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  1. Of course, I have like 7 games with a few % that I played for once when I wasn't even a trophy hunter and 5 of them have unobtainable platinum anyways. That's the biggest feature I'm waiting for to come out with ps5 Edit: And also I would delete my name is mayo and slyde. That was a mistake 😂 Edit 2: People there are saying it's a terrible idea because everyone would have a 100%. What? You can already hide your trophies so everyone can have a 100%. In this case that wouldn't change much. It would change your trophy list when you would be looking on it directly from your account.
  2. Yup, coal is the most common thing they want to trade and coal blocks because you have more coal with yourself
  3. Equipment. You now the creative glitch?
  4. 1. Yes 2. All worlds (can be imported so creative glitch works) 3. No Just got the trophy few seconds ago. Get all eq with coal blocks and a few villager eggs stacks
  5. I created a new world, jumped into the random water and got the trophy so yeah, finally
  6. Meh
  7. Can someone confirm if online works again? If the online trophies are achievable? Beacuse skate 3 works again and some say that skate 2 works too but what about trophies?
  8. Knack, gz for that one. I can't push myself to grind that diamonds
  9. Thank you, you are doing great job
  10. Join our crew! - Platiniers We are on 26 level right now.
  11. Feel free to join Platiniers!
  12. And I can confirm that 2-5 episodes needs to be downloaded from the ps store
  13. Fortunately I got it today 😅
  14. What if I buy used physical version after 25? I'm gonna order it but I'm not sure if its gonna arrive before 25.