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  1. Burger King mocking McDonald's.




    When McDonald's lost its Big Mac trademark this January, Burger King was quick to rub salt in the wound.

  2. 'Cuz I'm a sad and lonely motherfucker that still waits for that one moment when a horny babe appears and drops the following line: "I just noticed that you've got the platinum trophy in the PlayStation 3 video game 'Fallout 3'. Please, I wanna get laid by you." Maybe... one day...
  3. Easily one of the greatest albums in music history and arguably my most played album from the past 27 years.
  4. The captchas only appear if you manually type in your name. Use this instead: This obviously works only if you're logged in.
  5. The worst game ever on PS+ was "Pain". But only veterans will remember.
  6. Still not on Spotify...
  7. This could be the most unrealistic and cockamamy dialogue in the history on PSN.



  8. A little bit of grunge in the morning. 😎
  9. Make sure you have won 132 events. Otherwise it won't appear. Race North Mountain Drive. Rival cars are way more likely to appear there.