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  1. Don't get discouraged, I still remember how devastated I was right after losing my fifth final following a 4 streak, my heart was destroyed and I thought I would have never earned it. But I just kept trying and I got the Trophy two days later, and then I got again a 5 streak a couple of weeks later, it's way more doable than people think. If you are skilled enough to constantly reach the final/the later rounds, you will eventually get it, just keep trying and don't lose hope. A tip I can give is to try to spread the wins over different days: when I got the Trophy, I got 2 wins on a day, then I stopped playing, and I got 3 the next day, I think doing so can reduce the pressure a bit.
  2. I love the internet 😂
  3. Plot twist: Stores keep being open, but Trophy syncing is lost Nah seriously, I'm soooo happy 🎉🎉🎉
  4. Inter Milan here Disgusted to say the least.
  5. Have you ever felt sad right after finishing a good game with a great story and cool characters you had got in fond of?
  6. Today I played the Roll Call event, and for some reason two players (Likely friends) tried to sabotage me and grab me out from the very beginning, not sure why, so I had to run away from them all the time: I was able to survive after them, and then I went to on to win the whole show, I hope they kept watching me after they got eliminated 😂 Probably one of my proudest wins
  7. Nice thread, here are my picks: I report the rarity as the moment of writing. Ape Escape 2: 6.00% Way too low: besides some misc easy Trophies, the others are all story related, and the only ones that may be a little tricky require you to beat the game 100% by capturing every single monkey (Not required to beat the main game itself), and then to do it once more by using another character (Gameplay-wise, nothing changes). Considering that the game is nearly 20 years old, that it really is not a difficult one, and that is not so long either, I think it's way rarer than it should be. It should be noted that the Trophy requiring you to beat the game 100% for the second time is glitched, but considering the existing workarounds (PS+ Cloud Saves or beating the game for a third time as I did), I still believe that 6% is ridicolously low. 13-14% should be fine for me. Dragon Ball Xenoverse: 3.41% This one should be even rarer: there are two Trophies that are basically RNG and require you to beat every single Parallel Quest for multiple times, until you obtain the desired Special and/or Ultimate Attack: wheter they drop at the 1st try or at the 487465th try is completely random, and there are a total of 55 Parallel Quests... There is, however, a DLC that sometimes changes the RNG in your favour, and you can use it to your advantage and attempt the Parallel Quests when you are told that the chances of getting the desidered attacks are higher; however, it's still really tricky, because in order to activate your "Parallel Quests luck", it may take you one minute just like it can take you one hour of going back and forth from the HUB to the Parallel Quests menu, it is RNG itself; also, not to mention that after you have bought the DLC, in order to activate the luck RNG increase, you need to level up your character to level 95, which is a huge grind and takes hours and hours of grinding. And in the end, even if you are told that the chances of getting the desired items are high, you may still get nothing from the Parallel Quests. So yeah, this should be a 1/1.5% rarity Platinum, the players who got it before that DLC was released should stop Trophy hunting and win daily lotteries. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: 1.37% Another rare Platinum that should be even rarer, and the reason is simple: a lot of players cheated on the Infallible Trophy using the exploit. Considering, however, that there is a huge gap between the earners of the Platinum and of the Infallible Trophy, likely formed by very lucky/skilled players who have no interest in Trophies and got Infallible in the very earlier days of the game when almost everyone was bad at the game, I think that the Platinum should be rarer but not that much: I think 1.15/1.20% could be fine. Not that much, but I still wanted to say it. Jak II and Jak 3 (Ps4 Versions): 49.69% and 35.35% It is possible to obtain these two Platinums in few minutes each by using debug mode, and that obviously inflated their rarities due to players buying these two games just to get easy Platinums. To have an idea of more likely rarities, the Ps3 and PsVita versions of these two games are at 18-11% for Jak 2 and at 21-13% for Jak 3: considering the difficulty on the games themselves, I think that they are fair rarities. Not to mention, however, that it is still possible to obtain the Precursor Orbs collectable Trophies by using a glitch: it takes some time to pull it off, but it is way faster than actually finding/obtaining them. If it wasn't for that glitch, the rarity would surely decrease even more, at around 6-7%, expecially considering that some of these Precursor Orbs are missable. Ratchet & Clank: 27.29% Similar to Fall Guys, every Trophy is not hard to earn besides one, that requires to obtain a total of 1.000.000 Bolts: it has never been confirmed but, by judging by the Trophy icon, it is likely that the Trophy required to get only 100.000 Bolts, not 1.000.000, and that they made a mistake that was never fixed. Getting 1.000.000 is, to say the least, pure uthopia, and to actually get it you either had to beat the game multiple times, farm the same sections of the game for countless hours, or exploit the Trophy with a glitch while being away from the console. And even by considering the least painful option (Grinding away from the console), it takes various hours, and should give you an idea for how problematic the Trophy was: a never intended amount of Bolts to be obtained thanks to the exploit of a never intended glitch. I don't understand how this Trophy is just slightly rarer than any easy Skill Point related Trophy of this game, I think the Platinum rarity would be fair if the Trophy actually required to obtain the 100.000 intended Bolts. Platinum rarity should be around 15% to say the least. Sound Shapes: 27.02% (16.99%) Considering how most Trophies are extremely easy to obtain thanks to guides and that this game can be stacked for multiple times, I don't understand how it is not in the 80-90% Platinum rarity range. Apparently, everyone who wanted easy Trophies was too busy getting Jak 2 and Jak 3 Platinums Yeah, the title of thread is "Give A game [...], I got too far
  8. 1 WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 2 WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 3 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 4 Fifa 10 5 Tekken 5
  9. It was hilarious to see him die and return nine times and everytime "I dOn'T uNdERsTaNd wHaT iS BotHerIng yOu, lIeUTenAnt" 😂😂
  10. Yeah, some time ago someone already asked, and they gave the same answer, they even teased DLC Trophies. But honestly, at that point, there is really no need to change the Trophy, some of the custom playlists alone make it the hard but fair challenge people had asked ever release, since there are no team games. Then they added Squads Mode that made it even easier... I got it with Squads a couple of weeks ago and then few days ago, without actually trying, I got it again while playing solo in Slime Survivors (1 Hexagone, 2 Roll Offs, 2 Thin Ices). At that point, I don't see how it can be "more fair" than that 😅
  11. Got 100% in Beyond Good & Evil HD

    This is a criminally little known game from the Ps2 era, and that on Ps3 is only available digitally: I highly recommend it, it's a great game and it really deserves more love, buy it before the Ps3 store closes. I have not been surprised to see, by googling a bit, that this game has had a loyal fanbase ever since its Ps2 release back in 2003, back then it got praised a lot despite selling poorly. While playing, sometimes it might get confusing, and maybe it's not an ideal game for a kid (I am sure that, had I played it when I was like 10, I would have put it back in the case after two sessions), but overall it is a solid game and still holds up today, it kind of reminds of Jak 2, there are various things to do all the time and the game is really catchy.


    Beyond Good & Evil 2 needs to happen, waiting since 2008...

    1. Alderriz


      Congrats! I agree absolutely, this game was pretty solid to say the least. People slept on it when it came out on PS2, and slept on it again when it was re-released in HD, even though it sold slightly better.

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  12. Not to mention that the reason why it took him so long is that he he had a three years long break after beating Papu Papu, which is really easy, and then he did everything else in just one week 😂 But unfortunately some people just want to have discussions and act tough, instead of having a peaceful talk and opinions exchange
  13. Well he just said his opinion on the level and he wants to know ours, no need to assault him 🙄 By the way, I partially agree. The level itself is difficult, there is a reason why it was removed the original Ps1 game, but I think that the Gold Relic time is not so difficult: however, the Platinum is. After giving up on the Platinum Relic after 12 hours of trying, I instantly got Gold first try, as he said the time is really forgiving and if you wait for the platforms to align the time is definitely doable.
  14. #60: Undertale

    This game literally screams PSVita, I love that, and as such, I played it on that device rather than on the Ps4. Game is good, but I think it is quite overrated, I wouldn't define it a masterpiece as a lot of people do, and I am honestly surprised to see how much it is loved here on the Internet. It kind of reminds me of Uncharted 4, everyone claims it is the greatest game ever while for me it's just a good game, worse than most of the others I have played. Ok I said it, fight me :lol:

    But I give it credit, overall it's been funny, I kind of like 2D games like this (I said it, Undertale screams PSVita), I enjoyed the combat system and I really liked the soundtrack, however the story never catched me the way it should have, and this is a bad thing, expecially considering that the story changes according to these actions, and I usually love such things (Quantic Dream games are like porn for me).

    I made Undertale my 60th Platinum due to it being my first Vita Platinum (My first Ps4 and Ps3 Platinums are milestones as well), but only after that did I realize that there is no milestone for 60th Platinum: well, I guess I'll save the next milestone, the 75th Platinum, for my first Vita only Platinum :/ And also, I popped the very last Trophy and the Platinum inside my car, I thought it was cool to do :lol:


    And regarding the question asked in the name of Undertale's Platinum Trophy, my answer is "I'm a Trophy Hunter, so no"

  15. I'm fine with everything besides using Nathan again, I consider his tale finished with Uncharted 4's ending.