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  1. Does anyone know if there is a specific way to unlock "Blood Beam" Trophy? The guide on .org is saying that I need to kill 5 enemies with a blood beam, which I did multiple times now and it didn't unlock? Am I missing something? Does it need to be done with just 1 beam? Btw do I need to do Tommfoolery Trophy online? This one isn't unlocking either. Update: just got it lol, it took me like 2 hours to realize that enemies need to be completely lined up so you can get them all with 1 laser, wish that was mentioned in the guide🙃
  2. I always found the rating system on .org kinda useless, because people rate the difficulty based on time and missable trophies as well. In my opinion, the comments in the difficulty thread are way more useful and can give you a better idea of how long and hard the game is than just the plain number. There is also a lot of trolls that just vote 1 or 10 without even playing the game so if said system would be implemented only people with platinum should be able to vote and they should explain their rating, otherwise, it will be as useless as the current one. But again, I don't see it being implemented here any time soon anyway
  3. I recently did it with 3 consoles, I would say it took me close to 50 hours to do everything
  4. Yes, it's still possible, I don't think the store closure will affect this one since it's disc only(region locked as well). The servers appear to be P2P too. As for the community lol there never was one xD, you will need to do everything by yourself with 2 consoles.
  5. I'm playing on vita and I don't get any points when I get a draw, anyone knows what am I doing wrong? Update: You need to start tournament mode first.
  6. Thanks for the tips! Very helpful, I will start the game in the near future. Did you do everything without an aim controller?
  7. Very good selection of games, will probably play most of them. I'm most excited for the paper beast and astrobot
  8. Sure thing, I just want to be sure before playing, that playing without aim accessory doesn't make the game 10 times more annoying 50$+ is a bit much ngl
  9. Does anyone know how doable the game is without the aim accessory? I want to play it but I don't want to buy the aim accessory lmao. The game looks fun, it's a bit tedious since you need to find a partner for online but luckily the boost is not too long.
  10. For me everything works fine now, I can FINALLY boost some games
  11. I did some testing on my vita with a broken analog stick. Looks like the analog stick isn't the problem, because it works on the other side. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem of analog stick input not being detected? Is it the board maybe? I just don't want to buy new parts without knowing what's actually causing the problem lol

    1. timpurnat


      I think it's the board, luckily it's just 10$ on ebay, but still, I would really appreciate if someone could give an opinion on this before I waste money on something that might not even fix the problem xD

      The only weird thing is that only analog stick doesn't work, all other buttons that are connected to the board work just fine.

  12. Does this still work?
  13. Maybe reload the game again, outside memory.
  14. well, then the game probably didn't save and I guess trophy didn't pop since it's buggy. Just buy the same books again and if trophy doesn't pop reload the game, it should pop. Do it outside memories.