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  1. it works if you downgrade the game to patch 1.02
  2. they are not needed for the 100%
  3. Yeah, I really hope that will not be the case, but looks like they can easily do that if they want to lol. At least with this game, you can still buy it in other regions and play it. This is really bad for game preservation
  4. Very random yeah. I guess even if they release a censored version now, this list is dead. There must've been something up with this game in Asia, ps4 stacks were never released at all.
  5. Damn! Thanks for letting us know man. This really sucks lol. It's kinda concerning that they can do that
  6. Thanks, I hope they didn't remove it from the library, if that's the case this trophy list is toasted, even if they re-release the game. But maybe I just misunderstood my friend haha
  7. Was this game delisted? A friend of mine said that people that bought the game got a refund and the game was removed from their library, so weird, I never saw this happen before
  8. This works like a charm, thank you! I was able to switch back to my old account without any issues at all. Also for anyone wondering, you can have crossplay on and play with your friend on PC for it to pop
  9. It's very common, the game crashes all the time on all consoles, even the ps5 version. It's the same on Tannenberg
  10. Has this been fixed in the latest patch? I still can't get it but I've only played with PC friends so far
  11. You can use ps5 remote play on ps4 to play the ps5 versions with a turbo. I don't think there are any ps5 turbos yet
  12. Thanks for the guide! Do you maybe know if they will add more chapters in the future?
  13. Thanks for making a mini guide! It was very helpful I just had a weird thing happen to me, my friend and I were boosting rescues. I did a bunch of them, probably around 100. He then left the game and I was alone in the game with my alt. I was afk for a few games and the 100 rescues trophy popped lol We also found a pretty optimal way to get rescues, 1 per min. We both used 2 consoles - Play standard, easy mode off - Alts on one team and mains on the other - The player not going for a trophy (player 1) should go to the enemy spawn with his alt and put a rubberband on a joystick so it keeps shooting at his main which will keep killing it (spawns are always the same) - player two goes to his team's rescue spawn with his main - player two goes to enemy rescue spawn with his alt and puts a rubberband on a joystick so it keeps shooting at player1's main after he is rescued - After that, player 2 needs to keep rescuing his teammate (player 1's main) with his main and all other players can be afk for the duration of the round - 8 mins - after player 2 gets the trophy, switch roles
  14. Great, thanks for confirming
  15. Does this work on ps vita and ps5 as well? Thanks for posting btw