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  1. They are pretty frustrating to say the least. I passed some in the Slums area with less than one second to spare and the ones in the Old Town were not much easier. One of the most annoying things about these is the fact that u have to complete these during the night, which (depending on where u fail) means that u only get few attempts per night and then u have to go back to safehouse and sleep until its night again. They can be done with some practice, but they are ultra rare trophies for a reason Imo.
  2. The challenge mode (while difficult to 100%) has a lot of easy trophies that can be knocked out without too much trouble in a couple of hours. If u focus on the easier challenges, u should be able to get at least a few gold ranks, which gives u 4 trophies. U will also likely get enough money in the process to fully upgrade one of the rings, which gives u a 5th one.
  3. Killzone shadow fall has a bunch of ultra rares and they r easy for the most part (The trophy for completing the elite mode is the only tricky one Imo). The online portion is a bit grindy but not difficult since u can play against bots.
  4. I think claptrap has one skill that activates when ur shield gets depleted and it deals damage to enemies. Maybe that could be interfering with the challenge?
  5. Great videos! I'd like to get a review of my trophy list. 😃
  6. Its been a long time since I did them but personally I feel like unless u r very skilled, its probably easiest to do em with a friend. The ability to revive each other helps quite a bit, despite the increased difficulty. This also goes for mw2 I believe.