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  1. This is for your "real" name only. PSN accounts will always be shown.
  2. Before I created German_Atheist, I wanted to name myself RiffmasterRick. However, it is not available and it has never been registered by anyone. Some magic blacklisted letter combination prevents you from picking that name. Only Sony knows...
  3. How will you know that the system accepts the first one? Have you registered it? All three variations count as one. Capitalization makes no difference. I've created way over 100 PSN accounts over the years. If the system say a name is already in use, this also includes blacklisted letter combinations. If you really wanna know if a name is in use, boot up your PS4, go to friend search and type in the desired name. Even banned accounts are shown there. By the way, "donkeycat" was taken by a Japanese player.
  4. Two games, 20 € each ($24,25; £17,59). Nothing crazy, but I'm glad to finally add them to my collection.
  5. This is a prime example of a failed ad. Taken a few minutes ago at a bus stop in my home town.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DaivRules


      You took a picture and sent it to others online to talk about. I'd say that ad succeeded 1000000%

    3. Piano Reeves

      Piano Reeves

      @DaivRules: Sure, but the ad itself is an epic fail. The English word "turkey", the animal, is not one of the more well-known words amongst the average German population. Most people will think of the country. But even if most people would immediately understand it, this ad makes no sense. How is the guy on the left 35% turkey? I don't get it.

    4. DamagingRob


      That's a guy? :blink: I believe the joke is that he looks like the bird with that outfit.

  6. Murky business? Dude, I'm a vulgar and straight forward bastard that speaks out his mind no matter what. I received infractions on PSNP as well. I don't care. Again², your story makes no sense. The ban comes first, the email later. During my ten year as a user on PSN it has always been like this. Anecdotal evidence? Maybe. But still.
  7. Again, your story makes no sense. I was banned a week after the above incident. Oh, by the way: You won't get suspended for a single and rather soft insult. Tell us the whole story. You'll always receive at least one infraction first. Then follows a three days suspension, followed by a week. Believe me, I've been through this countless times on multiple accounts.
  8. Sorry, but your story is bullshit. I have been banned twice last month and Sony's emails do not point out for which words or insults you were banned. Even the folks at the hotline cannot answer that. This is a screeshot from the email I received from Sony. It only says "activity".
  9. How about one of the Germany national football (soccer) team, displaying the GFA logo, the FIFA world cup trophy and the the four captains of the world cup winning squads (Fritz Walter, 1954; Franz Beckenbauer, 1974; Lothar Matthäus, 1990; and Philipp Lahm, 2014)? The last part could be difficult due to the inferior image quality of the older generations.
  10. Physical release or just download?
  11. Only with a drastic decrease of random encounters.
  12. Yakuza is the spiritual successor.
  13. Yay! More fucking forklifting! Gimme more! I've never had the opportunity to play the second game. Its Dreamcast EU release was quite limited and the price skyrocketed. I never owned an Xbox.
  14. I do. Thanks a lot!
  15. May I request banners for Soul Calibur, Tekken and Daiblo III? That would be neat.