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  1. About time.
  2. Knack 2 baybeeeee Got it on January 18, 2021 Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  3. #53: Knack 2


    This game took all the mediocrity and the repetitiveness of the first Knack, and improved everything there was to improve. They gave Knack more moves, put on some puzzles to break the monotony, and increased the longevity with the various Medals challenges. This is actually a great game for real, it's a shame that it gets memed so much for how poor for a launch title its prequel was. And I loved how during a scene, a character claimed that Knack was boring because at that point in the story he could only do two moves, lmao, Knack 2 actually owned Knack 1 by somehow breaking the fourth wall.


    The Platinum was not so hard but I started to feel a bit bored at the end, as I was grinding the last few medals I needed. The experience has been really positive regardless but I am glad it's over, it took me five months to platinum this game and finally I can put it aside and focus on something else.


    Oh, and since the Knack franchise redeemed itself with this game, I would actually be welcome for a new Knack game on Ps5, we'll see.


  4. I got it fine on Vita, picking up for last one that was in the middle of a level. It seems unclear whether it glitches or not.
  5. Got 100% on The Bridge

    This is a cross-buy game I had got with PS+ two years ago, redemeed it but never played it. When I got a Vita last month, I decided to finally play it there, as my first Vita game (If we exclude the automatically installed Welcome Park).

    The overall experience has been funny, however, I noticed that the Vita version has some flaws: the most important is that, time to time, the game seems to crash, with the main character freezing and nothing being possible to do besides pausing the game (No option can be selected though, so you are stuck on the pause menu), and the only way to fix things is to restart the game. And also, since The Bridge is a puzzle game based on rotating the in-game world, and since with the Vita version you can do it by rotating the Vita console itself (On Ps3 and Ps4 you rotate the Dualshock, and on all versions you can also do it by pressing L1/L and R1/R), it was basically impossible to play the game while laying on the bed, as I wish I could do lol.

    The puzzles were really challenging, in several points I used to think: "Damn, what the hell did the devs drink to come out with such a thing?", and for most of them I had to rely on guides, I would have never been able to solve these puzzles without them. However, when I was able to solve them by myself, or when for some reason I couldn't do what the guide intended and I was able to solve them in my own ways, yeah, that was very satisfying. If you are looking for an indie puzzle game, The Bridge is highly recommended, but I'd suggest playing it on Ps4 or Ps3 rather than on Vita.

    1. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  6. I got it with Plus as well, it's not the best game ever made and it is kinda repetitive, but it isn't really that bad. At that price, I'd take it, it may surprise you.
  7. Is the date confirmed? I want to update the Trophy guide but before doing that I want to be safe about it.
  8. I only played one VN so far, Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness, but I didn't really enjoy it. I recently got a Vita, so I might play others VN in the future.
  9. Story driven games that keep living in your heart even years after playing them. So I'd say the various Quantic Dream games, Life is Strange 1 and Before the Storm, and The Last of Us.
  10. New Mode is terrible, it features Fruit Chute which is complete RNG and Fall Ball which is a team game, so not ideal for trying to get the Trophy with ease. I'll wait for a Jumping only event.
  11. I had posted here some time ago, I used to think that the Trophy should have been changed, but now it's my opinion to have changed. In the main show, yeah, this Trophy is ridiculous, I even feel stupid for bothering there for so long, you can be incredibly skilled but it is literally RNG, there are too many things out of your control and you can lose due to things you couldn't do anything to prevent from happening. A Trophy that is really hard because it require skill and mastery from the game is one thing, a Trophy that is really because of that and also because it requires stars to align in your favour is another thing. Every Trophy hunter have different morales on Trophies and mine is this, this was just too much, that's why I used to think that changing from 5 to like 2 or 3 would have been better. But now, with the introduction of the other modes, I think it is much more doable, the RNG decreases drastically and your skill finally matters the way it should. In the hex only show I got several streaks of 2 and 3, I got them more times than I got in months of playing the main show, and it was only two days... And I wasn't even boosting, just doing my best by myself. If one boosts this Trophy or just sticks on it by himself will eventually get, I myself am extremely confident that I will obtain it in the future, I only hope that these hex-only like events will continue to happen, because as I said trying the Trophy in the main show is like winning the lottery... Five times in a row. Now we have no more excuses as long as these events will continue, good luck to everyone!
  12. Not really, I think this hex only event may be repeated in the future, I don't think it's a once in a lifetime thing. I also think they might do other similar events in the future, for a example a jump only event, with two jump clubs and a jump showdown final, could get the Trophy even easier than this hex only event.
  13. With the three hexagones it is definitely easier, yesterday I got three 2 streaks (One interrupted by an hacker who defeated me, I'm still mad), it is indeed possible to get a streak of 5, you still need stars to align but you have way more control on the situation. Private servers, that someone mentioned, would be a blast for the Trophy, I actually want them to happen even if they were to disable Trophies there. I mean, imagine having a 10 Players Hexagone/Jump Showdown just with friends, I'm actually surprised private servers in this game have never been a thing.
  14. In my opinion, the main issue with this Trophy is not the difficulty of getting the 3 stars on Crushing itself, but unlocking the Crushing difficulty and be fully ready for it, because it is kinda grinding to be prepared for attempting the 3 stars... But once you are, it's kinda a breeze, you have basically done 3/4 of the job. When you have reached level 40, got weapons at level 5 and you know how the levels work/ how enemies spawn (You should know these things, since at this point you should have played the levels several times with randoms) and even if you are only halfway decent, there are several pro players who can help you, because they know the levels better and know how to activate very useful glitches. I am sure that the Trophy would me much more common, if it was possible to attempt the 3 stars of crushing right away, without having to level up. If you are able to unlock Crushing difficulty, you will most likely unlock the Trophy. I mean, I even left one of the most difficult levels for last because I wanted to hit a milestone with the Trophy, I was really confident I would have made it, and in fact I did. By the way, I agree, skipping games due to hard/unobtainable Trophies or playing them with an alt is kinda sad to me. I would never do that.
  15. Toy Story 3: The collectable system of the game sucks, and there is little to none good guide material on the web, and in fact, I had failed the 1000G on Xbox 360, years ago. But this time, on Ps3, I made it.