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  1. I finished Costume Quest 2 today. The whole game takes place at night, so I think this would qualify for 4 colly birds. If not and I need to look for something "darker" let me know
  2. I did go through Syberia II earlier this week, so that's off the pyramid. After that I've kinda been in a can't-decide-what-I-feel-like-playing funk. So, I've started a bunch of games and not accomplished much in any of them Hopefully I'll get my focus back this week and can get back to making progress since the end is in sight!
  3. Finished with midterms so playing around with this sheet a bit more. I think I've got the sharing stuff straight, if anyone wants to check that the comments tab is there and editable (is that a word? I guess so). Also added a tab for requirements like @sundrew mentioned, so let me know if that's kinda what you were thinking of. And a general question about the PP: some of the ones I've looked at have a rank above the platinum rank and I'm not sure how that works. Does it still just count for the platinum 12 points or is there something I've missed? Big thanks for putting so much work into all of it! If you don't mind sharing your version that would be awesome. You obviously know a lot more about all the PP stuff than me (I just like playing with spreadsheets; don't think I'd qualify for more than 1 or 2 points on this leaderboard ), so you may have had better or additional ideas in there that can help it all come together better
  4. Since I've finished my homework early this week (30 minutes to spare, what!) and my son has taken over the TV and has a holiday tomorrow, I figured this was a perfect time to update my list I finally finished up Ratchet & Clank yesterday and it was a very fun game. Gonna have to play another of those one day. Also went back for the trophies in chapter 1 of King's Quest, but I don't own the other chapters and probably won't get them unless its an awesome sale since my backlog is so huge already. Went ahead and moved it to the complete section, as that is likely the best percentage I'll end up with for it. I have been working this past week on adding info to my list for games that have online trophy requirements so that I can try to prioritize those. I've also been giving some thought to the next group of games to play, since I'm 7/10 on the current pyramid. I keep changing my mind though, so hopefully by the time I'm done with this one I'll have it figured out lol. I definitely have Beyond Good & Evil in there and Need for Speed Rivals. I realized that I completely neglected my racing games with the last pyramid, so I will probably have 2 in the next group
  5. Lots of updates this weekend. Me too! I got Ratchet & Clank finished last night; only 3 more to go. Started playing Legend of Kay last night as well, so still working on the rest.
  6. It was no problem, I enjoy this sort of thing really and am glad to hear someone thinks it may be useful To address your points: 1) I did see something about this while skimming the thread and was trying to come up with a solution. I had an idea of having most of the document editable by specific admins and then adding another tab that would be public for comments. (That tab is actually there right now, just hidden until I figured it out.) But I am not familiar with the Sheets sharing stuff so I figured I could look into that later if needed to see if it is possible, but it should be. That way most of it would be safe from "vandalism," but if a user spotted an issue, they could make a note and then an admin could make corrections if needed. (We had a system similar to this in an office I worked at for some documents, and it worked great.) 2) I agree it would take some time to get it up and running, but it doesn't seem like there would be a ton of changes to make on a regular-ish basis once it is. (Not too many new people to add or changes in rank, like monthly or whatever.) And because the leaderboards I looked at seemed quite out of date, I didn't use any info from them. I just started from scratch copying from the individual threads.
  7. Ok, so brief explanation as none of you really know me and will probably wonder where this comes from, I get bored while listening to recorded lectures for school sometimes and look at random crap while listening. The last few days I have been perusing the Project Platinum threads trying to figure them out. I have been around here for a while, but not gotten into the forums really until recently, and the whole PP thing seemed like a neat idea. It seems like they aren't all kept up to date or so active anymore though, and at least part of the problem was the leaderboard situation. (For clarification: I haven't read this entire thread, but have looked over the last few pages and also both versions of leaderboards that I found.) In my distracted state, I was thinking that this is definitely something I could do, or at least help out with. I use Excel almost every day anyway and if I'm working on a list of some sort I can get engrossed with it forever sometimes. The last couple nights while listening to lectures (3 hours is a long time), I've given it a shot. (Disclaimer time! I have used Excel a ton, but this is the first time I've ever done anything in Google Sheets other than just view. So, partly this just gave me a perfect excuse to play around with it ) Anyway, here's what I've come up with so far Clicky! Mine is much different from the previous ones as pretty much the entire thing is on one sheet. I believe it shows all of the relevant info though, and seems easier this way to me anyway. There was maybe a reason that they were set up the way they were with different tabs for everything and I just missed it by not reading through this entire thread. I just tried to make it as simple as possible, with no graphics or complicated functions so that it would not get bogged down (I think I saw that was a problem with one of the others). Obviously, this isn't complete either and nothing is set in stone. I just picked a few PPs that seemed to have recent activity and had recently updated OPs as well. Figured I'd played enough with random things, so I should find out whether I should continue working on it or not. I also want to make clear that I have no intentions of stepping on anyone's toes. If someone else is in charge of one that is being worked on then, I'm sorry and I'll move right along. But, the ones I looked at didn't seem like they'd been updated any time recently. Also, I understand if y'all are wary just because I don't have many posts yet, but I would be willing to share it with someone if that would make everyone feel better about it. Or if no one is interested, once again, I can just move along Anyway, any thoughts just let me know.
  8. Can you add me as Lightning's Sidekick please. I have plats for XIII, XIII-2, and XV. I need to get back to finishing a bunch of others someday, so maybe I can move up at some point (I'm really bad at finishing games; maybe this will motivate me on those )
  9. I think some people who had this issue fixed it by doing the pyramid in reverse. I'm thinking I may end up doing that with my next pyramid as well. Common games are hard to come by I guess
  10. Little update for me. I finished up Cuboid a couple days ago. Been working on Ratchet & Clank, but my progress is slower lately cuz my new classes this term have a lot of homework. Hoping I can still get R&C finished sometime this week, and keep my backlog reduction rolling
  11. So, October is over and I've updated everything. Looking over it all, I feel like I made pretty good progress this month I was really hoping to get my unearned trophies number down, but ended up with a couple big games accidentally added to my profile by other people, so that didn't happen. I did keep the number pretty close to the same though, so considering, I'm still ok with it lol. My son had made a folder on the PS3 with deletable games and I've mostly cleared that out. (He cares nothing for the point & click adventure games, so that's why I've made it through a decent number of those so far.) Only 3 games left there, so he'll have to add more soon My biggest accomplishment for the month was definitely inFamous . Still very excited that I finished that one! I'm really, really horrible at aiming in games, so I have a tough time with those that require it. I still have fun with actiony games though, even if I suck. Persistence is my strategy inFamous was fairly forgiving with frequent checkpoints for when I died (which was pretty regularly on hard lol) and not always having to aim perfectly (cuz grenades FTW!). Was sad when I realized that we don't actually have inFamous 2 (I guess it was from a friend's account who had it free from PS+, but he no longer has PS+ and I had to delete it ), so I'll have to keep an eye out for that one on a sale so that I can continue the story sometime. Halfway through my backlog pyramid! I've finished up Cuboid too, except for the create levels trophy. Have to wait a couple hours between submissions, so I should get that one finished in the next day or two. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that game before; really gives the brain a workout Ratchet & Clank is a work in process as well. I started a new game since it had been so long, plus I was playing it with my son then, so we weren't playing on hard; would've had to start over for difficulty anyway. So, I have made progress there, but not enough for it to be reflected by new trophies yet. My classes this term are hardcore on homework, so I haven't had as much time this past week either. Because of that and upcoming holidays, my progress will be slower until sometime in December I'm guessing.
  12. So, I've finally finished up inFamous!! Very excited about that one cuz I'm not always great at actiony games (really any game that involves aiming I generally suck at lol). If not for this event, I'm not sure I would have stuck with it to the end, since a couple of the stunts had me really frustrated for a bit and I died a lot in hard difficulty. But, I was motivated to stick with my games and now that one is done after 7 years sitting half finished I think Ratchet & Clank is going to be next, though I may end up getting Syberia II finished before R&C. We'll see
  13. Added another very old game to my list with inFamous. Only a few more numbers to color in now 0 - (4210) Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits 1 - (3071) Syberia 2 - 3 - 4 - (514) Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 2 5 - (515) Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 3 6 - (516) Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 4 7 - (137) Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 8 - 9 - (99) inFamous
  14. I am probably in for this. Just need to check my backlog list to see what fits the categories. Obviously Harvest Moon for #8 Got time tho, so I’ll come back for an edit when I get it worked out. Edit: Working on a list 12 Drummers Drumming: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - All about the rhythm 11 Pipers Piping: Pretty tempted to put FF XV DLC here. Can listen to all the FF music in the car, and I will probably get this for myself for the holidays (Definitely going here now, after the announcement, will just have to make it an early gift to myself lol.) 10 Lords A-Leaping: 9 Ladies Dancing: 8 Maids A-Milking: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition - cuz if someone says farming game, Harvest Moon is all I think. 7 Swans A-Swimming: Port Royale 3 - All about the water, and I do need to get myself to go back and finish this. 6 Geese A-Laying: 5 Gold Rings: AdVenture Capitalist - this game is entirely about money, we'll see if I finish it at the right time for the event though 4 Colly Birds: Costume Quest 2 - The whole thing takes place at night (hope this is "dark" enough to qualify) 3 French Hens: Beyond Good & Evil HD - Developed by Ubisoft pretty much entirely by French folks, I believe. 2 Turtle Doves: Stories: The Path of Destinies - soo many ravens! And a Partridge in a Pear Tree:
  15. I've finished up the Tales of Monkey Island series! Made some more progress on Cuboid & Disney Universe as well. (Disney Universe is not nearly as fun by myself as I remember it being years ago when my son was little lol, but I will still get it done.) I'm back to being focused on inFamous, so hopefully I'll be able to update that as done soon too. Ultra Rare: Cuboid (4.75%) Very Rare: Disney Universe (8.68%), Legend of Kay Anniversary (9.38%) Rare: The Mysteries of Little Riddle (10.7%), Syberia II (13.22%), inFamous (11.82%) Common/Uncommon: Syberia (21.75%), Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (22.15%), inviZimals: The Lost Kingdom (26.22%), Tales of Monkey Island Chapters 2-5 (50-65%)