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  1. I am trying to start a skirmish match with my friends. I already started one match with only 3 players and 5 bots some days ago, but now I can't find one match with 4 players. We are divided in 2 teams, but we can't find each other. How many players are needed to start? Or there is something to prevent boosting?
  2. I'm trying to play Chaotic: Shadow Warriors on PS3. I started the game first time a while ago to see how it is, but I deleted the 0% trophy list after, since I wasn't ready to go for the platinum (I had some other stuff to do). But now, the trophy list doesn't appear anymore when I start the game. This never happenend before. Every time we start a game, the game list was supposed to appear on the trophy list. And even if I get a trophy objective, the trophy won't pop. Yesterday I was boosting the 10 ranked battles trophy and it didn't work. Someone heard about a glitch like this?
  3. I played for some time on PC some years ago and it's really confusing at first, then I saw some tutorials and it's kinda easy. If this is the only thing stopping people to complete the trophies, then I think I'll play. I already know most of the challenges, what each thing do, the physics... I'll check the trophy list to see if there's anything too much time consuming like 1 week for 1 trophy.
  4. I want to play this game since it released on PS4, but the other version was unplattable. And now I am surprised to see that this version have only 26 players of over 1000 owners, actually have the platinum. Is it that difficulty? There is no trophy guide (in any place), so I don't know for sure. Even super hard games, with 9 or 10 difficulty ratings have more achievers. Is there any trophy too much hard or too long to get?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to help a friend to do this method, but he has a digital copy. I was following the steps, but I didn't found the same file as the guide, my friend found those files instead: One of them is the Comrades, obviously. But the first one, I'm not sure if it is the game (I don't know if this is the file for the full game with the most recent update or if it is another game). My question is: the link to the A0126 update in this guide works for both the digital copy and the disc, or there are 2 separate files, one with just the 1.26 update to use on the disc and another with the full game plus the 1.26 update to use instead of the most recent digital version? I don't know if this makes any sense or if I'm just doing something wrong.
  6. I need to buy the game first. And my PS3 is broken, I'll buy another one this month.
  7. Ok, thanks for answering my question. And I know there are some people who already did the online portion of the games before the closure of the servers, but there are people who used hacks too. And I though Portal 2 was gone in 2016, now I'm a bit more sad to know I could have done it when I got my PS3 in january.
  8. Yeah, but we can't trust in that. If you look on Midnight Club: LA or Portal 2, for example, there's a lot of people who got the platinum this year, using hacks. Midnight Club: LA is closed since 2014, Portal 2 since 2016.
  9. Thanks. Maybe I'm confusing with another game then.
  10. I could swear I have seen, about 1 year or so, the playstationtrophies guide warning that the servers of this game were shut down and the platinum wasn't achievable anymore. But now I'm searching about some PS3 games I want to finish and for my surprise, it looks like people are capable of obtain this platinum again, and the guide don't have the warning and don't even mention about it. So, the servers were down and now they are available again or they were always working and I'm finally going crazy?
  11. Thanks for the replies. But now I don't know if this is worth it. 60 dollars on add-on characters created just for the sole purpose of selling to completionists like me. One character per trophy? It's like I'm buying the trophies themselves.
  12. I want to buy this game to make 100% of the trophies. But I'm confused about the DLCs. I searched everywhere, and didn't figure out if I need to buy them or if they are free. I found them in the US store, but the currency was RP, instead of dollars. I never saw anything like this. Can someone tell me how to get them? Here's the link of the DLC costing 31,000 RP:
  13. After the latest PS4 update (6.00), for some reason, the problem is gone. Now I can find players. Maybe it really was a connection issue.
  14. I tried finding matches in different days, in the morning, afternoon and night, but never found anyone. I'm form Brazil, and I know that nobody plays the crucible in south america, but I think the game should find players in other regions. I know some guys who did this trophy some weeks ago, and they said they had no problem finding matches. I searched about this online and found some people on reddit complaining about some issue connecting to other people, but anyone knows why this happens. And about boosting this trophy in private matches, this is the only trophy that doesn't count.
  15. I'm trying to get the Supremacy trophy, but I have a question about the number of players playing the crucilbe. I can see that almost everyday, some people get this trophy, but when I try to search for a match, I never found anyone. So, I don't know if there are players but I can't find them because of some internet issue or there is another way to get this trophy which I don't know about it. Anyone having the same problem?