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  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Platinum Although I've beat this game about 15 times over the years, the game still amazes me. This is truly one of the greatest games of the past generation. Can't wait to finally play Mankind Divided. But before that I'll get the Director's Cut and aim for a nice double plat.
  2. A guy called BlokeManWong just messaged me on PSN and gave me code for three months PS+. The fuck? The code actually worked. Well, thanks. 😮

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    2. BlindMango


      Hey awesome! He must've had one of those 3 month codes, wasn't gonna use it and saw a fellow German to give it to :P :dunno:

    3. Piano Reeves

      Piano Reeves

      Yeah, but most people are mostly offended my charming personality. 😇

    4. ee28max


      That's an awesome friend. Have fun! :) 

  3. I find it kinda ironic when Americans make fun about German anti-Nazi laws when at the same time American society outrages over a fracture of a nipple from Janet Jackson - in a country having the biggest porn industry in the world. @Stevieboy @Parker, I guess it's time to lock this thread. I've extensively pointed out why Nazi symbolism is banned in video games in Germany and I doubt this thread can be kept from further derailing.
  4. My memory tells me different, but I might be wrong. It's been over six years since I played the game.
  5. The FFXIII max roles are 100% cheated. I haven't played it on my new account yet but I remember it taking hours of grinding. On his account, all of those trophies popped within four minutes. Uhhhmmm, nope.
  6. You made a Gran Turismo Sport guide but there's no such game on your account? Höchst verdächtig...:hmm:

    1. skateak


      Maybe he used an alternate account.

    2. Rafi_004


      Is the most probable @skateak 😁

  7. Two years later and still nobody has played this game. Do you know what this is, @Sly Ripper?
  8. @Sly Ripper: Just a little heads up: Skate 2 was released separately for the German market because of changed clothing. About 20 pieces were removed because of Nazi symbolism. Both versions are incompatible and players can only play versus other players of their specific version. Source: http://www.dorkly.com/post/80945/germany-censorship Edit: Here's one of them:
  9. How about SwissBigMac?
  10. I just played it for the first time and immediately deleted it after the tutorial. I can't remember playing a racing game with controls this horrible. I'm glad this was free via PS Plus. Now back to Driveclub. *shudder*
  11. I'd be absolutely in favor of this. @Sly Ripper, do you hear us?
  12. Then why don't you just enlighten us with your wisdom?
  13. It's one of the best-selling and highest rated games of all time. So, yeah, I'd already consider this as a classic.
  14. After I decided to buy physical games again, why not start off with some classics?