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  1. Date : 28 April Time: about 9pm GMT Device: Sony Xperia Location: England Browser: Chrome Location: Games Redirect:L Goodluck space Again 29th at 7pm. Just accessing my profile. Happens on all pages quite often though except forums.
  2. hi all - i have some simple trophies not popping on this and wondered if anyone else has experienced it or if i am doing something wrong. Just the turn into a galaxy, ascend to planet and back again and the transform into an object one. I have done all of these things repeatedly but nothing happening. Any ideas? i also tried a new save and it still didnt work. this is the hardest game ever to google by the way - brings up pretty much everything except this game.
  3. i think you may be right. i got a checkmate medal yesterday and im almost certain it was my first non-fodder takedown. i certainly hadnt taken down 3. not exactly proof but i reckon you are right.
  4. get to the front of the pack, check most of the enemy are behind you then go to either the left or right of the track. Hit Rush then move from left to right across the track and back again. You should hit them all in one shot.
  5. is it possible to invert camera? I have had a look in the usual places but can't find anything obvious. If anyone knows please let me know! I am seriously struggling as it is. I think this is the first time invert has not been an option for me.
  6. so you will tell us why our opinion is wrong using your opinion? If something wins an award it is beyond criticism? This is just a fun thread mate, get off your horse.
  7. cheers for the link - turns out i was just being stupid. like really stupid. i have managed to progress!
  8. i plan to avoid this for as long as i can resist!
  9. Saints Row 4 or Infamous Second Son. Both straight forward and awesome fun. Saints Row especially.
  10. I was going for Darksiders 2 but the bloody game bugged on my Deathinitive New Game+ so looks like i'll need 3 playthroughs. Can i be bothered? Wipeout 2048 on the Vita. naturally only the multiplayer career trophy left. i only need wins now its such a slow grind!
  11. Please, can anyone tell me where the oxygen mask is? I've looked everywhere i have access to. Can't go back anymore so stuck in Hecateum Mines. Guides are seriously lacking for this game atm. Edit: looks like oxygen mask is in next area so not what i need to progress. I think my game has glitched. Concrete pillar after unsticking the water valve is still closed. if anyone knows a way out of this please let me know!
  12. Warzone usually has 1 or 2 people whenever i try. Then a couple more join as the match goes on. I was lucky enough to snag Get Your Filthy Hands Off when we were 2v1 one quiet sunday morning. However i have seen it happen in a botzone deathmatch, i just wasn't quick enough - panicked and sprayed! I reckon the only one you'll have trouble with is Spangled. i had to boost that one - took 5 minutes.
  13. you want to make sure you get up to 180mph before jumping. that will get you there. took me a few tries as car wont stay straight going down the hill!