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  1. #27 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast


    One of my rarest Platinums, but between them, surely the hardest and the most satisfying to obtain. It's been grinding because of some Trophies, and even the AI is more difficult to beat compared to other DB Games, therefore I'm really happy to have obtained this rare Platinum.


    The game itself has his problems, such as some terrible translations, but even considering them, the game is pretty good: underrated, but far from being considered among the best DB Games ever.

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    2. BlazikieronUS


      How bad was it to get the trophy for destroying everything?

    3. KenjiCBZ



      A really annoying Trophy, especially because sometimes the CPU doesn't play along and some stages are pure evilness, but the videos you can find on YouTube make this Trophy easier than it really is.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  2. 1. Brawlhalla 1.21% 2. WWE 2K18 1.51% 3. WWE 2K19 2.70% 4. Steep 3.45% 5. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3.63%
  3. I got the Trophy. Unfortunately, I can't say if you have to destroy all the items of a stage in a single run, or, in case one gets destroyed by the CPU, if you can destroy some in a run, and the others in a second run. That's because after I had done a single run on all the stages, the Trophy had not popped, so I started a second run and the Trophy popped after I had destroyed all the items in the Wasteland Area for the second time. Coincidentally, it popped after destroying the last item, which is a tree situated on the upper side of the stage, and I had probably forgotten to destroy that tree in my first run on the Wasteland Area: had I destroyed the tree first, maybe the Trophy would have popped anyway, who knows... I'm happy to have earnt this Trophy, but I'm also sorry because I wanted to clarify if you needed to destroy them all in one run or not, but I couldn't.
  4. Yes, I'm using that guide too, but unfortunately there are contradictory info about what you have to do when an object gets destroyed by the CPU. Stupid Videl.
  5. #26 Dragon Ball Xenoverse


    It took me almost two years, but I finally got the Platinum. The game is really grindy, especially considering that the two most time consuming Trophies are all up to the RNG... But after almost two years and about 600 Parallel Quests, my Level 97 character made it! :D

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    2. KenjiCBZ


      Yes, Xenoverse 2 is way better, for a lot of reasons, but Xenoverse 1 is absolutely not a bad game

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. NERVergoproxy


      I'll need to get this someday...grats.

  6. How about if the CPU destroys an object before you do? So far I'm only halfway with the stages, and when that case happens, I would just kill the opponent (So the game auto saves), restart the match and restart destroying objects starting with the one the CPU had destroyed before, avoiding to destroy the objects I had already destroyed before. Is it ok, or do I have to destroy them again, to make them count?
  7. WWE 2K19's Platinum Trophy (All Trophies Earned): 308 achievers. Not including Platinums, it is Race Ace, a Bronze Trophy from Warframe, 456 achievers. And between them, WWE 2K18's Platinum Trophy, with 454 achievers.
  8. With this Topic, I'd like to hear you guys talk about your rarest Trophy: how you earned it, why it is so rare, etc. My rarest Trophy is Race Ace, a Bronze Trophy from Warframe, which is at 0.80%: so far, it is my only Trophy whose rarity is below 1% (I have some Trophies which used to be below 1%, but their rarity percentage increased since then). As you can see on the Trophy Guide of Warframe, Race Ace requires the player to complete all the 22 races available in Orb Vallis, which is one of the areas of Warframe. The races themselves are really easy, but the problem is that out of the 22 races only 5 are available during a day, so to earn the Trophy it will take at least 5 days. Despite this, I think the Trophy is much rarer than it should be, because it only requires little dedication, and not that much time: as said the races are easy, I cleared all 22 in around a week and it took me like 15 minutes every day, definitely not that much for a 0.80% rare Trophy. I believe that the Trophy is so rare because, out of the 440.000 people who own Warframe, only 6000 have the DLC with the Trophy (400 achievers out of 6000 DLC owner is not 0.80% rarity, but 6.66%, a lot higher). If we don't want to count this Trophy since it is from a DLC, then my rarer Trophy is the Platinum Trophy of Brawlhalla, Brawlhalla-Fame, at 1.17%. I am particularly proud of this Platinum because I was the first Italian who earned it, and also, the 22nd overall, so far the first time I got into the first 50 Platinum achievers. The Platinum is not hard, but extremely grinding and time consuming: I remember that, to earn it, I had to brainlessy play the game at least 3 hours every day, but it was so damn funny. I still play this game today, every now and then, 2 years after getting the Platinum. Since then, the rarity percentage has increased a lot: I remember it being 0.15%, when I got the Trophy, and after 2 years it got up of 1%. That's a shame, because I believe this Trophy deserves to be my rarest one much more than Race Ace. Probably, it's because I love Brawlhalla. Well, that's it, the story of my rarest Trophy How about you, guys?
  9. No prelude this year?
  10. It can be because I'm pretty strong in Tekken, but I never understood why people have problems with the online trophies. Players in the lowest Ranks (Kyu-Dan Ranks) have no gameplan, they just spam the same move all the time or they mash buttons without even knowing what they are doing. Beating them is easy, you can spam as well all the time unsafe moves you know they won't punish and win. Moves like Law's down+back+circle, Kazuya's up+forward+circle,circle,circle or Bryan's down+forward+X are perfect.
  11. No, it isn t. Online servers are still up.
  12. Street Fighter X Tekken becomes way easier because of the grinding online Trophies, but it's still an hard platinum because of the gameplay based trophies and of the challenges.
  14. Buy Tekken Hybrid: it includes the prologue of TTT2, TTT1 in HD with Trophies too, and Tekken Blood Vengeance.