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  1. Besides the grind of the trophies, the career is terrible because the storylines are lame and generic, there is boring free roaming, there are not actual voices, and there are some occasional bugs. OT: I never played HCTP, my favourite WWE games are SvR07, 10 and 11, THESE are great WWE games
  2. There are only two crates and they give no bolts.
  3. I'm trying to get this Trophy, and I have a couple of questions. Since the glitch on the Rilgar Hoverboard Race doesn't seem to work, I'm currently grinding this Trophy by repeating multiple times the Giant Clank Section on Quartu. Starting at around 30.000 Bolts (Which I already had after almost clearing the game, I'm only yet to defeat Drek), I went to 180.000 and I bought the RYNO and the Nanotech, going again at 0 Bolts. Today I have again done the Giant Clank Section, and I have gone to 50.000. My questions are: 1) I have four save slots, in three of them I have from 40.000 to 60.000 bolts and I'm still on Veldin (Still before defeating Drek), in the fourth one the situation is the one described above and it is the one where I a playing now, I'm at 50.000 after being at 180.000 and having bought the RYNO and the Nanotech. If I keep repeating the Giant Clank Section and I keep saving on that slot every single time, will the Trophy eventually pop? Or did I fuck up with something, with the other three slots? 2) Do the bolts that have been spent count on the total, or do you have to get 1.000.000 Bolts all at once? If the case is the first, to the 50.000 Bolts I have you should add 180.000, getting so at 230.000. However, all the other weapons and the ammos have been bought on the other three saves, so do these bolts count? If they don't, then I'm 760.000 Bolts away from the Trophy, if they do, it's less.
  4. Yes, you can win more matches during one day, I said that because, one year ago (When I was play this game) the online was really hard. And also, when I attempted boosting with a buddy, we were never able to find each other, so I had to get the 100 wins legitimately. But again, now that WWE 2K19 is out and here in 2K18 there are less players, maybe winning and boosting online is easier. Besides that, this game's career is terrible, I really don't recommend trying to go for the platinum.
  5. The servers should shut down in May, so if you want to get 100 wins you must basically play every single day. Boosting used to be hard one year ago, maybe now that there are much less players it's easier, but I don't think it's worth it. The career sucks, and it has two grinding boring trophies, one of which seems to be bugged. Generally speaking, I think that WWE 2K18 is one of the worst games in the series. In my opinion, do yourself a favour and don't mind going for the platinum
  6. Hello. So, I have only two Trophies left in this game, the ones that require you to get all the Super and the Ultimate Attacks. As I think you know, it's really hard to get them due to RNG, but I've heard that there is a DLC to speed things up: with the DLC, you can have Elder Kai as your Mentor, and with his help the dropping of the needed items should be easier and less grinding. I'd like to know what is the DLC that gives Elder Kai as your Mentor, so I can consider buying it while it is on sale and/or I have some money left on my PSN, so I can finally get the Platinum Trophy of this game. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have it! Thanks mate
  8. Hello. So, I just completed the Main Quest of the Orbis Vallis, and in doing so, i drove the K-Drive a bit, as you are supposed to use it at the very end of the Quest. After finishing it, I came back to the Vallis to use the K-Drive again, and to get the 1.000.000 m Trophy. However, I had no clue where I could find it: I looked for it in the Vallis, then I checked on the Internet and I saw a lot of people complaining about the fact that they did not receive the K-Drive for free use (Like the Archwing), despite finishing the Quest, and I found no solve to that. So, I'd like to know if somebody here have an idea: is this a bug? So you can't use the K-Drive again after you finish the Quest, or can you find it somewhere?
  9. Ok, it's been a while, I just want to say that I got this. For everyone wondering, this Trophy is not bugged at all: as soon as you get to Level 50 (Not depending if you finish the Career or not), you have to play another Match or two. This should bring you to Level 51, but it won't: instead, it will tell you that you can rank up, go the Skill Tree and press Triangle
  10. I hope this won't screw a trophy I had earned during a session like an hour ago
  11. I just hit Level 50, after clearing chapter 4 of the Career, but I still can't prestige...
  12. Somebody else?
  13. Hello. So, I'd like to know how exactly you get the Superstar Trophy: I read somewhere on the Internet that you have to get to Level 50 first, and that then you have to manually level up by pressing Triangle on the MyPlayer Tree. In fact, I'm trying to level up now, but the game tells me that I can't do this yet, since I'm only at Level 38. But, I've also read about people who have got past Level 50, but have not been able to Level Up because the game still told them they couldn't yet. On the other hand, I've met players Online whose Level was below 50, but whose Rank was higher than mine. So, what's going on with this Trophy? Could someone who have got this Trophy please explain me?
  14. Rime, I didn't enjoy the game at all when I tried it, but I might give it a second chance in the future