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  1. You mean the add-on trophies? You don't have to buy them, they were added to the game with updates! Just start Minecraft while online and it should update with all the expansion Packs.
  2. Well, Yes and No, I guess! I played this game, but on PSP! 😅 Have you played this game?
  3. Jade - Mortal Kombat 11
  4. Sorry but that was wrong. It's the Sharing Is Caring trophy of Assassin's Creed Black Flag! I don't have any idea, never saw that trophy before. Somehow it gives me Fist of the North Star chills. But that will probably be horrible wrong! 😅
  5. Hello Valkyrie_Kitsune. Welcome to the forum and of course the whole PSNProfiles site as well. 😎 Don't worry about your profile, everyone has to start from somewhere. When I discovered this site, I had only around 25 games and 500+ trophies. But I learned a lot about different games and trophies here that helped me and I was able to get some tips to others as well. Oh man, funny that you mention the Atelier games. I was holding the "Atelier Ryza" game in my hands last month and I didn't bought it. A few days later, I saw that there should be a new Ryza game next year. 😑 Guess I have to go back to the game store when I have time. And a game I still have in my backlog is "Blue Reflection", a game also made by GUST. Anyway, welcome again and have fun!
  6. Mortal Kombat 11 - I literally got the game one month ago! Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Star Wars Battlefront II ?
  7. Tekken 7 !
  8. This is why I use a test profile both on my PS3 and my PS4. When I have a new game, I'm just playing it without thinking about trophies. Sometimes I play the game longer (3 story playthroughs in Just Cause 3) or not so long (F1 2017 just for two weeks). And when I decided to add a game to my trophy collection, I have an understanding how the game works and how I want to hunt the trophies. If a game has collectables or missable trophies then I usually get them in later playthroughs.
  9. July 21st, 2020: (Late but nothing bought so far in August) Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4) | 49.90 CHF Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4) | 24.90 CHF and two Games sold | -12.10 CHF July Total: 62.70 CHF Year Total: 146.50 CHF
  10. Yes, when I first played this game I played on Beginner but it was too easy because the pitcher throws always strikes and never balls. I got this trophy just random while I played franchise mode with the Cubs. I played on Experienced difficulty and throughout the whole season I wrecked quiet a few bats. I don't know the exact situations when my bats broke, but if I remember correctly, most oft the time it was with inside pitches or when I tried to reach a ball out of the strike zone. At the end of the season, I must had more than 10 broken bats. I can still remember of 2 during Postseason.
  11. Watch Dogs I read a lot of comments and stuff about empty world, boring story and many more I can't remember. 😅 So I stayed away from the game until July last year. I picked it up very cheap, used game. I really like the story so far, I haven't finished it yet. And the online part of the game was interesting as well. The game mode where you have to be hidden from another player was very funny. It was a great relief when I succeded and when I got spotted, I enjoyed it nontheless.
  12. I didn't spend that much money this year so far for games, only one order back in March: March, 16th 2020: Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4) - 29.90 CHF World of Final Fantasy (PS4) - 29.90 CHF 7 Days to Die (PC) - 24.00 CHF Total Money Spend: 83.80 CHF
  13. I don't have PS+ right now anyway, but I still look what the months line ups are. And for July, I stay away from it: I already have Rise of the Tomb Raider in my backlog and completed the story for the first time earlier this year on my test profile. So it will take some time until I finally take this really nice game into my official trophy collection (Tomb Raider fan since the first one). And tbh, I'm not really interested with Erica or NBA. I didn't play any NBA game since 2k13 which I really enjoyed. Good times back then!
  14. I don't know the exact order but the games right now are: F1 2017 - still grinding through career mode, after that, the Platinum should be very near. Batman Arkham Knight - got the game years ago, but only added it to my trophy collection when it was free PS+ (season pass price drop) Fallout 4 - this game is still in my backlog. Don't know when I really add it to my trophy collection. Just Cause 3 - I don't know what others have with this game. It runs well, completed all challenges on my test profile. One of my fav games on PS4. Watch Dogs - Got it cheap second hand last year. I like it, got all online trophies so the Platinum is near as well. MLB The Show 18 - I already have the Platinum but I'm still playing franchise mode with the Chicago Cubs.
  15. For me it's online trophies. It's not online trophies completely, there are online trophies which can be fun to get and not hard as hell. I had much fun getting the online trophies in Watch Dogs. It was fun but challenging as well to don't get spotted by other players. Got all online trophies without boosting a single one. But so many online trophies are really hard to get legit without boosting and some servers are closing so fast and others are still playable after a decade. Have a few games where Platinum is unobtainable because of closed servers.
  16. 4 AM: 0 5 AM: 0 6 AM: 22 7 AM: 25 8 AM: 47 9 AM: 39 I don't have any trophies between 4 and 6 AM, because I'm at work then. And when I'm not working, I sleep at that time. 😄 Most of the trophies I got between 6 and 8 AM are on Saturdays after work before breakfast. The others are pretty much random. I even started getting trophies after 11 PM, but thats really hard, because I'm so tired of working so early. 😴
  17. I got two Platinums this week and I'm very proud that I got them: # 5 - MLB The Show 18 This is my first "The Show" Baseball game and my first Baseball game since 2009. Found the trophy list interesting and really wanted to play Baseball again. Now this game is my 5th Platinum trophy and my fastest as well, done in 1 year and a half. I still play the game since I got the plat, Franchise mode with the Chicago Cubs. I will play it a little bit longer and let's see, if "MLB The Show 20" will be my next game. # 6 - Yakuza 3 (PS3) To be true, I never thought that I will get this Platinum. I played it since it came out in 2010 but back then I didn't care much about trophies. Now, almost 10 years and around 7 or 8 playthroughs later, I finally got this Platinum. And it was a lot of fun, because before my playthroughs on Hard and Extra Hard, I made all Heat moves to spam them whenever I want. And I defeated Amon to get the golden Pistol. Enjoyed every second on my way to the Plat with these Items.
  18. I'm speaking here as one who played the game on PS3, and I have to say, when it comes to the Upgrade/Characters trophy, something weird happened to me. I don't know if this can happen on PS4 as well. I was on my way to get the platinum trophy. Back in March this year, it was Wednesday. I reached level 60 and got the True Commitment trophy, NICE! Just after that, I wanted to get the Shopaholic trophy. It says buy every upgrade and character, except for that General character. I had enough salvage to buy everything (The General not needed). I was a true shopaholic, lol, and after all characters and upgrades were unlocked, I didn't get the trophy. I had to stop there because I didn't had more time. A few days later, it was Sunday, I wanted to check it out again, why I didn't get the Shopaholic trophy. Went online with the PS3, fired the disc into the console and while the game was loading to the main menu screen, out of nowhere, the Shopaholic trophy popped. Very weird! On that same day, I finally completed everything for the !
  19. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Mer-man Swim a total of 1 nmi Something I would like to reach is the "A Pirates Life for Me" trophy as my 1000th trophy. The trophy is for completing sequence 3. I'm already at this sequence and the "Mer-man" trophy is a little bit in the way for what I want to do then. So yesterday, when I came home, I wanted to get this "Mer-man" trophy. I was swimming around quite a bit to this point, so I thought it wouldn't take long for the trophy to pop. And it was just like that. I was swimming around only for 5 minutes or so and then, ding! Here's my 705th bronze trophy.
  20. Yes, solo boosting to level 60 takes its time, really. I made it after I joined a boosting session for other online trophies on PS3. At the session I went up from around level 24 to 27. And after that I only boosted rescue solo. Totally boring yes, but I only made 1 or 2 level ups at a time. So it took longer, but in the end I got the trophy and shortly after that, the platinum. Especially in higher levels it takes more time to level up. 20-30 times bringing the medicine home until a new level was reached (or even more, can't remember clearly).
  21. Well, some titles of the trophies changed and the content that was cut out from the western PS3 game is apperently in. But I'm sure, I will never play it. Because I have it on PS3 and I probably will never get the platinum there. And I still want to play Yakuza 0, which I have but not added to my collection yet. And I want to play Yakuza 6 and Judgment looks interesting as well. More than enough Kamurocho action I would say.
  22. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can visit Maude the first time after you played the first mission as Trevor (the one with Johnny, Ashley and the other Lost's). If I remember it correctly, you visit her as a stranger (?) and after speaking to her she will start sending emails sometime. I got the trophy with the first target in that quarry. I was shooting at his car and then he went out with his hands up. Very easy trophy, imo!
  23. Nice, I think I'm not the only one who likes to get trophies at special dates. I got a lot of trophies on my birthday so far, but no platinum. The closest so far is the Hitman Absolution platinum, 2018, 19 days after my birthday. It was my first platinum as well. But now when I'm thinking of it, next year, my birthday is on saturday. My most favorite day for trophy hunting!
  24. Right now, I sometimes get stressed with my trophy hunt because I'm close to three Plats now. Two examples from the last weeks and months: F1 2010 - In the multiplayer, I finally reached level 50 last December. Before that for months and months I looked for online races multiple times a week. And because of getting so less XP per race it takes almost forever to reach 1 million. Since January I play singleplayer career for the other trophies that are open. That means 3-4 races each day. Luckily, I only have one season left and hopefully I will then get the Plat. Tomb Raider Underworld - A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for all relics. I used a video guide for that, so no problems to get them all right? Wrong!! I tried to get the relics in Treasure Hunter mode where I'm collecting the missing treasures. And I had no problem with the relics until I came to the level with the relic in the eye of Thor's statue. You have to climb on his hammer, when the statue is closed. But when I was there, his arms were open and I couldn't close them. That means, I had to start a new game from the beginning to collect this relic. I played through almost 6 levels in only three days and I was happy when I collected that stupid relic. I'm not complaining that I'm a bit stressed now, because there are three Plats close. I just give my best, so that I can really get them. And when the end of this month comes, I want to take a little break from trophy hunting anyway. So everything is good.
  25. Hey @Bilpe, I hope you read this. When we speak about getting trophies online, I have another one that is done quick when online. I just got the trophy today. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor | Equip any sponsorship in franchise mode. I'm sorry if I bother you, but I have to admit as this is my first MLB The Show game, some of the trophies are hard to understand how to get them. Like this trophy here I mention, in descriptions you can only read "In franchise mode go to sponsorships and select one". I played franchise with the Pirates until the end of May and I had no Sponsorship. I read from others that they got Sponsorships by only playing franchise mode. Or do Sponsorships come much later in the season? Anyway, there is a much faster way getting this trophy while online. For every match you get some kind of ingame currency. I believe they called stubs (sorry if I'm not correct). For my last match in franchise mode, a 2-3 loss, I got 85. For the "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" trophy all you need to do is go to the Community Market. From there select Franchise Sponsorships, and then just get one you can equip in franchise mode. There are a lot of Sponsorships, that are less than 100 stubs. That should be it! Sorry for this, but this game can be quite confusing. Everything else apart from And Now A Word From Our Sponsor and Thanks For Sharing should be offline.