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  1. That might be your impression.
  2. I've had this problem for the first time around last Christmas. After meddling around for a few days, I gave up and never tried it again. The fact that Sony is unwilling or unable to fix such a problem is just another reason why I won't renew my PS Plus. It's not worth it and they don't deserve my money. I'll order a few pizzas instead - no PS Store and no download queue required.
  3. Translation: "Never without condom!"
    This line has been removed/changed in the GB Color version of the game.



    1. Cobby


      To be fair that's a good message to be giving teenagers. Loads of 'em don't and look at the results.

    2. German Atheist

      German Atheist

      I agree. Still wanna know why Nintendo changed that in the laters version. The translator back in the day, Claude M. Moyse, took quite some liberties (see posts below).

  4. Nothing short of poetry.



    1. ee28max


      I wonder why it's called a "fourth wall" :hmm: 

    2. German Atheist

      German Atheist

      Because the first three were already taken:

      1. The Great Wall of China

      2. Berlin Wall

      3. Firewall

  5. The current set-up for my SNES Mini:



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    2. German Atheist

      German Atheist

      How would you even notice? As long as you don't speak Japanese, you'll have to take what you get. Games like "Bahamut Lagoon" and "Seiken Densetsu 3" were never released outside of Japan and most of the RPGs above were not released in Europe back in the day. They made their debut on other systems. I actually own "Chrono Trigger" and "Final Fantasy III" as digita PS1 Classics for PS3, but the load times are from hell and I never played them for more than an hour. And as for official "translation": Every German gamer will fondly remember the works of Claude M. Moyse, former editor-in-chief of the Club Nintendo magazine (the German version of Nintendo Power). In many cases the translations were very individual. The most (in)famous example is a scene in "Secret of Mana", where goblins want to cook the hero, while one goblin drops the line: "Hurry up! 'Lindenstraße' is about to start!"


    3. mecharobot


      My friend, you seem to be playing what is a tampered SNES mini and are telling people about "taking what you get". Not that I care, I'm not the fun police. Lots of people want to play the Woolsey FF III or CT for the memories, but nowadays that is more of a preference. Otherwise we'd still have to talk about FF II and FF III, when most people have moved on to talk about IV and VI. This is not the 90s with dozens of gategeepers to every game. You want to know about the changes, you can read up translation differences, which are different even between some of the rereleases.


      Still, have fun with the games.

    4. German Atheist

      German Atheist

      "for the memories"
      Dude, those games were never released here when they were new. There simply are no memories.


      "you can read up translation differences"
      Dude, I wanna play the damn games, not make it a fucking project! -_-

  6. Notice the feet on the top of the screen.I always loved bugs like this. :D


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    2. DaisyVilla102


      This is one game I really wish would get a remaster and re-release on current consoles.  A tweet I still have pinned 😏:




    3. German Atheist

      German Atheist

      Well, that's highly unlikely. SoE was a commercial flop and Western players still wait for an official release of Seiken Densetsu 3. This one would probably a game that would get a special treatment after way over 20 years of begging and fan lobbying. No way SoE will ever be touched again.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      *sigh* yeah... I know.  I'd just be way more excited about that than most of the other classic RPG remasters that happen.

  7. I've completely lost my interest in PlayStation games recently, so I decided to go back a few decades:


  8. Generic turn-based RPG with generic story, generic, big-titted female characters, abysmal graphics and nothing new at all. I've lost my interest in JRPGs a long time ago.
  9. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I know for a fact that download-only games are usually fully replaced within Sony's server infrastructure after they've received a patch. They already did this on PS3. So, if a game was patched to v1.02, this is the only version you can download. Players of Hyperballoid HD will painfully remember this...
  10. Any dynamic theme makes it harder to read the text. And it's especially annoying when the menu barks at me like a dog on crack. No thanks. I'm too old for this shenanigans.