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  1. The master list post has the updated board linked.
  2. I've got your ID switched on the leaderboard now too... in case you go looking for yourself
  3. The Far Cry PP thread has been closed. Just FYI
  4. I have also neglected updating here for a while, but here is the overdue report. I'm up to 6/10 complete, and have made progress on the others. I have distracted myself some with games that aren't on this list lately, but hope to finish this pyramid by the end of the year. That may yet be wishful thinking, but we'll see
  5. I was trying to go from ~40% up to 50% and I started off decent and then slowed down for a bit, but I'm back to making good progress this past month. I think I've done pretty well though, much better than I normally am anyway. Keeping this event in the back of my mind has caused me to put a bit more consideration into the games I start. I've been much less likely to start a new game when I'm not sure what I feel like playing, and more likely to choose games that are already on my list from previous unsure days. If I keep it up I should definitely meet my goal before the end of the year
  6. @eigen-space Thanks so much for running this event for and the badges, they look awesome! Wish I could've filled in all the colors, but at least I got the sparkly ones
  7. For September, I think I only finished one game that counts for the theme. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments I only know of 2 Sherlock games, so just basic theme fulfilled Complete a game that you started this month I did also complete the Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse series, and there have been many Sam & Max games over the years. But, because it's split up into 5 non-plat games, I'm not sure if that would count for anything. Stats when joined: Platinum trophies: 27 100% completed: 68 Completion: 40.18% Stat changes during the year: Platinum trophies: +23 100% completed: +39 Completion: +8.01%
  8. Grand architect is 100% on all games; junior architect is just platinum on all games.
  9. I haven't updated here in a while, figured it was time to see where I stand. Going fairly well, but I need to stop distracting myself with games that have numbers I've already finished, if I have any hope of getting a complete badge this time 4120 - Fat Princess Adventures 5181 - AdVenture Capitalist 4322 - Unravel 4263 - This War of Mine: The Little Ones 2434 - Rayman Legends 5 - 6 - 8127 - Dragon Quest XI 8 - 2289 - Escape Plan
  10. I have one so far this month, Fat Princess Adventures. There are a couple parts where a princess accompanies for a while, so that should cover the basic theme for the month. Also it is a game that I started this month, and is used for Gaming by Numbers event too.
  11. I have a couple more to add from July. Broken Age: Counts toward another PSNP event (backlog pyramid) First trophy more than a year ago I think I walked into a cave at some point, but I don't remember actually being in a cave, so maybe I'm just remembering wrong... probably not hardcore Escape Plan: Counts toward another PSNP event (gaming by numbers) First trophy more than a year ago Inside for pretty much the entire game, possibly underground, but no way to be sure, so again probably not hardcore 4th game for the month! Stats when joined: Platinum trophies: 27 100% completed: 68 Completion: 40.18% Stats now: Platinum trophies: 46 (+19 this year) 100% completed: 98 (+30 this year) Completion: 46.32% (+6.14% this year)
  12. Thanks! I just figured it was worth a mention since the percentage is so low for the base game on that one
  13. Got another Bingo! New since last update: B4 - Dragon Quest XI N3 - Broken Age Original post updated with full list.
  14. 0 - 5181 - AdVenture Capitalist 4322 - Unravel 4263 - This War of Mine: The Little Ones 4 - 5 - 6 - 8127 - Dragon Quest XI 8 - 2289 - Escape Plan I'm up to halfway through now, currently wondering how many 1's I'll have by the time this is over. Up to 3 so far Also, @eigen-space I just wanted to give a heads up on Escape Plan, cuz just glancing through my profile it doesn't look done at all, but the base game is complete.
  15. Finished Dragon Quest and This War of Mine since my last update. I have been much better about loading up Rayman for the daily/weekly challenges since adding it to this pyramid, so hopefully I'll have that last awesomeness level within the next couple weeks. After finishing Dragon Quest, I had a few days of not being sure what I felt like playing, but I think I've got myself back on track now. Working on Broken Age currently, so that should be done soon too