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  1. I wasn't even aware that the Hiyokucho blessing had an infinite range!
  2. I like it, it makes me curious on what the DLC trophies will be. The base list of the first game was easier than the DLC trophies, at least to me!
  3. 8-11 Normal, 12-13 Normal and 14-Epilogue Normal bugged on me as well, 8-11 Normal unlocked when I replayed The Lost Holy Grounds (Chapter 5) on Normal, the other two still didn't pop. I haven't beaten Hard mode yet, will give an update when they pop. As a side note, this did not happen to me on the PS3 version and the Switch version (in the latter you can see the achievements in-game). I wouldn't worry about it, just browsing through this thread itself shows that this seems to be a common bug. EDIT: It seems that Chapter 5 is the one where the trophies pop. My 12-13 Normal and 14-Epilogue Normal popped when I finished Chapter 5 on Hard, I am currently on my Infinite Climax playthrough and of course, 8-11 Hard, 12-13 Hard and 14-Epilogue Hard bugged while I was playing the Hard mode, but they popped on Chapter 5 on Infinite Climax. I am assuming that the trophy to beat the game on Infinite Climax will not pop when I actually beat it, and I'll have to play some chapters for it to unlock. I'll edit this post again to let you guys know which chapter this one will pop for me. EDIT 2: So just as I suspected, the trophy to beat Infinite Climax did not unlock when I actually beat the game, I replayed Chapters 1, 2 and 3 and then it unlocked when I finished Chapter 3. EDIT 3: As a side note, in order to skip cutscenes quickly and the Angel Attack introduction in this version, push R2 and the options button.
  4. There's talk that Capcom will announce two games at the Jump Festa 2020 this December.
  5. New interview with multiple developers: Here's something Tetsuya Nomura says: With regard to new characters, of whom I said during past interviews that there would be “none” – though they aren’t main characters, their numbers ended up growing considerably in the process of creating a rich depiction of Midgar. When you think of Midgar’s final boss, you probably think of the M.O.T.O.R., but in this game new bosses will appear and add to the excitement of the story even more. So this may be alluding that the final boss of Midgar might not be Motor? Unless there is a mistranslation? 🤔
  6. Can I say Kara herself from Detroit: Become Human? I would love to have an android who will clean the house...
  7. SOMA and ONRUSH for December.
  8. My guess is that this is possible, and if you have 3 consoles, you (theoretically) wouldn't even need to use splitscreen. Keep in mind that those trophies (no damage to the statue in Monastery, etc.) are still possible with just 2 players on splitscreen, it would be harder of course, but still very much possible (unlike the Hoarder trophy which is definitely impossible to unlock by this point).
  9. I'm so glad they are doing an open beta, I couldn't play the closed alpha so I missed it! T_T
  10. Ah, that's true... progress from the online server is not carried to the LAN side of the game. :/ You do make a great point about the Collector trophy, the psnp trophy guide also states that all treasures for this trophy can only be acquired via the co-op Adventure, Arena or Hunter modes. This would be huge for anyone who has the other treasure trophy, because that one (Hoarder) is 100% impossible at this point.
  11. Most treasures should not be obtainable on LAN mode, but what about the co-op ones? This is what I was referring to, in the live game you could obtain co-op treasures in co-op custom games just fine, even if you set it to be a private match with just you and friends, they would still be saved. PvP treasures (like you said) cannot be acquired from custom games so those are out of the question, but let's say there is a person in the world who was only missing a few co-op treasures? If that was the case, I have a feeling they would be able to get the treasure trophies. Of course, this is something very hard to test since the LAN mode doesn't show the treasure list so the person would need to have kept track of the information before the server closure. ...which is exactly the case that was mentioned on, here is a link to the thread: One user in that thread mentioned that they only needed the Monastery treasures to get one of the treasure trophies. So if someone else is in a similar situation and is willing to test it out, we could know for sure.
  12. Testing something like this would be hard if the person didn't keep track of their treasures however I did read on that one guy had only one treasure left (Monastery treasure) but he said he wouldn't spend all that time for a trophy that may not even pop.
  13. Are we sure about this? I read on that the treasures might be saved in the LAN, but they are obviously not shown to the player. I haven't actually seen someone test this to figure it out though.
  14. There's no SP campaign in this beta, just the Survivors vs Mastermind game mode: I'm curious to see what they do with this campaign, I mean, they do have all the assets from the RE2 remake and they are definitely not afraid of using it since this whole game (to me) looks like a RE2 DLC/expansion.