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  1. The patch notes for the next update is live.
  2. Can anyone confirm if you need to play the whole game again to unlock the new difficulty?
  3. I think there is a chance that they will release a Grounded difficulty, however I believe that they wouldn't have a trophy tied to it because they made sure to add a lot of accessibility options and did not tie any trophy in the base list to a difficulty setting. From what I understand they confirmed that a MP mode is coming, I assume that will come with its share of trophies, but it may have its own list based on their own tweet:
  4. I didn't have any bugs with this game aside from one crash at one point, you mentioned FF7R in the OP and I've also had some crashes while playing that game too. The first TLOU never bugged on me the first time I played it, but I did have a few glitches on replays of that game.
  5. Once you fully upgrade a character the parts and supplements will not spawn for them anymore, as such it won't carry over to the next character.
  6. As an update to this - there are new equipments that make you deal more damage with grenades and also make it so the Armory prices are much lower, so you can still do the Molotov Valerie build and kill Yateveo quite easily. The LE 5 was also buffed so a Becca can use that wepaon on it and ditch a lot of damage.
  7. Yateveo got a few buffs, the Meddling Kids trophy is much harder now.
  8. The thing you mentioned with the timer suddenly going into Overtime is a bug that can happen on any version of the game, it is also a hack but this can definitely happen on console as the game's director has confirmed it on his twitter, you can see this video for proof and then if you check the replies you will see the director saying it's a bug: Now for the Samuel situation I would assume that it's some lag, if you've been playing since around the time it was released then you must know how laggy this game can be for both sides. Players teleporting out of nowhere is common, doesn't matter if you're the host (the MM). This game definitely has some cheaters on the PC version, but on console I haven't seen anything extremely suspicious. Like you said, some things can be explained by the player's build, of course there is a possibility that players are hacking on console because it's definitely very possible at this point, but I think it's unlikely, at least for this game. Especially with the way it's set up (no dedicated servers). Whenever something suspicious happens to me I personally assume it's lag.
  9. Just got it, use this link for the USA store.
  10. Still free on the store, got both just now.
  11. Try using Lustrous Shield to block the attacks, then at the end, you could save the Summon for that last moment where you have to deal enough damage before it deals high damage to you as shown here: