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  1. Anybody knows how to do this trophy? Is it missable? I completed the game and killed a lot of enemies next to sniper turrets, but it didn't pop. Counter-SniperKilled all enemies operating sniper turrets
  2. Index is by far the most efficient way, but if you want you can farm Profit Taker orb, it is a pretty fast fight and you get around 125k if i remember correctly, plus 6k rep worth toroid for Vox Solaris.
  3. I also need khra, seems like it is one of the rare ones. Is it possible to share it with 1 or 2 charges? If so, maybe someone could do it?
  4. Some facilities, like Novelist’s Son, or First Prepper for example, not leveling up from deliveries properly, at some point they stuck at 1 or 2 stars, completing any kind of deliveries or Lost cargoes do not give any progress. And then you do another 10 deliveries and it just goes normal again and start progressing normally. Anyone knows the reason? Do they maybe have some requirements? Or specific orders without which they do not progress?
  5. You were right, it unlocks the progress, they actually say in emails when they ready to join. This is frustrating, i had to do a circle to check all nearby facilities, but sometimes there are hints in emails. For example in pizza emails he tells you where to deliver it from.
  6. Nothing is missable, i guess, but theoretically you can ignore the first delver echo in underground. I was on my NG+ run and didn't want to fight him, so i didn't come close to that chest in the middle of the arena and was able to continue without fighting. So i don't know what will happen then, will you be able to fight the first echo after and then re-enter the location and fight with the third on the same place. Haven't tested it.
  7. At the very end in black screen? Yes, you did restore all. Yes, to get good ending Dweller in the Dark you don't need Io (Eos) vestiges, i had only 1 from the mini boss fight in the last location, i didn't pick up any from the ground and got good ending. I do not think it matters, i did good ending last because i wanted to stop on the more complete good ending. For future DLCs and stuff. No, i mean Eos vestige, the is a vestige called Eos, it's owner is Io, people call it "Io vestige" when it's in fact Eos vestige. Notice that i always specified in in brackets. Leda character before 4 successor fights let you restore successor vestiges, but you can do the same in Home base with Io character. Leda character before last boss fight lets you restore Eos (Io) vestige, but you can do the same in Home base with Io character. And yes 4th ending is required. There is 2 variants of good ending and you need to do both on one save, i described how i did it before and KamenRide_DcD did it too.
  8. Thank you, i did the same. To summarize what i did. 1. To Eternity - Middle ending, restore at least one but not all successors, Io (Eos) does not matter but i restored her. 2. Heirs - bad ending, do not restore any of the successors, i also didn't collect/restored Io vestiges, just run through everything. 3. Dweller in the Dark - good ending, restore all 4 successors, but not Io (Eos) vestiges, I didn't picked them up. 4. After cutscenes in main menu, press Continue, you will load in front of the last boss, collect Io (Eos) vestiges, 3 left in front of the successors arenas: fire, cold and sand, one in Provisional Government Outskirts, 2 in Provisional Government Center. Restore them all, kill the boss again. So 3 play playthroughs is enough, no backup required.
  9. I checked everyone who has three endings trophy, and only one who got the trophy at the same time with one of the endings is https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9644-code-vein/pinpuro He did Heirs last. I wonder if there is really no 4th ending and it is just a bug, i am doing good ending last, and i will back up save file before last boss. Will try to kill him without collection any Eos vestiges and then with them.
  10. Just checked, from NG+(same difficulty) i can invite and join people from NG. With or without a password.
  11. Hey, have you started the same difficulty or higher one? If the same i was wondering if you can still join people on NG.
  12. Collect vestiges? It means all the Blood Codes and Gifts will NOT carry on? You will have to unlock and master them again? And another question, are you forced to NG+ after last boss or you have an option to stay in NG?
  13. /// DELETED
  14. From inside, there is a jammed door, you have to jump down from the ledge to it and unlock. One floor down from the medbay.
  15. You can find it on youtube. In short: after certain events speak with Kyle Baxter in Cloud 9 bar and team up against cultists, when you reach Cathedral of the spark find him there, send for ambush once and do not send him second time, ask him to leave and meet at comic store. If you send him for a mission second time you will only get his weapon.
  16. Triplets is not bugged it may be confusing. You have to kill Main boss "Delver" and then 3 Delver Echoes bosses. (4 in total) Main boss is in Guideon's Rock, you have to activate 3 towers and drop into the hole. This boss has three stages. After the certain events change the world you will have to kill 3 Delver echoes. First Delver Echo is in "Underground" you get there right after "Major General Ezra Shields" boss. This echo is a second stage of the main boss. Second Delver Echo is in Downtown, JCPD streets. There will be Zebra wall, killing that echo also required for side quest "Gone Missing", This is a third stage of the main boss. Third Delver Echo is in "Underground the same place where you fought the first echo, you can get there second time through the stranger hideout in Downtown. This is a first stage of the main boss fight.
  17. For Delver boss v2.0 weapon Helix of the Delver V2.0 you have to break all his limbs on the thirds phase at least once: 2 legs, 2 arms and head. I also broke 2 arms on the second phase but not sure if it is needed. While he is spawning you can zerg his legs.
  18. This is just a general quest, it basically says that you need to progress further, there is 3 main quests, do the other 2 and that one will eventually update.
  19. Hey, can anyone confirm that the method is still working with Beyond update? You can still get invite and jump to a friend for the last jump to the center? I am planning to buy it on PS4 for VR experience.
  20. Can anyone confirm that after v1.3 it's still only 80 quests required to complete for this trophy? I think i failed one, to steal a horse from Merhojed. After pestilence quest there is no more horses.
  21. To unlock modes for Zana map device you have to progress her questline, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Zana,_Master_Cartographer. For Beyond mod you have to complete https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Sanity's_Requiem quest, kill shaper, if i remember correctly. The mods are different each league. If you are trying to get Abaxoth, your best bet is double Beyond mode, it's when you map has a chance to spawn beyond monsters + Zana device Beyond map mode. You can craft required map with alt orbs. Also pick a map with narrow corridors, for example grand arena tileset like Pit of the Chimera.
  22. Hi, does anybody know if there is new lore added in Synthesis for No Stone Unturned? Wiki says "As of version 3.5.0 there are currently 140 pieces of environmental lore to be discovered." https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/No_Stone_Unturned I completed everything from this list it, created google doc and made sure that i clicked on everything, farmed library, vaal area and Lioneye notes and even wrote them down to make sure i have all unique ones but trophy didn't pop. Or is there a way to check progress somehow maybe?
  23. Found this thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2482055/page/1, Currently there is no way to check the progress as i can see, no Achievement tab in the game and on the site it says: "Please check this achievement in the game client for a more detailed breakdown of your progress." The last one i missed was vaal area. Highly recommend making a checklist, especially for library, vaal area and Lioneye notes. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vaal_Letter Here is more detailed list with wordings: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Environmental_lore
  24. Everblossom is called "Aromatic Flower". After you first time beat him you get Aromatic Branch, and the second time in Hirata (3 years back) you get "Aromatic Flower" of everblossom. Note that you need to get the bell to meet him before you beat the dragon, but u may kill him after the dragon.
  25. I think you have to liberate every district, by completing liberation project for each of them. The last step of the project is a bounty, you get it automatically, not from the board. After you completed it, it says something like: "Area boss defeated", after that district status changes to Liberated. And you can see its done in Progress -> Bounties. Go to your projects and check that you've done all liberation ones.