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  1. Well, never mind that about the images. 😓 But it does say PS4 at the top, I wonder if there are 2 stacks? PS4/PS5?
  2. The images look beautiful! I hope the platinum looks good as well!
  3. The game won't be playable until later this year, but I have it pre-loaded and maybe the list is already available?
  4. Do you possibly have the Re:Verse list as well?
  5. The Deluxe and pre-order bonuses are pretty useless in the grand scheme of things, the only thing (as a trophy hunter) that you'd worry about would be the Trauma DLC that comes with the Village of Shadows difficulty, however they state that this difficulty can be unlocked in-game if you clear a condition, it's not exclusive to that DLC. We know that they like having trophies tied to the difficulty. As for any words on DLC trophies or DLC at all, there has been nothing, but I assume there will be some type of DLC similar to either the RE7 ones or the free RE2R one. This game comes with Re:Verse as its MP "mode" and based on RE3R + Resistance, Re:Verse should have a separate list with a platinum instead of being attached to the Village list (my assumption). Also, releasing DLC for this game is a no-brainer because of Alcina and the three daughters. They are extremely viral at the moment. Anyway, I'd say don't bother getting the Deluxe Edition, and if there is any DLC, then I personally assume that the Deluxe Edition would have nothing to do with it otherwise they would have some text about it as a disclaimer? 🤔
  6. Well, we know that the game has a difficulty named "Village of Shadows" based on the DLC description, the demo only went up to "Hardcore", so it may be similar to RE3R where the higher difficulties are hidden at first.
  8. Not really my cup of tea, either way I'll be busy with Resident Evil Village!
  9. They actually announced that the last period will last for a week rather than 24 hours, you could play that part of the demo which will essentially be the first two demos at once. But the 60 minute timer remains!
  10. I would recommend playing based on the original release date, you could use an emulator to play the older games that are not available on the current systems. You can easily play RE2/RE3 on Dolphin for example, I even use Dolphin to play the Wii version of RE4 with the motion controls.
  11. That's how it works, there are 3 periods, the Village one (expired), Castle (tomorrow) and Village & Castle at the same time (May 1). The first two are only for PS4/PS5 and they can be played for a total of 30 minutes, they are only available for 8 hours after it goes live. The third is for all platforms and can be played for 60 minutes, it will be available for 24 hours after it goes live. And yes, it's a really weird limitation. This is basically a worse version of the RE2 1-Shot Demo that was available before RE2R released. But it's good for marketing, if there are multiple periods then people will talk about the demo each time it becomes playable again.
  12. Or a "trophy shop" so you can skip all that boring grind? I wouldn't be surprised if this version had one. 🤔
  13. It seems fairly simple but grindy? I suppose the time-limited trophies could be done with some sort of NG+/chapter select where you can battle the enemies with upgraded gear? That would leave those trophies to upgrade the weapons and such which could take some time.