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  1. How much content from the new Battle of Gods 2 / Revival of F movie is going to be in Xenoverse's DLC Pack 3? I have not seen the movie yet and I am trying to avoid spoilers.

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    2. ENIGMA-19


      I see. Would you happen to know what the schedules are for the movie's DVD / Blu-ray release and DLC Pack 3's release? I am hoping that the movie will be released in the US before the DLC.

    3. Jak


      Dub movie comes out in some unconfirmed date for 2015 this Summer. However, the movie was subbed for the US in California only on the 18th of this month.

      DLC Pack 3 also has no confirmed date (this includes Japan and US). But usually, the US gets their DLC a month or less after it's 'released" in Japan.

      DLC Pack 3 might possibly come before the movie, assuming the movie is coming mid or late summer.

    4. ENIGMA-19


      I see. If that does happen, I may have to avoid DLC Pack 3 until I see the movie. Thank you for the information.

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