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  1. It's one of a few games where second playthrough isn't a chore, but quite enjoyable and different experience. Both main characters have their own fighting style, and for most of the game, u have access to different powers, which changes gameplay a bit. I really loved to learn the other half of the story and motivations of characters. Ye, it can be a bit repetitive, but fighting in this game is so good, that it was a pleasure, at least for me.
  2. Just got platinum in it yesterday, and I gotta say, it's my favorite game of the last few months for sure. Style, combat and story just clicked for me even if i hardly play jRPGs, or have much interest in anime. I really hope for a sequel, it just deserves it.
  3. I would appreciate an invite to high lvl crew, thanks in advance. PSN: PaVrud102