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  1. They are the same if I remember correctly
  2. yeah without dying, if you die just restart from the first level. I was able to do the second stack in like 15 minutes, so it's definitely not that bad. The first 4 levels are very short.
  3. You get the trophy at the end of stage 4 (if you kill all the enemies in the previous stages). It's very easy when you memorize the enemy pattern.
  4. I found the game rather boring and slow. Playing quick hunt matches solo with randoms was very unenjoyable and painful tbh. So I decided to boost everything with multiple consoles. I'm sure the game must be fun if you have 3 friends to play as a full fireteam with mics. As for the trophies, if done legit, they can be very very grindy and annoying. But luckily you can boost all but 1 trophy in private matches with modifiers. You can even start a match with just yourself or bots and grind some trophies that way. If you have multiple consoles or a friend to boost with, the game can probably be done in about 50 hours. If you intend to do everything legit probably 150h-200h+. Boosting the trophies was pretty chill and kinda fun with all modifiers, which made the game very fast and broken (in a good way lol). So yeah the best thing about this game were the tv shows and videos I was able to watch while selfboosting it
  5. So a little update regarding Predkour Master trophy. I just got it this morning without any issues and without even playing the game You can get it easily by setting up a private match as Predator. The only modifier that's important is hunt->set time to 0, this way the match will be infinite. Then use the video @Helyx provided, set yourself up on that tree and band the sicks towards each other. Just leave the game running over night or whatever and then go out of bounds so Predator dies and the game ends. I got the trophy after like 8h.
  6. I got the trophies a few days ago. I was mainly killing the AI, I just used a second console to respawn them, which speed up the killing. So it definitely counts. Only trophy that didn't work for me against AI was precision leaper, I can't vouch for other misc trophies like double smart disc hit or spear hit because I did them with my second console, but claims count for sure.
  7. Looks like from now on I will make a post every time trophy glitches on me It just popped after about 10 matches. I was playing private with a lot of modifiers and was only using grenades and grenade launcher to destroy the barrels. So yeah modifiers maybe make some not count but who knows, this one appears to be buggy no matter what, even after the "fix". And just to vent a little bit about the game, I found it very slow and boring, and imho modifiers save the game lol. I'm playing with 400% speed and 300% jump height and it's awesome, everything is so smooth and fast, you can really make the game very accessible and easy to grind.
  8. I think modifiers might have bugged some, especially 1000% damage lol, I destroyed everything with 1 bullet. I will do missions today and will set damage to normal just in case. I will report back if it helped, otherwise I will just do private matches without any custom settings. Thanks for the video, I'm glad that you can semi afk this trophy haha. I will probably wait for the timer just in case, I guess I will just play something on ps3 while I do this I see, I heard that for some people it unlocked just fine with just using a gun. I'm sure mine will unlock eventually, just like that trophy for killing the whole team with just blades.
  9. Any new solutions? I probably destroyed over 500 barrels now, I've been using grenades and grenade luncher all day. Do you think modifiers void this trophy? Haven't started grinding the 100km trophy but was a solution found for that one too maybe? I just know that I shouldn't press X and that I wait for the timer to start, but they still seem to unlock randomly for most people I guess?
  10. I had the same issue, I think Sony just fucked around with security on older systems and messed something up lol. Turning 2-factor authentication and generating the console password seems to fix the problem. You can't turn it off after though, otherwise, the password won't work again. That happened to me with 3 different accounts. I couldn't log in on ps3 or browser but I could on ps4/5, but I had to use the security code sent to email to log in.
  11. I'm having the same issue but it's with some older accounts too. When I try to login on the browser I get an error saying that identify couldn't be verified and that I need to change the password, I also can't login back to these accounts on ps3 but I was able to login on ps4 with a security code that was sent on email. I had a similar issue with logging in into the browser in the past but that was just sony being stupid, locking the account temporally (for like 2h). I hope this will be changed/fixed soon because I have a bunch of accounts with games or just dummy accounts for boosting games that require a bunch of players for stupid community stuff and such I think accounts are just getting randomly locked if you use them on another console and when you change the pass they get unlocked for a while and then they get messed up again, such a pain
  12. 2, all other spots get filled with bots
  13. I got a free upgrade, I bought the game on the NA store like a year ago. I think the upgrade only works on the original ps4 release if you bought it on the NA store, but I might be wrong.
  14. I didn't have any issues accessing it, maybe it was luck or it wasn't affected at all. But again you never know, I would do it asap just in case. The good thing is that you won't pop any other trophies (just don't change the loadout before the win) I'm pretty sure you don't need a connection to play campaign.
  15. Just a heads up, there are actually 3 online trophies, one for winning which can be done in the private match by yourself, simply pick capture the flag game mode and start the game, once you capture all 5 flags, the trophy will pop. The other two are for joining a clan and customizing the loadout (not sure if this one will be affected, but it requires you to go in the mp section). I got all trophies just now, in less than 10 minutes.