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  1. I saw that there’s 2 special items at the beginning of the game that I could get from the General Store. One is the Spring Seed Bag and the other is the Special Delivery Bag. I bought the Asia disc version and it doesn’t show this items when I start the game. I did get a code for seeds and items with the game. Is this the only way to trigger the items?
  2. I have over 600 here at my house and not counting the ones that I sent to my parents house. Was going for a complete ps4 collection but “limited” releases kind of screw it up.
  3. Finally figured it out after 2 hours! Use this bulls and cows solver and after a while, you will get trophy. Use the 3,2,1,0 numbers.
  4. Hi. Just started this game and having trouble figuring out the All Green trophy. I suck at math and haven’t been able to peg a patter before the five misses. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Did the same as you. Been trying to figure how to message people who recently plat the game for some help but have been unsuccessful.
  6. I must be the dumbest piece of ...t. this is from my cleared game and what happens when I load it up. This is from my second run were I can actually do chapter select but still have to run thru the whole game.
  7. Followed the same guide but don’t know how to access chapter select on completed save file not it gives me the option on the menu, just only when doing a play through on the PS4 . On the main menu that is, just only new game or continue, again, when I load up my completed save file(where it says Final Chapter) it replays the ending and doesn’t even give me the option to replay the last stage or do chapter select.
  8. Does this have chapter select after you beat the game? I’m trying not to do a second run for the platinums because I was dumb enough to not redo chapters I was playing it due to enjoy the story. Please let me know because I can’t find anything on the internet and every time I load my completed file, it just replays the ending.