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  1. They are alive, but it's not easy to connect with other players. If you really want to do this game, you should start with the multiplayer trophies. Because you will need to test if you can connect with your boosting partner. There are many posts in forums saying that you may connect with someone if you change your DNS, or open certain ports in your router, or something like that, but I tried every possible solution and anything worked for me. I believe that you either will connect with someone or you won't. If you can't connect with a player, it's better to find someone else. Also, the game will fail to connect to the server a lot of times before it enters the multiplayer screen, and also to connect with other players. A good solution if you fail to connect with your partner (specially if you already know you can connect with him) is to sign out, start the game and sign in when you enter the multiplayer. The good thing is, once you connect the first time with a player, you won't have any problems connecting with him again if both of you stay in the game. Also, looks like the server works better at certain times. I did this game in 3 sessions with a friend that I was luck to connect with. But we had to reschedule one session because we started some hours earlier and couldn't connect at all. It may be a coincidence, but this server works based on pure magic, so...
  2. I decided to buy this robbery. But while I was checking the trophies and the DLCs, I saw 2 of them that I think it's not required for the trophies. It's kinda obvious that the Legacy Pack isn't necessary. But that pack with Fuka and Desco is required for some trophy? Man... Spending so much money to get a few easy trophies. And the worst part is that these DLCs are not available in my country. Had to make an US account to buy them with f*cking dollars. Sometimes I hate myself.
  3. I checked the in-game statistics while I was doing the trophies and it doesn't count there, but it counts towards the trophies. Have you tried enough times to get one of the trophies or you stopped after checking that the in-game progress wasn't counting?
  4. Are you sure you're doing it right? I did it using this method yesterday. I'm 100% sure it works. Are you playing on PS3 or Vita? Maybe it doesn't work with every version. I did it on PS3.
  5. It's really easy. Just finish any order, save the game and report the order. After that, exit to the main menu, reenter the game and report the same order again and again. EDIT: Probably it only works on PS3, since @ESYLD tried on PS Vita and didn't work there.
  6. A truly competitor to Mafia at the time. The best work that Pandemic ever made. One of the most beautiful art directions in games. And yet, EA didn't gave a f*ck about the game and even killed Pandemic after that, because making generic broken racing games and releasing the same sport games every year is the priority.
  7. The reason for that is a glitch that happened to me. I'm not sure if it is a rare glitch, because I haven't seen anyone complaining about it on the internet. There are threads about similar issues, but not this one. All trophies in the game except for the story and sidequest related, didn't unlock for me. Also, the game was resetting the settings and the difficulty to default options. I started the game on easy/easy and was planning to do everything I could in 2 playthroughs (and now, I'm in my 4th playthrough and I'll need to do a another one after). After 1 hour of gameplay, I noticed that the brightness I adjusted to the maximum and the subtitles that I activated, returned to default (but I thought it was a minor issue). Then, I noticed that I wasn't getting any combat related trophy. Yesterday I started a new game on Hard/Hard and as soon as the game saved, I was playing on Normal again. I deleted and reinstalled the game data, tried to play with and and without the patch, and it didn't solved the problem. Something I tried that doesn't make sense, but fixed part of the problem was I using a Dualshock 3 to play the game. I was using ds4, but since I already had weird problems in another games, I decided to test this. It worked just for the difficulty change glitch. I was able to finish on hard and get the Good Behavior trophy, but didn't get Silent Hill Historic Society, even though I got every collectable again. Also, I tried to get the trophy for incapacitate/kill 10 screamers, but it didn't work as well. Finally, I found a solution. If you're having this problem, you need to delete all your save files and the game utility file. The 1.01 patch is installed together with the game data, so you need to be offline. Just install the 1.00 version of the game and play the game offline (because it will always try to update when you open the game), and everything will work just fine.
  8. It's probably a glitch that happened just now to me. I finished my 10 star run, and got everything I needed, but the game decided that I did only 3 endings instead of 4. I got a 3/4 (+2) instead of 4/4 (+2). The weird part is that I did one master file where I saved every ending I got. I did the 3 normal endings, Maria's scenario and the Rebirth ending. And everything was counting how it was supposed to. So, I don't know what the hell happened. One of the 4 endings just disappeared in the results of my 10 stars run. The most irritating thing isn't even the fact of having to repeat the 10 star run again. The worst thing is that I don't know if I should try again using that Rebirth save (it's the only one I have), because the bug may happen again, or even worst, have to start everything from zero. These are the result screens from the Rebirth save file I used to start the 10 star run and the glitched result:
  9. This thread is about the upcoming PS4 remaster. And I'm saying they did a PS4 version of Crystal Chronicles first instead of Tactics.
  10. That Nvidia leak is real. And it's already about time. They're running out of FF games to remaster. They remastered even Crystal Chronicles before Tactics. Square needs to analyze their priorities better.
  11. Also, I forgot to mention. You probably don't have the Vaccine, it's a very rare drop somewhere in the game. So, the best way to find it is in the shop. Just keep entering and leaving the shop until it appears. It's random and may take time. It took 40 minutes for me. It's a green capsule and I think it costs 2,000.
  12. There's a cheap way to do it: just choose the battle time to be 30 seconds and equip the Vaccine and the Heart Disease, then let the opponent knock you down. After this, all you need to do is hold the down button to stay lying in the ground and wait for the time up.
  13. It will never be worthy, but it's possible
  14. What I think is: if they create a server for a game I would like to platinum, like Portal 2 or Midnight Club LA, I will do it on my main account. Even if I need to hide it to appear on the leaderboards, not that I care so much about it nowadays. Like many people pointed here, many of the rules from this site are contradictory, there's a bunch of nonsense here. I don't know if it's because the admins don't care about looking into some usual situations and change some of these rules for something that makes sense, or because they think of the rules like a sacred book and thus, can't be changed by any means. Also, I don't know why someone would care so much about a leaderboard where the player with 3 thousand platinums with only novels and 10-minute games is in rank #1, while the guy who have the platinum/100% for Super Meat Boy, Trials Fusion, Elder Scrolls Online or any other difficulty:10 game is waaaaaay below. This is the best site for trophy tracking in the world, and yet there are sites with better leaderboards than here. Like mypst (from Brazil) for example. At least they have a leaderboard for platinums in general and another one for the players with the most difficulty points.
  15. Don't the digital version of Winter Games Edition still gives access to this DLC?