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  1. Thanks! I did enjoy it mostly, though it ended up being one of those games that made me question my life choices If I were one of those people who didn't pay any attention to trophies, I would have said I loved it, but by the end I just wished Reynardo would shut up cuz he wasn't so entertaining after hearing everything he had to say over and over again. I was even fine with all the endings. It wasn't until I had to play more to finish all the skills that I wasn't having so much fun anymore. Still glad that I went back and got it done though
  2. Awesome! My first entry of the month then is Stories: The Path of Destinies. It was PS+ in December 2016, and I got my first trophy in January 2017, so it also qualifies for: Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. Glad I finally motivated myself to go back and get that one finished
  3. I'd like to join up this year! Stats right now: 27 platinums, 68 completed, 40.18% completion. I have a quick question as well. If I finished a game yesterday that would qualify, does that count for me, or only games after I've joined today?
  4. Question: For my "In a Series New to You" category, would Tales from the Borderlands count? I've never played any of the Borderlands games, but since this is a Telltale game, not actually Borderlands, I'm not sure. Thoughts? Edit: I've got it in my tentative list for now, until someone shoots it down, but I may end up playing an Assassin's Creed game instead anyway. We own most of them and I've never played one
  5. Planned out a good bit of my list and also finished my first entry: Minefield for the Difficulty category. Thanks @Kittet3 for mentioning that one! I didn't even know that existed and it was fun to play for a bit, since I played a lot of Minesweeper when I was younger
  6. Yeah, I just had Grand Master not unlock for me even though I earned Rocky Mode & Gigantic trophies at the same time. Figured I'd just do another and see what happens...nothing Finally got smart enough to look it up to see if its bugged somehow lol. I'll try restarting and hopefully that will solve the problem, since others have had luck with that. Update: Restarting the game did fix the trophy issues for me. I went back and did a few small games to grab the other trophies and restarted after any trophy popped. The next huge, hard game I did popped Grand Master. I did have to restart once again to get the 10 theme trophy, even though I had changed themes more than 10 times and no trophies had popped since my last restart. Thanks all for sharing the easy solution
  7. Still thinking about what I need to play that will fit in the categories, but count me in! Gonna post a blank table for now and just come back for an edit once I've worked something out Edit: I've figured out most of the categories now. EZPZ will pose a problem for me, since I don't think I currently have any games that would qualify. Maybe I'll find something in a sale before the event ends. Multiplayer is definitely my most hated of the categories, so we'll have to wait and see if I feel like playing anything that would fit Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Completion % Ultra Rare Grand Kingdom or Castle Crashers 1.19% 1.2% Platinum-Less Super Motherload (PS4) Unpopular Mahjong Royal Towers 112 owners DLC Something from FFXV most likely DLC Pack # / Name Difficulty Minefield Rocky Mode Speed Run Hohokum Hohokquick MP Trophy Name(s) Peripherals Hidden Agenda Smartphones Bad Rep 2064: Read Only Memories User Score 3.3
  8. I'd like to give this a shot, if I'm not too late to the party Seems like doable categories for me, I'll come back once I've worked out which games can give me a BINGO! The tentative list (WIP):
  9. I got horribly distracted by Diablo for a while and then ended up being out of town for most of my winter break, so I didn't make good progress here. By the time I got back home, I was busy trying to get school stuff in order for next term and forgot this was still running Still, just wanted to say thanks for hosting a fun event @SpaceCoresDad! Hopefully I'll do better the next time you host one
  10. Thanks for hosting a fun event @eigen-space! And thanks @BigHonkingOne for the badges! They look great (even with a color missing because of my winter break slacking ).
  11. Add me in at Well Played please I have finished Game of Thrones and Life is strange.
  12. @Venocide Working on getting the leaderboard updated to reflect this new thread. Just wanted to make sure I have the ranks correct for the number of points they are worth, since it isn't listed in the OP. This is what I think is correct, just wanted to double check: Master of Hearts - Keyblade Master - Seeker of Darkness - Guardian of Light - Keyblade Wielder - Nobody - Aqua Fan - just a bonus emblem, no points Just let me know if I worked it out right. Thanks Edit: Also, for the game list if you could make note of which games count toward the ranks and which count just for bonus emblem, that would be awesome. I was guessing games with platinums for ranks, and those without are bonus only, but will correct my list if I assumed incorrectly. Thanks again
  13. Had some unexpected extra time spent out of town the last few weeks. Trying to get myself back into my normal schedule this week now that I am back home and my new classes have begun. Just felt bad that I've been MIA in updating the new leaderboard lately and wanted to give a heads up. I'm now working on getting it all updated with the new threads and threads that have been closed. Hopefully will have it all correct within the next week
  14. Awesome to have a new, up to date list. Thanks for all the hard work on this @Kurorac!
  15. If I were smarter, I would have done this while I was going through them lol. Good idea