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  1. I admire people with 100% profiles and hard Platinums, but personally it's not something that suits me: I know that achieving/trying to reach 100% would end up make me avoid certain games just in order to keep my 100%, therefore it would be more like a burden that something to really be proud of. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I like having an high % but I don't want avoiding games with hard/unobtainable Trophies, highest I got so far was around 96% some months ago and I'm proud of that.
  2. Definitely a worth playing classic, it's a shame it didn't get much attention back in the day and I really hope one day its sequel will come to light
  3. 100% is possible. There will surely be updates in the future, likely with Trophies.
  4. Fall Guys with no doubts. I play it pretty much daily even after obtaining the Platinum, I just love it. I can't count the number of times where instead of sticking to any other game where I had to chase the Platinum, I just said "Ah fuck off" and played Fall Guys instead.
  5. I used Juventus' Bonucci for the Trophy and I got it first try
  6. 100% eFootball 2022 13.94% - Rare Well... What could I say about this game that hasn't been said already? It's likely that the game will get a lot of upgrades in the future but, at the time being, eFootball 2022 is just a flop: it fails pretty much everywhere. The gameplay is very slow and boring, the graphics are pretty bad even for the Ps4 standards, and it's amusing seeing how many unlicensed teams there are: now I remember why I used to mock the PES franchise back when I was a kid, lol. During the Ps2 days, in fact, I was a Fifa guy, with Fifa 10 being one of my favourites game from that period; I had also played some Pes, with Pes 2010 being my favourite because years ago I often played it with my father. I could actually still get past all of these things about eFootball 2022, but what I consider pretty much unacceptable is how the Online is totally broken, as I was never able to have a single Online match, even once. And this is ironic considering how much this game is oriented to the competitive aspect of football videogames; since the Online is broken, what are we supposed to do? But obviously, playing matches against the AI using the same 7/8 teams over and over again all the time! Seriously, is this game a Ps2 Demo in disguise or what? I had high expectations for this game because I am a huge football fan ever since I was a kid, and I hadn't played a new Fifa/Pes game in nearly a decade excluding some Fifa 15 with an old friend back in the days, I literally couldn't wait to get back to a Football game with eFootball 2022, but this is just a disappointment. As I said, most of these problems I talked about will likely get fixed, but this is definitely not a good start for the game. My fear is that not only will they not improve the game enough, but they will also sell a lot of DLCs with Trophies at huge prices, something I had not considered: I am starting to regret starting this game, maybe I should have just waited for the right time and play a Fifa game, but so far I never had the chance to do that because of my big backlog. The fact that eFootball was Free to Play made me start it anyway. I mean: I love football, I miss playing a new football game, a Free to Play football game is being released... What could possibly go wrong? For now, I'm taking this 100% which is quite easy, let's see how long it will last. Once the online is fixed, I will definitely play some of it with my friends, but I won't forget how bad this game was at launch.
  7. I totally agree, the game is a total disappointment so far: bad graphics and mechanics, only few teams to play as, broken online matchmaking, and very few licensed teams. I wanted to tear my hair apart when I saw Milan and Inter be called Milano Rossonera and Lombardia NA... I mean, seriously? I want to give this game more time to improve and fix his mistakes, but this is definitely not a good start.
  8. Kinda disappointed by the lack of the Platinum and of more Trophies in general, but it's free and I have been waiting for a football game to play for a long time, so I'm taking it.
  9. WWE 2K16 I am a Wrestling God (0.76% - Ultra Rare) MyCAREER - Purchase all abilities that can be purchased Out of my 3381 Trophies, this is currently my 4th rarest, aye! This Trophy is pretty much a big grind: however, it's not that kind of grind that you do by constantly and brainlessly doing the same thing over and over again with no clue about everything else, because this Trophy actually requires you to play matches in the MyCAREER Mode. A big number of matches. And not only that, because you must win these matches and perform well enough in every single one of them in order to increase the number of Exp you get: in every match you also have an optional task that you can complete in order to increase your points even more. Therefore, some skill is actually required in order to obtain the Trophy because you need to play the game well enough and to know how to defeat your opponents in the quickest and most efficient way (Minimize the lenght of the match to save time, and maximize the Exp), and if and how to complete the optional challenge (Sometimes, it's not worth it to complete it because it takes too long or doesn't give enough Exp). The grind wasn't too bad because, as I said, what I had to do was simply playing the game, which I like; to make it even more enjoyable, I listened videogame musics everytime, and I used the Full Soundtrack of some of my favourite games to know when to finish the session: basically, at the beginning of every grinding session, I would randomly choose a videogame soundtrack I enjoy, play it, and start the grind; as soon as I had run out of songs from that game, I would stop the grind. However, my grind isn't over yet, because even if I have achieved that Trophy, I am not even halfway through the grind for the lone WWE 2K16 obtainable Trophy I miss. But I'll talk about it in the future, when I earn it, one day. Something like 30-40 hours of grind later. 🙄 Luckily, I have a lot of other games soundtracks to hear to go through the grind.
  10. Vampyr, I hated it and thank god some hero uploaded a platinum walkthrough on YouTube
  11. Why are they giving so many sport titles recently? I'm not interested at all in the PS4 games, and I don't know anything about the Ps5 one, so yeah, no big deal apparently, hopefully I'm wrong
  12. #64: Dragon Sinker Descendants of Legend (40.59% - Uncommon) Obtained all trophies. This Platinum was way more tedious than I expected. Dragon Sinker is a kinda little known (Less than 2000 owners here on PSNP) JRPG that I played on my Vita; it was one of the several games that I bought last year on the Vita Store the very same day I got my Vita, and I bought it for two reasons: the first was that it was very cheap and so I just added it to my Vita library for this, just to have something to play on it, while the second was that I had never played a JRPG game before and when I noticed this game I decided to give it a try. I am not really a big fan of RPGs in general, but I am always open to try new kind of games and I said, why not, so I tried this little JRPG. At first, I hated it: my opinion about the game changed in positive with time, but it does have a big issue or two. I absolutely hate how slow the characters are: while walking in the biggest maps, it takes AGES to go from one place to another, and of course you may get interrupted by unnecessary battles no one asked for and that make you waste even more time. And additionally, after having tried to play the game by myself for a while, I decided to give up because I was not able to fully understand my goals: where to go, what to do etc. And since the characters are so slow in walking, at a certain point I burned out and I decided to follow a Platinum Walkthrough on Youtube. I have done the same thing twice in the past with other games (RiME and Vampyr), and in those two occasions I felt like I was freeing myself from a burden, I felt so happy and free expecially when I got the Platinum Trophy of Vampyr thanks to the Platinum Walkthrough on Youtube; however, following the Platinum Walkthrough on Dragon Sinker actually made me appreciate the game. Thanks to those videos, I finally knew what I had to do and where to go, and my experience with the game turned out being much better; not to mention that, obviously, various things of my run (The items, the levels of the characters etc.) were different to the one of the person who made the videos, so this made my experience different and even better. Seriously, those videos on Youtube have like 10 views each, but that guy who uploaded them saved me, because otherwise now I would likely not have that Platinum, thank you dude The very final part of the game (After the "final" boss) is different than the earlier part of it: it's actually straightfoward and it's almost impossible to get lost, and most importantly, the characters FINALLY walk with a good speed. At that point, I stopped following those videos and I finished the game by myself; the very final boss was very challenging, and since you need to beat him ten times in a row for the hardest Trophy in the game, it required me hours of grinding to level up my characters and make them strong enough to stand a chance against him. Eventually, I did it, thanks to a PSNP user who shared his strategy, that worked like a champ for me too. I have played this game just once a week, on Saturdays, and as I said, at the very beginning I used to hate it, but I appreciated it more and more with time. About the Platinum, I am actually surprised to see that it is that common: the Trophy list is actually straightforward, but a Trophy is missable and, as I said, beating the final final boss 10 times in a row is very daunting and seems impossible if you are not strong enough. This truly shows how the Platinum percentages are not necessary 100% accurate about the difficulty of a game: for example, I'm surprised that this Platinum is more common than Life is Strange's, which is actually easy. Getting the Platinum of Dragon Sinker is not a big challenge at all, but requires you to beat the main game, level up every character, pay attention to the only missable Trophy, pray your luck for some luck based Trophies (No big deal anyway) and grind hours to be strong enough to beat the final final boss 10 times in a row: not a so-easy Platinum as it may seem by looking at the percentages without knowing anything about the game. I'm happy about that Platinum: obviously I was the one to decide to play it just once a week but I'm glad it's over, it took me more than three months, likely too much: finally time to move on and play something else on my Vita. And one last thing worth noticing: Dragon Sinker's soundtrack is pretty good to me 👌🏻
  13. I have various goals about my profile but the only one that is doable by the end of the year is to achieve my next milestone, 3500 Trophies.
  14. Still 4 days.
  15. No joke, sometimes I think about those people who buy such extremely easy Platinums but for some reason do not get the Platinum, THEY should be ashamed, at least we did work our thumbs off to get that Mayo platinum 😂 When I'll get my hands on a Ps5 and on the game (God knows when), I'll try it legitimately, the game looks great and I'm looking forward to it.