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  1. I put on music everytime I grind, like doing the same thing over and over for hours, for multiple days. It helps passing the time and makes it somehow enjoyable.
  2. WWE games from 2011 to 2K17, Servers went down.
  3. I hope they'll keep supporting Warframe on Ps4, and also, that the Ps4 and Ps5 version of the game share a single trophy list, I think that some games did it on Ps3 and Ps4, like Destiny if I remember correctly? I play Warframe every now and then slowly working on 100%, would be amazing to keep doing that on Ps5.
  4. I appreciate your comments, really, even if I don't agree with them. By the way, one thing: I didn't create this thread to complain, but to share my experience with this game and know what you think about it. Posting that pic by itself, well, I didn't appreciate that at all, you were making fun of me. Telling me to just keep trying and trying is a better thing, at least you told me something. As said, I don't agree with the fact that it's not luck but skill, because losing all the times because of randomness is not fair in my opinion. You surely have to be skilled, but my feeling is that I am not lucky enough. I still respect the fact that you got the Platinum. I don't want to fight at all, I simply didn't appreciate at all that you posted that pic without anything else, that's not a good attitude.
  5. Of course I Barrel Roll, without them beating certain time trials is impossible, I guess. I'm not a WipEout pro player but I am skilled enough to beat hard time trials, for me it's ridiculous that despite that I keep losing standard races because, basically, I am not lucky. I even beat Zico in 2048 (Haven't tried yet in HD).
  6. Hello. I don't want to look like the classic mad guy who can't beat a videogame and so rants about it, I only want to share my experience with that game and know what you think about that. Basically, the feeling I have is that game is 90% based on luck, luck, luck and nothing more than luck. With that, I mean that your result in a race consist on the power ups you receive, how the AI behaves, or a combination of both. I say that because, as a huge time trial lover (Not only in this game, but also in others, such as Crash Bandicoot), I have mostly been able to beat the Time Trials of this game in few attempts, and I believe the times were somehow challenging. Failing a time trial, than looking for shortcuts, mastering the race, and then beating the trial after practicing it just feels amazing to me, you feel like you got a huge accomplishment. That's how a whole videogame should be, for me. Then, I would jump into a standard race that takes place in the same race where I just got in few attempts a good time in time trial, and would waste hours, achieving like fourth or fifth place despite driving exactly how I did in time trials. And why don't I win? Because I don't get the right powerups, and/or because the stupid AI keeps getting in my way and killing me. In a lot of occasions, I was leading the race as 1st, and just meters before the end of the race, someone would just rape me from behind, killing me in one shot, and there was nothing I could do despite witnessing my well driven race be erased by that: stupid AI and RNG. Without counting in some occasions when you could see pathetic rubber banding: I remember some days ago, I was leading and I took a turbo right before the end of the race, but an opponent passed me by despite not taking the turbo, and surpassed me like 0.5 seconds before the end of the race. You have no idea how I felt. Probably, racing games are not for me: one year ago I played Steep (A winter sport game), which is a really hard game with tough challenges, but I loved it, because everytime I failed a challenge, I would feel motivated to try again, and to keep it up until I was able to beat that challenge. I don't remember to ever feeling pissed about failing a challenge in Steep: instead, everytime I fail a race here in Wipeout (Besides time trials) I just feel like if I am wasting my time, and that the game is making fun of me. I feel like the game is completely unfair. For now, I'll take a long break from that game, I prefer playing something else instead of wasting my time there. Let me know your thoughts, maybe I am exhaggerating, I'd like to know if someone experienced something similar with this game.
  7. #43: Life is Strange: Before the Storm


    I had bought and played the original Life is Strange three weeks ago, and then they discount Before the Storm. I couldn't ask for a better timing, I guess.


    Great game. I had a lot of fun playing it, just like the original game it kept me interested in the plot the whole time: it's been really cool to play as Chloe, and find more things about her. I'm kinda sad that this is the last game featuring these characters, since Life is Strange 2 has other characters and plot: I'm actually gonna miss them, I hope they'll do more games with Arcadia Bay, Max, Chloe, etc.


    Unfortunately, after finishing it, I realized that there are some plot holes and mistakes here and there, but I still had a great experience with this game.

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    2. shxrpay


      Absolutely love this franchise, congrats!

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice job!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

      Love the game. Looking forward to play the sequel. 

  8. #42: Ratchet: Deadlocked


    Solid game: shorter and with less exploration compared to the previous games, but still pretty good. Basically, it only features the combat system and the arena mode from the previous game, a feature I loved. Shame that this Ps3 porting has some frame rate issue, cutscenes bugs and translation mistakes, but still a good game, overall.


    Gonna play all the next Ratchet games I'm missing: I've already bought them all since months besides Tools of Destruction (Not on discount), the next few months should be funny, for me and my Ps3. ;)

  9. #41: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered
    Great game, but honestly I think Uncharted 2 was much better: some Chapters were, honestly, a pain in the ass (Expecially the puzzle related ones, can we please have an Uncharted games with no puzzles at all?), but the later Chapters, situated in the Wasteland, were really good, and somehow redeemed the game. A true Ps3 classic, I am really happy to have got the chance to play the Uncharted Trilogy for the first time thanks to the Nathan Drake Collection.
    In some days I'll start Uncharted 4, can't wait!
  10. We can just keep dreaming
  11. Rubber doesn't seem to work for me. Just take one or two hours per day and drive around, in the meanwhile put on some musics, watch a movie, etc. Basic grinding stuff to keep you busy, you know
  12. Brawlhalla Portal Knights Steep
  13. Are they even gonna discount Portal Knights' DLC? It is like 10 euros and the game itself 7, that's ridiculous. By the way that's great, I played Life is Strange last week, there couldn't have been a better timing for me to buy Before the Storm
  14. Street Fighter X Tekken. You have to play 500 Matches Online, even if you boost them it will take a lot of hours to achieve this Trophy, and it gets boring really quickly. There are also other Trophies that require you to perform a certain action for 500 times and to end the match 300 times with it, not sure if combining these Trophies with the 500 Matches Trophy would make it shorter, but either way a turbo controller would be a great help.