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  1. I bought the vita version when it came out and I got ps5 version for free
  2. It's been a while since I played this but if I remember correctly you need to damage both players until they are one hit away from death. Then shoot with player 2 and as soon as the arrow hits player 1, shoot with player 1. If you time it right, the arrow should hit player 2 and tie a round.
  3. Awesome guide, worked like a charm! At first, I thought the code didn't work anymore, but I forgot that I was using a QWERTZ keyboard and my keyboard language was set to English on ps5 lol
  4. I was wondering why trophies didn't show up lol, I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Actually, they will show up if you wait long enough. But you might get an error, you can log in back when you get it tho. Even then it might take a while for the trophies to update on psn tab. No idea why this is happening now, I was using 2FA prior to that and it was never like this. update, the same thing is happening on ps3, very weird, but as long as trophies sync it's fine I guess
  5. I used BlueSracks: https://www.bluestacks.com/ You can emulate android instances of the game, it works pretty well. I combined it with the steam version and a phone
  6. I've been trying for a while now and no matter what I do I get completely destroyed lol. Is there something I'm missing? What is the best character to use? Also does anyone know what score is needed to be able to upload the score in HI SCORE mode? Update: finally got it! This one was a pain. After a lot of struggling, I chose the 5th character from the left. I used his grab (forward square+circle), you can spam it pretty effectively as you can see, if the enemy gets too annoying you can also try to attack with forward+R2. You need at least 11k points to be able to register the score. So you will probably need to defeat 3 opponents (Possible in 2 if you are quick and LUCKY). Opponents matter as well, the ones I was fighting were the easiest to cheese with throws. Sadly they are random so you will just need to keep trying. Here is my run, as you can see I suck at this game lol, but with this method I got it done in 2 tries
  7. oh yeah, that's true, well either way I think this 100% won't be too annoying to finish
  8. Thanks for the info!! I know this can be done solo but I just wanted to grind it out with a friend to make it more enjoyable haha, so it would be nice if someone can confirm if the game is region locked
  9. Also, does anyone know if the game is region locked by any chance? I have the game from EU account and my friend from NA. Is it easy to team up?
  10. Are bots very good or its easy to win and do trophies?
  11. Damn looks like the game was already delisted. Some people said that if you turn off crossplay, you will be put in a solo lobby with bots, is that true? Does anyone know how long and hard the completion is? Sadly I have the game on only 1 account right now
  12. Definitely! I heard they patched the Xbox version a while ago, so it's a bit easier now. I think you just have to start a game on each difficulty now, still takes way longer than ps version tho
  13. I loved this game! I was surprised how easy it is to platinum compared to Xbox achievements
  14. Yeah, you need to be the first to cross the line, I also heard wins sometimes don't count if you are in a squad. Also if there is a race event like tip toe for example and if you win on the final round, the win will not count
  15. Do you know if there is a list of all cheat codes and what trophies you need to unlock them?