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  1. Yes, that's exactly it. Most PS2 games sold in Europe had this slow down, so because the PS4 version is an emulation of the PS2 version, it kept that issue. I have read that some PS2 to PS4 games got patched to fix this issue on their PAL versions, but it looks like Capcom is not doing that.
  2. The reason why the PS4 version has that slow down on the PAL version is because it's based on / it's an emulation of the PS2 version, you will have to check if the Xbox version is based on the PS2 version as well. If it is simply the HD version (also released on the PS3), then it will have no slow downs regardless of the region. The PS3 version of this game works fine, only the PS4 version has this problem. I don't own any Xbox systems but I do know that the HD version released on the Xbox 360, this version is fine. There is also a version of the game on the Xbox One which is playable via the backwards compatibility, this should mean that you would be playing the 360 HD version, which has no issues. But again, I can't 100% confirm this myself.
  3. Episode Ardyn on sale! Yes!
  4. Competitive trophies should not work in LAN mode because the entirety of LAN mode is supposedly considered a "custom game", since trophies can pop in custom games when playing co-op, the same happens during the LAN mode. However, one thing you could do is try to reach Naughty Dog so they patch the game and allows for competitive trophies to be unlocked in the LAN mode, it is indeed a long shot since these games haven't been updated in years, and ND isn't exactly known for caring about their MPs, but it's the only option you'd have if you want to obtain those competitive trophies. I have the 100% but my sister doesn't, so we'll just use the splitscreen mode in LAN to get what she is missing (and can obtain). I logged into the LAN mode after the servers were shut off and some modes were not available, for example, I couldn't select Co-op Shade (it wasn't in the list), is this a bug on my end or are some modes unplayable in LAN mode?
  5. Great month IMO, even though I already own/played Arkham Knight. It's a great game, too!
  6. Is this EU only? I have gotten the other avatar pack, but I'd much rather have this one... edit: I contacted support and they told me that this one is indeed EU exclusive, while the other pack is given to America.
  7. DMC5 avatars are not being sold yet, your forum avatar is from DMC4SE, which does have a set of PSN avatars. Just keep waiting, RE7 got avatars much later after its release, so I'm assuming the same will happen to DMC5 and RE2.
  8. Play Co-Op Hunter since you have very little treasures left, just keep playing and hope you get the treasures you're looking for, there isn't really much else you can do. There are some myths out there such as certain treasures being more common in certain maps, I never believed those but you may want to try it out?
  9. You need Hank to be at "hostile" level during The Bridge, so you need to replay from a point where you can get him to be at hostile before that chapter. Depending on what choice has been saved, you would only need to replay a few chapters, either way, whichever chapter you start at, you need to make sure to keep playing until The Bridge, and not quit after a replay and then use the chapter select, or else the progress/choices won't be saved.
  10. Only the co-op treasures, they will drop in custom games as well.
  11. All PS Vita games: Another World - Saved data is intact, in-game cross-save feature also works. Jak and Daxter Collection - Saved data is intact for all three games. Shutshimi - Saved data is intact, connection to PSN works and using the in-game cross-save feature also works.
  12. Resident Evil 2 & Devil May Cry 5.
  13. I can't speak for MGS4, but for RE4, although your trophies are "technically" out of order, it is very much possible to obtain "Do Not Shoot The Water!" within hours/minutes of "We're Going Home" by starting a new game and saving on a different slot, then reloading the other save that is near the end of the game. The problem is that you have obtained "A Heart of Steel" 3 minutes after "We're Going Home". This is definitely not possible, the game takes a bit over an hour to beat if you are truly speedrunning it, even with the Striker glitch, Salazar skip, the newly found Minecart skip, etc. Professional mode (highest difficulty) is also not unlocked by default like in other RE games, so you can't stack these two trophies.
  14. I can't speak for every single game out there on the PS3/Vita/PS4, but you shouldn't lose the trophies themselves, only the progress towards them, but that's IF the game doesn't support the name change well enough. A lot of PS4 games work fine with the change, most of the issues will come from PS3/Vita games, but even then, some games on those two systems will still work perfectly, meaning the trophy progress will remain intact. Take Uncharted 3 (PS3 ver.) as an example, once you change your ID, the MP data will be reset and you will start from scratch, if you have obtained any MP trophies, those will be kept with your new ID, but the progress towards the other unearned MP trophies will be lost, and you will have to start from 0 again. I recommend you take a look at this thread:
  15. Does that also apply to the themes and avatars?