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  1. So I saw this time stopping glitch on YouTube and I was curious, how do I do it? Are there any others as well?
  2. Ok, thanks. I was able to attempt Yamatoga with Kanata (Grim Reaper), Suzaku (Taskmaster), Ren (Frost Mage), and Mayura (Storm Mage). However, when I "beat" Yamatoga, his health them reset itself and he gained it again. And again. And Again. I turned it off. I'll attempt it again... eventually. What moves do you recommend I have Suzaku use? (I just want the boss to go be quicker)
  3. Do I have to get over 1 billion is one battle or over 1 billion support rate?
  4. Which level is the best for farming the most EXP?
  5. So, once I've started the last five speed runs this kept on happening. I can't play this game without the error code "C2-12828-1". What should I do?
  6. I'm almost done with the game and I still don't remember how to do a Mystic Arte. I need help.
  7. Hey just wanted to say that it's best to watch some YouTube videos on how to find all of the medals right after you unlock all of normal Sonic's abilities. This is because future stages require you to have a certain amount of Sun/Moon medals.
  8. Yes, if you do send everyone back home, then all of your stats will be influenced. However, your affection with everyone will be at the lowest. (That's because you sent everyone back and they're mad at you)
  9. No, the affection levels don't carry over. So you have to restart at Lv. 1
  10. Thank you guys so much! I got it.
  11. In order for you to unlock ALL Social Links, you should be on either your 2nd or 3rd+ playthrough. Please keep these tips in mind. Max out all of your Social Stats Assign yourself the persona of the same Social Link to whoever you are spending your time with Read the guide listed in the trophy Legend of Inaba Please set the difficulty on Very Easy (This is to cut down on grinding time and get extra money) Good Luck!
  12. As a long fan of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, I love this game. I first got it as a birthday present when I was in the 5th grade on my XBOX360. I loved this game. However, I stopped playing my XBOX because there were no other games that I wanted for it. So, just recently I bought this game again for my 3DS. I plan on buying this game later on for my PS3.
  13. Can someone please make a guide on how to beat the bosses on each floor of the training facility please? I'm already at the post game, I've been a bit busy leveling up the girl's affections right now.
  14. Yes, exactly after the true ending there will be an event in the office where Momoka will join you. She will be at Lv. 100 with Hammer proficiency at Lv. 9 (Half-way through so it's easy to reach 10)
  15. In order for you to platinum the game and access the post game entirely, you have to beat the game on advanced mode and get the true ending. True ending requirements: 1) Finish ALL of the side quests (This is so you can raise your support rate for the verse maidens). 2) Before the ending of episode 8, level up Otoha and Aria's affection to Lv. 4 or higher. 3) Advanced mode is for the post game, so go on advanced mode for your 2nd playthrough. If you beat the game on easy and normal mode, then you won't be able to progress pass level 6 in the training facility. So in order for you to access all of the post game, then you need to be on advanced mode. I hope the this'll help you!