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  1. Looks like you are ready to go, good luck and have fun getting a plat in this one
  2. I personally find it a lot easier. Before getting on playing 2.0 I've played around 40h on pc in 1.0. I've gained a little bit of experience that way, but not much. I did play in 2.0 with a controller a little bit (to complete some boring ass trophies, for example completing 3 week events) and I gotta say it's a lot harder then playing with a wheel, especially while driving rwd cars. It's basically impossible to counter steer a bigger slide, controller is just slower than human. I personally find it a lot easier and I have a lot more fun driving with a wheel and H pattern shifter. Even though I'm not using my handbrake because it only works on pc so my only option is to use a button. Those couple times when I used a controller I was bored to death. So I highly recommend using a wheel if you have one (obviously i mean some better wheel, not some shit for 50$, logitech dfgt or g25 is a total minimum) you may struggle at the beginning but once you get a hang of it, it's so much fun. I use thrustmaster t300 + tlcm pedals + th8a shifter if anyone wants to know.
  3. Special event: Hamra daytime/cloudy/snow Delta: Valle de los puentes daytime/overcast/dry surface
  4. There are two group B events today, one delta and one special event. Can someone tell the details about the stages. What track exactly and what conditions
  5. Hi, has anyone completed this dlc using a wheel, not a controller? I'm just asking out of curiosity
  6. If I buy the physical version on PS4 will I have it on vita too? Or is it only possible by buying it in ps store
  7. That was just a thought, I've never seen anyone talk about it so that's why I asked. A guy on ea forum sent some screenshots of a conversation he had with ea support, and the guy from the support said that maybe playstation support could do something with the trophy. Why is everyone so offensive in this thread. Hope never dies.
  8. The point is to make the plat attainable, one way or another I'm not saying that they should do it in every other game, other games closed servers and people knew that so they had time to get it if they wanted it, but in this case the trophy broke suddenly. So replacing such an easy trophy for something else wouldn't be a big deal
  9. Some trophies in rainbow 6 siege got replaced so I don't see a problem here
  10. Hey, if they can't fix, maybe we can ask playstation support to delete the trophy. Has anyone tried something like this before?
  11. It looks kinda interesting, it's on sale right now, is it worth playing? What's the platinum experience?
  12. Of course, I have like 7 games with a few % that I played for once when I wasn't even a trophy hunter and 5 of them have unobtainable platinum anyways. That's the biggest feature I'm waiting for to come out with ps5 Edit: And also I would delete my name is mayo and slyde. That was a mistake 😂 Edit 2: People there are saying it's a terrible idea because everyone would have a 100%. What? You can already hide your trophies so everyone can have a 100%. In this case that wouldn't change much. It would change your trophy list when you would be looking on it directly from your account.
  13. Yup, coal is the most common thing they want to trade and coal blocks because you have more coal with yourself
  14. Equipment. You now the creative glitch?