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  1. Never gonna happen. Imagine how cool would be if magically every online trophy from any closed server just popped in your profile? We wouldn't have thousands of unobtainable platinums. And I'm sure that there's always a group of people to each one of these thousand games that thought this same idea. I would love to platinum Portal 2, Midnight Club Los Angeles, Gran Turismo 5 and at least 20 more games. But it won't happen even if they could do it.
  2. Having fun while being a trophy hunter? I can't imagine how this is possible
  3. With the DLCs installed?
  4. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I never played the game and was hoping for the events to come back. How many events there are currently? There are enough to start the trophy from zero? Or it's possible to play the same event over and over until I get the trophy?
  5. Well, I hope that is the case. This game is cursed. Since I started, there's always something happening to jeopardize the boost. I'm searching for 3 hours about this issue and can't find anyone speaking about this.
  6. Me and my friends are farming the field manuals. One of my friends started first. We did 4 of the 5 weapons of the Commando role. When we were farming the M-79, the multikills barely counted and we had to make at least 500 multikills to count the 100 needed, but we though that it was normal, because everyone says how the multikills are bugged. The problem was when we started his last weapon. Now, neither the headshots, kills and executions are counting for any member of our team. We already started a new lobby, closed the game and reseted our internet and the issue keeps happening. The progress is stuck. It barely counts anything. The statistics counts the kills, headshots and executions that we do, but the weapon bars don't.
  7. This is the worst thing about the console version of the game. The smallest movement of the analog stick makes the camera move hundreds of kilometers. It makes the maneuvers so much harder because you need to keep dancing with the analog to find the closest position we need.
  8. At least there's no trophy for completing every side quest. Because if making that flower one time to get the trophy was boring as fuck, making the flower sidequest would make the game much worse. It's the only quest I haven't finished in the original.
  9. Now we know that "nowhere in the near future" means "less than one year". Even with the many players speaking how these games are terrible, I wanted to platinum these. But with a 2 fucking weeks warning, they could as well, close the games today, since I can't buy these games this month.
  10. The online still works on both? PS3 and Vita? Edit: I tested it on a secondary account. It works on PS3. Thanks.
  11. That's a nice idea, but it doesn't change very much. I hardly pay attention to the difficulty and hours written in the guides because I already know that is inaccurate, but it will be inaccurate either way. Also, even with votes, most people won't understand the voting system because most of them don't have standards to compare. I follow some platinum groups and I've seen people saying that Red Dead 2 is a 10/10 because it's time consuming and had a real struggle to get the Gold Rush trophy. And I've also seen people saying that GTA V platinum (not the 100%), is a 2/10. If anyone who have the platinums could vote, it could be more inaccurate than it already is. People would need to know what makes a 10/10 difficulty. Games that everyone agree that deserves to have this difficulty stamp. Super Meat Boy, Crash 4 or Wolfenstein 2, for example. For most people, games that are 7, 8 or 9 could be easily a 10, like Metal Gear 2 and 4, Mirror's Edge or Injustice 1 for example, since they never played games harder than those. The same thing would happen with the easy games. A 1/10 game are games like those japanese novels, My Name is Mayo or the Telltale games that you don't even need to look at a guide, since everything you need to do is play the game until the end. Any game that have any kind of action that the player needs to pay a little attention, or look for something (even if it's obvious), can't be a 1/10. And changing the subject, the thing that really is missing in the guides that really is important would be a mandatory space to add how many players are needed to boost the multiplayer games.
  12. You mean that those co-op trophies can only be obtained on the vita?
  13. I have seen that, but it really was closed in 2015? Like I said, how so much people got the online trophies in these 5 years? Obviously they aren't hackers. This post is about the closure of Prison of the Gods server, "which includes "Daily Quests" and "Old Card Draw" services, among other features", it doesn't say anything about the co-op quests. If the co-op quests are a P2P feature, then it doesn't need a server.
  14. Yeah, when I try to connect, it says that it has been discontinued. My friend also tested it.
  15. Last month I was searching if the server was still up and I have seen that some people have earned the online trophies in March 27th, less than 3 weeks ago. Then I bought the game and was hoping to start it today, but there's a message saying that the server has been discontinued. The last guy to earn the online trophy still is in the same date: March, 27th. They really did close the server less than 3 weeks ago without warning or it's just a temporary issue? Or maybe the server was already closed for some time and those who earned the trophies recently hacked the game? I already searched on google but didn't find anything about the server being discontinued.