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  1. 100% inFamous: Festival of Blood 32.64% - Uncommon Turned out being a little annoying due to the collectables Trophies, but this wasn't too bad. Definitely easier than Infamous 1 and 2, since it's much shorter: maybe it wasn't worth the 10€ I paid for it, but overall, this was a short, enjoyable infamous 2-like experience. With this, I have 100% all the three Ps3 inFamous games: I liked this franchise. I'm now taking a long hiatus from it before playing Second Son and First Light on Ps4.
  2. First time playing the Sly games, I hope I will enjoy them
  3. Ps1 1) Tekken 2) Tekken 3 3) Crash Bash 4) A Bug's Life 5) / Ps2 1) Tekken 4 2) Tekken 5 3) Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex 4) Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier 5) Spyro: A Hero's Tail Psp 1) Daxter 2) Tekken Dark Resurrection 3) SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger 4) Crash of the Titans 5) Crash Mind Over Mutant
  4. Fall Guys and WipEout Omega Collection.
  5. I don't change my mind at all honestly, luck plays a vital role in elite races in HD Campaign imo. And of course it was mostly determination that made me get the Platinum, I improved a lot. But I swear that two years ago there were sessions where I was going insane with all the bad luck I had. And yes I agree with you, this is absolutely a great game and everyone should give it a try
  6. I'd just add that you should better boost the online Trophies, good luck trying to play 500 matches for real.
  7. Kinda lame since I wish Tekken 2 and Toy Story would have them, but I guess you can't have everything you want... Also, I thought Trophy support was mandatory since like 2009, so I don't see how this would make sense.
  8. I agree, kinda disappointing list. I'm still gonna play and 100% it, this used to be one of my favourite PSP games back in the days.
  9. Huge thumbs-up from me on your recent WWE 2K16 post about jotting down all the dates and points earned working on that last trophy. Good job! 😁

  10. As I said in the other thread, it was already taken down for a day or two by Curse of the Dead Gods a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Considering that until yesterday that ZJ The Ball game was in the top 10 as well, I'm not surprised. By the way, in case you didn't notice, this isn't the first time Elden Ring got dethroned: a couple weeks ago Curse of the Dead Gods was at #1, but I think it only lasted a day or two.
  12. WWE 2K16 Untouchable (3.41% - Ultra Rare) MyCAREER - Get an overall value of 95 or more. This is one of my proudest and most important Trophies, because it somehow highlighted my whole gaming career. First of all, this Trophy is inconsistently designed: at the point of getting most of the MyCAREER Trophies, I had played for roughly 25 hours, and I was only overall 81. This Trophy requires an overall of 95... Which means that in order to earn it, you must grind a lot. The alternative is to purchase a DLC that makes you start directly at overall 90, instead of 60-65, making the Trophy MUCH quicker. However, bad luck to me, that DLC is no longer purchasable, which means that if I wanted to achieve the Trophy I had no choice but to grind as fuck. The grind consists of playing a lot of matches in the MyCAREER Mode trying to win and to play as good as possible: the better the match was, the more points you would achieve. During every match, you also have the chance to get some extra points by satisfying some random conditions: some of them were great, as they were easy and rewarding, but others were not worth at all. I had made some calculations, and I would need about 540.000 points in order to get from 81 to 95: in the end, it turned out I needed about 30.000 less, but it was still an hell of a grind because I would only average 8000/10.000 points per hour. So here's what I was doing: every now and then, I would boot up WWE 2K16 and play for roughly one hour, trying to get as many points as I could. To make things smoother, I would play some videogames soundtracks with my phone during the session: it turned out being a 50 hours grind, 50 hours of listening to all of my favourite videogames soundtracks while working my way for a Trophy. At first, I used to do this almost every day, as my main Ps4 game, before switching to do it only every now and then, when I wanted to. In the end, i sticked to do it on three occasions: -Every 6th of the month (Don't ask me why cause I don't remember) -Every time i would achieve a Platinum -Every time i would start a new game It was... An experience. I enjoyed playing this game and, even if it was a 50 hours grind for a lone Trophy (In a game that doesn't even have an obtainable Platinum), it was a funny way of remembering all of the previous games I had played in the past. I am keeping as a memory the pieces of paper where, at the end of every session, I would write down how many points I had along with the day's date. Overall, 74 hours.
  13. Yeah but there is a line between difficult and cheap that shouldn't be crossed. Standard races in the HD Campaign fuck that line @dieselmanchild Go for it. The game is very unforgiving and requires a lot of skill, and as i said the HD Races are complete bullshit, but if you can clear them, then you can definitely clear everything else and get the Platinum. I had raged at this game countless times, but its Platinum was very rewarding and I think it was worth it. Definitely one of the best experiences I ever had on a PS4 game 😊
  14. #73: inFamous 2 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy (17.21% - Rare) Collect all other inFAMOUS 2 Trophies Not much to say about this one: a very good game, I had a great time with it. I consider it better than the first game, since the graphics are better and gameplay-wise there are more moves/powers available. In few days, I will purchuase and start Festival of Blood.
  15. Favorite: Fall Guys. It's my favourite game and I play it almost every day, despite having achieved the Platinum over one year ago. Least favourite: Vampyr. Terrible game that completely fucked up my expectations, with multiple crashes and freezer per session, as well as minutes long loading times.