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  1. I didn't have any issues accessing it, maybe it was luck or it wasn't affected at all. But again you never know, I would do it asap just in case. The good thing is that you won't pop any other trophies (just don't change the loadout before the win) I'm pretty sure you don't need a connection to play campaign.
  2. Just a heads up, there are actually 3 online trophies, one for winning which can be done in the private match by yourself, simply pick capture the flag game mode and start the game, once you capture all 5 flags, the trophy will pop. The other two are for joining a clan and customizing the loadout (not sure if this one will be affected, but it requires you to go in the mp section). I got all trophies just now, in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Can this be boosted with 2 ps4s or do I need an active boosting partner?
  4. Thanks, man, always happy to help. I personally didn't have much trouble with doing challenges against AI, except the ones I recommend to boost, the ones that I boosted are really hard just because AI doesn't do these specific moves most of the time, or the challenge is buggy and requires specific steps which are easier to do online. You can always boost more if you think it's too hard for you against AI, but I think won't be the case. I would say that it was harder to figure out the requirements than actually doing the challenges haha, except a few very specific ones. I would not stress about difficulty man if you boost the challenges I listed, which takes an hour max, the rest are very easy against AI, I give it 3/10, anyone can do it, but as I said if you get stuck you can always boost them.
  5. I just got the platinum on ps3. I was able to do 90 challenges against AI and I boosted the remaining 10, although I think all are doable offline. Below I will post the challenges I recommend to be boosted as they are a bit annoying against AI or notably faster online. Platinum on ps3 is a bit longer since now you only have 100 challenges and some are quite long but easy nonetheless. A fair estimate would be 20h for PSV and 25h for ps3 version, considering that you boost the challenges below. Boosting other challenges doesn't really make a difference as they are easy against an AI but if you have an extra copy it doesn't hurt to boost them too. Challenges I recommend that you boost are (boost takes like an hour per person): - Wrestling#7 & kickbox#7 & savate#5 150/200 step strikes, it's just too annoying to perform against any AI, boosting solution is below (Mauy thai #6). - Judo#4 & Karate#3 & savate#2 Interrupt 10/15 attacks. Press down+tringle, and then quickly press up+triangle with alt - MMA#8 Break their legs. Just hold down and keep pressing triangle every second, then for the last few hits activate adrenalin. - MMA#10 Character Mastery. The most annoying one, do 10 standing hits/kicks, 3 clinch strikes, 3 ground strikes, 1 successful submission attempt, 2 throws, have a 70% hit rate, and finish with highlight KO. This one is a bit buggy so keep trying. One thing that worked for me on vita especially was finishing an opponent with a highlight submission. - Muay thai#6 15 step strikes in one match. For step strikes hold R1 and press forward twice+triangle/square - Muay thai#7 1 minute in Muay thai clinch. This one was annoying to figure out, press up+X so you get in Muay thai clinch. Now stay there the whole time, have your alt/boosting buddy slowly press square every few seconds, hold up to block, and throw a few punches in between. - Muay thai#10 Character Mastery. Press up+X (Muay thai clinch) and then attack slowly with a square for the whole game in the same position, finish the opponent while using adrenalin, and the same attack (square). I also have a few tips for challenges you can do offline, some were quite tricky to figure out as all guides out there are very vague or don't even contain the required information. I'm not posting this in ps3 version forum because it applies to the PSV as well and I don't want to start another topic just for that. Note: When I say pick boxer as an opponent I mean "Jens Pulver" he is much better than the other boxer. He is great for grinding challenges so use it for almost all of them. - Boxer #10 Spam down+square against St. John or Boxer. - Kickboxer #10 Fight against a boxer, always block up, wait for him to do his attack, and then quickly press square twice, repeat - karate #10 Pick boxer as an opponent, always block up, wait on him to finish the attack, then quickly stop holding up and press square 3 times, the opponent will fall on the ground, go close and press square again to attack him while he is on the ground, then start blocking and repeat. Keep in mind that you need a 70% hit ratio so don't waste punches and you will be fine. -Savate #10 Pick boxer as an opponent and block up, wait that he attacks, and then do 2 up kicks, start blocking and repeat. Finish the opponent with up kicks while using adrenalin. - jiujitsu #10 Put the enemy on the ground, stay there for the whole fight and try to be in a position where you can do arm submission(both turned in the same direction), just spam submissions, for the first few wait a little bit in submission hold so you don't do a lot of damage with it but you injure his arm instead, then once his arms are injured (red in the top corner) finish him off with another arm submission while using adrenalin. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to do any other attacks. - Ground transition blocks, press down a couple of times so you are on his back, then lock on screen, and when you see X on-screen press is to block - For X parries or counters just pick boxer as an opponent and always hold up and then press circle to parry(and square/triangle to counter) - For counter blocks, I played against boxer too, just attack with square and once he parries spam circle - For farming throws play against a boxer as well - Beat all fighters with highlight KO is easy, I recommend that you put an enemy on the ground and you smash their head, also keep a list of names of fighters you already highlight KO-d. - 60 standing strikes, fight against a boxer, always block up, wait for him to do his attack, and then quickly press square twice, repeat - 15 minutes in the down position, just throw the enemy and spam up/down till the end of the match - For 15 grapple strikes, this one is a bit buggy but basically press down+X and then up/down/left/right+X, switch it up a little bit, that seemed to trigger it for me - The fastest way to win matches is to put an enemy on the ground and spam submissions, if the fighter can't do that get in clinch position (down+X) and spam square/triangle and repeat. - 100 buckets of blood. For this play against "Demian Reis", if you play as Savate class put him on the ground with 3 punches, press down+X, once you are on top of him smash his face until there is blood everywhere. This one can take a while. For MMA class it's way faster and you can put an opponent down with a throw. - 100 kicks in the down position. This one is a bitch both online and offline. I played against the boxer and spammed the square, he eventually countered my attack and smashed me to the ground, from there I pressed the square and did the attack in the down position, then I did that 99 more times. If the enemy isn't countering, try going a few steps back and press square a bit slower. For other challenges, you can look up my PSV version checklist but the rest are quite self-explanatory. For other #10 challenges, you can use this guide too: https://bit.ly/36b3YhV Only the ones above didn't work with the strategy from the Xbox guide. That's it, if you have some tips yourself don't hesitate to post them, good luck to anyone attempting this! I found the game quite fun for the most part and way easier than rarity suggests.
  6. Yeah, they work normally. For mastery challenges it depends, I was able to boost MMA but not kickbox or boxing. It's a bit easier than on vita, I think that you can do about 80 challenges without boosting. I will post a list of challenges that I had to boost in a day or two. I already did 50 challenges myself against AI. Oh damn, that's kinda annoying, I'm having some trouble with karate mastery right now, I do 70% of hits and no other stuff such as clinch hits or throws, etc...but the challenge just doesn't want to work, any ideas what am I doing wrong? Edit: I got it, damn those Xbox guides really lack info lmao. Okay so basically pick boxer as an opponent, always block up, wait on him to finish the attack, then quickly stop holding up and press square 3 times, the opponent will fall on the ground, go close and press square again to attack him while he is on the ground, then start blocking and repeat. Keep in mind that you need a 70% hit ratio so don't waste punches and you will be fine. I think before it didn't unlock because the time almost ran out, I was injured and the opponent got too many hits on me, but maybe it's just luck.
  7. There are 100 and all work. You can boost most if not all of them. I am currently playing it, ps3 version also has an easy mode which makes some challenges more doable against AI. The only challenges that don't seem to work in online are #10 for each class. So some tips in the checklist should work on ps3 too
  8. Thanks man! I hope someone will find it useful. Ps3 challenges are basically the same but they work so some tips could probably be used there too
  9. A little update, I just got the platinum. So there are 120 challenges, 11 are either broken or I don't know how to do them, so that leaves you 9 more challenges which you can skip. I made a checklist in google sheets for anyone interested. It contains some tips as well. Checklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Oaju9j-lAwJcoPszcmFR0844S6N5OYB3GtWGRxqwLO4/edit?usp=sharing -Green means the challenge is easy and will pop during story, while going for other challenges or is self-explanatory -Red means that the challenge is either broken or the requirement is unknown -Orange means that the challenge can be completed but it's long and you should avoid it, you can avoid 9 of these -White means the challenge works but it's a bit annoying and it needs a few tips or a specific strategy I boosted all challenges with 2 vitas, which is the more convenient way. If you played ps3 version, you will see that the versions are the same, the only difference is that PSV version has 2 more classes, hence more challenges. If you have any questions or suggestions for the checklist let me know. I was doing the list at 4am so there can be some errors lol, but most of it should be fine. Good luck to anyone attempting this!
  10. Damn, didn't know that, but I'm not surprised. For me it works fine. I'm using 2 vitas and a digital game from US store with a vita trick. The game is a complete mess so it's best done with 2 vitas on the same network. So far the biggest problem for me is deciphering the challenge requirements lol, some don't work at all. I will try and make some kind of a checklist or something
  11. Yeah, it is, online still works. Just some challenges are broken, which isn't a problem since there are more than 100.
  12. Thanks! I'm kinda glad that they are broken, I thought I was going crazy xD. Vita version is really broken, but at least I don't have to do all challenges! edit: Just got ground control, you need to put your opponent on the ground right at the start and then stay there till the end.
  13. Hey, I see that you got the platinum, how did you get 100 buckets of blood challenge done? I'm having some trouble with it lol I'm also having problems with 30 seconds of ground control(MMA), what exactly do I need to do?
  14. There is no level select, at least I didn't find it in this mode. I saw people saying they had the same issue in one yt video, apparently, you will need to restart... oh apparently pausing the game causes the game to glitch, I never paused so that's why it probably didn't happen to me
  15. Can I do it solo with 2 vitas in ad-hoc or do I need another person to help me?