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  1. The only reason for me to buy and play this game is that I can put this trophy in my cabinet: Booty Call Twerk time
  2. Nope. You still have to play through the stories yourself.
  3. Awesome! 😍 Any tips on what skill upgrades to get for the story campaigns?
  4. I finally got it to work. Thanks @LucasDiasC for the tips! Now to another question: what are these 20.000.000 zenis good for? 😅 Can they help me boost the 530k BP in any way?
  5. Alright then. Thank you for your help. I'll have to test it tomorrow with the 100.000 zen again and farm until the bitter (but still short) end.
  6. I did enter the lobby informations [Europe and Germany] and disconnected the internet on the loading screen. Just to confirm: you still get into the lobby, but get kicked out afterwards, right? Because I can see the arena ant these little figures with hats, get 2 messages on the screen and than it's back to the main title with the info "Network connection error. Could not access region information" (sort of). Sorry for bothering so much, but this is kind of an awesome glitch I don't want to miss.
  7. I was never able to skip it. I watched it numerous times now. 😒 So it is correct that you enter the lobby, choose you region and country, wait for the loading screen on the bottom right and diconnect on that screen?
  8. That's the thing: after these screens, there is no loading screen for me, becaus the trailer starts. After the trailer I am asked which lobby I want to access and after THAT I see a loading screen.
  9. I am confused: do I disconnect the internet before or after the trailer is shown? Somewhere along the way I messed up and got the 5 mil "only" twice. So I have to make the next two days of 100.000 zenis count Is this list correct? 1. Go to offline lobby with internet connected 2. Go back to main screen 3. Start online lobby with internet connected 4. Wait until you see screen XY [I am still not sure which screen it is, as there are so many. "connecting to server", "blue upload arrow", aso)] -> disconnect internet immediately 5. Back to number 1
  10. Can you give a short explanation what you did? When I choose "Offline Lobby" and disconnect the ethernet while the loading screen is shown, I start with 1.000 Zeni and nothing happens. This is the first time I am starting this game. Maybe you need to have an account of some sort?
  11. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Child of Light Costume Quest 1&2 Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge Hell Yeah! Thomas Was Alone
  12. Stardew Valley. I own the game, but did not start as I am afraid to never get to 100%. 🙈