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  1. Sorry @HusKy, don’t suppose it’s something PSNP+ can offer or develop?
  2. Last Hero and A man of principle dident pop for me :/
  3. Perhaps have the game title, then break is down to console and then down to region so it’s technically merged under 1 game but still able to sub-topic under which ever is applicable.
  4. Ah that eluded me, I concur….
  5. I disagree , I mean some PS4 games may have issues which can only occur on the previous generation but not present in the PS5 and having a sole forum on a game may cause confusion down the line as to which issue lie with with console.
  6. Woke community in gaming, might as well retire, personally I’d message a CRT member privately , I suspect they won’t divulge anything publicly but have noticed disputes are closed without explanation, though that could also be a mod doing it too.
  7. I hear your a racist now then…..
  8. Immortal: Fenyx Rising (PS5)
  9. 32 Quid for 3 DLC for Fenyx: Immortal rising, wth is Ubisoft charging…

  10. As a parent , please god no…. And hope PS don’t touch this , 16 hours of my day is enough
  11. Very honest of yourself sir.
  12. Me in 2030…
  13. Might as well call it “fell for it guys”