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  1. Great game, great community, game is buggy, new content always seems raw. But devs stream always every day on twitch and listening to players. Addictive.
  2. [DE] Danielle on stream just said that they are aware of the problem with unobtainable trophies and QA is looking for the best solution. She also said there will be no trophies for the upcoming update "The Deimos Arcana", but there will be new trophies in 2021.
  3. Also trophies like: Vallis SpelunkerExplore all of the caves in Orb Vallis. Do not unlock. I explored a couple of caves in game trophy says 30/30. All races on Vallis, the same thing. did a couple, trophy didn't pop.
  4. Hey, made a simple checklist for all the items/spells in the game. There is everything grouped by type, and also Locations tab where everything grouped by location, so you can make sure you didn't miss anything. Also in Locations tab i tried to mark missable trophies. Hope it will be helpful. https://completion-list.github.io/check-list/#/demonsouls/locations All data taken from Demons Souls Wiki - Fextralife, with corresponding links. I haven't played remastered yet but will do soon hopefully and will check everything myself. Played original version many times so i kinda knew what i was typing in general. P.S. Not sure how well it will work on mobile though. I use it on laptop.
  5. Anybody knows how to do this trophy? Is it missable? I completed the game and killed a lot of enemies next to sniper turrets, but it didn't pop. Counter-SniperKilled all enemies operating sniper turrets
  6. Made a checklist of badges and achievements for every mission. https://completion-list.github.io/check-list/#/desperadosiii/missions
  7. The game is on Steam for a long time already, in early access, take a look at the reviews. You can also try it there for an hour yourself and refund. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1030210/Torchlight_III/
  8. For people who is wondering about the state of the game and difficulty of 100% the game. In short - it is PAIN to 100% but the game is fun and unique. The idea of the game is great, it is hardcore, difficult, but the implementation even after 2 years of patches and DLCs is still very bad. Just did a fresh playthrough for the Woman's Lot DLC, again some trophies prevent others and intersect with the main campaign, had to start over to get all the trophies again for the forth time. The main problems in my opinion are: 1. Clunky animation, you and horse will stuck a lot against stones and bushes, etc. 2. Clunky combat, great idea, but does not really work. 3. Waiting times - because of the NPCs schedules, you will need to wait/skip time a lot to get or turn the quest, as NPCs will be sleeping, eating, praying and doing other things. As an example in the last DLC i had to get a book from the priest, first came 18:00 he said he was busy (praying), skipped to 20 - busy walking to home, 6 am - busy eating, 8 am - busy sitting on the bench, 11 finally he just game the book. One time i was skipping time for 24 hours the guy on the bench slept and didn't wake up - bug. Next day he did. 4. There is many mutually exclusive trophies unfortunately, getting 100% will require a good plan with a lot of reloading and backups or just many playthoughs, for example you cannot complete all side quests not killing anyone. You cannot complete quest to learn to read and complete Trial-and-Error. For You had one job! you need drinking skill less than 9 or around that, but for good ending Angel of Mercy you need that skill more than 9, for Friends without Benefits you need to keep them alive but for Judas you need to kill them, etc. That's probably not all of them. 5. Some trophies are also not always triggering, there were a couple when i was doing the main game trophies, but one the recent ones Full House Sinner. Requires you to commit a list of sins and confess them, i did all including Sleep with Bath Wenches, no matter what it was not counting, i had to do it 3 times to make it work. Anyway, the game is very interesting, one of the best plots i saw, quests are great, all unique. But be ready for a lot of frustration if aiming for 100%.
  9. The Swamps of Corsus update is coming to PC on April 28, and new trophies already appeared there. Fall of the Iskal (Must be story related.) Survivor Defeat 5 Bosses in a row in Survival Mode Dominator Defeat 10 Bosses in a row in Survival Mode Fashion! Purchase 15 Armor Skins Fashion is Danger Purchase 40 Armor Skins 40 armor skins is a grind, as i understood you buy it with special shards dropping in survival. Defeating 10 bosses in a row maybe problematic. But who knows, many games add achievements to steam version and avoid adding them to consoles, as i understand there is limitation. Will see.
  10. Is there a reason to buy starter edition if i am going to buy all addons anyway? Complete edition costs 60USD in US store, but Shadowbringer addon separately also costs 60 USD and includes all other addons.
  11. Hey, decided to first try it on PC, game is great, and i have a couple of questions: 1. Will trophies unlock when i link my account to PSN? I am talking about trophies i already have, like Complete your first quest, etc. 2. Will my progress towards grindy trophies also be accounted? Anyone tried this or knows for sure? 3. Can i easily jump from PC to PS and back with the same character? Anyone doing this? As i understand it is cross platform, like Destiny 2. 4. And the last, how good is controls on PS4, i am trying both with controller and keyboard on PC, but sometimes struggling with controller.
  12. I am considering this game too, had it from PS plus, and thinking of starting my way to 100%. As for the next season, it is coming soon June 11, 2020 There is a couple of trophies which sound really scary though. These for example Heads Up! Kill 25 Heroes by attacking them from above in PvP. You're On Fire! Get 5 Kill Streaks of 5 kills in Elimination or Skirmish in PvP. Especially 5 kills streak in the mods which are so not popular.
  13. Game looks very interesting, i wonder hard hard PS trophy set is. Captain PlanetBy your powers combined I am Captain Planet It looks like you just need to equip 5 rings for that, easy or they so rare? Game of CrowsThe crows are singing, winter must be coming... For that you need to click on the crowns in town in the right order to play Game of Thrones theme. But this one may be hard. Wearing only a smile Finish a medium or big Freeplay game in Hard difficulty or higher, without equipping any card
  14. Also you can equip Gotterdammerung to one of them, if you have it, Aerith for safety or Barret for more dps. Previously you had a fight with Cloud, then cutscene and this fight, so during the cutscene, if you hold square if i remember correctly, it will open menu just before the fight and will allow you to change equipment.
  15. Also here is a reddit thread with some details and dev comments. https://www.reddit.com/r/remnantgame/comments/g93kn7/swamps_of_corsus_update_notes/ Here is one regarding consoles. >I can see its coming to PC but is there an eta for console?I can see its coming to PC but is there an eta for console? >Real soon. Just working on getting it through the certification process which is a bit delayed due to world events.
  16. Hey, decided to try the series for the first time, heard of it a lot, like the game in general, normal walkthrough was great. Doing missions on hard now. Every single boss battle, especially Pride and Joy challenge come to barrier and heal spamming, due to tons of unavoidable damage and damage if you try to avoid you will lose a lot of time. Is this supposed to be so, or i am just new and need more skill? Is there a way to master those fights to beat bosses no damage or no heals etc? Please point me out to the good deep guides. Most of the video guides i see do not shine with deep knowledge. Heal spamming is very annoying.
  17. I see now, originally it is turn-based. it means you have to take damage and heal, they made it real time, but kept the flow of the battle idea. This is a bit disappointing, not a big fan of such combat style. Power pyx guides are great, i use it, but they are pretty generic, he didn't beat the hardest fights, and his recommendations of the weapon and materia says that he didn't yet understand some things. Compare to this guy for example, he built his Could sword for balanced magic and attack so he can burst shiva with fire spells for example. This fight is really hard, he is also always switching characters, once boss focuses him, because if you are not controlling character they usually defending and doing it better than you. Also notice how he breaks shivas frost familiars with low cost spells, powerpyx recommends using last sword(why?) and using the strongest magic on her, also putting ice + elemental in armor, what about other fights in this challenge.
  18. I think i should especially with filter and dim completed buttons, but if you close the window you will not loose the state. I explained it in info page, it is stored in your browser, you can backup/restore state in case you want to transfer everything to another computer let's say or another browser. Yeah i was thinking about something like trophy guide checklist with progression, but i do not have that picture in my head yet, need a ux designer for that i think. Thank you, glad you liked it, hope to make it more useful for more people. Eventually i will maybe, when it is more polished, my main game for that app is warframe, and i am still struggling to fit and present all the data for warframe properly.
  19. Hey, i usually follow psnprofiles or powerpyx guides when trying to 100% the game, but for some games it is hard to keep track of what you have done, and i used to create excel checklists. But finally decided to make a checklist app for that purpose, because it can give more flexibility for grouping and sorting the items. Have too much time nowadays... So i made this for FFVII, as well as for a couple of other games. https://completion-list.github.io/check-list/#/ff7/quests It is still in development, i need to improve filtering and presentation. But wanted to hear what you guys think. It is easy to add new games now and update old ones, and i am planning to do it for games i play. Currently it is not mobile friendly, too much to display, and there maybe other issues. One more thing, i used some wordings from wiki and powerpyx site, tried to ask him for permission, but he didn't reply, but i tried to take as minimal info as i could. Anyway, let me know what you think, maybe some suggestions on how to improve it, or if anyone wants to participate in developing or updating configs, welcome too. The site is completely non profit, no ads, i hate ads.
  20. I did it on singe, used hunting rifle and summons: Seed Caller and Beckon. There is also a ring "Ring of the Admiral" which boosts damage and increases damage you take by 300%, helps a lot. Bought from Reggie in Ward 13 for only 2 Scrap.
  21. Game turned out to be great, got platinum quick but didn't stop playing. Easy to find people to play with.
  22. Great, i am going to start it too, please add me if you want to do some coop and unlock online traits together.
  23. Yokai do not recharge Ki by themselves, they create a pool and recharge Ki there almost instantly, or they shift to dark realm and recharge it there. About the difficulty, in both Nioh there is a builds diversity and you can hard counter every boss. You want challenge like in Sekiro or dark souls, you can play no Onmyo/ninjutsu, jsut weapon and elixirs, and difficulty will be on point, you will have to learn boss moves like in other games. Sloth and op builds are for diversity but really can make the game trivial.
  24. 120k proficiency now required for mystic art instead of 180k.