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  1. It depends on the game. If the game is boring or doesn't require a lot of attention, I watch youtube, otherwise, I listen to music. I almost never play without background noises.
  2. You can only transfer data from diablo 3 --> RoS, it doesn't work the other way around. Trophies don't auto pop if you transfer data anyways. Platinum is obtainable tho and you can still play it with other people.
  3. The game, in my opinion, isn't that hard, with some practice. I would say 3/10 difficulty, I was able to get the plat in an hour. The game doesn't have a lot of owners and you can save scum all trophies, that's why the game is so common.
  4. Sorry, I'm not sure, but I think you should get it, you can also try instant matchmaking, there is a lot of active players. I didn't have any problems with finding people to play with.
  5. Yes, you can repeat it as much as you want, just travel to the teleporter of the dungeon(you can buy a teleport scroll in Velika). Similar happened to me too with some other dungeon, I got disconnected and I joined back, finished the dungeon but I didn't get the trophy.
  6. I see that you couldn't fix it. Does anyone know if it works now? I have the game but I won't start it unless I'm 100% sure I can complete it.
  7. Thanks for the guide! What a strange and interesting game
  8. Yeah I did that with 2 ps4s lol, I don't own on ps3 yet, I didn't have any problems it worked great on both consoles.
  9. Had the same problem, this fixed it: http://wololo.net/how-to-use-gmail-on-the-ps-vita-ps-tv-fix-error-c2-14396-3/
  10. Legend!!!

    keep it going bro, I can feel ur next milestone!

    1. timpurnat


      Thanks for your support man haha :platinum:👊

  11. Sadly yes, you need to play through the whole game again.
  12. Did you delete the save? because the old save isn't compatible with the unpatched version.
  13. oh lol sorry didn't know it worked like that haha, I completely forgot to check the description😰
  14. I can't say for certain because I used a ps now trial for ps4 and I "borrowed" ps3 version, but I think they said they bought it twice. even in store it's sold seperatly so I think it's not crossbuy:
  15. The game is only cross-buy on EU store, you have to buy it separately on JP and NA. Ps4 NA is currently on sale, ps3 NA costs 8$ for some reason lol. Also, ps3 JP is unobtainable because broken trophies never got updated so don't bother with it, all other versions are obtainable and aren't that bad to grind out, I just recently completed the last (obtainable) stack and it took me only a day(around 20hrs of pure grinding).