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  1. Thx for the update.
  2. Target 1 is 100% account and climbing the board in Belgium.
  3. Im happy it helps. The fastet way to finish after you have everything else.
  4. im playing Search For The Princess and i go to final boss figth. I stay there after beating all enemy's. But i had sometimes that i lost connection and than your time is wasted. But i usely go for 3 to 4 hours max!
  5. Not true i did nearly 4 hours that way this morning.
  6. i don't know about that but i don't think so. I was struggeling now with 2 characters on 30 and 1 on 18 hours en when playing with the 30 one it don't go further than 30. But i your home page click character and you will see how time total. Im on 82 now. So nearly done.
  7. Im happy to get it with a gift because i coukd not get him from gem keys or anything else.
  8. No its not that long to grind. Just play explore and the levels will rise but nearly no gold income... And if you join a good guild with low req. And they win every guild war you get the xp boost. Yesterday i played about 1 hour and got from level 310 to 315. So yeah i will get there. But if you are a starter you are from 1 to 50 in no time and after that its going slower.... But definatly going for 100% only The Mongo troop , level 500 and Xathenos but he will be crafted later this week.
  9. Maybe Darksiders will ve the one to get!
  10. Ive started this game 18 August and on the 7 th of September ive got level 100 and ive i played it was 2 hours max a day and not every day. You need to find a good guild and get as fast as you can a good team and do explore... If your guild wins every day you get xp bonus and you get around 113 xp per game on 4 X speed witch is completed in 1 min. On warlord 1 now. But even on normal it going fast! Pvp is not the way to level only to get gold and glory! King Regards
  11. This was one that i would like to 100% but seems like not to start it!
  12. Ok thx for the reply.
  13. You have in game challenge play 10 hours with each character than 20 hours but will all this count together for the 50 and 100 hours trophy? Im now on 18:30 10:54 and 10:30.... So im hopeing if i go for 11 more hours on the 18:30 character it will pop the 50 hours trophy! Anyone with some info to this?
  14. Thx and be free to visit the small country ;-)
  15. Yeah i can confirm this 2. Just 30 goals left gor certifited item and 100%