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  1. I also want to mention that Resident Evil Revelations (PS4) has the same problem at the moment, I tried to play with someone yesterday and neither of us could create an online lobby, and today we also couldn't do it. This game has one trophy that must be done with a second player, all of the others are doable solo.
  2. I was having similar problems in RE Revelations on the PS4, my co-op partner and I had been playing for a few days normally but two days ago we kept getting some errors, I think it might be the Capcom servers, it makes some sense since the pandemic has people playing video games more often than usual. I suggest simply trying to play the game again in a few days from now.
  3. I'm thinking that it will, it seems that the Yuffie content will be exclusive to the PS5 version and they are calling it Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, so it may as well have its own PS5 list. This is just my guess of course.
  4. I was hoping to see some news about Genshin Impact... ๐Ÿ˜“
  5. It seems that they added that option in the closed beta via a patch based on the tweet below, my guess is because of all the negative feedback about the filter after the trailer dropped.
  6. Staying Alive and Team Effort (Survivors DLC) are the only trophies where you must have at least 3 people total (2v1 works). All the other trophies can be done with only 2 people total, but some of them are much slower if you do it that way. The Onslaught DLC can only be played with 2 people total. For the Predator DLC, I recommend having 3 people total for the One Is Never Enough trophy (As Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.), for this trophy, do the following: Ustanak player grabs P1. Ustanak player throws P1 onto a corner. P1 will now be in the dying state. P2 comes about and revives P1. Ustanak player grabs P1. Repeat. Make sure to throw P1 at a corner so that you don't waste more time getting P2 to reach P1. P2 should be careful to not be too close to where P1 is thrown, as that can damage them and kill them, ending the round. Having just one other player will mean that you can only get one grab per round (so 1 grab for the 2 players in one match, meaning you gotta play 50 matches total if you don't have 3 people). For the Siege DLC, get as many players as you can for the Everybody Dies trophy, if you do the method involving the trap at the Catacombs map, it will be the fastest. Get a player who is a creature to use the trap during the entire match, then all Human players run to the trap and slide to it so that they will die by the trap and give the kill credit to the correct player. Do not just run to the trap or else you will be knocked backwards and some AI enemy will probably kill you. The Civilian Casualties trophy also takes a while to boost since you cannot have more than one kill during a round, use the same method I wrote above with the trap, here is a video of it: For the Survivors DLC, you could also get as many players as possible for the Take 'Em All Down trophy, but in my opinion that doesn't take too long to get with just one other person. Side note: You cannot play any of these DLC modes in splitscreen like you can in the main game and The Mercenaries. If you're ever curious about your progress toward some trophies you can check the in-game "Records" option at the main menu or check RE.NET if you are playing the PS3 version.
  7. I like downloading my content via the browser store rather than the console itself, and it looks like you cannot download DLC with the new store. I always have to use the old one to do that. ๐Ÿ˜“
  8. Did you and the randoms use mics?
  9. This is all I see at the moment:
  10. I did the 3 stars and 5 stars trophies in multiple sittings.
  11. Nobody knows yet, but my guess is that yes, there will be a platinum and it will be a separate trophy list.
  12. I wish you could play the PS3 version on the PS5 as well... ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. The company can unlock trophies for the players? That means if someone bothers Naughty Dog enough they could eventually unlock the unobtainable MP trophies for them? It sounds like something they said just to get rid of you.
  14. Technically yes, but it would take a lot of effort from the community. For example, Metal Gear Online has also been shut down but the community has brought it back, however I believe the console needs to be hacked in order to be able to play MGO so for Uncharted 2's case and its trophies, you will probably get flagged for it if you were to unlock something.