Even their bench has a load of GOs. That means they're generally faster than you and quite often stick to your ass. I'd say it's a helpful play, but don't rely on it on the later games. They've really ramped up how tough Domination is this year. I've dominated Domination three times before but this year is by far the toughest. I remember the final matches in Historic last year didn't even have a GO-filled team. It had them but not every single player. It seems they're really catering MyTEAM to the hardcore players, or just intentionally making it hard because.. ya know... Probably not as hard as the Schedule stuff from 2K18, though. Those can stay roasting in Hell.
  13. They've lowered the difficulty in Domination now. Current is now All-Star and Historic is Superstar. I don't know about All-Time yet as I haven't gotten that far. They still might make the last 297 stars HOF difficulty, but right now it's a welcomed change. I didn't even notice at first. I easily won about 5 games and just thought I had become God-like. Sadly not. EDIT: All-Time is Superstar difficulty.
  14. Congrats, @woggly4. Your perseverance paid off. You deserved it more than most due to your commitment... or insanity. Too bad I don't have two PS3s. That and lotto-winning luck seem to be key components to unlocking it..
  15. I think "I'm A Star" may prove to be a show-stopper for some. It is going to take quite some time. Also, to earn 3-stars you have to beat the CPU on HOF difficulty. Correct me if I'm wrong but last year wasn't it just All-Star difficulty? Some of the later games are no doubt going to be a right pain in the ass. Also looks like some potential time-based trophies relate to Season. Obviously won't affect anyone right now but I have a feeling that will disappear toward the end of the NBA season.