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  1. Hi would you be able to help me on the  strategy  On mk11 if I clean the ones I can do please my psn is Pumf_Will_Teacha 

  2. Not even on the store yet
  3. The solver don't work anymore guys not sure if they get it back up again
  4. The solver don't work anymore guys heads up not sure if they get it back up again
  5. https://youtu.be/jNz1B6CNKjI hope my video helps
  6. it works on and off the solver it worked monday night apart from the last two puzzles for the plat 

    1. Pumf_Will_Teacha


      Working again today apart from last two  Square puzzles seems a long term  issue 

  7. just two levels to go for the plat and it wont work grrr kill me now
  8. It's not been working since after Thursday night every puzzle just stays loading screen even level 1 apart from that you been doing a great job would not got far from this game without it