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  1. I did it in about a week, legit and have a full-time job. If you're going to go for it, now is the time.
  2. What was primarily the method where people got it to show as a demolition kill? Tried following the tactics explained in this thread but every time I tried with C4 it just showed as them committing suicide and every time the person ran into the building right before it collapsed, again, a suicide. The only time I got it to work was on White Pass in a tank. It worked 4 times in a row but then just stopped working. Not doing anything differently at all. As far as I can tell it just seems like luck whether it'll register as a suicide or a demolition kill, but any additional info would be appreciated.
  3. I'd personally say it isn't obtainable due to With My Devil Dogs and should be marked as such (in my opinion). It hasn't been unlocked by a single person in 3 months and if you take out the group batch in March, it has only been obtained by a couple of people in the last year. Who knows how they did it! I know someone who tried for months for it but to no avail. Unless you're a Battlefield veteran, I wouldn't recommend the multiplayer aspect of the game. The ones that are left live in the game and have years and years of experience and are literally the top guys on the leaderboard so would most likely annihilate you with ease. That being said, managing to knife them is an incredibly sweet feeling and almost worth the frustration of "getting good."
  4. Just under 90 GB.
  5. They don't need to be boosted. You literally just need 5 players from that specific division and can play a normal game against the AI. Once you have the players, it's an incredibly easy set of trophies.
  6. If you want to plat the game then Ultimate Collector will require a lot of time and patience. if you plan on going for it then you will need dedication, even if you plan on dropping money into the game. There's a reason it's an incredibly rare trophy. All of the other trophies are relatively easy, essentially comparing it to the last few iterations of the game. If you just want a good basketball experience then disregard going for the plat and just enjoy it.
  7. Matchmaking is completely random.
  8. If they're still charging customers and not allowing you to actually download the product you just purchased then it's very likely just a glitch that will get resolved once they are aware of it. Not really an assumption, more reiterating the law of I'm guessing every single country in the world.
  10. Not really a what you must know for boosting post, more of a what you must know for 10,002 kills. It's not really something you can boost but something you need to take into account if you decide to go for it. I recently got Beans Bullets Bandages and this is what I have observed in 2020. Others I have frequently played with throughout the 10,002 kills, like @REAPER4536, can either attest to or give their own spin on things. I may frequently refer to them as spoilt kids or children throwing a tantrum... it is justified. Maybe nothing I post is new but, as I say, I'm just giving a 2020 view on things. The game is literally filled of 90% lifers. These guys play the game Every. Single. Day. Some of them even play all day. The game seems to be their entire life (leaderboard position, I guess...) Previously I posted they weren't that bad of a community. I was wrong. This is one of the worst communities I have ever come across. Expect a similar experience. They get salty and act like children not getting their own way and team kill you if you go for a chopper or vehicle they wanted to get to first. Again, they will just randomly team kill you for the hell of it (not all of them, some of them are actually pretty decent, legit, players so I'm not trying to pigeon hole all of them here). They don't like losing. If they're having a bad round or if they are against a team with more lifers then they will leave the round. I'm guessing K/D ratio is that important to them. They are not hacking. However, they do use exploits. This is more or less a fact as I came across a Demolition exploit myself just from playing the game a lot during my 10,002 kills. Expect them to use these exploits all the time in order to get more kills. They know all the enemy spawn positions. If you're in that position there is no point in spawning as they will just knife you. In the 5+ months I've been playing, the amount of cheese snipers has gotten worst. These guys will literally one-shot you 99% of the time. They will either stick their head around a corner or come out from undercover and in 1/2 a second kill you. They don't need to aim or anything. The suggestion here is to pay attention to the map and/or bunny hop the entire time left and right and try to kill them first. Expect to get frustrated. The guide has very recently been updated and the trophy time accommodated for this fact but just wanted to provide a bit more explanation as to why based on a recent experience.
  11. I'm sure the faction trophies are glitched but (just throwing it out there), max reputation on the PS3 version was originally 600 and was then updated as the game expanded. I'm assuming in this version people have gotten the 6000(?) rep points and aren't just thinking max rep in 2050 had the same trophy requirements as the PS3 version...?
  12. If this is the case, you'd think it would be automatic and it would be at the same time every day, week, or whatever. Looking at some recent achievers, there doesn't seem to be a correlation with time or indeed day (people achieved it on a Saturday, Monday and Tuesday over the last handful of months). I've been in-game at the same time as @woggly4 and seen him attempt this countless times but apparently to no avail. If someone does manage to get lucky and pop this then go out and get yourself a lottery ticket.
  13. Thanks. Corrected.
  14. The above is somewhat inaccurate. Mission Maker - you need to receive the "First Strike" and "Final Blow" awards in the same game (be the first to destroy something and be the last to destroy something - AI or player). Hero of the Sky - Achieve 12 (not 10) enemy plane kills. Thunderer - 18 ground unit kills. Heavy Metal Hero - Achieve 12 enemy tank kills. Wing Breaker - Destroy the most aircraft units in a Ground Forces game.
  15. Since the main WWE games are now being made by Visual Concepts, I have a bad feeling it will return next year all NBA 2K'ed up (i.e. microtransactions everywhere you look). Wonder if they will patch 2K20 between now and then to keep the roster up-to-date. Also wonder if the online will stay open for longer than the usual 2K timeframe for people that want a more realistic experience.