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  1. I think you have to liberate every district, by completing liberation project for each of them. The last step of the project is a bounty, you get it automatically, not from the board. After you completed it, it says something like: "Area boss defeated", after that district status changes to Liberated. And you can see its done in Progress -> Bounties. Go to your projects and check that you've done all liberation ones.
  2. I missed one of the letters from that video, and still got the trophy at the end on the first try. Just scout every map and do all signs on it, and never avoid battles, always chase and revenge if possible and you should get it. If you see exclamation mark on the R1 (your bag with letters) always go through them and read out loud.
  3. Hi. New patch 1.08 just rolled out. Can anybody please check if debug room is working?
  4. Found this thread for PC version, hopefully it will help. Careful, spoilers!!!!
  5. @DecayingMind Thanks for the info, what about: Hardcore Henry Finish the game in Hardcore Mode. I was going to do hardcore mode before DLC come out.
  6. The main question for me, is if you can save freely in hardcore mode. Looking forward to starving in the woods trying to find the way out, without map navigation.
  7. So, new trophies revealed. Looks super hard. Also here is some explanations P.S. no character mark on the map, cmon, it's going to be fun.
  8. I have some questions/tips. 1. When you complete all 27 KASMA orders everything is wiped right? This is very important if you want to insert all neuromods. 2. For "Cryptomancer" you have to have 50000 in your bank when you finished the last of 27 orders? It is not the points you got for the run right? Just in general total amount you have? 3. For "I’m Your Biggest Fan" do you have to find all 6 books in one run? Because every run i find like 3 books, but when i go to the stats, it says i read only 3. I guess i only read the same 3 every time even though they are always in different places. 4. Found a good way to scan different phantoms to unlock new abilities. Director has Phantom Genesis ability which resurrects random phantoms, just use it on all corpses and scan. The only 1 i missing is Machine Mind 3, anybody knows who i should scan for this? For those who wants to kill shark, the easiest way is to use a tentacle nest, there is a throwable nest you can use like a grenade or you can find enemy nest and throw typhon lure. They kill sharks very fast, you just need to do a killing blow, for this the easiest way is to use volunteer damage abilities.
  9. Thank you.
  10. For curator you have to collect all the artifacts, can i sell them to merchant or i have to keep them all together?
  11. I also had both quests active, and i didn't have the spell, when i learned it, one quest updated and #51 glitched. Bandai Namco support replied: I also asked them to confirm if the issue will be fixed for the current save file, and i will not have to start over again.
  12. As i said, i had the same, 0 enemy/people/cuman and i got the trophy at the end.
  13. So far i tried * fist-fighting the guy in Rattay (fist fight quest you can repeat) * chocking people in Sassau monastery (stealth goes up pretty quick, but not agility) * killing animals with sabre and punching them with bare fists * Doing bow contest quest in Ledetccko * Drop unconscious people in the river, but they do not float anymore I could not level agility even 1 level from 15 to 16 with all this. UPD: Nevermind, captain Bernard is actually there from 15:00 to 17:00 even after main story. For agi practice with short sword, for strength with long/axe/mace.
  14. Anybody can advise how to max agility now? I am at the end of the game so this method is not accessible, people are not floating in the river also so i cannot punch them. What would be the fastest way? Bernard is not teaching anymore at Rattay arena. UPD: Nevermind, captain Bernard is actually there from 15:00 to 17:00 even after main story. For agi practice with short sword, for strength with long/axe/mace. Takes about an hour of with wooden shortsword practice to get from 15 to 20.