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  1. 1. VR luge - My absolutely favorite thing in the whole game, challenge time is pretty tight but I didn't mind replaying this fun ride at all! 2. London heist - fun story and the shooting scenes were my best VR experience till this day 3. Danger ball - very addictive mini-game, it really challenged my reflexes but that's what I like about it 4. Ocean Descent - Nothing special but the shark encounter was pretty good, the other two dives were completely unnecessary 5. Scavenger's Odyssey - Didn't really like the story tbh, I got motion sick from jumping as well lol
  2. Nope, it's not I just did it twice, but it's very strict with the requirement. I recommend that you pick up the explosive first then just and throw it once you are on the highest point in the air. Also trophy will pop once you enter the pause screen or leave to the main menu.
  3. I just finished both stacks of VR Worlds, honestly the best VR experience ever. Some challenges are quite tricky but with some practice, I was able to do it without too many problems. Trophies don't deserve that rarity tbh. The best world was VR luge for sure, the hardest for me as well, purely because of the length of the run. But I got quite addicted to it so I didn't mind replaying it at all. I didn't find danger ball that annoying, the only thing that bothered me was the luck factor, but in the end, I was still able to get 9k+ points. This game definitely encouraged me to chase some other ultra-rare VR plats!

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      congrats man 

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      @Atoyathanks bro!

  4. I mean team accounts are allowed on this site...
  5. I mean doesn't even matter if the video is fake, he didn't cheat in it so that doesn't really prove anything, except that she didn't do the game herself
  6. So everything is obtainable now if you start from scratch? Been planning to start it this weekend
  7. Yeah haha I can imagine lol, thanks for confirming!
  8. Same, some prices for old games on the ps store are just insane. I usually buy from physically from this UK seller on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/musicmagpie?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2754 They sell them for very cheap, only a couple of euros per game. Shipping is also very cheap if you live in EU
  9. Yeah, I know that, I just want to know if stats can get bugged. so you can switch between versions anytime you want?
  10. So @DividedByMankind was everything ok? I'm planning to boost all 2+ player trophies in EU and NA in one session and I just wanna be sure I don't get fucked, really don't want to grind this game twice
  11. A few weeks ago I decided to do all 4 Injustice stacks back to back, I finally finished the last one today. Honestly, Platinum difficulty is highly overrated, I only had some trouble with the first stack. Once I mastered Grundy,  the plat became a joke, I give 4/10 difficulty. Lab mode can be annoying, because some missions are luck based af. Last thing I needed was lvl100 on vita, I just got it 10 mins ago, after playing online games against the second vita and interacting with interactables for 3 days lol. Really glad I'm done with this game, it wasn't a good one, but I just can't say no to those UR plats haha

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      Thanks haha and good job! some RNG missions were so annoying lol you should see mini games with touch controls on vita...that's a whole different story 😂. I left tutorial so I can quickly pop the games for a milestone, I will probably do all of them for a milestone in order, idk why but I think it will look cool lol. But yeah the worst thing was lvl100 on vita, I was pressing for 3 days straight...

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  12. I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing this method!! I just got the trophy, I played with 2 controllers and 2 other people
  13. Oh haha sorry, I thought you were just looking for tips lol(I posted before you added the guide hehe), Everything looks awesome, wish this thread existed when I was going for a trophy. Thanks and good job!
  14. I used this map: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28224/shara-and-arun-boss-achievement-guide It was kinda annoying tbh, because some of the bosses are farmed for loot, so the boss was always dead or someone else initiated the fight before me. I recommend that you just clean up low-level bosses first because no one cares about them lol. Just go to the boss location indicated on the map, if he isn't there try changing the game channel(press tringle in the menu I think) and check if he is in some other channel, if he isn't go kill some other boss and come back after a couple of hours. For 68lvl bosses, when you find them quickly attack them so it will count for you and then just spam in the world chat "Help me with X boss in X channel", I'm sure someone will come and he will kill it for you, I mean you can always try to create a session and find high level people to help you but good luck with that haha...You can also check if the killed boss was registered under in-game challenges, his name should be grayed out. btw I think you can get an item from ps plus for free, that teleports you to every location you want, very useful, I think it's called Village atlus, but I'm not sure tbh lol I just know you get it in one of free ps plus packs
  15. Yeah the method doesn't work with online-only games(or online trophies), I mean you are probably able to download older patches, but you won't be able to play the game.