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  1. I just got both trophies with the proxy method. I tried about 50 addresses, that's the only working one I found: Port: 8080 I wasted about 2h because the guide said you need to see "waiting for players..." once you enter mp and start searching, which isn't true at all, I was connected to psn for only 4 seconds, I got disconnected as soon as I started searching ranked(I didn't even see the search screen, it was that quick lol). So if that happens to you it's completely fine and it will work. Just wanted to put this here so no one will waste time searching for new addresses like me
  2. Damn, that's an awesome method! I was using a similar method, but I was using 2 consoles, so yeah yours is way better since I can actually play something else while bot plays for me
  3. For the fash light part, you need to actually press R1 a couple of times instead of holding it. But yeah I agree with the checkpoint part, luckily I only died twice, I didn't really mind because the game is really short anyways
  4. Damn, I got the plat a while ago, but I still need to do the dlc. dlc will not be affected by the shutdown, right?
  5. Hidden trophy
  6. LoL pure garbage, I would like to know what was going on in their heads when they approved this design. New design looks like if it was taken from a ratalaika game. Trophies had the same design on ps3/4/vita, so I don't see a reason to change it on ps5, another thing no one asked for
  7. Most fun platinums: 1 - Nioh 2 - Dark souls 3 3 - Bloodborne Most grindy platinums: 1 - Diablo 3 2 - Brawlhala 3 - Injustice ps vita Highest skill based platinums: 1 - I am bread 2 - Surgeon sim 3 - Injustice Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Brawlhala 2 - Black ops 3 3 - Street Fighter x Tekken Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - ESO 2 - Neverwinter 3 -
  8. Tbh I never cared about it, it always felt kinda unnecessary. The new trophy update is complete garbage with so many levels now, so I think the site handled it pretty well. But I feel bad for people that cared about it and actually planned the games, I would lose it if they ever fuck up the milestones on the main page, since I invest a lot of time into planning them
  9. I don't like it and it will take me a while to get used to it. This update is just pointless inflation of the level, they only increased the cap for a little bit...It made the level even more meaningless. I liked the slow progression of the old level, now you level up every 2-3 games, which is not satisfying at all in my opinion. And why would you make a platinum trophy worth more than a 100% PSN game, just doesn't make sense.
  10. Can anyone confirm the method still works after the recent trophy update? I just can't get it to work today, I'm using the online method, and at the end after the error, I get a prompt to log in with my alt acc Update: for anyone wondering, it works, looks like you need to accept new terms of services on your alt account.
  11. I was lvl 150 and now I'm 964 lol, kinda sucks that I'm gonna reach level cap again soon. I would say platinum is around lvl170-180
  12. yeah exactly and rarity on psn is fucked because of hackers on some games as well...
  13. what the hell, this is so stupid and pointless, it was completely fine the way it was. They should've just changed the level cap, this just makes everything more confusing
  14. I completed the ps4 stack like a month ago. I just started the ps3 version and I can see that the stats transferred, I can see all wins/losses, etc... on ps3. So does this affect 2k matches trophy in any way? Can I still get it normally after 2k+ matches? I really wanna know before I put it on my list lol update: I've been turboing for about a day and 500 matches trophy popped without any problems update 2: 2000 matches trophy popped without any problems
  15. 1. VR luge - My absolutely favorite thing in the whole game, challenge time is pretty tight but I didn't mind replaying this fun ride at all! 2. London heist - fun story and the shooting scenes were my best VR experience till this day 3. Danger ball - very addictive mini-game, it really challenged my reflexes but that's what I like about it 4. Ocean Descent - Nothing special but the shark encounter was pretty good, the other two dives were completely unnecessary 5. Scavenger's Odyssey - Didn't really like the story tbh, I got motion sick from jumping as well lol