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  1. Brawlhalla. I am the first italian who achieved that
  2. If you've finished the game and you didn't get the Trophy you can use the Replay Story Mode to "replay" (Actually, you play them for the first time) the stories you have missed. The Trophy will still pop.
  3. Hmm I don't exactly remember, but I boosted this trophy with a buddy in a lobby. I don't think it was ranked but I'm not sure. The Gameplay trophies like 500 special moves or something can be earnt in local vs (So you can boost them by yourself with a second controller), but not in training mode.
  4. I played it years ago on Xbox, and yes, I think it's a good game. I prefer the level layout of Toy Story 2, but I think it's still worth buying. I will surely play it again on Ps3.
  5. The Ratchet and Clank games. I find weird that they are around 30% rarity platinums, when they have some bullshit skill points and some grinding Trophies such as leveling up all weapons. Beautiful games, by the way.
  6. Tekken 7: Yeah! I did it! (Finally buying the Ps4, lol)
  7. That's perfect! Thank you so much, buddy
  8. Nice! I made them. Now, how do I actually power them up? The Trophy Guide only informs about the items you need, but what are the exactly things I have to do, now that I have them?
  9. Regarding the two trophies asking to power up the anvil and the altair... Where are them?
  10. Yes I know. I got it at 690.000 Bolts (Not including the ones I had spent), all in the same playthrough (Not New Game+).
  11. Yes, but I didn't understand what. By the way I got the Trophy a couple of days ago by repeating the Giant Clank Section. What a stupid Trophy it was.
  12. Besides the grind of the trophies, the career is terrible because the storylines are lame and generic, there is boring free roaming, there are not actual voices, and there are some occasional bugs. OT: I never played HCTP, my favourite WWE games are SvR07, 10 and 11, THESE are great WWE games
  13. There are only two crates and they give no bolts.
  14. I'm trying to get this Trophy, and I have a couple of questions. Since the glitch on the Rilgar Hoverboard Race doesn't seem to work, I'm currently grinding this Trophy by repeating multiple times the Giant Clank Section on Quartu. Starting at around 30.000 Bolts (Which I already had after almost clearing the game, I'm only yet to defeat Drek), I went to 180.000 and I bought the RYNO and the Nanotech, going again at 0 Bolts. Today I have again done the Giant Clank Section, and I have gone to 50.000. My questions are: 1) I have four save slots, in three of them I have from 40.000 to 60.000 bolts and I'm still on Veldin (Still before defeating Drek), in the fourth one the situation is the one described above and it is the one where I a playing now, I'm at 50.000 after being at 180.000 and having bought the RYNO and the Nanotech. If I keep repeating the Giant Clank Section and I keep saving on that slot every single time, will the Trophy eventually pop? Or did I fuck up with something, with the other three slots? 2) Do the bolts that have been spent count on the total, or do you have to get 1.000.000 Bolts all at once? If the case is the first, to the 50.000 Bolts I have you should add 180.000, getting so at 230.000. However, all the other weapons and the ammos have been bought on the other three saves, so do these bolts count? If they don't, then I'm 760.000 Bolts away from the Trophy, if they do, it's less.