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  1. I can confirm this works 100%, the out of bounds glitch is annoying but the trophy pops just before the credits….
  2. Amazing, I already know I wouldn’t be able to play another run on this so I’m so glad this works
  3. I agree, this should of been implemented at the foundation of the flagging / dispute section of the website..
  4. Only starting it tonight but if anyone can confirm before myself , do let us know
  5. Is this not a work around anymore
  6. Horizon: Forbidden West
  7. Best checking in 24 hours and reporting back , just to reassure others
  8. I’ve read in a few social media posts that Sony are removing all old trophy lists from profiles which will affect milestones etx on this website , can anyone confirm or deny this is the case please and thanks Update: Please ignore , the developer had replied via Twitter to a Q&A stating the trophies would be deleted but after clarification, they meant the old launcher trophies will no longer be unobtainable , sorry for the panic guys …
  9. Both
  10. Keep shooting , it’s annoying as hell , but the game can’t be platted because this level related trophy won’t pop
  11. Would be amazing , but not too many games support cross - play server sharing , at least not enough to support it
  12. Yes folks, close the game and reboot it and again complete the requirements , had to do this for the teleport trophy , but others may apply
  13. @Beyondthegrave07 can you add me please
  14. And no extensions required 😂😂
  15. Yeah, I hope you went incognito on that “research” 😂