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  1. AMEN!
  2. Hello there! Well, I don’t believe so because using this method I able to earn a trophy when I was playing “Vampyr” and made sure my saves were uploaded and downloaded correctly, therefore never overwritten. I could do a test save to USB, but unfortunately I don’t have one that my PS4 can recognise. This is why I was stuck with cloud saves. Also, thank you for compliments, I like your name, it sounds mystical! 😆
  3. I’m so confused. I see everyone talks about saving to USB or Online Cloud. This never works for me or am I doing It wrong? Every time I save my game to the PS online cloud, and when I download my save back to storage after messing up a run, the time and kills continue where I last messed up instead of the save I made before. Can anyone point out the mistakes I’ve been doing for the saves? Here are my steps... How I save (Maybe I’m wrong): 1. Got 4 kills in under 4:30 or at least a good run. 2. Leave the Test of the Wilds and close application. 3. Hit options and navigate to PS online cloud saves. 4. Upload save file to online. 5. Open up the game and continue to the trials. How it’s not working for me after messing up my run: 1. Quitting application and downloaded my save to storage. 2. Open the game and entered trials and hit continue. 3. After loading in, my initial save was never loaded. Can anyone help me out here?
  4. Same! We really need someone to confirm if the servers would close on Monday (4th). I'm still reluctant of going in because It would suck heavily if the servers closed permanently while we're in the progress of unlocking the Vendetta missions and the possibility of having this game stuck at 99% trophy completion FOREVER.
  5. Haven't touched it, as I knew I wasn't going to make it until I get back tonight. Anyway R.I.P. 100% Shadow of Mordor Platinum trophy. Well, at least I can Plat Shadow of War down the road!
  6. I'll def miss this for sure, bought the game a few hours ago on PSN, and my internet is slow as a turtle!!! About 12 hours to complete the download and update. AM I CURSED? My only hope is when WB extends it by a week.
  7. Is the Trophy NOW unattainable? I was going to start now, but it seems I may have already been too LATE. R.I.P. 100% Platinum.
  8. Now, I'm not sure if it works for every game across the board, BUT, as of right now, you can Platinum No Man Sky and Spider-Man Remastered on the PS5 instantly using the save file from your PS4. All the trophies and platinum will auto pop once you download your save on the in-game save slot screen. On the other hand, Assassin's Creed Valhalla does NOT auto pop trophies when you earned them on the PS4. So, it'll depend on the game and the developers.
  9. I live within Asia, and I got the platinum 6 hours ago today. There are a lot of good players making to the finals, my advice would be to relax while you're attempting this one. I suggest quitting all those troubled games (eg. people standing at chokepoints, grabbers in Block Party/Perfect Match) as they're unpredictable and you could easily lose your streak, especially with troubled players. But there were times where I got 4v5 on fall ball but still decided to play (I am also very good at scoring), and surprisingly I have won about 3 Fall Ball from that situation alone. ONLY play Jump Showdown if you haven't gotten your 1st win streak yet. If you have one and got Jump Showdown as finals on the next episode, Just quit as I did. For me, I got lucky with tails as a 2nd Win streak and the rest is history with 3 Fall Mountains. Now, I did quite some Fall Mountains in between the 3rd/4th win streak due to spawn positions, when having a bad run (Got spammed by yellow balls due to RNG), or when players got too far ahead of me (Server lagging). What helped me the most was good spawn positions and turning on player online ID's so I could see if they got passed the spinning hammers. Always quit before the Spinning hammers or for better assurance quit where the Yellow Ball lands if you are lagging and are afraid of Kudos adding up when quitting. Best of Luck on the Asian servers.
  10. I Finally got the Infalliable Trophy! After about 5 4 Streak wins, and uncountable 3 streak wins, etc, this darn Luck-based Trophy is finally out of the way. Perseverance is literally the key to this trophy. Got 3 wins in a row, and then I started being more careful, quitting games such as Rollout (Infamous, seems easy but when it gets longer that's where mistakes can cost you), Tip Toe (Alternate paths available which other players may uncover if you are too preoccupied) Hoarders, Team Tail Tag, and Jinx. My Final wins were (1), Jump Showdown, (2) Royal Fumble, (3), Fall Mountain, (4) Fall Mountain, (5), Fall Mountain. I did struggle with Hex, as I did fall on an invisible Hex layer (due to lag). Good Luck to anyone getting this, YOU'RE gonna need IT!
  11. Did Fall Mountain, got my first win back. Went for the second episode, and Just got Jump Showdown. Looks like it's back for finals, but I had to quit and My Kudos did not go up.
  12. Can anyone confirm if the exploit has been patched? I am currently updating my game.
  13. I hear you, man. I got 4 streaks last night. Decided to get my 5th win today and lost on Rollout by a grabber. In a mere hour, I have managed to get back 4 win streaks again. As I am attempting my 5th win in Fall Mountain, I was getting spammed hit by the yellow ball and decided to quit there. I turned on the IDs to see if anyone made to the crown, but no one passed the spinning hammers yet. After returning to the lobby, my kudos coins went up and it was a nightmare! I have been doing this trophy alone for 5 days now! I feel super exhausted as well. Doing the same thing day and night, getting win streaks after another to only end during the Final for my 5th Win. In my experience from getting 56 Wins (Yes I noted down each of my wins) in only 7 days, This trophy requires MASSIVE amounts of luck.
  14. This is so frustrating!!!! Lost my 4 win streaks on Rollout 3 hours ago. Absolutely, gutted. After Getting 4 Win streaks again in just under an hour, and was on the Finals Fall Mountain. After I realize I couldn't make it to the end before anyone else, I quit before the spinning ramps and the crown was still far away as people have yet to reach them, As I returned to the lobby, my kudos coins added up. This game literally has a mind of its own.
  15. Literally on my 4 win streak while playing for the past 3 hours and haven't seen games such as Egg Scramble, Hoarders, Fruit Chute, and Fall Ball. Those games could safely bring me to the finals but so far I kept quitting games like Rollout (Lost 3 wins streaks here), Block Party (Lost 2 Wins streaks here), Jinxed (Not even trying), Tip Toe (Lost 3 win Streaks here). Any more advice anyone could give?