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  1. Trophy should be "Win 5 Hex-A-Gones in a row"
  2. I think it was planned all along to be a mobile game, but when WWE 2K20 received terrible reviews they decided to port it to console. So yeah, not worth 40 bucks for me.
  3. As per title, the first episode of Life is Strange 2 is currently free on all platforms, so you may want to download it
  4. Getting all the super and ultimate attacks on Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  5. I'm not buying this game anyway, but this looks like one of the easiest Trophy Lists I have ever seen.
  6. #48: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

    Finally I finished this game, I almost couldn't stand it anymore. And not because it was a difficult game, at all, but because I kept it unplayed for more than a year: back when I bought it, I had no intention to play it immediately, since I wanted to play all the other Ratchet games before it, I only purchuased it because it was on sale. So, as soon as I bought it, I immediately got the Online Trophies (Yeah, better be safe than sorry) and kept the game on my Profile like that, with just few Trophies, waiting to finally play it for real.

    Time passed, I eventually played the other Ratchet games, and the day to finally increase a bit of completion percentage arrived. The game is not as bad as people make it seem, the concept is different than what you would expect from a Ratchet & Clank game but it was actually funny: the main problem with this game, however, is that it is really short, only five levels... What a joke. The Trophy List, full of miscellanous, random and unnecessary tasks to do (Somebody said Iron Madman?) is a proof of how empty this game: had this game had more content, it wouldn't be as unpopular as it is. Still, I consider this game, along with All 4 One, the worst in the franchise (At least considering only the games I played), but still a 6/10 game, not a complete disaster for me.

    And now, only Nexus is left to Plat.
  7. Just got the 20 wins Trophy. In Jumping Showdown, by constantly grappling all of my opponents and making them all fall, one by one, until I won. ... I am an horrible person, I'm sorry.
  8. I have an average of 1 or 2 wins per day, which I think is not bad at all. Currently I should have 13/14 wins.
  9. Really didn't know that, you really learn something new everyday
  10. Uhm... 20 people got it two days ago, 16 yesterday, and 0 today. That's quite a drop. I'm afraid they patched it. Somebody can confirm if it still works or not?
  11. Same for me, despite the fact that my highest streak has been of two (Legit btw), I can't count the number of times I got "streaks" of 1 only to lose them in ridiculous ways lmao The game is still incredibly funny and I am gonna play it anyway for a long time, don't let one lone Trophy make you burn out like that. Sometimes just a break of a day or two is enough.
  12. Never kept track of this but I think it's really close between Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone and Jumping Showdown. As said by AmazingNoeder, Royal Fumble almost never happens because it requires just maximum 6 players, a number really low and they is easily surpassed... Luckily I'd say, that minigame sucks. By the way a little correction: I believe the highest number of players for Hex-A-Gone is 20, not 19. Some days ago I played and won a 20-Men Hex-A-Gone.
  13. Restart the game and it works again.
  14. I don't think Crash TwinSanity is underrated. Personally, I do not like it, but as far as I know it's really popular among Crash fans, most of them consider it the best game in the franchise.
  15. This game is extremely funny, I am usually not a fan of battle royale games like this but I don't remember having that amount of fun with videogames in a long time. I usually don't play more than 2/3 hours a day but yesterday I spent 8 hours on this, I don't regret anything.