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  1. You are able to kill the Majinis controlling the beams with an explosive weapon from a distance like an RPG or the Grenade Launcher (try the Explosive Rounds), you could try using one of these at the very start of the stage, it's possible to kill the one on the left before crossing the place where the light goes through if you aim it correctly because the splash damage will hit them, and then you may try the same strategy on the other one. If you use the cover system (square next to the wall), the AI should follow you and stay safe as well, but if this is failing then try what I wrote above.
  2. There was an update quite a while ago which changed the size of the avatars on our profiles on the PS4, so it may give the impression that the avatar looks worse because it's smaller on your profile compared to how it looks on the PS Store? This is how our profiles used to look before:
  3. The only game I've felt sick while playing was The Unfinished Swan, I think it was due to the bright white colors and the fact that you essentially paint your way through the game. Actually, I think it's interesting that you're feeling sick while playing this, usually I'd expect that type of thing to come from either VR games (like you mentioned) or generally any first person shooter game. I think Mirror's Edge is a good example of a game that could easily make people feel sick while playing. As for any tips, I suppose the only thing I can recommend is to make sure to take breaks!
  4. I'm speculating that the reason for this is to have a bigger control over what players can set as their banners, I've seen some people with very lewd/suggestive banners and since Sony has been censoring PS4 games over the past few years, this change might be some type of censoring as well?
  5. No problems on my end, I'm playing online right now with @Aranea Highwind.
  6. The trophy "The Flame That Lights the Darkness" is glitched in a good way, it says you have to lit all of the fire altars, there are five of these, I got the trophy when I interacted with the fourth one instead of the fifth and final one.
  7. Are the party settings related to "any friends can join"/"invite only" gone now? When I create a party, there are no settings about it, so I'm not sure if my friends can join the party without an invite.
  8. Here's images of the new free avatars:
  9. From 37 to 482, 160 platinums right now.
  10. Can someone test Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight?
  11. They usually give the TLoU themes and avatars (PS4) for free on the Outbreak Day.
  12. Buddy System cannot be unlocked in this game because you cannot access the MP menu without the server (there is no LAN mode in U2), in U3 it's still possible to obtain the co-op trophy in the base game by using the LAN mode. Since you cannot access the MP in any way in U2, all online trophies are unobtainable now. In U3 there are still quite a few online trophies that you can unlock because of the LAN mode.
  13. Images from
  14. More screenshots: