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  1. I play it trying to get as many Trophies as possible.
  2. Fasten your seat belts... For another... NAUGHTY DOOOOG CREATION!
  3. #85: SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge Platinum SpongeBob (30.83% - Uncommon) Unlock all trophies A rare SpongeBob game, to the point that I thought it was not released in my country. Thankfully, I was wrong and I managed to pick up a copy for still a reasonable price. The game is nothing special at all: it's not too bad, but it's very repetitive and boring. Graphics feel very Ps2-isch, and the platforming element is almost non existential: the game consists of group of enemies one after the other in areas that are very similar to each other, and you can even skip most of them with no issues. This could be a good game to play for an hour or two with friends but yeah, no big deal. The Trophies are also very simple, as most of them require either a full run of the game (Only 15 levels) or just a few hours grind. The only problematic Trophy is the one that requires four controllers to get, but thankfully I already had three controllers (Two for the Ps3 and one for the Ps4, as well as two cables for each console) so I just had to borrow my brother in law's Ps4 controller to get my fourth controller and so the Trophy. I guess I own him a Platinum.
  4. There isn't an easy way, but it is not that hard. Just master the main route, that's pretty much it, I usually get at least one first place per session. There are some races where most players are not that good and I end up in the top 3 even by making mistakes. I recommend mastering Lily Leapers and Roll On.
  5. I don't care about Mass Effect, but I had always been interested in Biomutant, so that's good. Not sure what to think about Divine Knockout but I doubt it will be interesting.
  6. Yeah I'm interested too. how can you purchuase this game?
  7. Ps4 EU working fine.
  8. Do your account settings, ignored users, and then type his username
  9. The DLC is so powerful that the PS4 can't handle it
  10. Korea's defence: Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim 😂😂😂
  11. I appreciate the "Morning" updates more lol
  12. Still sealed, I'm almost sorry opening it.
  13. People who defend them are addicted to them, no surprise they would defend them. 😂 Found this on Reddit.
  14. Pretty much every person in this thread against this has their entire profiles full of shit, why am I not surprised.
  15. Not even Saudi fans were hoping for that 😂