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  1. I built my cabinet around Trophies that require skill/effort to obtain and that are therefore rare, and have some infamous story about them.
  2. Same, I played various Hexagones during these days and I had no issues.
  3. Vampyr, because I hated every single second of this shitty game and I literally forced myself to get the Platinum. Otherwise, Mayo, for obvious reasons.
  4. At the time of writing: 1. Dragon Sinker (Working on it) 2. Paladins (Put on hiatus, not sure if I will ever bother with it) 3. Street Fighter X Tekken (Same as Paladins) 4. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Saved for a milestone) 5. WipEout Omega Collection (Same as Paladins) 6. WWE'12 (Unobtainable) 7. WWE'13 (Unobtainable) 8. WWE 2K14 (Unobtainable) 9. WWE 2K15 (Unobtainable) 10. WWE 2K16 (Unobtainable)
  5. Yesterday I was bored so I made this Tier List based on how much I like the various games. During the past few months some of my tastes have changed. S Big Fans Hexagone Jinxed Jump Blowdown Jump Showdown Perfect Deathmatch Slime Climb Team Tail Tag The Slimescraper Thin Ice A Bubble Trouble Hoopsie Legends Hoverboard Heroes Knight Fever Lily Leapers Pegwin Pursuit Roll Off Roll On Short Circuit Ski Fall Skyline Stumble Snowball Survival Stompin Ground Treetop Tumble Tundra Run B Basketfall Button Bashers Dizzy Heights Door Dash Egg Scramble Egg Siege Fall Ball Hit Parade Hoarders Hoopsie Daisy Freezy Peak Gate Crash Jump Club Pegwin Pool Party Rock 'n' Roll Roll Out Royal Fumble Tail Tag The Whirlygig Tip Toe Wall Guys C Big Shots Block Party Fruit Chute Low Gravity Hexagone Low Gravity Thin Ice Perfect Match Power Trip See Saw Snowy Scrap Shit Fall Mountain Lost Temple
  6. I haven't played Lost Legacy yet. Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 Uncharted 4 Uncharted 1 Uncharted Golden Abyss I used to heavily dislike Uncharted 3 but with time I started to appreciate it more, it's actually a close call between 3 and 2 for the best in the series. Uncharted 4 is not a bad game at all but it has to be one of the most overrated of all time, far worse than 2 and 3, definitely not a masterpiece as many claim. Uncharted 1 is good too but you can really feel how it feels like an experiment, and actually, I'd rather replay it rather than 4. Golden Abyss' big problem is how some chapters are really short but I appreciate how it uses the Vita functions.
  7. Nothing I am interested in, but I have so many games to play during the next month's that this is not a problem at all
  8. Rarest: 1) WWE 2K18 - 0.84% 2) Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - 1.21% 3) WWE 2K19 - 1.62% 4) Brawlhalla - 2.19% 5) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 2.43% 6) Steep - 2.53% 7) Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - 3.05% 8) Portal Knights - 3.31% 9) Dragon Ball Xenoverse - 3.39% 10) Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi - 3.53% About the most satisfying, besides putting Fall Guys at number one and Steep at number two, I have no idea, they were all pretty much equally satisfying if we exclude the few games I did not like.
  9. I have been playing Fall Guys for hours and no issues at all 🤔
  10. Definitely a very skilled fan of racing games, impressive to see 🙌🏻
  11. I am a big fan of football but my latest games were Fifa 11 and Pes 2011 for PSP, now I have no excuses for not playing a newer game
  12. Season 5 Patch Notes mention that bugged Trophies have been fixed.
  13. Is it basically Squads Mode with less than four players in the team?
  14. This is at 6.79% now My rarest Very Rare Platinum is now Knack, 5.25%
  15. Why?