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  1. I like this idea, if it’s not too much hassle to do. I’ve never messed with polls, so I dunno. I’ve had very little progress with anything this month cuz finals were killer this term, but hopefully I can figure something out to fit in here now that they’re over.
  2. I get it now lol. The percent to goal thing threw me off as well until I read your explanation. Thanks for the update @Squirlruler!
  3. Just realized that I forgot to post my February stats. I haven't done anything noteworthy the last couple days, since I've been really busy with school stuff. So, it is still a pretty accurate reflection. Only got Rime finished for the challenge this month, and that's already been noted. Stats when joined: Platinum trophies: 27 100% completed: 68 Completion: 40.18% Stats now: Platinum trophies: 32 (+2 for the month; +5 for the year) 100% completed: 77 (+5 for the month; +9 for the year) Completion: 41.74% (+0.77% for the month; +1.56% for the year)
  4. Crossed Cooperative Game off my bingo card this weekend with EDF 4.1, one of the few games I will be crossing off after only getting the story finished, not 100%. We almost always play these games on co-op and they are super fun, but the platinum takes forever and may (not) happen this year And with that, my card really looks no better...maybe next weekend it will Original post updated as well.
  5. There is a current God of War PP.
  6. I realize that the post requirement is there for a good reason, though, to help ensure people will stick around to maintain them. I don't really want to bypass that. I'll get there soon; just wanted to go ahead and call dibs on it And, big thanks for all of your work on helping to get the PP threads updated or closed! I haven't yet had anyone ask for permissions to edit, though I'd be happy to add any PP admins who'd like to be able to update their own. As of now I've just been checking for updates once a week myself. And I don't mind; it doesn't take long to click through them and see if any have been changed within the past week. So, they should be all correct as of last night. But, if anyone does want the ability to edit their own PPs, just send me a PM. I think all I need is your email address to add you in the permissions.
  7. Finished a game that qualifies here without even meaning to Played through Rime, which also counts as a game that I started this month and counts toward another event (Bingo). I think it may qualify for the HC requirement as well, since there is a trophy that requires a specific outfit to be worn, and also a trophy for collecting all the outfits.
  8. I've finished up Rime to fill in my "Developed in a foreign country" square. Was one of the least helpful boxes I could've checked off though, as far as getting closer to a bingo But, progress is progress. Off to decide on the next game! Original post updated as well.
  9. I think having the Monster hunting thread back would be great! Especially with a new God Eater coming out and MH:W being so popular. Also, whenever I get to enough posts that I qualify to host one, I'd really like to do a Need for Speed PP I love those games (even though I'm terrible at finishing things, so I only have 1 plat), and there's not really another racing thread so I think it would be a good addition as well. One last thing. There are still a few threads that are on the spreadsheet in red, which means they haven't been updated in more than a year. (And this time I did check to make sure they hadn't been closed yet ) These are the ones: Arc Sys Fighters, Harry Potter, Idol, LittleBigPlanet, Rally, Yuri, & Zombies. I don't know any mods, so not sure who to ask about closing them or if someone is supposed to be taking them over. Just wanted to give a heads up since I actually had time to look over everything really well tonight.
  10. Yeah, that was definitely the best Telltale game that I've played. I've never played a Borderlands game before, but Tales made me want to. And thanks for the input on the other games. I will probably go with your recommendation when I get to them
  11. I have Tales from the Borderlands completed now! Still a ways to go for a rank up, but making some progress. Up to 4 now. I'm contemplating Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls to work on soonish, but I can't decide which to tackle first
  12. Progress has been made! Finally went back to finish up Letter Quest, so I'm using that for my plat-less spot Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier Completion EZPZ Completion % > 80 Ultra Rare Grand Kingdom Or Castle Crashers 1.19% 1.2% 71% 71% Platinum-Less Letter Quest Remastered No platinum 100% Unpopular Mahjong Royal Towers (NA) 112 owners 100% DLC Something from FFXV (NA) DLC Pack #/Name 0% Difficulty Minefield (NA) Rocky Mode 100% Speed Run Super Motherload (NA/PS4) Efficiency Expert 71% MP Trophy Name(s) Peripherals Hidden Agenda Smartphones 17% Bad Rep 2064: Read Only Memories User Score 3.3 0%
  13. Since this event focuses on finishing the story, and not so much on trophy completion, I would guess they should be treated as separate games. I could be wrong though.
  14. I've filled in a couple more squares! I3 is taken care of with Burly Men at Sea, which was released in 2017 when I joined PSNP, and I5 is filled with Tales from the Borderlands. Tales from the Borderlands ended up being hands down my favorite Telltale game of the ones I've played. It actually made me want to play a real Borderlands game, even though I'm sure its not the same at all I am still not really any closer to a Bingo; hopefully I'll have a more coordinated looking effort in another month Updated original post to reflect completions.
  15. Finished my last one just in time! Since my last update, I've completed Tales from the Borderlands (definitely my favorite Telltale game that I've played) and Burly Men at Sea. Here's what they qualify for: Tales from the Borderlands (PS+ May 2017) Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event (Bingo event) Complete a game that you started this month Burly Men at Sea (PS+ Nov 2018) Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event (Bingo again) Complete a game that you started this month Complete 4 games within one month Very excited that I was able to get the 4 games challenge done this month, and clear out some games from my backlog to make more room on the PS4 My stats now: Platinum trophies: 30 (+3) 100% completed: 72 (+4) Completion: 40.97% (+0.79%) Planning to (hopefully) finish Diablo III in February, so that should count for the HC challenge. Armor changes are visible in that game.