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  1. Nothing specialComplete stage 4 in story mode without using any special item I'm really enjoying this one. Me and my friend had a blast yesterday in co-op.
  2. Because it's cute lol, I wanted to buy dark souls avatar but it's not available in my country 😭😭
  3. I'm playing it right now and it's extremely fun. It's a bit grindy but that's what I like about it. And it's not hard at all. If you play it co-op it's even easier and more fun! You'll get destroyed in a couple of seconds at the start but you'll be able to get further as you level up. More you level up easily you are going to destroy enemies.
  4. I finished it like a year ago, awesome game, really loved the puzzles and platforming.
  5. Surgeon simulator, I had a blast playing this game, some trophies were quite challenging but when I managed to get them it was probably the best feeling in gaming for me.
  6. Story Stage 1Complete stage 1 in story mode I took a short break from singstar xD. I really enjoy riddled corpses, awesome game!
  7. Walking dead telltale
  8. here is my souls shelf: and my ow shelf: ps3: and ps4(Fifa games were on sale 0.1€ each 😂): Please don't judge me for owning 2 body pillows 😂
  9. Perfect harmonySing in harmony with a friend during a duet song Grinding the last version(ps3 NA), should be done tomorrow lmao
  10. Wait so when you connect it works but then it disconnects once you turn on the controller? It's normal that controller turns off when you connect because the app servers as one. Maybe did you accidentally turn off remote play on your account? (settings->remote play connection settings)
  11. platinum #291 SingStar™Collect every SingStar™ trophy Third stack done. I had internet problems for the past few days so this one took longer since I use the app for microphones haha. Gonna start 4th stack of this great game right away, can't wait to listen to backstreet boys again 😂🙃🙃
  12. Try to log in with your main account and it should work, I had a similar problem
  13. It sucks you can't transfer characters from ps4 to ps3, I still need to play reaper of souls on ps3 😬
  14. Are you logged in with you main acc in the app?