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  1. Finally got all of these challenges done , infected was for sure the hardest and gone by daylight was easiest in hordes , amazing game and it deserves a sequel.
  2. I think we’ve expanded beyond the relevance of the post by now anyways 😂
  3. 14 why what happens to them
  4. Agreed but the controller gets dirty after a while and the paint comes off , if it was in black , I wouldn’t mind so much , I do love the haptic feedback but I excluded it due to the PS4 not having it , therefore an unfair advantage
  5. I prefer the PS4 simply as it’s smaller and lighter.
  6. Yeah if more developers supported the VR software , then perhaps create a demand for such hardware , again I would say indie games dominate the VR market at the moment.
  7. Oh is that what the PS5 is for 🤔
  8. So the new VR, it seems people prefer no cables , what else would be needed for you to make a purchase
  9. I keep mine plugged in bar the VR headset and connecting cable so it takes me 2 mins to set it up
  10. Agreed, it can be annoying to set up
  11. If there was a game that’s not on VR but you’d want to bring to VR, what would it be , Uncharted would be up there for me
  12. I have played a lot of VR games (won’t bore you with the list) but honestly as a gamer , think it’s the future , again cost, development and persuading consumers it is not a gimmick it’s something marketing would need to take into consideration
  13. The games I mentioned are only but a few , as some others have been mentioned like Resi 7, Skyrim etx , I’m pro VR 100% , agreed some people don’t like things being put on their face for the sake of gaming however if gaming is an immersive experience , if should be a viable option, but has to be affordable, and at a price point that justifies the purchase and not an accessory that gathers dust like wonderbooks, eye cameras etc. Oh and base game and Vr game trophies , Blair witch came out on VR with a separate list if anyone is interested.